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Physical Map

Population Density Map

Climate Map

Vegetation Map
Environmental Hazards Map

2. Population Settlement.
Environmental effects such as landforms and climate affect settlement patterns and human-
environment interaction. Areas between the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains are sparsely
settled, as the mountains were large roadblocks to early transportation methods. Northern
Canadas harsh climate drove settlers away; only natives/indigenous people accustomed to the
climate live there. The moderate climates in the South allow a variety of crops to be grown
there, resulting in many large cities like Atlanta and Houston. Coasts facilitate larger trade
industries, so many have migrated to these locations.

3. Physical Features.

State/Country Landforms Comments about Use

Alabama Appalachian Mountains, Not included in our country

Tennessee River, Cumberland
Plateau, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf
Coastal Plains

Alaska Mt McKinley, Pacific Ocean, The Pacific Ocean can support

Bering Strait, Yukon River, international trade, while the
Alaska Range Yukon River can transport goods
throughout the country. The
mountains will make Alaska
more defensible from enemies.

Arizona Colorado River, Colorado Plateau, The Gila and Colorado Rivers
Sonoran Desert, Grand Canyon, facilitate inter-country trade. The
Gila River Sonoran Desert will inhibit
settlement, however, resulting in
an unpopulated region. The
Grand Canyon will generate
revenue in the form of tourism.

Arkansas Mississippi Delta, Ozark Not included in our country

Mountains, Arkansas River, White
River, Ouachita Mountains

California Pacific Ocean, Colorado River, The Pacific Ocean will benefit
Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake trade, and the Colorado River can
Tahoe, Klamath Mountain help transport. The Sierra Nevada
Mountains might help defend the
people, but they also block
moisture from other parts of the
Colorado Colorado River, Rio Grande, The rivers will transport goods
Pikes Peak, Rocky Mountains, and can be harnessed for
Colorado Plateau hydroelectric energy. The
mountains can block humidity,
resulting in a wet and dry side.

Connecticut Appalachian Mountains, Atlantic Not included in our country

Ocean, Thames River, Coastal
Lowland, Central Valley

Delaware Delaware Bay, Atlantic Ocean, Not included in our country

Coastal Plain, Delaware Canal,
Delaware River

Florida Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, Not included in our country

Everglades, Tampa Bay, Daytona

Georgia Atlantic Ocean, Chattahoochee Not included in our country

River, Coastal Plain, Appalachian
Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains

Hawaii Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Hawaii, Not included in our country

Mauna Kea

Idaho Rocky Mountains, Snake River, These rivers will help move
Shoshone Falls, Bitterroot goods and people. The Shoshone
Mountains, Salmon River falls can be harnessed to create

Illinois Mississippi River, Illinois River, Not included in our country

Ohio River, Wabash River, Rend

Indiana Wabash River, Lake Michigan, Not included in our country

Ohio River, Monroe River,
Tippecanoe River

Iowa Southern Drift Plains, Cedar Not included in our country

River, Missouri River, Mississippi
River, Cedar Falls
Kansas Great Plains, Kansas River, The combination of the Great
Missouri River, Arkansas River, Plains and rivers creates an ideal
Smoky Hills area for agriculture.

Kentucky Kentucky River, Kentucky Lake, Not included in our country

Cumberland Plateau, Ohio River,
Green River

Louisiana Coastal Plain, Gulf of Mexico, The Gulf is beneficial to

Red River, Mississippi River, international trade, and the Mouth
Mouth of the Mississippi of the Mississippi will contain
fertile land for farming.

Maine Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Maine, Not included in our country

Longfellow Mountains, Eagle
Lake, Appalachian Mountains

Maryland Chesapeake Bay, Potomac River, Not included in our country

Chester River, Blue Ridge
Mountains, Atlantic Ocean

Massachusetts Cape Cod, Massachusetts Bay, Not included in our country

Appalachian Mountains,
Connecticut River, Nantucket

Michigan Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Not included in our country
Erie, Grand River, Lake Superior

Minnesota Lake Superior, Mississippi River, Not Included in our country

Minnesota River, Source of the
Mississippi, Red River

Mississippi Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi Not included in our country

River, Mississippi Delta, Coastal
Plain, Yazoo River

Missouri Ozark Plateau, Mississippi River, Not included in our country

Missouri River, Lake of the
Ozarks, San Francios Mountains
Montana Yellowstone River, Missouri The Great falls can provide
River, Rocky Mountains, Great hydroelectric energy, but might
Plains, Great Falls also block river transport. The
Rocky Mountains will block both
good weather and invaders.

