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Third Edition Keith Harding and Rachel Appleby INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS dite US Student's Book with Pocket Book and DVD-ROM OXFORD Terao Somat ig ‘Star Ne potato t Siac ee meron oan coger rn iso ir na ia yO nr ah ar SORT Ue cae {Gp anni ncaa ane gente ar ‘it ae ania ‘Eh pps ls Cons ‘Gineen obs ch er phage ee Ssrpancqer ng ce ces a ‘Nolaghs net Sa usm og Seg: pas ren 6g ag ‘Simi ay naire [hp Pas eis ip peje (Stent ae cnieny ter re ay ‘amu Cc acy eda sen as al Seinen pana, ‘severance ccs i pay {hip Sriram ving eet ‘ane ys rma tum ‘Siemoytatoes peaarsas ee Neue Seigeemieerishoeene ree SSE SS gemma at a cy, Bropatae oomaptieneneeeeee eta, sili teint eerste ‘SRimnnfnrers cae een sia ei pete te SIR ee ete ie ‘ssh eee Gintenfarahy etioeteneime eesay steer nt Sct rnlla asco en ‘See ep nse tty ee ng ‘Mihai itencomnneg ermem Kerestioets arene copanan earn ron tito a etry ae Etro ae ted ‘peta tech oceans tei ‘iinet ag ahr pe ‘SiS ee ange ad tr ea och ce ‘tetany esto nh cnc int an eves Pe ns ‘ewmarie shan sean nate ‘Sgratoan nguyen Stops ‘Silent Co oyguenietauna amt ‘Seer rad it FarCry ane ee ‘eg ih nas fy eae pee Sef namcnymns wan ee a ene ‘tau gees onsen in mn anne mon ae Ee ‘erry nr ob nn ientat ‘Sema on acne nna (Geigy rat an sR ncaa Welcome to International Express ‘our guide tothe Students Book Pack te Students Rook Pac contains the Students Book. the Pocket Book, and the DVD-ROM. etre ance x= e s EVERYDAY PHRASES rovDe0 cuiPs STUDY LANGUAGE INTERACTIVE EXERCISES GRAMMAR TERMS susrimues * »* ens ru crs Functions One ont i eight pages ands followed by + Review section of four pages The Ree section can be done in class fr sled The Pocket Book coatans examples of everyday phrases taken from the Students Book Thiscanbe used at work corfor tavelthelp remember and use keyphrases. There sls a section that gives example of well phrases {or the classroom, Grammar termshas deta sbout key words and phrases we eet talk abea grammar. This followed byt of regular ver, ‘The DVD-ROM hus one vdeo clip forever unk. Te topic ofthe vdeo inked to the top ofthe unit There are two execites which can be done during or sfter the video. You can move fot the vdeo tthe exercises thot stopping the video, The vdeo wil art atthe sume pace when you g back. There ar optonl suis andthe scrip can be printed, INTRODUCTION ss Focus . PRACTICE REVIEW ‘TASK AND ACTIVITY NOTES SCRIPTS, ANSWER KEY How a unit works The Grammar and Function sections have for stages Inecduction, Focus, Practice, ad Tsk, The languages atroduced in «recorded conversation or in areading teat. There re questions a check understanding ofthe conversation or the text. The Focus tage highlights the main areas of the language nthe Inrodsction stage snd asks some questions about how we orm and use the langage Te notes inthe Review section help answer these questions “The Practice stage has actives to practise the language from the Introduction, ‘sing the answers to the Facts questions as guide. The alm sto practise peaking ‘puch as posible, There are further wnten practice exeries in the Revie. “The section ends wih amore open ak to practise speaking snd communicating in pairs or groups, More infrmaton bout the tasks maybe phen athe ack ofthe Book inthe Task and activity nots ‘The Vocabulary snd Work skills tions workin simular way tothe Grammar sand Faction sctions but have amore sible format which allows fora variety tf ocabulry and work sls o be sted and practised. Thee ae further, practice cts for oth of thes etions in the Review. Theres Review a the end of ch unl contains notes onthe form and se of the language inthe Grammar and Functions sections, and actic and review teercas forall four sections, There re steing, reading, rd wring eerles ‘which can be done a slr study on class time This ection has notes forthe aks ad actives nthe unit For some tasks there arenotes for Student A and Stdent Bon diferent page. This section hall the scrips forthe conversation and lsteing practice acts. ‘The answers for activites an exercises in the nits can be fend here rr Contents PeiemSimpeido,be, Taingaboutcompanies Taking aboutyeurjob— FAS meetngsand Sndguestionwords ‘geting: eset Coninuess obs mate dosheve Eas Tabi about sereddes Presont Simp Patsofan eral rearangeent gng'© stsimpe Takingsbout rel Telephoig Dakar araging Seringardendings vee pone om ssvesreeert Saree, Desebing pelea Meeting sng rad na Pastime bets Sopectameding gansta TpSt | Counableard ‘Wordgroupsquatty Presets tng out equate ‘cout owns Bestest and signpostig TPsG Compons Takingsboutces——_Telephoing: Nahotel ‘nani the phone IB Present Perec Taking aboutensges Presentations 2 Jobless Pastime tndenae (ting Powe 9D Nodalsandetedverbs Carer pats esting nations andor ‘an ting and ‘u-ging PHO Paton Stiynginandgoingout Eis? Ming suggestions Pst Sena Probes andsktions BITE wif zroand it Gerunds and inetves:—Teephoning ‘ang information Conan Fer poses Chedang tas ‘siti questions ‘eae Taskand activity notes 126 Scripts 9.134 Answer key p48 INTRODUCTION 1 What do these people do? Match the photos with the business card Getting started Grammar Present Simple: do, be, and question words 2 Ly 2. Read the detats onthe busines card and complete the sentences. 1 Paul lives in 2 Emmalsa ‘he works in Ken ves in Hera 4 Laura designs ‘Ems family name i Palisa He wovks for stn to Laura, Ken and Paul met at the Unispors headquarters. Are ements ue o fle? 2 Laura works in tuo 3 Ken works for company. 4. Paul knows Ken 5 Pal suggests they havea drink 49/12 Laura, Ken, and Paul meet Emma, Listen and chocse the correct word Emma ina running ting tam. Se works fra trae Focus Reade examples, Posie “[Negnive z ive New Yor dont wor ora sports mapazne Sheworstoramedetageney. | does go vey st Finan suc Rome oritasne nice toride: bk ‘Anema Doyoudosletotvaning? | Yes do Howaeyeu? mv we hae Frequency adverbs Seer wey sarees tien wlly Sg "sameinesgo uning. Wand How question words what “Where Who. When Why Which eat much my fo en ons Whatdo yous? Fmaphotosaphee Howaffen do yeu go anna? ust go cycing before res cv dy ‘Complete the rules with these words. before begining be not fs 3/8 Wead tothe vebforhe she adit ewe to make negative statement. We ue the Peer Siple to taeabout retreats, and How queston words cme at the ofasenence We uly putequancy avers aves cept. (© Ferre desea sacice goth even 58 5 Complete the sentences. Use the words in brackets. Example Laura es in Rome. (lve) 1 Ken photographs. (take) 2 Laws mens suits (not design) 3 Ken and Lara frends. (be) 4 Enon i Scotland. (not ve) Ss Paul ‘Cantonese buthe Iroaness (speak fotspeak) 6 Ken fora sports magazine. (not work) 7. Pauland Law to work (na yee) Paul aster manager (not be) {6 Workin pais Askand answer questions forthe sentences in 5. Example A Does aur liven Rome? B Yes, shedoes 7 Talk to other people nthe dass. Find out the following iformation, 88 Match the question words with the pictures howler howiong howmary how much howeten £1.70 Madrid A 50p J ? Barcelona? 1 hour? 1'/, hours? 2 hours? 9. Write the questions for these answers. Use the wordsin brackets 1 Shek sprtewea designer. (what! Laur) Heknows Laur, but he dost know En. (who / Kea) Shelves n Rome, (here Lass) She trans every mozning (how often / Emma) Seceles for about tw hours (how ong Emma) He works for Unspors (whe company! Fal) She gets up at 30 (what time / Ems) Se goes othe sports entre afer cylng (hen / Enis) He runs two or thre llometres. how fr / Ken) 10 Workin pars Take tin turns to askand answer the questionsin9. 111 Workin pals. Goto page 126.Find out how hard your pariner works ‘TASK. 12. Workin pairs Read the details about Paul and Emma, Student Artes five questions about Poul. Student B wltes five questions bout Emm. Take tin turns to askand answer your questions BI rst woisin th ong ong BS snot UnsporeUnscrs Peet em cone Ea eres peice irene nde Bad ty mae sr Sometines ares abo BA Sty of rsa foreyngeents an or eee herding Sie mai Pou ge nt Nandan for sponser companies od Chine, and canons Nee coumet rcs er tothe athe Uk on bine Sens an her mothers am gays lo bt ness hliys nia. ene oo ‘orl tome Hunan, Sh ens ining ‘speci cyto om and or Sean toma wai ns Se pet he ' Chie ery pin tes nly ey ete weken en he st hone Mate the type of company with the pictures. Think examples some companies ‘ie bank carmanufocuer cofeepraduer ———dapartmerstre ‘Seerenigoodr producer ocmpany” Sconmarecanvany.teevon company Which ype ofcompanyin 1 ffersthe folowing serves nd products Add one more em fo each group. loans, mortgages fees tutes 3 personal shoppers home delivery ‘press rat ele bean ‘ews programmes, dramas online check-in, upgrades ‘music downloads, online shopping Cg 2) 1.2 Listen to two people talking about a company. Complete the Company profile L Name 2 Nationality 3 Headquarters 4 Typeaf company 5 How old 6 Number af employees 18 Maincompetior Complete the sentences using the Information about thecompany in 1 The companycalled 2 ike ‘company. 3. Theheadquartersarein an company. prodses 6 ltemploys peopl. 7 tsannlrevenve is <4 steno fourcmpay destin. Number te pturesin the order you hear ther, 6. Wiite the questions 2 How 6 Wha 3) Where /headgarters? 7 What produce 44 How many people/employ? 8 Who/ main competion? ‘Work in pats. Complete the chat by asking and answering questions albout the companies Use the questions in Student A" Lookst the chart eloe Stadent B_ Go to page 126. a von | Florbaten 75500 Workin tis Playa company sessing game Student A Think ofa company you know well Answer Students question Stadent B_Ask Student A questions a hp you gues the nme of he company Example B What ype of company isi? A tesconpa Job Work skills Talking about your job 1 6/15 Listen tothe peopl introducing themseives. Conpletethe table Deparment 4 Responses 5 Fu /Pantine 6 Hows per week 7 collegues ota peop 2 Complete the questions withthe words below: Now workin pals. Take turns to Sslandanewer questions sbeut your joe Complate the sneer (an 0962 Howey What hactype Where Which Who sa) 1 éo youdor ima fan 2 ___doyou work fort Tworkfor Tm el employed. 1 wok relance, (rn my owe company. _ ‘of company iit? iva lan ____ department are you is? workin the department 5 you work ful-me? Yes Fda. / No, dont work part-time ours do you work week? Tworkabout do you work wth? Tork with do you usually workin an office? Tasualy work 9 you travel much for work? Yes eave No, Lost 10 you tel me what you doin your ab? fim responsible for ce Tis involves INTRODUCTION. 