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The General Visualization for Prayers to Guru Rinpoche

by Jamyang Khyents Wangpo

1. Taking Refuge

namo, lama deshek dp ku
Namo! Lama, in your perfect form, you embody all the sugatas;

knchok sum gyi rangshyin la

Your very nature is that of the Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sagha.

dak dang dro druk semchen nam

Until enlightenment is fully realized,

changchub bardu kyab su chi

We and all beings of the six realms take refuge in you.
3 times

2. Arousing the Awakened Mind of Bodhicitta

semky drowa kn dndu

We arouse the bodhicitta, the heart of the awakened mind, and, for the sake of all living

lama sangye drub n ni

When we have accomplished the enlightened state of the master,

gang la gang dul trinl kyi

We vow to liberate them all, through the enlightened actions


drowa dralwar damchao
Of teaching each and every one according to their needs.
3 times

3. The Seven Branch Offering

lama yidam khandro shek

Approach now, gurus, devas, and kins:

nyi da pem den la shyuk

Take your seats on these cushions of lotus, sun and moon.

l ngak yi sum g chaktsal

We offer homage, while devotion fills our body, speech and mind.

chi nang sangw chpa bul

We make offerings, outer, inner and secret.

nyam chak dikdrib tol shying shak

We confess all impairments and breakages of vows, all our harmful actions and

sang ngak drub la j yi rang

We rejoice that the Secret Mantrayna is being accomplished in practice.

mindrol sang ngak chkhor kor

We request you to turn the wheel of the secret mantra teachings, which ripen and

nyangen mi da shyuk su sol

Remain with us without passing into nirvana, we pray.


nyingpo semchen dndu ngo
We dedicate all merit so that sentient beings attain the essence of enlightenment.

yangdak dorj dn tok shok

May we all realize our true vajra nature!

4. The Main Visualization

dn gyi namkhar ng long

Before us in the sky, in a shimmering sphere of light, white and blue, yellow, red and

sengtri pema nyid teng

Floats a throne held aloft by lions, with cushions of lotus, sun and moon.

ku sum gyalwa dp ng
There you preside, the actual presence of all the buddhas of the three kyas,

tsaw lama pemajung

Root master, in the form of the Lotus-born Guru.

kar mar dangden shyitr nyam

Your complexion is white, tinged with red, your expression slightly wrathful,

p shya sang p chg dang

Wearing the lotus hat, gown, and Dharma robes, with

zaok ber muk jipar sol

A magnificent dark red cape of shining brocade.

chak y dorj ts nga dang

Your right hand holds a five-pointed vajra;


ynp bhenda tsebum nam
Your left a skull cup containing the vase of long life.

drumo yn na khatam chang
A khavga cradled in your left arm,

dorj kyiltrung dangch t

You are seated in the vajra posture.

ku sung tuk kyi kyilkhor l

From the maalas of your wisdom body, speech and mind

tsa sum chsung rabjam kn

Appear infinite gurus, devas, kins and dharmaplas;

trod zijin lammewa

All send out and gather back brilliant, dazzling light,

ngnsum shyindu shyukpar gyur

And all become actually present, here.

Visualizing this, recite The Prayer in Seven Chapters and The Prayer to Guru Rinpoche that Spontaneously Fulfils
All Wishes, The Seven Line Prayer, and The Prayer which Removes All Obstacles from the Path, along with
prayers taken from the earlier and later terma treasures, and prayers of any kind that carry the blessing of the
vajra speech of the saints of the past. Recite them with an intense longing and yearning, and an all-consuming

If you can not manage this much, then it will be all right simply to recite The Prayer to the Three Kya Guru and
The Prayer to Guru Rinpoche that Spontaneously Fulfils All Wishes. Whatever you do, at the end call out to Guru
Rinpoche and invoke his wisdom mind by chanting the Vajra Guru mantra as much as possible.

5. Empowerment and Dissolution

lam n sum dru sum l

From the three syllables o h at the three centres of the master,

zer rim dang chikchar tr

Rays of light burst out, one after another, and then all together.

dak gi n sum timpa yi

Streaming into our three centres, where they dissolve,

wang shyi tob ching drib shyi dak

Granting us the four empowerments, purifying our four obscurations, and

lam shyi gomp n du gyur

Making us a suitable vessel to practise the four paths.

tar ni rang tim yerm ngang

Finally, the master dissolves into us, merging inseparably,

lod chk rang shyal ta

And in that state, we gaze into our original face: the dharmakya, beyond the ordinary

6. Dedication of Merit

gewa di yi nyurdu dak
Through the positivity and merit of this, may I swiftly

orgyen lama drub gyur n
Accomplish the realization of the master of Orgyen, and so

drowa chik kyang malpa
May I bring each and every single living being


d yi sa la gpar shok
To that perfect state as well!

So, seal the practice with prayers of dedication.

To fit the exact requirements in the request made by the great incarnate treasure revealer Chokgyur Dechen
Lingpa, this was composed by the favourite servant of the Lake-born Guru, Khyents Wangpo Pema sel Dongak
Lingpa. May all things be well!
| Translated by Rigpa Translations

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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