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C130 / SB 2MW-001

SB Number: SB 2MW-001 Creation Date: 14/06/2012

LSU has been changed (Assembly process/Electrical noise
Model: FS-6525MFP/6530MFP

Contents of changes
To improve the assembly process and to increase the resistance against electrical noise, the LSU has been changed
as follows:

1. The APC PWB has been changed.

2. Due to the above mentioned change, the ferrite core (A) and conductive clamp (B) are no longer necessary and
have been discontinued.
3. Wire (C and D) have been changed.

LSU Old condition

Discontinued APC PWB

clamp (B) Old type of
the wire (C)
Old type of
ferrite core (A)
the wire (D)

New condition

New type of
the wire (C)

New type of
the wire (D)

No. Old Parts New Parts Description QTY Interchange-
No. No. ability
Old New Old New
1 302K393071 302K393072 LK-475 1 1 X O
2K393071 2K393072

Classification Entire stock rework X In-field modification by case No modification necessary

In-field modification at next visit
Field measure When replacing the LSU, use the latest type. If the latest type of the LSU is installed in machines
with the ferrite core and conductive clamp, do not remove these parts.

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