1 Match 2 Workin pars Answer the questions about meeting omeanein a business 3 1.6 Emma, Ken and Pal meet more people onthe Unsports team. Choose wr with theilstrations below, How important arethese features when yougreet people? 1 physical distance Functions First meetings and greetings 3 handshake 1 busines card smal alk 8 gecing poe) ) Sram a>) mainenoe > Cnt 5 a 7 ‘Cott eweryone check hres figures) "| The tae on he agenda Confeming date che th tng and gt back oe? eer one etg x 5 —— i Temanaimiodayitorerew) hy on wd os te fect sles proonance a anyane got any quesion® trtak bout hal A nH a i “Thankyou yrymuchfor ) [hela tem mse again the you very med 7 a t ts ‘So let's move on to the ([aaseatiovidos tk) tinted ome eee 2») 4 Usten tothe extracts from a meeting andl check the order. 12 Worksis Unita 47 Functions Asking for and giving opinions; agreeing and disagreeing INTRODUCTION 1 Lookatthe design samples for Unisports'new outdoor wear ange. Work a pals orsmll groups. choose designs fr combinations ofthe allowing. Example [inka would work fo the mers market inthe UK for hiking a UK en women Uni 16-8 18-35 25 kins beach 2 ©) 4:7 Listen to the sales rector Charles Ward, Laura Manchi and her team Siscussng the new Unsports designs. Number the desgnsin the erder you hear them csciseed. 139) 47 Aretha statements true of fate? Listen again ad check your answers. 1 Petro works with Lars 2 Theft item on the agenda issvimwea. 3 The designs are forthe UK and Brazilian market, 44 George likes the st desig, 5 Tila does ike design number 0. 6 Bveryone generally agrees about the desig 4 Complete the sentences Use the script on pages 138-139 to help you 1 What about the fist design, number ne? 2 How about age group? a ieeatnt old? 4 Real? Dont its mainly for beackweart 5 Tae batt ould work fo king or maybe cycling Focus Complete he tablo with thes Iseeyour point but. think. Abo! Oontyouthnk.? aaingtoroonions | Rphing ‘What yo tonk abot [ora bat tow coyotes? evan dot Tthnkgevesait—~S~S~*~ ou Not sc Netcom © Fre det pci ooh fete mt on PRACTICE 5 Complete the exchanges with the two possible phrases. Doyoutink Dor youth iA the design wll work forthe 16-1 age group? 1 Timnot sure, but t looks a lite old to me. oe out the shor sleeved shirt? B Tihinkitea rest design, 3A ‘hout the new product launch? B Timsureill bea gieat succes, A the design bit ring? 'B NovT dort thinks looks quite moder, {6 Whatsortof clothes do you wear at work? Would you keto wear cifferent dothes? {TASK 7 Your company think al taff hould wea formal clothes everyday Some ff dsagree and wat to wear casual thes in the offs, Discuss the ean ‘r0upr and come toa decision Example A What do you think abou the idea of staf wearing formal clothes? Bt doi agree with tI thik How about you? A thinks PRACTICE 50. Unité Review Review Grammar Passives: Present Simple, Past Simple Form We orm the Passive with e+ past partie. Positive esti Present Simple | Oinnessevedst7 prm_| Drmerintsenedater8 pm Fenntsaremode aly Fears arent radem Fane, “PastSimple | Shewaspaid 300 dois. | She wast padS00 ls ‘hepainings weresolen | Thepaintng were len eters [_syesrage | — ‘Questions [Sotenees Present simple | scone svedin he estan? esta a ‘rece candace? es tay arena they Whyisteinaest oe Where aethermeetings usally hl? PastSimple | wastheconfreneoganaedvell” | ware Rvasnt Werethe seater pat? Ye thy ert hey Where waste conference acversed? |" were owmach were the spear pl? Use ‘We use the Passive when we focus on the ation or objet, aot onthe agent (the etsono thing tha did the action) oe when we dont know whe or what the gents we want to includ the agent ina passive sentence, We ws by cumple “The accident was caused bya drunk deve “The Passives moe frequently used informal or writen English than in informal ‘orspoken English Example Smoking forbidden (ona writen sign). ‘You cant smoke here (poken) In spoken English, we sometimes use they and the active, iastead of the Passive Example They opened the new bridge last week. (Thenew bridge was opened ast week) 1 Change the sentences from active to passive, Example They make iPhones in China, {Phones ae made in China “The management ated a nev security system at month Somebody leans theofice every day. Somebody stole my new motorbike ‘Thy always check cts onthe tai, ‘When dd someone invent the microscope? ‘They published anew editon ofthe book st year. 2 Choote which ofthe sentences below should nat use the pasive form and change them to the acive form. 1 Anew car was bought by my sister. (Charles Darwin was bor in Shrewsbury, UK in 180, Fresh rut and vegetables are bought by us for our hinck mens everyday ‘Agreat nee restarant for diner was fond by ther, “The new business centre was designed by an iteration tam of archites, Sas data wl be released atthe end ofthe month, 3 Complete the questions fo the answers. Example When were you bora? Tae born in 1985. 1 ven “The new doping centre was opened last spring 2 Where 2 “The empry bowls are akan back to the factory. 3 Whee [vas made inthe Philippines ‘The roads dosed because of an accident. 5 Howemch — ‘22 mllon was spent on the new headquarters. Vocabulary Describing people and objects 1 Match the questions and answers. 1 What does he look ike? 22 What colour airhashe got 3. Whats hele? 4 What does he ike dling? 44 Hes friendly and has got a god sense of amour. 1b Hee quite short and wears gases ‘© Hes interestd in fms an he offen ges tothe cinema 41 Hes got light brown hie 2 Which words are inthe wong group? Pacts: Personality: Appearance: dvorced ambitious essing dentist faichaired al dresses smartly shy has beard Jer fortes outgoing ‘edu build retired quiet, ‘nde Review Units 51 ‘ha si speroct~ ry sta looks ‘greot ond is i ‘so ight anc jocamry. Best ofaLits vey dosent break 23 Complete the product reviews with the words below. bi ‘comfort coment cus eaytouse fopenste later anonabippkad Sma ugh | Tlowe ths bag! A casual ba for eveycloy use. [got this as @ present for my porents ond | Itsmode of —__ 2 Tongiosting thoy love tft makse a vately of absolutely enough for caftges. The designs styish anc enough to asi ino the kchen, ‘My parents realy ike the a factihat tis ‘especialy because you Coan fake the water tank out ofl tap, whichis very — bt Work skills Meetings 1: Stages of a meeting 1 Contec the mistakes. 1 Nov ets mone onto the next instruction onthe agenda 1 Shallwe doa start? Thank you very much to your keas and suggestions. {4 Good sernon, Let introduce us. © Couleveryone look thelr figures ae the mectingand gt back to met F Olga. doyoultke wo sar? 12 Number the sentences inn the order of stages of ameetng Functions Asking for and giving opinions; agreeing and disagreeing hat oyu tnkabout.? | 1ink nyo Moldavite reo aman ni [boetycuthnk 7 ‘amet igh Coren | Teta veto i What do you think abou .?and How do you fel abou! ar followed by ing nou, Examples What do you think shout reducing ur price? ‘What do yo think about the news designs?” ow do you fel abot visting Australia? How do you el abou the syle? 1 Read the conversation and decide the sentences below are true or fale. Harumi So wht das everyone think abou launching kids range? Frank, ‘would youlketo art? Frank Tthink va great de. People alway want to spind money on nice ifr their Kid ‘Yuko Absolutely Reseatch shows that parents spend more on ther kids than on themales, [Met find that hard to bieve. And remeber ~the economy itt od "ight now People havent got mech money 9 spend. Frank [se your point ut our brand i eally tong, 0 Think we should grove Harumi Dont you think we should focus on oursuccess—high quay adult casa? ‘Yoko [dost think so. There a market fo high gual kid casuals too, ‘And Tov some gest designers for kus doth Harumi Him, Instill aot sure. Perhaps we should start with some market research? Frank Ye deity And how do you feel about meting some designer? Harumi OK. Thats good ides, Harun does ask for everyone’ opinion ‘ako disagrees with Frank. Mei disagrees with Yuk, Frank doesnt understand what Mel ays, Harum thinks they shold only sll dat oth. ‘rank thinks they should do some market esearch is. 2 Complete the conversation. David Soh 4 x __ a_'the new vwebsie Personally [thnk tS big improvement Frida A ‘it look fanantic andthe onlin shopping ell easy Kal D. » ts __Ithinkitsabit00 cour and with t0 many tings on one page 1s dificult to read Duid 14 5 Ldent have any problems reading 1 And te colours are part of our image. Frida. + Davi. Is smportan thatthe webste shows ‘our bright, modern image. ” « Kal OK Ts atl? bat Fst Review Units 53 Resources INTRODUCTION 1. Does your country have any ofthese natural resources? Can you mame some countries which are Famous for these resources? Which resource are dificult find or extract?” Read the aril about a mining accdentin Chile and snswer the questions Which metals important to Chiles economy What sit wed for? Where in Chiles the Sun José mine? How many miners were trapped? How long dd it tae to eacue the? PRACTICE 4 ©1501 Listen againand complet the sentences 1 How food did they hive? 2 ach day theyhad ———baclt, all, tinned fish, mma peaches 3 Theyaleo had ester 44 Thee families did have Snformatio at fest 5. Avfry the doctors gave them ‘tai 6 How calories a day did they havet 7 There want esha. 8 Theyhad space 9 Didtheyhave treats 10 There were Iaders inthe mine Focus hich ofthe words in 3 are countable and hichareuncountatie? Ceuntable nouns cgaretes Upcounablenoune eg ood Complete the rales with coutebe or uncountable Sneanshavea gaan fom, = nounsd nt havea pla form. ‘eure eth coun durcoutabie nouns Weonlyse eran th noun ‘Usethasemtencesin 4te help you complete thistable.Puta/ the appropiate ‘ome [any |slototi| tow | ow) [afew | sie Toteot | much | many comitie[oaioe | sin Trent [poate sagan | - faa t I © Fermorecesats acpi gota th Reventon enone 5 Choose the correct wordsto complete the sentences. 