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Unit 5 - r opanisad Essay 1

Sanjeev Lakhani
Essay Question & Response

Question: Preaching Application

For each of the following, describe three ways to improve by applying the vsya principle:

Society in general
Your own life

Give reference to ri opanisad Mantras 1-3 and purports in your response.

Response: Definition, Aim & Audience of essay

vsya literally translates as meaning by the Lord and vsyam meaning controlled (ISO-MT1). This-mantra-within-
the-r opanisad begins-to-state-that Everything animate and inanimate that is within the universe is controlled and owned by
the Lord... and-thus-this-implies-nothing-belongs-to-the-living-entities. Many-within-the-Business-World-may-or-may-not-
be-aware-of-Krishna-Consciousness, but-are-open-to-spirituality/a higher power.

Response: Three applications of vsya Principle for Society in general, ISKCON and in ones own life
request-tangible-proof-of-the-concept. Even-the-reality-of-Reincarnation-and-Karma-(described-in-the-r opanisad)-are-

Society in general:
concentration/focus-and-general-well-being-of-employees. HSBC-Bank-Plc-in-Canary-Wharf-is-one-such-organisation-which
provides-this-facility-for-their-employees-as-they-see-a-real-value-in-this-science. On-a-more-subtle-level, an-extension-of
this-technique-would-be-to-incorporate-Kirtan-and-Lord-Caitanya Mahaprabhus Mahamantra to-further-help-reduce-stress
and-curb-the-tendency-to-quarrel-and-be-hypocritical-at-the-workplace. (ISO-MT1 PP, pg. 23).
One-of-the-Banks-flagship-policy-is-to-give-in-charity-and-encourage-staff-to-volunteer-their-time-for-good-causes, which
has-included-volunteering-for-Food-for Life. This-and-other-charitable-acts-are-heavily-advertised-and-the-results-are-used
only-for-material-gain, which-are karmic in-nature-and-binds-the-soul-to-the-cycle-of-birth-and-death karma-bandhana
(ISO-MT2 PP, pg. 26). Whereas, if the bank offered the results of the charitable work to God that would be regarded as akarma
and thus free one from the cycle of birth and death (ISO-MT2 PP, pg. 26).
Another distraction is to fill the belly in the most sophisticated way by accumulating wealth at any cost, instead of focusing on
resolving the real problems of this material existence, i.e. of pursuing self-realisation and asking the key questions on the real
purpose of this human form of life. However, by dovetailing this activity on a self-realised/Godly platform one would assure that
their next birth would at least be more opulent, through taking birth in the spiritual sky or in the material world but in a brhmana
(godly) family or in family of a mercantile businessman, to allow one to continue their practice of self-realisation and eventually
attain freedom from this cycle. (ISO-MT3 PP, pgs. 30-31).

As ISKCON temples/centres become more widely accessible around the world, more people from the business world have the
ability to benefit from the routines practiced at the temples. By engaging in service at these temples, the skills endowed by God
to humans would be utilised to encourage a mood of cooperation and giving in charity thus imbibing in the principle of using
only those things that are set aside as his quota (ISO-MT1 PP, pg. 23). In-this-way, ISKCON-temples-themselves-get-more-
congregation-members, better-facilities-to-practice-through-donations-and-volunteers, and-society-in-general-benefits.
Furthermore, the-Lord, along-with-the-demigods, gets-pleased-and-shower-many-benedictions-upon-the-region(s)-and
individual-souls-involved, by-simply-rendering-devotional-service-to-the-Lord-(ISO-MT2 PP, pg. 27)-and-saving-themselves-
temples/centres-are-prasdam (sanctified-food),-which-has-a-potency-of-gradually-elevating-the-individual-to-a-position-of

Ones own Life:

Leading a god-centred life has many benefits for individuals; three of which are described below:
a) The living entity is part and parcel of the Supreme Lord (ISO-MT1, pg. 20) and thus the concept of death is only applicable
to the material body. So the question of wanting to live a long life goes away, allowing one to actually focus on living this
precious human form of life.
b) Practicing devotional service together with other like-minded individuals breeds a sense of well-being and reduces the
chance of developing loneliness, depression and other such conditions.
c) As the devotee advances further in the devotional practice and gains a higher taste in service of God, lower tastes like
mundane music, entertainment and other related sense gratificatory practices get curtailed, saving the individual time
and money.

In summary, leading a God-Centred life has many benefits in all scenarios of this existence. The alternative is to live a life without
purpose, being a wandering generality, in this creation only to come to a point of death and realise that one cannot take any
material wealth or relations with them. A little advancement in ones spiritual practice gains them a better birth in their next life
and there is no diminution on this path, unlike the material life.