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Wilhelm 1

Allie Wilhelm

Scott Erdiakoff

English 124

30 October 2017

Same Job, Same Hours, Different Pay?

Men and women are capable of and do jobs every day that are equal in difficulty and in

ranking to each other throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Despite having the

same amount of education, skill and intelligence a man and a woman may have, men are

continuously paid, on average, more than women. Since the year 1980when the wage gap was

sixty four percent (Simple Truth) the wage gap has decreased tremendously but even last

year, in 2016, the average full-time working man would be paid twenty percent more than the

full-time working woman throughout the United States. Notice how I said, men would be paid

more than women instead of men earned more than women because both men and women

did the same jobs, they are each capable of doing the jobs to the same standards and both

completed these jobs to the best of their ability. Women have been trying to voice their opinions

of this and have reached out to try to get support and have been shut down time and time again.

We need to stand up and stand together to make the difference we want to see in the world.

In the United States, New York and California were the two states with the lowest

difference in the average wage gap at eighty-nine and eighty-eight percent equality (Simple

Truth). However, the range went all the way down to women earning only seventy percent of

what men earned in both Louisiana and Utah. At this rate men and women will not receive

anything close to equal pay until at least the year 2119 (Simple Truth). As the next generation
Wilhelm 2

in this country, if we do not start to take a stand against this now and try to change this, we will

never see a difference and we will never reach equality. As a whole, we can start by appealing to

big corporations, gathering signatures of everyone we see and eventually appeal to the

government to see these things changed for the us and the generations to come. Both men and

women do the same amount of work for the same amount of time a week and earn the same

amount but are merely paid differently because of gender.

Because of the media and the way we have been raised with mostly male dominant

figures, some people have been raised with the notion that men are all around better than

women, thus inferring that women are incapable of doing the same jobs as men to the same

caliber. In Hollywood in 2015, only 22% of protagonists in big movies are women (Women in

Hollywood). Since most people just see women as maternal figures who just have to do motherly

things, they dont give women the chance to stand out for themselves. If this were true, women

should be earning more than men! Women have to balance the stereotypical roles of

motherhoodraising the children, doing household chores, and cooking all the mealswhile still

working full-time jobs. After working a full day at a job, while being shown little respect, they

come straight home and continue working, we need to give them the raises they deserve.

Since the 1970s and world war two, women have had to take jobs that were once meant for

menfactory workers, doctors and construction and since then, have proved to be able to

complete them to the same or even better standards. Even with this and the progress we have

made, men have been thought of as to be more qualified and in the year 2016, women held only

5.2% of CEO positions in S&P 500 companies (Women in the Workforce). Women are seen to
Wilhelm 3

be unfit for many jobs with power and authority and are often ridiculed or looked down upon

when they are presented to show any form of authority.

People throughout the United States and the rest of the world believe that we live in a

mans world meaning that everything we do is ultimately for a mans profit and for their

success. People see men as being the only true benefactor for people and within the media

especially, we see men playing the stereotypical roles of the high management positions, the

hero in movies, or the smart one that figures everything out in the end. When a woman plays

these roles, the movies do not become as popular, they are looked at as being boring and

unrealistic and almost never have all positive reviews, women are still treated like second-class

citizens when it comes to most Hollywood movies (Lang). This leads to having even the

celebrities suffer a significant pay wage within the box office; based on the top-earning films

from 2006-2015, men earn $126.1 million while women only earn $80.6 million (Hollywood).

We must take a stand to change this or we will never see a change.

In order to take a stand and actually make a difference or be heard, we must unite. If we

all continue to silently agree that we want to see a change, we have to get up and make that

change ourselves or it will never get done and we will continue to stand silently in the background

hoping that one day it will be different. That one day needs to be today and that change needs

to start with us and start now so we can, our children can, and our childrens children can all live

in a world where you dont have to worry about dreaming big and shooting for the stars, little

girls can have big goals of becoming president or opening her own company without being

stepped on by the sexist people around us. Companies such as General Motors, IBM, and Pepsi

Co have already made a stand and all already have women CEOs (Fortune). Men and women
Wilhelm 4

will all eventually be seen as equal and women will be able to achieve things on their own without

having to work twice as hard as men just to be noticed.

In conclusion, women are constantly being judged by preconceived notions that men are

somehow born better than women, and that women dont belong with leadership or in control.

These points are very noticeable when you look at the salaries of people with the same job but

different genders, mens salaries are always higher and often with a huge difference. At an

average of twenty percent less pay then men, women are expected to be okay with this and not

stand up for themselves. Women are supposed to remain quiet and just accept this but hopefully

for not much longer. If women and men who want equality unite, they will all be heard and a

difference will have to be made. We can no longer ignore the facts; this injustice must be fought.
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