1 The mines dit have many ch fod before the rescuers covered the, 2 “Theminers drank tj ew water every day. ‘There was ela of many space inthe mine ‘Tokecp heathy, the miners took a le afew vitamins every dy Hon many mac mrs were inthe mine? There were ‘The miners sen information| armas to the surfae using notes ‘tft hey dda have any? some msi, “They te ome any cereal and some any pars 9 The rescuers sent down bts of muck gare, 10 “Tere were any any ladders in the mine {6 Make questions using How forthe sentences in 5 Example 1 How auch fod di the miners have before the rescues discovered then? 1 Geammae Unit 55 7. These words ean be countable and uncountable. Putthe correct word and forminto the sentences business cfs exe popes Jooms spaces sports times 1 SMBsare small to medium staed 2 Togetft,you need todo lots of 3 ‘Therelst enough —__in my bag fora laptop. 4 Howemany ‘id you ty cling him? 5 Thebest in the worlds made a Jamaica, 6 Haveyou gotany for the printer? he tay empty. There ae thre meeting {or this woe’ seminars, 1 ootballandrughy ae my favourite 8 Usethe other form ofthe words In 7 tomake anew sentence. 1 My desk covered wth books and 2 “There were plenty of empty inthe carpark, 3 {sbig busines, especialy the Olympics 4 Haveyou gotany to ead this eport? 5. Exports are up and ‘booming 6 Doing vocabulary everyday help you remeber more words. 7 “The oom wa 0 small that there was only ‘or two people 1 Could have wo please anda pin au chocolat? 9 =)5.2 Listen to High Flyer magazine ask top executive, Josh Kantner about his workhabits. Are the statements true or false? 1 Josh doesnt get many calls or emails 2. He never switches of fam work, 3 Hehas an Pad ande laptop. 4 He does goon many basines tps 5. Hegetsalot of exercise 5 He dost ext much fst food, 8. Hegetsalot fda holiday year What do you think of Josh work habits? How could helmprove them? é Task 10 Weite2 question about each topic Use how much or how many samples How many hours do you work wel? How much fe time do you have at the weekand? 1 ure workea week? 6 daysholday year? 2 fretime/ at the weekend? 7 sleep haves night? 3 emals/ senda day? 8 people talk to ina day? 4 exercise a week? 9 coffee dink every dy? time Internet or social network its? 10-hour / pend traveling to work? 11 Askpeoplein your dass your questions in 10 tof tems 1-12 withthe group names ceo! dink fl —sentraioment fa fomaton 1 money ote coin cent 2 em coal ot 3 Pineapple banana gape :_ wood plastic iron \ 5 fact fatitic umber 6 running self teanis 7 leer fmvelope stamp | = tea Jule cote ° car tracklony san 0 rmairlcom wheat tee newspaper magazine book ‘lm pvp. TV show \Which group namesin 1 ean be countable (C)? Add your ovm words tothe ‘groups Complete the sentences wth words from T-Addan s where necessary. 1 Tveonlygotaten pound __ in my walle. SONY Ss procesed to make a variety of chemicals an fl {Sbilion ————aeeaten every dy Most chopsticks are made from oe ANY how thal most people don get enongh sleep ‘Shelies outdoor ike football and ughy gota fom my bank, but I dant want to open 8 sbeterto bay el ful rather than Sit 9. Cyn sa very cheap form of 10 grown in many countries including China, India, Indonesia, stam, and Jopan LL ‘hesslesofe- are growing very quickly 12. Cinema numbers are dropping because more people are watching 4 Match the counte withthe uncountable em Example a sheet of paper 1 sheet a at 2 plate 1b mineral war 3 jar © bread 44 tice sugar | 5 lite © pe 6 bottle 1 normation | 7 packet pote 4 gallon 1 peper 9 mete food 1o piece 5 cee 5 Workin smal groups. Do the quiz. 1 Hw many apples do we eat globally day? a Imillionb Stallion € billion How moch is produce every day? ‘about 80 barrels -b about 800 barcels out 80000 barrels i 3 Hoe much informstion can we tore in ur bran? a25milion gigabytes b 250 ggabyes © 2 gigabytes 4 How many tweets ae put up every day on Twit? 1 Tmilion’ b over 200rilion e530 lin 5 How many peopl ve in these cities? VNewDehi" 2 Tokyo 3 Pais about 37 million about 10 milion © bout 2 milion 6 How many miles of rods are therein the USA? ‘840000 miles 4 millon les 7. How many babies are born day in the world? 160000 250000" © 380,000 8. How much energy is used per person everyday in thee areas? D'theUSA 2 Affica 3 the UAE 4 ahost 07 nits about 7 units about 1 nit Work skills Presentations 1: Basic staging and signposting 10) 52 Listen to these extracts rom a presentation bya health advsertoa ‘roup of employees. Answer the questions 1 What thre areas the speaker gong to ak about? 2. What can people do afer the presentation? 2 Dayou agree with the speakers conclusion tata good det and plenty of, cree makes us happier people? 2 _Dothesesgnposting phrases come in the introduction (nthe mide), or Inthe final port (F ofthe presentation? [Now Tike to move on Today Tin going to talk about That brings us tothe final part ofthe presentation, Tim happy to take questions atthe end ofthe presentation 1 keto make some general concusions Ais point, i ike to and over tomy clleague Tve divided my presentation into three areas First fal thankyou all fr coming Tsim sp Good morning “Thank you for litening 3 ©) 53 Listen again. check your answersto2. 4 Workin groups of these. You are going to prepare a short presentation ‘on sport ond exercise opportunities nthe place or regfonwhere you ae ‘working studying 1 Desde on the Key ares you are going ota about (eg the range offs ‘salable, how much they cost how you gt here the ye of person they si). 2 Organize the diferent parts ofthe presentation, and devi who is going to faleabout what 3 Decide when you wll se he diferent lgnpostingphrses, 4 Make nots forthe presentation, bt do not read from asc 5 Listen to each group presentation. Note down thesignposting phrases that they ute, Which groupusesthe mast? Functions Eating out; requests 1 When yousat out how do you decide where to go? Add your ideas othe it Iocaion pce tpeotood 2 «)5.4 Pau, Emma, Ken, and Nathale meet tthe checn counter at Heathrow Airport Listen to them choosing a restaurant and answer the 1 What does Ken think ofthe lian restaurant? 2 Does Paul want to eat snack ofl mea? 3: Isthe place that serves sandwiches expensive? 4. What sort of fod cat Emma ea? 5 Does Paul know where the restaurant et 3 ©) 5.5 Usten to Pauland his coleagues a the rstaurant Match the people ‘uth thelr orders, 1 Nathalie sparkling mineral water sh i chips 2 Emma cranberry ule classe burger 3 Ken caffe ate grilled chicken aad 4 Paul alfa, potato soup 4 ©)5.6 Complete the sentences Then listen and check you answers. 1 havea table by the window? safle ate, please 3 ‘cranberry uc. 1 Some mineral water, Sparling 5 the grilled chicken salad? 6 st sk? Does the soup have ny hten int? 7 Weteinabirefahuery 0 Tring the bill ow? 8 ny bread? Focus Lookat the sentences below nd label them 1-4, according tthe anton 1 Could wehaveatabl bythe window? 1 anatase Goes the sop hve ay ohn nt? fakes rnbery ce 4 havea afte, pease. Hove ougotany bead? Sememinral ate less Goulsnovethe led cen sad? ouldyou beng he ino? n 1 Ordena food ad dn 2 hing smeane to dosometing 5 Asingforrorstion 4 akg genera reqves O Ferns deans otc gototne eve secon on De, PRACTICE 5 Complete the entences with one of the words below or leaveit bank. 2 any some the 1 Could have bil please? 2 Could you bring me move water, please? 53 Could Thave seat somewhere quieter? 4 Have you got__ vegetarian dishes? 5 Could se ent! 6 CanIpayby —__crediteant 7 Could you ask the chef there are ts inthis ht 8 Could have foo pease? 9 Have you got sloth? Pv spt some water 10. Could yo bring ws ‘TASK 6 Workin pairs Practise ordering food and drink using the phrases and menu below dessert men, please? 1 yee ase ot a 1 kn eer tow 1 Snr oi kt rm A Yasfonne star EY ict 39 Soy 3 7 420 FA wns a se 60 FSF esctip wii so Sted cde aud 3 osc i an co 1B ovate Pineda sisting 29 Meno Sm Cy 8 ts Fa Shes Fe tae 33 1 Functions Units 61 Review Grammar Countable and uncountable nouns Form ‘Countable nouns have a sngula and pla om, sample company, companics ‘Uncountable nouns oly have a singular form, Example asi information Use Countable We se the with both singular and pl Examples The vistors aren ception. The nee ales manage starts today. ‘Were a and an with the singular frm Example Tve got anew job. We se some and la of os of with countable nouns i postive sentences, Examples We hye alot of new customers ‘Werhad sone problem ast week. \We use any and many with countable nuns in questions and negative sentences Examples Weds have any complains as week Doyou have any pens! “hey dat werk many hous a week How many iviatons did you send? Uncountable ‘We donot ase a or an with uncountable nouns, We se he with uncountable nouns andthe singular verb fot, Example. The equipments aher od. We use some and la of las of with uncountable nour in postive sentences Examples We hae alot of work this week eas some good news fr you. forms, ‘We use a and mac with uncountable nouns in questions and negative Examples We doit have any money. Do you have much time tomorrow? Some nouns canbe countable or encountble, depending on whether they havea general orspecife meaning Examples You should do moc exercise (general). Ido special exerci for my back every day (specif), “There ent enough rom for everybody (gene). There are three oom in my Bat (speci), PRACTICE 1 Putthese words inthe correct box countable, uncountabl oF both Vocabulary Word groups; quantity ive business cate eupment—furte eran Inormaton —ggage money otro muse ewe pee” mom Sng” pe tpn “unable “Taneourtae [both = Complete the conversation wth the words below. A Theriot time before the conference, 0 ets ceck everything noe B OK Doweknowhow = people are coming? AA Yes 54, What about the food and drink? B “Thehotel is preparing that. They organize know hat to prep OK, good. And do we ned $ special equipment? No the hotel has a projector in the conference oom, and well take our own, lapop. Weshoul lo remember take * company brochure. A OK, Ithink hats everything. Correct the mistakes. | ‘Myfoss gave me some great advices | Sorry we dont have some te, Do you uaaly do many exercise? [red an interesting news this morning. How much employees are therein your company? (Can you elp me, please? My higgges have azrved > conferences, so they Find the od-one-outin each lit 1-6.Then we the group name. era) fuel ait mail piesa sport Group name 1 swimming — football ton eof 2 DVD magarine newspaper book 3 wood coal Plaie wool 4 lence Photo stamp envelope 5 all a te sal 6 whet coffee ice coma Use counters to describe the tems 1-8, Example 1 asheetof paper 13 Rea the conversation and decide if the sentences below are true false, Doctor You nes to change your diet. How much water do you usualy dank