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Student's Book John Murphy A OXFORD ay ENGLISH Episode 1 Three Plus One Episode 2 Home Movie Episode 3 Bo It Yourself Episode 4 Bercita, Surprise! Episode 5 A Night To Remember Episode 6 Close Encounters Resource Bank Transcript Before you watch Read the advert and tick (7) the Correct box. Rooms for rent AT SHARE Central JANTED Fourth Oxford, nr. railway station. person, male or female, Good for " Non-smoker for house copies Oxford. Four bedrooms. Non nonin Living room, kitchen, bathroom, garde! Sorry, no animal Rent £150 a week 4 Telephone 773179 aftes gpm. Ask for Heler Zi Oxford. Professional, non- smoker. One bedroom. e to shops. ge g Rent £1400 a month. Tel Oxford 565114 evenine AT TO RENT North