Nebraska Missouri River, Badlands, Great Chimney Rock and the Badlands
Plains, Platte River, Chimney both generate revenue in the form
Rock of tourism.

Nevada Mojave Desert, The Great Basin, This land is rugged, providing
Sierra Nevada Mountains, problems for our citizens and our
Humboldt River, Monitor enemies.

New Hampshire Appalachian Mountains, Not included in our country

Connecticut River, Lake
Winnipesaukee, White Mountains,
Merrimack River

New Jersey Atlantic Ocean, Piedmont Plateau, Not included in our country
New York Bay, Delaware Bay,
Delaware River

New Mexico Pecos River, Rio Grande, San White Sands will earn money
Andreas Mountains, Canadian through tourism. The Canadian
River, White Sands River can facilitate trade between
the north and south of the

New York Lake Ontario, Hudson River, Lake Not included in our country
Erie, Appalachian Mountains,
Adirondack Mountains

North Carolina Atlantic Ocean, Blue Ridge Not included in our country
Mountains, Coastal Plain,
Roanoke Island, Roanoke River

North Dakota Badlands, Great Plains, Missouri Not included in our country
River, James River, Red River

Ohio Ohio River, Lake Erie, Allegheny Not included in our country
Plateau, Great Miami River,
Maumee River
Oklahoma Great Plains, Red River, Arkansas The rivers in Oklahoma connect it
River, Canadian River, Arbuckle to many other parts of the
Mountains country.

Oregon Cascades, Snake River, Pacific The combination of mountains

Ocean, Blue Mountains, Rogue and rivers makes Oregon
River defensible but well supplied.

Pennsylvania Appalachian Mountains, Ohio Not included in our country

River, Allegheny Mountains,
Susquehanna River, Pocono

Rhode Island Atlantic Ocean, New England Not included in our country
Uplands, Prudence Island,
Pawcatuck River, Blackstone

South Carolina Atlantic Ocean, Savannah River, Not included in our country
Hilton Head Island, Mount
Pleasant, Myrtle Beach

South Dakota Great Plains, Cheyenne River, Not included in our country
Missouri River, Black Hills,
James River

Tennessee Tennessee River, Mississippi Not included in our country

Delta, Smoky Mountains,
Nashville Basin, Mississippi River

Texas Permian Basin, Gulf of Mexico, The Permian Basin contains

Rio Grande, Colorado River, economically valuable oil. The
Davis Mountains rivers will supply water and allow
transport of goods and people.

Utah Great Salt Lake, Grand Canyon, The Salt Lake and the Grand
Rocky Mountains, Green River, Canyon are tourist hotspots,
Colorado Plateau providing income. The rugged
Rocky Mountains may be tough
to settle.
Vermont Appalachian Mountains, Not included in our country
Connecticut River, Lake
Champlain, Green Mountains, Mt

Virginia Allegheny Mountains, Roanoke Not included in our country

River, James River, Atlantic
Ocean, Blue Ridge Mountains

Washington Pacific Ocean, Cascades, While rugged, this area may

Columbia River, Columbia prove vital in trading due to its
Plateau, Columbia Mountains coastal location.

West Virginia Allegheny Mountains, Greenbrier Not included in our country

River, Ohio River, Allegheny
Plateau, Cacapon River

Wisconsin Wisconsin River, Lake Michigan, Not included in our country

Lake Superior, Mississippi River,
St. Croix River

Wyoming Rocky Mountains, Snake River, Yellowstone will attract tourists

Powder River, North Platte River, and make money. The Snake and
Yellowstone Powder Rivers will allow
Wyoming to acquire supplies.