day" Ken Uh, Iusually have juice at rebut, and lots water in my coor bout six or eight cup of coffee 3 day, so thats alot of wate. Doctor Sivor eight cups of cle? Thar fr 100 much, You should havea riainiam off cups of coflee a day, and dik at least vo lites of ‘neal water, You dont put ugar in your eae, do you? ‘Ken Well usually nly oneo¢ two spoons. Doctor No sugar! And that scans no cakes or biscuits ether Ken OK, bit can ave fu, cart 7 Tove banana Doctor Fruits good, but o lose welght you shouldthave more than five ploces of rte day Ken Right Doctor And, you nest et ess bread ~ only two ses a day. And you hou eat Tots more vegetables, especially gren vegetables eyo et them at every meal (OK, et more vegetsbles, then 5 ‘The doctor advises Ken oct es bread and sugar and eat more vegetables Ken rarely drinks juice. ‘Ken usually drinks alot of water. ‘The doctor ass Keno drink tw gases of miner water ada. en takes sugar in his cafe ‘The doctor advises Kent ve three bananas a dy. “The doctor anes Ken to ave two loaves ofbread aay ‘The doctor tls Ken he should eat gren vegetables at reas Work skills Presentations 1: basic staging and signposting 1 Putthe word inthe correct order to make signpostng phrases 1 listening thank fo! you Aided presentation nto my fares thre ‘move ike FL now 0/8 10 shout Tm / today /t ak going {uestions/ have any anyone does to final moving nyo point, ‘ouclisions/ make ike T8/ some 0 general ll tank all for! you steaming fof 2. Complete the presentation extracts with the phrases in 1. ood morning, —_ a 2gatfmotiation whats motivation why itisimportart and how we ean improve Sa,what does mawaton meen. Syitisimpertane Show can weimprove metiation? eta rect connected wth productivity and that ‘means prot Thebes wayetoimprove motivation ae Thatbrings met the endo my presentation, Functions Eating out; requests ‘We make requests with Could you + verb when the speaker wats the Istener| todosormehing. [Example Could you spell your mame please? ‘Wes Can Could I+ vers when the spesker wants somet do vomnething. [Example Could 1 have the chicken salad please? Can justak We use 1 ike + vernon to explain what we wank Examples Tike wo tickets othe ty centre pease Tile to reserve a table forfour, plese ‘Wels use these phrases in a restaurant ‘Ordering food and din TMhave the va sla, pease. A cappuccin, plese Asking about a dish onthe mena thing or wants to Does the soup hve any leno it?s there any meat orb in the sala? Adking about food that not onthe menu Do yuthave any vegetarian dishes? Have you got anythin for sal ds? 1 Putthe words int the comect box. pepe tt reesecoke aden naar an sips oisent ee ‘hordes uti ‘eevean ——_lafeandfork morase man mute stn ‘atop —Speghenvtoegnese Sparing water Seakandsaad 2. Match the sentence halves, 1 Have you gt 2 some more bead please? 2 Could have b bycrediteard? 3 Cant pay € s90 mozarela and tomato sandwiches, please 4 like wonder anything det 5 Would youlike any kid dishes? 13 Complete the conversation Waittes Areyour—_t__@__? Filipe Yes b 3 chicken noodles p_ luis meat in the soup ofthe day? Waitress No, v luis OKT, 1 hathen. And cad wih | “Waitress OFe lis A PlipeAndabeer a, Wialtress OK, Tl bring the drinks now Review Units 6 Street life Grammar Comparisons INTRODUCTION 1 What do profesional people want when they lve and workina city? Discuss the question using the dens below. Ada your ewnideas tothe lis. 2. Read the text. Match the cities with the paragraphs Which ty would youths talivein? Great cities © out you tet wake wp eve ‘momingtoviews ofthe Alpe Bic and eh ele and cross bo! Shang! Zach long the Beach atthe end ofa © Wout youthe a neal inatendy ro 3-965. Ustentoa igh yer repr comparing Zh ith shanghaland Dube | word to complete the sentences 1 bigger than Shanghai tnd Dubs. hots yin the summer, td depatnet store than Zach, shopping alsin the world Focus Complete the table with the ype of adjectives 1-6, twosilsblesnotendnginy — onesylable rege asecner fee ormore ables ‘wo ables ending ny (ea nding in consonant + vowel onsonnt “ype ofadjecive [Example | Comparative ‘Seperave 1 lage |e get 2 wet weer wets 3 appr Lappe | hai. 4 ‘aonded | mote ies zowded | mos. /teast onde 5 interesting | rote /iesineresting_| mos. iat teresting . ‘ood | eter west se wwe wont a gee [feet somes shanghaisboper than Zr 2c ere trator than Ou Dubai th test oF eth cts Shanghai probaly the ost resting cy. \Wecanatiouse anders noun than. Example Zach has eve shops tan he ther two ies. © ferns desisindsctce sto edewsecoron age? PRACTICE 4 Putthe adjectives nto the correct categories inthe table above, wal fot efideot ald hat ‘mo tiie modem fuck ening dona! 5 Choose the correct adjective below to complete the sentences Use the information nto help you. ig bad cold fost good modem olf smal ta 1 Dbaiis than Zurich, but. ‘than Shang. 2 Shanghai has the tein system nthe word 13 Dubai has wai jams than Zurich. 44 Zurich the yin the winter, 5 The Place fr dty-fse shopping is Dubal 6 Zurichisa——— chythan Dubal 7 The Bar) Kaif the worlds wlding iin Dabo 8. Shanghat has one ofthe ‘department sores in ie word {6 Workin pairs. Take tin tums to ask questions about the sentences in5. Example & Is Zrich bigger than Dubal? B No,itisst 7 #62 Listentoa businesswoman tak about the three cites and answer the (questions. 1 Whi did Fiona like Shanghai? 2 What does Flona not ike about Zurich? 3 What did Fiona say abou dothes shopping in Shang? 4 What ype of shopping reas does Fiona mention? 5 How dots Fiona compare the cos oflving in Zurich and Shanghai? {8 Workin pairs or small groups. Discus the cts or towns that you lke and ‘explain why you ke them. fec000 Grammar Units 67 ‘9 Complete the sentences about other es using the corect form ofthe ajectivesin brackets. 1 Seoul bs the econ, han population in the word gs) 2 Shopping om Filth Avenueln New Yor is Han onthe Avenue de (Champs Fes in Pai expensive) 3. Tokyohas one ofthe subway systems (comaicted) 4 Mexico Cy is than San Francis. (hot) 5. London has the department tore in the world. (amous) 6 lorence has tourist attractions than Rome. (good) 7 Madrid isthe city in Span. (big) Copenhagen as one ofthe restaurants in the word Walled Noma. good) 9. Vancouver swith young profesional than Montreal. (poplar) 10. Mumbai isthe city inthe word. (crowded) 10 Workin pais. Exchange the information about the thes cies below. Then ‘make comparisons about them. é@ Stadent A" Looks the tbe below wesiieisat den Gos | cee yt 7 | Reneroom 3350 ws Steven | ay thoury eae) | $144 | 37 ‘Shopping mall | Gnkaufizentram | The Ovbal Mall Glaeasao0m” | 502000. 5 | emetspeed | 20mbpst ssthan tips | ‘TASK 11 Workin smal groups Each choose acy you know wel Give the ty rating 1 (high! 04 low forthe features youTisted in. Example I would give Tokyo for eating ost "Now compare your cies and agree on your ratings. Describe the final outcome. Example Tokyo has the bet restaurants, but London hs the most parks 6 Unit Grammar ac hl Vocabulary Talking about cities ant. 1 Thinkofa ty youknow wel Whatareits most interesting orimportant features? 2 Lookat the photos and map ofKrakéw. What about thectty? fo you think nok Interesting 2. Read the guide to Krakéw an find the places onthe map. = = = | Lovely Krakéw ein baat ty in sue prt oan nthe ene of Kad te Os Town wih suena ales te lay. nti i Fe ty, he nn raat avr, Wtf ty cara ea poten re some of he subst cy cone Tks ae vale ro, ween ob an te ects sts youce bay them om be | chin’ arpa 1 htt he i. at wasn tetnen fakin Ginny en sana he par. Ts jaar ‘las to 15 es. Te cy oee sss 20s a thas of te Sttn Nar ofthe prt bulge te To, from €95 milion to E14 lon and finally #21 €150 mailion Tn Quarter sales —__* by €20 milion and ended the ea a €130 millon So fr this year, sleshave sen igh ond trenove a €133 millon a a 73H vat ‘5 What do you know about musi streaming? Name rome musi steaming ‘companies. For example, Spotifyin Europe andthe USA, and Yala inthe IMidae Est and Worth Aric, 6 #73 Listen toan analyst tak about muse streaming. Arethe sentences true or fale? 1 People an listen o musi fr fee on music streaming ites, All msi streaming sites have advertisements Alot of musicians think streaming services ate a god hing The number of digtal dowloads has gone up over ast few yeas ‘The numberof peopl listening to misc online has one down, People use Facebook and Twiter to tl friends aboutus. 7. Workin pairs Tae tintunsto describe your graph and kaw your partners aap Student A" Describe dhe graph on the ef below Use the mipty graph onthe "ght to dra Stent Bs gph, student 8 Goto page 3 10 0 7 fe] o. Fea [u[a[s als © Sees Work skills Presentations 2: Using PowerPoint; presentation tips 1 Read the guidelines on making PowerPoint sides. Which do you agree with? Make the headings big posible Include a masimum of ines, with ive words per ine. Use a mix of fonts and sires Pt th key information onthe ast line ofthe sie Include lng quotes so that your audience can read them ‘Ure plentyofsnimation to keep your audience awake ‘Use simple charts and graph, ‘Make your sides lok tractive wth lots of photos 1 Desde the maln aim of the presentation, 2. Check your equipment 5 Keep eye contact withthe audience. 44 Give the audience a chance to atk questions 5 Find out who the audence ae and what they want to het. 6 Practise as much as possible, 7 Lookst your notes only then you ned a. ' Decide where you ae ong to stand and where ou are oing 1 move 9 Tell the audience if they can ak questions dung the presentation. 10. Prepare your sides and note as early 2 possible 11 Keep the presentation simple. 12 Checkthe time regular. 13. Keep your energy levels up. Givethe audience your contact deals Prepare short presentation on one af he felling topics: + How manyhours you worked recently {How much you spent each month his year {he amount of tveling os do Functions Job interviews INTRODUCTION 1. Unispors are reciting a Sportswear Product Manage: Jénos Bogréce has applied forthe posiion. Read the jo requirements and Jino® Cv ‘What relevant experience and qualifeations doeshe have? | eects) + poy prepare busnessperfomanc repos noone + Ablyoirevetintematesy atleast Ce ear “rect posctdestenen oes + uy overs + Unies egret aed ae Exprence wh project a manager (Janos Bogracs| rei | ‘Address Herzogeraurach, Germany Mariel tats Married, os cilen Work experience 2009-preane Adie ‘sextant Produc Manager eee 2006.08 Kappa Sportonear Produc Design Executive Education 200-04 Degree it Brinen Suis, London School of Commerce 1957-2000 RF Secondary School, Budapest. Key subjects: Chemistry, Ent, and Geman 1969-57 —-MBPrimary School, Sudapent. 