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Revision Reflection

Corrections Made
Overall, my process description and analysis paper contained few errors, but there were
several revisions I made to the paper in order to improve the presentation. The biggest
corrections were splitting paragraphs. This meant that I had to write new introductory/concluding
sentences and move existing sentences to new paragraphs. Along with this, I had to rewrite
unnecessarily long and confusing sentences in multiple sections. The most common corrections
that I made was correcting improper grammar and punctuation throughout the paper.
Reasons For Revisions
There are only three main reasons I made these revisions. The most important reason was
to improve the presentation of the paper. Several paragraphs contained information that should
have been split into multiple sections. This made reading the paper and understanding its
content more challenging, reducing how effective the paper completed its exigence. For instance,
the first paragraph of the Initial Writing section was almost an entire page of content. The
information written was pertinent to the topic, but needed to be separated. This meant I had to
split the information about my self-imposed rules and the way in which I wrote a rough draft.
Secondly, these revisions were made to make reading the paper easier. On a few occasions, a
sentence would use more words than necessary to explain a piece of information. This would
cause confusion for the reader or make reading more difficult. For instance, I changed the
sentence The nature of this dense writing process and my style of note taking makes it so that I
almost never stop typing as a result of writers block into This dense writing process and style
of note taking makes it so that I almost never stop typing due to writers block. Although the
information remains the same, the phrasing used in the second sentence is clearer and much less
confusing. The final reason I made these revisions was to improve the overall grammar of the
paper. Although grammar doesnt account for much of the grade of this paper, improving word
choice, location, and presence has a great effect. Not only does it make the paper more efficient,
it makes the flow of the paper better and increases ethos.
Key Things Learned
I have learned several key things about my writing and revision process at this point in
the class. I learned that my writing process is very time consuming. The self-reflection I did
during showed me that it can take upwards of forty-five minutes for me to write a paragraph.
With this however, I also learned that this time-consuming process also leads to me writing
consistent, thorough papers. I also learned that my writing process is recursive. I previously
thought that because I write from start to finish, my process was straight forward. Now its
evident that my constant sentence editing and revising during the writing process shows just how
recursive my process is. What key thing I have learned about my revision process is that its very
effective, especially if I let others help through peer revising. This is evident by the high grade I
received on the paper as well as the limited amount of post-final draft edits I made that were vital
to the paper. This is not to say my revision process is perfect, but so far in this class no major
problems with my process have appeared.