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October 18, 2017

From: Wonka Industries

1445 Norwood Ave
Itasca, IL 60143

To: Wonka Academy Board of Trustees

1445 Norwood Ave
Itasca, IL 60143

Dear Wonka Academy Board of Trustees,

The Oompa Loompa Academy is a project to improve overall quality of our products.
The more the Oompa Loompas learn in the academy the less they will make mistakes while
working. Having an academy will bring light to the very dull life of the average Oompa Loompa
by getting them out of the factory. We have all the supplies needed to complete this project
under budget and ahead of schedule. We have our teachers lined up ready to start whenever
the academy is ready to open. The initial budget for the project was 1.2 billion dollars which was
an overestimate by far. The project is looking good and more information about the progress is
detailed below.

Task 1: People/Schedule of Classes:

As far as faculty and scheduling is concerned, we are almost finished. Majority of the
faculty positions are filled. Small details such as payment and logistical details are still being
looked at, but class can begin if needed. As far as faculty is concerned, they will be given
housing locations close to the classroom buildings, along with cafeterias that they can access
for free. They will be paid an additional $15 a day for their hard work and dedication. At the
moment, they are going through the last step of their training and are almost fully equipped to
start the school year.
As for scheduling, we looked at the backgrounds of all the enrolled Loompas and have
put them in classes based on their skills. Basic classes like History 101, Candy Counting 210,
Foundations for Chocolate 145, and a few more will be added as basic knowledge classes to
prepare them for the years to come. Professors have been given their class rosters along with
rubrics and class curriculums to ensure a progressive class experience. Timing and class days
have also been decided. There will be six class days a week. These days, A, B, and C will occur
every two days. Each day, a different class will meet, and after the third day the cycle will restart
from A Day. There will be one free day a week provided to allow students to work on
assignments given that week. On a school day, students will rotate between 5 classes, each
being an hour and a half long. There will be two semesters a year, each semester holding a new
set of classes for students to help make the learning process quicker. Each student will attend a
minimum of four years to ensure they have acquired enough information to move forward into
the profession.
This is the progress we have made in terms of schedules and faculty. Once all details
are finished and school is in session, full details will be released and revisions to any errors will
be made.

Task Two: Items/Maintenance:

So far we have gotten most of the supplies that we need for class. We still would like to
acquire some more calculators as well as some more pencils. If we were to start up tomorrow
we would be able to function with only a few hiccups here and there. On the other side of this
we have also hired a few people to keep up with the maintenance of the building. We hired
Scruffy the Janitor, Jerry the Electrician, and Chuck our IT guy. With these three new
employees we are able to keep up with any problems that might arise from our building.
The initial costs to start up this school cost about $10,000. After negotiating between
professors and the maintenance we have come to the agreement of paying all of them roughly
$2,700 a month. So for one year of this school to be created and ran will cost nearly $42,850.
This is much cheaper than we had initially planned for our school to cost.

Overall we feel that Oompa Loompa Academy has been a great investment of both time and
money. With several companies coming under fire in the media for slave labor and unfit
working conditions we at Wonka Industries are proud to say that we have this service is
implemented, successful, and growing. There have been challenges, but through the collective
Wonka Family we have persevered and created a great community founded in education and
Oompa Loompa advancement. We would evaluate the work to date as beyond satisfactory and
are extremely satisfied that we are currently under budget.
The future of Oompa Loompa Academy is a bright one. We are hoping to expand our
curriculum, reaffirm dedication to service, and continue to foster the community we have built.

Wonka Industries Representatives:
Kayla Tate, Thomas Burd, Prem Patel, and Seth Morris