2 Answer the questions using the information nthe CV. 1 How long has nos worked inthe sportswear busines? 2. When di he start working in Germany? 3. Whats le degree in? 4 Hare worked in aly? 5 When di he graduate from universiy? 13 174 Listen to nos'interview and complete the sentences 1 _____ anyother courses since you graduated? 2 Reedy memanagelirpertenmand ny communication wih tam members 3 1 ro mort of Europe, ether on hia or for busines, 4 You any Languages on your Cv 51 English at School and lian whe asa ollege Focus Read the examples 1-3 fromthe itesiew and match each one this function 1 have done much traveling recent. We been prety buy wit mye ane looking tery fray. 2 ida course han as promoted in 2011 wo Astant Product Manager 3 Solar ne lnedinfou counties » totakaboutecet acter € twtakaboutpastevensinacarcer ‘eed the example sentences and complete thera with for anne nave bed vedere fos ea ‘have werked her sne 2012 Wewse ith ped af tie and O former cea PRACTICE 4 Choose the correct words to complete the Interview. Fave you ever worked in Spalat es Thave li. Iv got go ob thereat yea, ‘Where have ou worked you work? Tye worka/ worked! ina si esort in the Pyrenees, How long did you wok there? worked there fr snc three months, ‘And what do you do now? Tan sing instructor in New Zealand When did you earn have you een to si? fist ar have lear to sk aboot six yar ago Hoel were ou hae ou ben! a New Zealand? have been | a’ there ince May this ye Have you eer worked Did ou ever workin Canadat Iie work havent works here yt bat Ti ike tin the ature ‘What sn / wa your best experience va instructor soar? {rely enjoyed have ely enjoyed watching peopl lear how to ski TASK 5 Workin pairs. One of you has applied for thejob at Unspets. One of you the Interviewer Aekand answer questions using the promptsbelow. Add some ‘more questions Ifthe answers Yes ask for more deals. + Workin the sportswear industry + Doany marketing sles + Gineany presentations + Study any other languages + Travelon business, 1 Manage large project Review Grammar Present Perfect; Past Simple Form We form the Present Perfect with hoe / has + past patie. Weoften use the contraction of has and have when we spake a) | Revenotoaver) | 09) Pesnothas) bine 28! 20 | ener Ty | ose? ves, |e ee soe ss vis |e fhe ana | Wow eng have ooo en? Siew rarsegon Use In general we use the Present Perfecto nk the pst and the present 1 ole about a shustion that started nthe past and contest the present -Bxample “They've been marted for 30 yeas Heslived therefor a month 2 totalk about an event r series of events tan indefnittime inthe ps. Example. Ive sted 10 diferent counties. Have you ever tried Indonesian food? ‘Weuse the Past Simpl to refer tan event at a specific tine inthe as. samples They got mavied 0 year ago. He moved to Washington in September. Time expressions “Presenter «(ast imple foc Sc use sofa, in 2010, wo week oa yesterday, steerer ‘Siner PRACTICE 1. Complete the text withthe words below. est katoret et smontnage sor Ie. graduated in chemistry and Tike job in esearch, havent foundone although I started looking fr jobs. > before finished univer Te applied for about twenty jobs Tent 640 ‘very good interviews £ som hoping Il get ap fer soon! 86 Unt7 Review 2 choose the best options to complete the questions and sentences 1 Have you ever leer! Did you learn to playa musical instrument? Noyunfortnatly. 1 was have bee ntrstd in music when Iwas younger and these days dat have ime. 2 Have you downloaded | Did you download any new musi recently? Ye, [ve downloaded 1 downloaded a Rihanna album yesterday 3 Have you bought / Did you buy LPs when you were kid? ‘No. Tim not that ol Fv Bough / Bough eases. 4 Haye you ever boon! Did you go toa concert? nit some sey sn oe yl to. ene be Fete twabig concer. 5 Have you ever sg Did you sing karaoke at the party as night? Yes, Ie sung sang thee songs Twas great! {6 Haye you ever met Did you met famous singer o¢ musiant ‘Actually Iv hated I hated oa Betsh pop singer ina pub once, but forgot to ask for his autograph, 3 Use the information inthe table to make sentences (Past Simple or Present Perfect about the young cllo player, Laura van der Helden. “907 [Boring 2001 | Stars kearring the recorder 2005 | tarts earning the plo and alo 2005 | ns the Royal Coleg of Music 2010 | wis tess Nationa Youth Muse Compaiton 2011 | Wis the Marjorie Huby Conpeton and Beckenham Mascon ofthe ear Competiton 22 | Wine Woking Young Musn ofthe Year and SSC Young Mascan Compeiion 1 LawravanderHeden 07 3 She in, 5 ese 30s 5 She ‘thre nstruments 6 She four big compettion,Induding the BBC Young Musician Competition. Vocabulary Talking about changes and trends 1 Complete thetable. vet Past simple Present erect ‘up/down | wentup/down | have gone w/ down |— pak Review Unit? 7 2 Using the infrmation in the graph, decide the sentences are ue or false Correct any sentences which ae fle. magne Its now the end of December, ee aa aa Bea ae ‘nema revenue ion Sas year eee ee See = cs eet an — ene ie ee Work skills Presentations 2: Using PowerPoint; presentation tips 1 Complete the presentation tps with the wordsin the bes. eat check decide fodout ge heepix3) proctie prepare read use the presentation spe your equipment before the presentation, stole charts and graphs. your slides and notes as eal s possible, your energy eel op. tv theaadience ar and what they want to heat, as muchas posible the audience time 1 read wha on you ses. ‘the main aim of the presentation, your presentation. ‘ye contact with your audence 12 Hyouare nervous, deeply and try nt to speak oo quickly Functions Job interviews ‘The Present Perfect is often set talk about experiences upto the preset (orhen we dont spciy the time othe experienc. Examples vert tof imeresting people in my job Hstbeen software engineer a nurse sales assunt and a og walker: [ve nove learnt foreign tnguage. We can use Have you evr. to ask bout general experience, Examples Have you ever iden a motrbike! Has she ever ben lt or work? ‘We also use the Present Perfect to talk about recent activities, Examples “The R&D department ave just developed anew ype of watch Have you been busy? Shes ast gat new jo. \Weoften use for and since with the Present Perfect to answer te question How long We se for wih period of time and since with a pint in time samples He's been unemployed or st nth since June ve bee for three days since Tues. 1 Complete the email with the verb in brackets inthe Past Simple or Present Perfect. owaeyou Ando ae tees ofthe wa? Ba a a. far (narimrewpbitowra man gg andthe ira peers sea" nae re prea te) Inamaragomertvaring outa sed] st tt tm ae Fp Me Stomatol meningitirebalabe. el soe ‘eau hn ve on using Tana the gt senor Wein oon Ropeyouraiy a el. el oe a eee crear vt ou Landon see 2 Complete the questions in the interview 1 How long (worked for Seymnourpowell? eben therefor almos five yeas now. 2 What/learn/ there? Him lot thnk lot about design, abou dealing wih customers, and shout working with ober people. 3 Where/ work before? Seymoarpowel yas my fs jb afer graduating, although did have some holiday obs when Twasa student. 4 ever/ manage fa tam? 1No,but Tha alot of experince of working ine eam, 5 think cold learn 5 What/ know about our company! before coming to ths interview? ‘Wal, ne that you were one ofthe top product design companies in Bure, an that you have grown atin secent years. Thats ane of he reason I wanted to work or you Review Unit? 99 Doing the right thing INTRODUCTION 1 Read these cultural tps for working andlving In nda Do you think they fre truco fle? 1 General you do have fo weae formal lathes to work, You have o get to meetings exactly ont, 3 You mus itecupt somone senior talking ina meeting 44 Inatraditonal company; you dot ave 1 adress yur bos a'r Madan 5 Inamodern company, you cam call our bos by ther ist name. 66 you work fora company in nd, you mut speak Hind, eae litle food on your plate at the end of meal i shake hands wit a person ofthe appt sex Dorit sy "Thank you'r clerk hand you your wocery bag. You should photl and tan station porters 1) Seeenath Aravind talks to two frends about workngin Ini Lsten and check your answers to Itsagoodideato Itenota goodie “506 posible TesnotOK/ posse 0 © Ferre dein PRACTICE 3. Match he countres wth the ules and tip for exchanging busines ards (ne tip may match ore than one county. 1c iportat not to wrt on the back of business ard nis OK tokeep busines cards in your pocket 1s portant nt te your lef han o give al eee busines cards nis not necesory to translate your busines cards into Hind, Ics god dea to place the business ards the tabl i front of you in the order people ae sexed 6 eisnecesry to treat someone’ card wit espect and ace time to reed the [tis important not opt card tralght nto your card cise 8 eésa.good ido to ncude your degree o ther qualiicatons on your card. pli the rules for exchanging busines cards ia your cultare or a culture you know wel Replace the highlighted phrases in 3 with you’ and an aperopriate verb, Example You musts wit on the back of busines ard ©) 8.2 Listen to people talking about travel rules and ip. What do they say about the following? Heathrow aixpo Tokyo txt paspor cash bottled water ‘ping laptop seting out ofthe tx sharp objects nap and address bots fare What are yourtips for taking taxi where you ve? Read the tert Which country do you thinks being described? Discuss the ‘questions below. Cultural Understanding — Raum eee ee es {meetings in during the day so be prepared Deereterert Se om copter in your entre? Ae thee strict rules about who atends a meeting? 