Canada Landforms important to our The mountains will serve to

portion of Canada: Rocky protect our Canadian territory.
Mountains, Coast Mountains, Vancouver Island could become a
Pacific Ocean, Vancouver Island, crucial trading city.
Fraser/Columbia River

4. Climate.
Elevation in North America ranges from 280 feet below sea level to 20,000 feet above it; colder
climates are found at the higher elevations, and lower elevations have warmer climates. The
Rocky and Appalachian Mountain ranges cause the phenomenon known as orographic rainfall,
where there is a wet and dry side of a mountain; precipitation is a key part of climate. As
settlements near the coast, their climates are moderated by the oceans, and the opposite
occurs farther inland. As one moves closer to the equator, warmer and more humid climates
occur. Greenhouse gas emission is causing a warming of North American climates, as they trap
heat in the atmosphere. As more people move to an area, their emissions increase; as North
America becomes more populated, its climates will become even warmer in years to come.

5. Vegetation.

Canada Oilseeds, wheat, barley, and similar crops

Alabama Peanuts

Alaska Potatoes

Arizona Lettuce

Arkansas rice

California Grapes

Colorado Potatoes

Connecticut Apples

Delaware Watermelon
Florida Oranges

Georgia Peanuts (despite being the peach state, it

is fourth in the US for peaches.)

Hawaii Macadamias

Idaho Potatoes

Illinois Pumpkins (90% of US pumpkin production)

Indiana Tomatoes

Iowa Peas

Kansas Plums (sandhill)

Kentucky Watermelon

Louisiana Peppers

Maine Blueberries

Maryland Watermelon

Massachusetts Cranberries

Michigan Cherries (tart cherries)

Minnesota Apples (Honeycrisp)

Mississippi Sweet potatoes

Missouri Watermelon

Montana Peas
Nebraska Beans

Nevada Potatoes

New Hampshire Apples

New jersey Blueberries

New Mexico Chili peppers

New York apples

North Carolina Sweet potatoes

North Dakota Beans

Ohio Apples

Oklahoma Peanuts

Oregon Pears

Pennsylvania Apples

Rhode Island Apples

South Carolina peaches

South Dakota Oats

Tennessee Peas

Texas Rice

Utah Cherries

Vermont Hay, maple syrup

Virginia Tomatoes

Washington apples

West Virginia Apples (golden delicious)

Wisconsin Cranberries

Wyoming beans

6. Climographs.

In Houston, TX, the minimum temperature is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the maximum
is around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It gets very hot in the summer and cool in the winter. It rains
the most in the summer, but there is a lot of precipitation year round.
There is a high amount of precipitation during fall through winter in Juneau, Alaska. The
temperatures fall in a range between around 60 degrees to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. It is cool in
the summer and very cold in the winter.
In San Francisco, California, the temperature stays cool throughout the year. The temperatures
range from around 48 degrees to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a very low amount of
precipitation from April to October and a higher amount in the winter months.

7. Public Health.
The U.S. is known to have many health issues throughout the region. Some health issues are
caused by environmental issues. For example, air pollution can lead to a variety of health
problems, such as asthma, heart diseases, and cancer. Cancer is widely known, there are many
types of cancer. The cancer that is known to kill a large amount of people is lung cancer.

In Canada there are many diseases as well, but the disease that stood out the most was the
lyme disease. Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi.
Just in 2016 there were 987 cases.
8. Environmental Issues.
Some environmental issues in Canada are acid rain and deforestation. Canada is known for
having a large timber industry, and the companies in the industry have been cutting down many
trees. Due to many trees being cut down, many animals are dying to to the loss of their habitats.
Acid rain is being caused by cars and coal-burning factories releasing carbon dioxide and other
chemicals. These chemicals are mixing with water, to which the water is later evaporate and go
through the water cycle. Acid rain has affected the environment and community, by damaging
homes, trees, buildings, and lakes.
Some environmental issues in the U.S are climate change, pollution, and deforestation. Climate
change can be caused by many factors, such as deforestation, the burning of fossil fuels, and
the increase in livestock farming. Climate change has been leading to higher temperatures,
more glaciers and ice caps are melting, and stronger hurricanes. Deforestation is being caused
by companies wanting more land to build more buildings and homes, and the demand for wood.
Deforestation is majorly impacting animals. Cutting trees has ruined and taken many organisms
habitats. Pollution can occur in air, water, and land. Pollution in the air can be caused by the
burning of fossil fuels, and water pollution can occur by people disposing of waste in bodies of
water. Water pollution has lead to many organism that live in water to lose their habitats and
even die.

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