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Names: Natalia Baez, Juliana Rodriguez, Valeria Arias

Secondary Source Analysis

Document Title (or brief description): The Religious Sources of Islamic Terrorism
Author: Dr. Shmuel Bar
Citation (APA): The Religious Sources of Islamic Terrorism. (n.d.). Retrieved November 09, 2017, from
Type of Source (circle one) article
Date accessed:
Issue(s) Causes of issue Consequences of issue Can you identify facts vs Further research to do
opinions? Whose perspective
does this present?
Islamic The causes include the Radical leaders succeed This represents the perspective of
terrorism political causes is the in motivating the Islamist a western man, which says that
Israeli-Arab conflict, the terrorist, creating a social
terrorists acts are been justified
cultural causes are environment that provides
rebellion against approbation and a by the Islam. The writer of this
Western cultural religious environment that secondary source supports his
colonialism and social provides moral and legal statements using facts that prove
causes are alienation sanction for his actions. his point. So regarding my
poverty. While no Islamic organizations analysis I can say the article is
public figure in the cause recruitment,
West would deny the posting, and ideological
based on facts, because are
imperative of fighting maintenance of sleeper statements this means things that
the war against activists without their already happen and can not be
terrorism, it is equally defecting or succumbing changed.
politically correct to add to the lure of Western
the codicil that, for the civilization proves the
war to be won, these ideological origin of the
justified grievances phenomenon.
pertaining to the root
causes of terrorism
should be addressed. A
skeptic may note that
many societies can put
claim to similar
grievances but have
not given birth to
ideologies that justify
Radical Emerged in the Arab The problems addressed The article is based on facts
Islam view world and British-ruled may be social or political: because in contains statements
of the world India as a response to inequality, corruption, and
this means it talks about things
the dismal state of oppression. Because in
Muslim society in those traditional Islam and that already happened and cant
countries: social certainly in the worldview be changed, so the author doesnt
injustice, rejection of of the Islamic base his article on his opinions.
traditional mores, fundamentalist, there is no
acceptance of foreign separation between the
domination and culture. political and the religious.
It perceives the malaise
of modern Muslim
societies as having
strayed from the
straight path and the
solution to all ills in a
return to the original
mores of Islam.
Legality of The ideal Islamic The political strength of The author shows that his
the jihad regime is a nomocracy: these fatwas has been writing is based on facts, because
The law is given and time-tested in Muslim
it contains statements which are
immutable, and it political society by rebels
remains for the leaders and insurgents from the things that already happened
of the the Islamic nation Arabian peninsula to and cant be changed. So by
to apply it on a day-to- Sudan, India, and knowing this we can conclude
day basis. Islam is not Indonesia. At the same the text is based on facts.
indifferent to any facet time, they have been used
of human behavior; all by Muslim regimes to
possible acts potentially bolster their Islamic
have a religious credentials against
standing.This taxonomy external and domestic
of human behavior has enemies and to legitimize
far-reaching importance their policies.
for the believer: By
performing all his
religious duties, he will
inherit paradise; by
failing to do so or doing
that which is forbidden
he will be condemned
to hell.