7. Whatare the challenges when you relocate to another county? Think idea, forthese tops, sccommodition eduction money culture {8 ©) 6.5 Listen tHazel Masterson, the manager of an rtermationa erate gency, tall about working abroad. What does she say about the topics in? {9 084 Listen to these postive and negative sntance re there ny Sierences nthe way we pronounce te vows nine vars al? 1 You mutt people ah peaking You mum cpt sometne ser tlkingina meting 2 Duapled athe for mertgs Gree Sou dont have to get to meetings exactly on tine 3 You shut thea dre cs ted | Youshnddt uy dase ths oor yousl | re Youur wear casual esate eat he ween Practise saying the sentences TASK 10 Abusnes collages congo workin your count fora yea. Prepare some ip forthem ung tis speaking the language SS a Bangin ecings itesingteniore foecing and bees ads ei geing ing ~ Pha contact Yeap Sou stot ar ew Three Booger. - 11 Toke turns to ack and tlle about the tip in 10. Example A Should Lear the language? B You dort have to, but You should leur aw phrase ike"Buongors Vocabulary Career paths 1 ©) 85 Ustento Gina Prentiss talk about her career and ansuer the questions. ‘What sort of sompany did Gina want to work or? ‘What was unusual about her visa stustion? 3. What orf traning di she ge? ovr long id she tay withthe company? 5 What dd she do afer she ef the company? {6 What the current stustion with her busines? 2 Match the sentences withthe diferent parts of the career path blow. 2 The company fered me the job, 1 had an interview © signed the contract 4 rasfersed to another ranch Tew afb advertisement {1 got my fist promotion afer ayer {ished my three-month probationary period 1 did training course i Lapp forthe jo. J Lgeaduted from school/college. kk Ttaed work 7) 3. How similar are the stages In2 othe fist stagesin your career? In what way, arethey diferent? a fit stage of» career and add your ow ideas nee to do when you apy fra job? ‘What does company usually expect fom a candidate? paications| 43, What sor of contact fallime 4 What details does contact give you? hours of work 5 Wha description tl you? sour responsibilities ‘Whar benefits do companies eth employees? heath care 5 Workin pars. Discuss the pros and cons ofthese alterative career paths. 1 workasaffedancer 2 startyour own business 3. go broad to wurk Work skills Meetings 2: Turn-taking and turn-giving 1 Youare in @ meeting and you want to say something. Which ofthe fllowing would youdo ornot do? Put your hand wp sand up cough point at someane ‘ake eye contact with the person whois speaking seit tl you are asked 2 #)8.6 Listen toa meeting about alning for people going overseas. Tek the expressions you hear. Soy teat | Soha 3 Youare leading a meeting. How do you et other people sprakor stop people ‘romtalking too much? 4 9)8,7 Ustentoa later partof the meeting. Tick / the expressions you hea. Poul what a '5 Workin smal groups Discuss the topic "ules inthe workplace! One person leeds the dzcusion, Everyone inthe group takes turns to speak. Anyone can interupt. Use the expressions in 2and 4. FS 200 Warkskile Unite 95 InTRODUCTION «) 8.8 Emma Kings visking some friends n lode Jano. Listen tothe ‘conversation and complete the questions 1 Would you tke 2 2 Would you ike to 2 3 Would you tke ws : 4 Pckyou up at your hot at about 200, 5 Would you let : 1.5 Listen and complete Ens responses Which sponses negate? 1 Yes love Thanks 2 Talo 3 Yes ftsounds great, ‘ Thats perfect 5 love, Tye promised to met Ken on Sandy Focus ‘Complete tho phrases with he correc form, Ofer Would youthe hich respons can we ure with nvitatons and fers? Thankyou ey much. Thankyou. Thanks, Yes plete Ofermoedenisan PRACTICE 3. Match the invitations and offers with the responses Would you ke to go sling at the weekend? 2 love one 2 Would you like las of water? b lowe, but get seasick | 3. Would youlike me to getatickst for you? Thanks forthe ofl, but 4 Would you like some chocolate? Tveorlereda tax 5 Would you tke me o give you ai? 4 lowe some ‘Would you keto go shopping on Saturday? €or | Yes please irk In pals. Make and respond to offersin thes situations. 1 Student has just arrived at Stodet Bs company ater long journey 2 Ie 1230 Staden A has had lach yt 3 Yoware inthe company canteen Student A says they lf-her wallet in your 4 Student nocd to send an elt thet on ther snariphone 5. Student A needs to get othe airport rapany bt they can get signal Work in pales Read the conversation Ure the prompts below to have similar 1A Doyoulike modera ar? B Yes, A Would you ike to vist the Nite Art Museum on Saturday? B dove Workin ir Have similar conversations to S but give polite negative TASK 7 Workin prs. friends going t vist you In your home town. Take tums tolnvte your partner to do something, and make offers tc make thei stay 98 Unit Review Review Grammar Modals and related verbs Form Here sa able of common modal and related vr Wecessary/Very | mast {must fish thisbeore Igo home. Iporantto.” [Rave “haste | Youhe to snow our paps he boi Important notte | must ‘ou mut bead 0th customers. Bont Dont spend mae hanthe budget Netnecesryte | dorthavete | Wedort hveto work overt ~ dowrnt have Goodie | shou ‘uh checkyour emi blo yoo sendthem Nota goodiaesto | shold ‘Neshovrtineae our es Pesitieto [ean ‘ou can use mycffeeifyouvant Notposibete [ant Tou carpark ee ‘We dort se afer modal vrs Examples She cant speak Japanese, He shoud tasty more Have and as ae fellowed by 0 Example have to finish ay email before I go home Doyou have to werkt the wekend? ‘Weadd not o (not dot o des) to make a modal er negative. Examples You shoul phone him untae 9am. Hecamt drive. “To make questions with modal verbs, we put the moda before the subject Examples Can park here? Where can park? ‘We usualy we have to instea of mus for questions. Example Do Ihave to take my posport? Use ‘We ws modal snd related verbs to tlk about how to dothe ight thing o Behave comet in social and work stations ‘Wie can alo use the imperative to gve advice. Examples Dou forget to take your paspor. Introduce yourself your new collegues, ‘Weusea polite tone of vice so that these forms donot sound too direc eee PRACTICE 1. ead the guide to welting a successful CV. Complete the sentences below the ‘guide using amodol or related ver, ts ery impartant that your ook pofesionl + tsa good ida to str wth your persanal details name, aes, hehe amb, andra dares. + tant necessary tc our def bith + tea gd idea tous ne kind font ‘+ 15.0€10 a a phot, but i. oad ide to lok smart + tsimpoant ot 1 make up quaiatons or wit about cetene yu dot ave 1 Youre Took profesional 2. Your personal details ‘come fist, 3 You ‘wit your age on your CN | 46 You. ‘aca varity of fonts and sles in your CV. 5 You puta photo of yourself on your CV. 2 Complete the sentences forthe situations. Ure the verbsin brackets andthe ‘correct form ofthe verbs below | ie barow check go vegiter st tel [Example The party surprise for Get, (st) ‘You musi tell Geeta about the party { 1 Andrews meting vistors atthe aleport but has forgoten what tine they axeive should) He 2 Tye forgotten to Bing a pen (en) You = ‘5 Mylo dosnt ke anyone telat for meetings. (mist) You aan 4 Ho wants to take an exam, The dein for estatonis 2th February. (have) She — '5 The workshop is optional for employee (Aoit have to) Employees 6 Sorry, thistle reserved (cn You '3 Write questions fr the answers usng the verbs below. canta) veto need should) Example Dolbaveto getarecipt?- Yes, youhaveto gets recep. ‘No, you dont have to wear uniform, but you should wear formal thes. j ‘es, you must take your diving leence with yo. ‘No. you shouldnt eatin the office. You anes inthe kthen othe cal, {en ay ‘You should ask or Me Hint, 5 ‘You can go home at 730, ‘No, you musta take any company les out ofthe bulding femmae Review Unite 99 — Vocabulary Career paths 1 Match 1-8 with ah to make sentences or questions. 1 Please ign ‘probationary perio, 2 Tm going on acuta aearenss b work | 3 think we should givehim © thecontact. 4 4 the yer | 5 Tmnervoue- Ive got an © apomotion || 6 Inthesuramerimgoingto transfer coun. \ 7 There leas month I imerview tomorrow. 8 Have you applied fe 1 tottestockholm office | Work skills Meetings 2: Turn-taking and turn-giving | 1 Complete the conversation. ‘A Sotacems ne edt rehinchow we fink new employs. Sa, ee ei Sam Yes Tihink wenedin war advring or example Chandy St it we do tht before? Abr Nex butts along tine gs hey CE wg awe dade, ‘wchive to think very carefully about Chandra think wing ou own. Abi Shanda _—* ‘Chandra Soery, Mike? Mile Wl that ve ont ant to pend time oa the wrong sors of peopl, 0 we have to ‘choose where we are going advertise cally think our webslle ‘would be enough ‘Abi Ham, dnt think that reaches enough people think we shoul ry recruitment agency Hay WHE Wall Yeu think advertising istoo much work sing a eruliment agency ‘means that they will do some ofthe work rus. Mike M____*17 Weave to remember thai willbe much more apa [Abi True ut think fl be worth tf we get te right kindof people quik A c—.Chandet (Chandra thnk t sounds ike a good ida, and I kpow a good one Shall ‘ontct then and gt some more information? Abi Yes please Chandra, Good dea. 100, Unt Review m Functions Invitations and offers ‘We use the allowing phrases o make and respond to invitations and fers. Invitations Examples Would you like to iit ou factor tomorrow? ‘Would ou ike to go swimming thin fernoon? Accepting an invitation Examples Tdlveto, Yes that sounds good, thanks Rejecting an invitation samples Ii ove to, but Tve got another appointment tomorow. “Tanks forthe invitation, btm aa Tea swe, ones Examples Would yu ke a dink? ‘Would you lke some dessert? Orfering to do something for someone Examples Would you ke me to phone the restaurant for you? ‘Would you like ust get cts or you? Accepting an ofer Rejecting a offer [Examples Tle one some, hanks, Esamper Thanks, ut Tn fll Ye plese Thanks ‘Thanks forthe of, but Tve aleeady got tcets 1 Putthetines of the conversations inthe comrect order. 1a. Would you ike ay miko sugar? ' falose one You must be tied ater your journey. Thaaks. imal bit red. Ws the sichour tne difrence Sure Here you ae ‘Would you lke some coffe? Just one sugar, please Talve to, ‘Would you ike me to pick you up from your hotel? {really ike Tha food “Thankyou ‘Would you ike wo go ta restaurant for dinner this evening? “Thanks. That would be ges. ‘What kind of fod do you ike? (Great, therés 3 Tai place near the ofce. Til book usa table 2 Complete the conversations using the prompts. 