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Student Jaigo Plummer

Assessor Claire Beauchamp

Date 20/11/2017
Unit & Title Unit 2 - Introduction to design and research skills in creative media production
Project Title Community Research project
Course/Level Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology

Indicates Indicates
Evidence not Pass Learner is Learner is Evidence and General Comments
Unit 2 provided Achieved working at a working at the i.e. Observation, video, essay etc
higher level highest level
R S G E If evidence is missing, note requirements.

1 Understand design and research tools,

methods and skills used in creative media
1.1 Critically compare a range of research tools, https://jaigoplummer.weebly.com/community-
methods and skills. --research.html

2 Understand primary and secondary research

2.1 Critically compare a range of primary and https://jaigoplummer.weebly.com/community-
secondary research sources. --research.html

3 Be able to use design and research tools,

methods and skills to inform ideas for
creative media production.
3.1 Apply design and research tools, methods and Filmed Class discussion
skills to record and interpret information and
develop ideas for creative production..
3.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of design and
research tools methods and skills to develop
ideas for creative production.
Although this unit is only marked as Pass the evidence
demonstrates the student is capable of working at a higher
Final Grade Referral Fail Pass level

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R = Referral / S = Satisfactory / G = Good / E = Excellent

Assessment Feedback / Referral Action Plan:

(Only one further opportunity will be given for submission of work that has been deemed unsatisfactory at the time of assessment)
You chose a simple, but effective community to research which has worked for you. I can see you have created a
research plan, you have created a primary resource (survey) and carried out primary and secondary research. You
have analysed your results to a satisfactory standard, although you could have been more detailed in your outcomes.
You have uploaded evidence of your primary and secondary findings and written conclusions on them, though again,
you could have been more detailed in your report. You took part in a class discussion, sharing your research and you
have a basic idea that you could develop into a film or documentary. You have also evaluated your project, but again
you need to be more expressive in your evaluation. Please spend some time adding to your conclusions and
evaluation to be successful.

Resubmission (24/11/2017):
You have completed all tasks asked of you Jaigo, well done. I am now satisfied you have covered all criteria required and therefore you
have passed this unit.

Areas for development:

Be more detailed in your analysis
Creating more in-depth and expressive conclusions and evaluations

Agreed referral deadline: Date of referral Referral Grade

(Two weeks after original submission:
assessment date)
24/11/2017 24/11/2017
(Referral work is not eligible for
higher grading if applicable to the
Assessor Signature: IV Signature: Date:09/11/2017
Claire Beauchamp
Student Signature: Date:

Learner Name Jaigo Plummer Date 06/12/17

Unit Number 2 : Introduction to design and research skills in creative media production Assignment title:
Community Research
What does the feedback say?
My analysis was of a satisfactory standard. However I could improve my conclusion.

What are the areas in which you need to improve?

My evaluation / conclusion

What can you do to improve in these areas?

Be more thorough and describe things in more detail to explain in a more accurate way.