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Dear Parents, October, 17 2017

Wow, the school year is flying by! I would like to make you aware of an opportunity for your
child. I am tutoring this semester. The tutoring is designed for children who may struggle in
the areas of reading, writing, and/or test prep (ISTEP). This is not school affiliated, so there is a
cost. The cost is $20 an hour. The tutoring sessions will be for 2 hours/week. The times are
3pm-4pm two days a week (or one day only if that works better for you and your student). The
tutoring will be at school. We will work around sports events, etc. It is not necessary that your
child come each week, but consistency is the key to maintaining academic progress. I look
forward to working with your child!
Thank you,

Mrs. Planck
P.S. Do not let cost be an issue, we can work something out.

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____I am interested in having my child, ___________, tutored this semester.
Please check with day works best for you and your child.
______ Tuesday or ______ Thursday

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