1A like go shopping? ilove like me calla ait ‘Tank offer but /1/ walk, like some eke? ‘Thanks 1 fal 1 give you it /aieport ‘Thanks. / perfec. ike ue translate you? Yes, please 2 3 opepereee Start-ups INTRODUCTION 1 Workin pales. Discuss the questions Je about Facebook. Anewer the questor. Focus ead the example sentences and answer the uestions: ‘Mark Zuckerberg hod hed Faabookn 203 white he wa staying at evar Unersty 2 -Atthesame ime thee othe student... wee working nl ste called HararaConection om, 3 Zeckrberg was working ons ea, hen Cameron nd Teak him tos theme rebate 2 Which rb ease an acy tht wasn progresinthe pa? 1 ch verb deseo competed action the pst ‘Are the verbs inthe Past imple or Pas Continuous? ovate Pot Continuous formed? Which tone doe often use withthe following adverb? iebeetareemergyerten ts" ‘We do not use the ast Continuous with tate verb, hav, bye © formorecesteant racic gto be ete PRACTICE 4 Aretheze sentences about the arte in 2 true co false? Correct any fe 1 Matk Zuckeberg was studying at Yale University when he started Facebook 2 Thecriginal name for Facebook was Faemash 53. Zuckerberg et the Winkievoses while they were studving at Harvard 4 Cameron and Tyler Winklevss were helping Zuckerberg build his website 5, Zackerberg was working on two sites a the same ie. 6 Cameron and Tyler were happy when Theacebook was launched, 7 Alot of sents were sing Zucerberg ite a month fier the aon '5 Workin pats. Take turns to checkthe answers in 4, [Example A. Was Mark Zuckerberg studying at Yle University when he started Facebook? Yes be was. / No, he was, He was studying at {6 Complete the sentences with the correct form af the vertsin brackets 1 He (atch) YouTube videos in he office wheshisboss (come 2 Busines (oot go) very wa when we suddenly _ get) Image rd in fom nee company. 3 ‘Thecompany art) a Ficsbook page and Hog because they (ty) toatract new customers. 4 When (enet) ny (ork) ina beach ete 5 While (try) om shoesin Harrods David Beckham (alin 6 When] (discover) ick, _ (ot ave) digital camera. 7 Where (ow wor) when you {get job with Facebook? 8 When {arrive home, Hannah (upload) photos and ‘Nick (ook) diane. 9 {was tlled when we (wn) the €1,500ltary because, a the time, fom {oak fr) anew jo. 10 KitDotcom (art) Megaload whl he___ (ie) n Hong Kong 9.1 Listen to the sentences. How are was and wer pronounced? He was living in Hong Kong. ‘Was ie ivngin Hong Kong? “They were woskingtogeber Were they working together? The company wis making lot of money. ‘Was the company making lat of money? ste agnin and practise saying the sentences. {8 #)92 Listen to Zt tak about using social med sitesfor workin an Interven with High her magazine, Answer the questions. 1 Which websites dd she use? 2 Hoye dd these social medi sts lp Zita work? 9 How do companies use socal media sites? Give some examples. 10 Workin pairs or smal group. Toke turns toaskand answer about the following -Bzample Where wer ou living when you eft schoo? ‘When yu eft school ‘When you started your is jo When you met your partne ‘When you met famous person ‘When you fell in love for the fist time ‘when you had fantastic idea When you ist went ona great olay TASK 11 Workin pais. Student A Res the ate below. Gre eerste TWITTER™ 11 206, a group of developers wore working for a podeaeting company, Odoo Inc im San Franciaco, The group needed some new ideas so they divided into small brainstorming teams. Jack Deraoy, who was siding ct Now York versity tthe tit, jinod ape of the teams They went othe local park ofall: Mey were ating Mexican fod and playing on a slide, when fack Dorsey hed the idea of sharing short tneseages with other people. Everyone thought ttwae a great idea. The eam daveloped the ‘dea and Titer was lounched in fly 2206. By 201, there were 140 milion active user sending over 040 silion tweots 2 day. Jock Dorsey later became the company CEO. ‘Ask your partner about Flickr another online company. Example When did Fick tart? Who started What were they dong at the time? r What do you do in your re time? Add your ideas tothe wo groups below watching V Ss 2 wich verbs do we use withthe activites blow? (ony your homework = ‘drink takeaway beak Bin for run wal bike ride rive seat ay ap dese Sense thewhingwahigsp toeconeet/ endows tobe tothe ems from | preva | in ‘Work in pals. Ask your partner when of how often they do the activities in 5 ©) 98 Usten to Kara and Jack lscussing how Kara canlemprove her styl, Tick the get phrases they use one ounce ethane ae | ons osino ns [tener ons ow could youlmprove your ese? "Match the games withthe balls ogcntetcl tax soa cee oot socrerfootbot etme @ ede °) +@- Ge a 10 " Which games in 6 do we play with theseitems? ot ch cue rocket Which verb do we us with the sports in 6? What do thes incommon? sportshave Pu these sports nto the correct verb groups. abies badninon acing gymnosts ing okey iso tuning” Sing — hing gush Siming ‘irk in pairs. Ask your partner about the sports they do andlor watch Example A Which sports do you dot B [ply tens and {go running Imagine you havea week that you can do what you want, meet who you want, ge where you want spend as much money a you war What would you do? Work skills Emails 2: Problems and solutions 1 Rea the four emailsan put them into palrsin the correct onder, lesen hea hatyoua rae ated te ‘eer Fru ere been be cero Fotesor earsan eae you dace hepa ‘Sinedorepettjo ae cbleto aera ne bees. ‘rk yout sig te dah oe Te poste fre towne masters ire we waned ‘ettecon suntebacgaun rete a Palette Fyeucan chang and et adcapiaby te orges cede Pets larg maar hecntnee athe Pak Yat eh tay pte eet ete pening easy iho assy ane ast ‘tral ab pogue rayne ah Iaploge freee et hae ome ‘hecaouingnd ove sch eco Thoge hs these spcxonou eure an Conteh prt eum nes Soe, 2 Read the emails again and answer the questions. 1 Whatare the two problems described? 2. How are the problems resolved? 3 Which phrases are use to + hve good newt ghvebad news? + apologict '3 Workin pals Wie an emal using the information below Give your eral to your partner and write a reply to your partners emall a ‘Stayed at hotel ast week: Booked om on Internet with view of Bel Tower Room aed another building o View. 8 ‘Giving workshop tomorsow:Lapop stolen yesterday. No backup files ‘Canna attend ‘mmm Workshils Unto 107 InTRoDUCTION Functions Making suggestions 11/944 Unisports has problems at hele distribution cent isten tothe “station manager, Mike Webber, aking this colleagues What ae the ‘we problems? 2 Imagine you are on Mike's team. What suggestions can youthink oft help Diecss your ideasin smal groups 3/95 Listen tothe second part the meeting and compare your ideas 4 Which suggestions dothey rally choose? Why? 1 Get the material from another supplier 2. Usea cheaper aernative 3. Postpone inteoducing this ine 44 Getin touch with the transport people 5. Contact the utes 6 Send an emalto the shops andthe transport people '5 9.6 Listen and complete the extracts rom the meeting. Thmmara Whatebout Mike Yes, thas possi alg a Wiy cat ee Mike Thatta good idea 3 Mike How about _—_ 1 ‘Tamara Tm sorry, but don dak tat will work 4 Mlke Weeoald Tamara Absolutely not 5 Mike Lets Ed OK La 6 Mike Touggetwe ‘amare Good ides Mike Tick the postive responses in Sand puta cros Xnecto the negative responses, Look atthe supgeition prasesin 5 Vhich anes ar flowed by theinfitve of the verb ethout a and which are fllowed by he ng for ofthe? 7 PRACTICE 7 Choose the correct form ofthe verb in these sentence. 1 Why doit we go going ut for something teat? ‘Nest time we havea team-building event we could go ging hiking. Lets cancel canceling ll meetings, and communicate caine Instead ovr about watch watching fle in English next ime! ‘What abou have having oe next English cls aca gee we ih fishing the class nowt {8 Workin small groups Make the suggestions to each othe from 7 and respond appropriately you disagree, offer an alterative suggestion, ‘TASK 9 Workin small groups. You work wth Mike and some othe: problems blow have come up In groups use the dea prompts of any other ideas you have, tomake suggestions. Agree on thebest ones al Youlhave rece coals say hat hewn (ne ofthe tc has broken down near she ee a Rees gney gee aa _gtthem hak oe dsrbuion cnt in Brass / hope / acl he. erie? op one the delinery fi anathe diver/ EE nares “Two shopsin Slovenia sid two shops in Croatia hve received the wrong detiveres Tey have been sited up sak the shops range the exchange themats / contact he anspor pape a Collected redler / el he ‘hops ory tos heads aa 10% dicount / el aheshops to Ip the gods and oer ea supple Review Grammar Past Continuous; Past Simple Form ‘We form the Past Continous with was or were an thei form ofthe er, ‘Statement She ent © vesting ta erent hey ‘Queston wae [Pe te | as /wasnt. it wortng? ves/Ko, | they they ‘Why were they working thre Use ‘We ur the Past Continuous total about an action that wasn progees at aril time in the past. [Example This time ls year we were planning our exparsion project. ‘Wealso use the Past Continuous otal about the backgcund to another ation inthe post We use whe tointrodace the action inthe Pat Simple Example Iasliving i London whes I decided to start my own busines. We can alo ae while o introduce the ation inthe Pst Contnaoas. Example While was Wving in London, {decided to star: my own business We ase the Past Continous oak about two actions that were in progress at the same time inthe pst sample erry was showing some vistors round while Dawn was pouring rinks forthe ther gust We ean also se meuniere same ine to talk about two things happening atthe sme time Example Sales were increasing. Meanwhile / At the same tine, the company ‘vas making people redundant ‘We we the Past Simple to talk about completed actions inthe past, about long term stuaons nthe pst, about eepeated ations ox evens the past, and talk abost a sequence of etnies Examples We hashed the lesson eal [studied hard when [war a stadt. [gett the oie, made some cote, opened the mall and stated work PRACTICE 1 Match1-Switha-etomake sentences. 1 Tsing the presentation 4 when the spt crashed. 2. Twas preparing the invoice be when got the ide for my owen 3. eas diving ther office business 44 wus ahowingthe oom toaguest © when the frealarm went of 5 Iwasworking fora supermarket when she phaned to cance the resting «© when Isawea now inthe oener 2 Complete the sentences with the words below. attesame tine reaie then en whl 2) i you tak to Kuda abou the new plan _ yeu were having hanch? 2 Lworkedall day and Thad to take work homeas wel 3 Shewastryng to phone me that was trying phone he. 44 He tude hard and got top grade at college he was working ata bunk and starting his own business. 5 Toe to the shop, lots of customers wer already wating ouside. 6 Prices were rising. salaries remained the same. 3 Complete the conversation with the correct frm ofthe verbs in brackets. Low Did Itel you about thetime!___ (meet) Michael Jackson? (Greg No, Michad Jackson! Really? Lou Yesh,1____? ive) in Budapest Greg. Budapest? What. you > {do} theet (study) atthe Busines School ora semester Anyway, ga) dawn tothe big record shop in he cy cente Greg A Michael Jackson CD? ‘Lou No, Goorge Michael acta, but that not the point. 0,1 (val) tothe tre, when * (ae tha te were Tots of people own ond hey (a) Michel Jocks, Micha Jckon ‘Michal ackson Greg And? can) you see him? You No,but when (get to the sto, there ere security men outside the door and anno) gon Michael Jackson (be isi! Greg What he__* @oyt Tou He jot ook) around, {dance bit ‘So,1_—™ (al ouside ots of people" wal). But when be (ome) out, his security guards were all around him, ane jst (dsappea) Greg Soyou actually __™ (not meet) Fi then? Lou No,but (and relly elose when he ___* come) out Greg “Andwhat__be__® look ket {Los Wall was dificult seis face because e__* (wear) a hat. sand snglases and a scat Greg So you dat see much at all a Vor 1 Complete the conversation with the correct form of heverbs below, ated) gets) 90007) ‘Maria Sowhatare you__‘at the weekend? Sa Tm =a ends house tonight, nd then the url= Tye goto *the housework the washing, my homework, "Shopping and should tothe gyn ‘Maria Why dor yo ‘something diferent? low bout ___> to the cinema with me? Sara Thanks, but Te got so much o 4. Anny there nating ‘Maria Aconcert then? Sara Mmm, maybe, but dost we ned to_ kets in advance? ‘Marla Maybe and they're usally quite expensive. OK, what about cut fora meal Theresa ae restaurant [ke bry. Sara Sounds nice, but Timon adiet. need to into my summer clothes ‘Marla OK, bow about for abike ie? Thatway weean___» tome exercise andhavefun.Ineedto "ft ton. Sara Sounds good. Aad then [dont have 6 tothe gym. How Maria OK, lets do that 2 Whichis the odd-one-out? Work skills Emails 2: Problems and solutions 1 Putthese sentences nthe correc order to make two eas 2 : 4 5 6 8 ° 0 X cabulary Staying in and going out shot meeting t your place at neon Saturday Illy ‘pearly anyway rugby asketball gymnasts cricket bat chub racket bal skiing badminton hiking sallng ice pitch court field "apologise for any inconvenience caused. ‘Tmafaid wos e abe wo pick you up a the airpotas planned, a Ihave to tMlend a meeting 1am wing regarding you order no. 338482. Tm sorry abou the change of plan. ‘he emainder of your order wil he delivered within 10 working dys. ‘ise you inthe ofc on Wednesday Have a god fight! 1m writing about your vist next week ‘Wie hope to receive them in four weeks ime and wil deliver them then Fortunately my colleague Liz Rowsen willbe able to net you instead. Unfortuaately tems 44 and 93 ar current out of tack. Functions Making suggestions ‘Weuse the falling phrases to make and respond to suggestons Making sggestions How about ing? How about having party What outing? ‘What about going ot for diane? eth verb {at look fora new venue Whydovtwe-ver> Why dort we reduce our prices! Wecould + verb ‘We could ask Maxie ktowseyone auggest we +s suggest we phone the supplier and complain. Responding to suggestions Yes tha gest den. That god iden OK ets do tha. ‘Yes, tha possiblity. Ti sorry, but. Abwolutely ot 1 Match the suggestions and responses. 1 LetsemaiallsalTandaskthem 2 fortheirideas > 2 Whatabout offeringa fie git? 3 Teuggestwe find anew supplies © 44 Wecould advert online. 13 Whydoat welavitea diferent d_Timsorry. but det think wehave the speaker? ‘budget for that {6 How about Introducing a bonus ¢ OK Letsdo tht senda group mallow. system? Yes thatsa posit, bt we have 0 think out the cast of the is, 2 Complete the suggestions using an appropriate prompt hom below. ger/towes— g0/siing ‘mote /cheape fice Drone tot Saching/Btel/onine My /nen eo oce [Example {think we shoud buy a preset for Ruth Why dnt we gether some flowers. Ono, the bus drivers are on sek Lats ‘We need to save money We could ‘The hotel har canceled the booking How 2 think we should tke Mr Medvar somewhere speci for dinnee. What 2 ‘We nec plan the tem bulding weekend. Touggest we 2 weeparese> Review Unto 113 InrRODUCTION What next? Look atthe pictures, How do you prefer todo the folowing? leamsometing by books Read the statement about future trends, Do you agree? 1 Most people wll do ther shoppin 2 Direct payment by Noone wil god 4 People wll top buying paper books and shop wil disappea sh and seit aed =) 10.1 Listen tothe fest par ofthe alo programme Your Future! Complete the sentences shops dsappea. ore people these a beter, safes sap ery Focus Read the examples and complete the grammar rules with will wont kin theatre people il stop bung paper books don think thes Shops asappee Dye tink mote peopl uses sort of stm? Wee nf to predict tre ston cue dont nes bee» oped somathing hat wl ot happen 2eroand Condtonal ‘case the Zero Condtoraltotalksbou hing tht ar gently ts Myulose an evesde, you loses our books ‘Wevse the 1 Condtona tata about potable tre conton arse {hey on ean oin tay wor eo ge» good edston, Shops ciappea be ey Complete he ue with il nits, Present Simpl ‘Woterm th eo Condon hfs Present Semple forthe condos and ‘Wola the st Codon with fs PresenSinpleforthecondtonand__ (© Formecesieandzacice go the eve secon on ge PRACTICE 5 Workin pairs Make questions using the prompts Take turns to ask and answer Example In the ture, do you think children wil study ely online? Yes they wll. No, they wont, They study inthe fate cide stay aly online? ‘loc ofhgh tet shops disappear / next ten yar? o/b famous en years time? I 080 ma poop nthe worl speak gk? fone day computers be smarter than humans? most ats/ be electric 20 years time? peuple use drugs improve their memory / this entry? by 2030 sient ind ie other planets? {nthe future the world warm up by more than ie degres? 10 peoples average age inreae/ 120 years? 6 Workin pats. Ure the prompts to ask you partner about ging abroad on business tps. Example A iéyou trae by plane, do you talk tothe person next to you? Yes usally ty to start conversation, 1 teavelby pane tak to the person net to you? 2 say at aot fora quiet oom! 3 gotoa resturant Tip the waiter? 44 takes tas Sov the diver a mp? 5 havea meeting thereon time? 6 ‘tlle to someone ‘eyo speak thelr language? 7 vise somevnds house take a present? ‘choose the comect form of the verb, 1 If lecticcars become more common, pollution level go / wil go down, 2 tfyeet work wll aye rain aby sine 3 Les will isthe meting ithe tins ate 4 tfTtake the bus to work, generally takes wil take twice as longs he tig Ifyou order this prodct in the next to hous, ou gs il ei by Nov 13 6 “The year, the company pay / wil pay tata bonus reaches it sales arg Ifyou place an order on Amazon, you hve wl ave 30 minates to 2 fT watha pao oe, 9 Delivery s/ wil beac Ifyou spend more than £80, 7 wl aly be desi nthe een, ty ln | a wane sock Read about the Info Ladies. How donfo Ladies help loc people? Jn Bangladesh, Info Ladies ride bicycles coort-door 10 conna vilsges by internet They cary laptops wt her ena vias cap sete laptop for ater personal or business use, Only 5 lion a 152 millon people have Inert acre In Bengladesh, | In many places, thare ae ne doctors for mils and deaths fiom ey Curae diseases are very common, lla Lies ae sso sind {0st blood pressure and blood sugar lvele ad ea sa iv ‘Tey help in other ways too. ‘ute her Hptop to chet vith my Focabook fron eayeaocal woman Thoy ako farmore sbouthe ‘onect se of fertiiat and inaeuil, Fo 10 tks (12 c's) toy help students in college appiaton forms ontine, ‘The Info Ladi project draco ntands to anc thousancs more workers inthe nt fo yeas with startup ands from the counts contra bani Match the people inthe story with the quotes below. Complete the quotes, Using infomatlon fom the story 1 EL want chat with my fiends on Facebook, ——s 2 “UThavea problem on my fim, 3 ‘ET noed hap filing ou my cllege aplication form, Ie get money fom the central bank {What do you think about the Info Ladies? What other projects do you know like this? Here are some examples. Talk about the projects n groupe Vocabulary Gerunds and infinitives; future phrases 1») 10.3 Read the quotes from workers about theirjobs, Choose the correct ‘ecb forms 1 c80 Teel very postive about next yet. We im expand espanding out bunines by 20 percent. And I hope 10 increase Increase workforce by another 30 psople complete the sentences, stn and checkyour anes Trengincer Tse ta concntat concentrating when im programing so enjoy Fave having ny on space, Bu ike working! 0 work with peoples | pre fo work working nat open-plan ofc. Tsang fo wore ork fom home. 3 Older employee Tm planning work working here fo another wo yeas and hen retire. in ooking forward to have having more re ime andtaveling more 4. Entreprencor ‘The umber of permanent staff here iy fli fo fil So ve decided. to lave Iaith company and sar my own basis HR manager ‘Weexpect having to have more female ain managenent positions. [woul alo lke to recrul ecrting more fel graduates to work nthe engineering department 6 Sales administrator ont min work working in his department but Ie been hese for ten yous really want to have / Being a change so Teepe fr ajo in the questions Use some ofthe phases int Example imo finish my sales eport by the end ofthe week 1 What are your ams fortis week month / yer? 2 What plan do you have for your carer? What do you hope to do this year at work at home? What recent decison have you made? What do you ke lve ot mind doingat work? rea etre ar aS ee are eed eee eerR Sear CE rect Se AEST 13 Read the predictions and place them on the probabil scale {A “The sun ill rise tomorrow morning BL wil nish work by ai cock tomorrow evening wil sn thls weckend Ll change jobs this yea EA cure for malarial be found F The global population wil reach seven billion by 209. 6G Almost all Brac snore wll appear by 200 {i 59 tn, einitay ont probably wort ‘ght might proba ete 4 Workin pas. Take turn to ask about the predictions n3. Example Do you think the sun wl ris tomorrow morning? i est definitely wil 5 Winkotsome more pres ung herent a tune ok ou | Ture’ cuesions sig Soyestine i Some | carra | Fors td onan hs wee th ya Syed Diceson 0.4 Inwhich sentences do we se the short formof wand will aot) Do you think it willbe sunny tomorrow? 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