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12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

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Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat


For healthy living, most of us fail to understand that Mind and body both need to be in healthy state, you may do
everything for body, diet, excercise, Yogasna etc but if Mind continues to be restless due to Attachment, Desires,
Fear and wants, it creates stress- this adversely impacts body chemistry and you will get disease for sure. To cool
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System of western medicine in a big way creates DISEASES, Process known as "Disease
Mongering"..READ MORE. The Indian Govt has accepted that the present system of allopathic medication is
incapable of solving the very poor health care situation in India.

Out of 125 Crore people in India only 25 to 30 odd Crores can be termed healthy. The rest of the population is
suffering from a multitude of problems.

E.g. 10-15 Crore Diabetics, 12-15 Crore suffer from lung ailments like Asthma, TB, Bronchitis etc. 16-20 Crores
have joint pains and bone pains. 10-15 Crores suffer from digestion related ailments like Gastric, acidity, ulcers etc.
25-30 Crores have eye related problems.

The total budget for healthcare in 2007 was around Rs.1.25 lac Crores.

23 lac registered doctors are there in the country. Taking 50 patients per doctor the total number of patients that can
be treated is a miniscule part of the total number of patients in India.

Over Rs.10 lac Crore has been spent on training doctors. The Govt. does not have the funds to increase the
number of doctors in any significant way.

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12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

The biggest loot of the country is happening by MNC and allopathic companies Reportedly, various MNCs are
making absolutely crazy profits in their Indian operations e.g. P&G 20000% profit in India. Pepsi and coca cola is
only around 1000%. Eli Lily, another pharmaceutical giant, makes a profit of 35000% from its Indian operations.

* - I have not verified the above claims and data.

200 yrs back the number of people ill was only around 10%. I.e. if we consider the number of the ill now to be
100%. This is after taking into account the difference in populations between then and now and is based upon the
surveys conducted by the British.

Doctors admit that in 250 years of allopathic history the only credible thing that it has achieved is pain reduction.

Ayurveda says that the patient is the best doctor for himself. All that is needed is a bit of knowledge or information.
According to Ayurveda, 85% of our health problems are very easy to resolve and no expert help is needed for this.
Only 15% of ailments are serious enough to merit expert help.


I.e. know your body and recognize/understand your food. This much is enough to take care of almost all ailments.

According to Mharishi Waghbat the highest discovery/invention is the science of food and cooking that was done in
India of yore.

The following Sootras are based on the two books written by Mharishi Waghbhat which contained over 7000 such
sootra/formulae. He lived for 135 years and reportedly took ICHCHHA MRITYU, i.e. shed the body consciously and
out of his own will.

Out of these 7000, the below, around 50, sootras are the most relevant for modern day lifestyles and related

1. SOOTRA 1 While cooking if the food doesnt get contact of air and sunlight then this food will work like
slow poison in the system.
1. This means that pressure cooker is very bad for health. While cooking in pressure cooker the grains
get broken and thus become soft. This does not mean getting they are getting cooked. So the food
thus prepared is useless for the body.
2. The molecules get damaged and hence the food becomes useless for the body.
3. Diabetes, Bronchitis, TB, Asthma etc. 48 ailments have been directly traced to pressure cooker by
modern scientists at CDRI/CSIR labs.
4. Best utensils for cooking are clay, kaansa and peetal or bronze in that order.
5. Researchers at the CDRI Lab in Lucknow (a central govt. body) have found that after cooking say
Arhar daal in Clay pots 100% of the micro nutrients originally present in the daal are still there, 93%
are left after cooking in kaansa utensils and 87% after cooking in peetal or bronze utensils.
6. Whereas after cooking the same daal in a pressure cooker only 13% of these micro nutrients are left.
Essentially what is left is worthless and unusable by the body.
7. Refrigerator is also very harmful for health.
8. Solar cooker is the best cooker. Those types of solar cooker should be used which have open vessels.
Aluminium vessels are common in solar cookers and should never be used.

The ash left after dead body is burned contains these same 18 micro nutrients the same as soil. No other natural
thing contains all 18.

We could have produced aluminium thousands of yrs ago. Our shastras have the techniques. But we used clay
pots since it is the best from every angle.

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12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

The longer an item takes to ripen in the field, the longer it will take to cook at home. Pressure cooking it will make
the food useless for the body.

Nature has designed everything with enormous attention to detail. E.g. the top of the plants are eaten by humans
and birds, middle part is for animals and roots are for the earth herself.

Chronic diabetics who started doing all their cooking in clay pots sugar levels came down from 480 odd to 180
odd in less than a year.


The TVS group family cooks all its food in clay pots. So does the Ambani family (clay tava).

1. SOOTRA 2 Any food should be consumed within 48 minutes of cooking. The body is best able to utilize the
nutrition from food when it is consumed in this time frame.
1. This 48 minute calculation is very much there in Jain Darshan.
2. Stale food should not even be given to animals. In a year there is only 1 day when the body needs
stale food. In our culture we have a festival called Basoda on this same day when we were supposed
to eat stale food.
3. The concept of warm/hot food does not exist in western countries. They dont know how to make rotis.
The average age of bread is around 90days in Europe and USA.

1. SOOTRA 3 - CHAKKI Wheat flour should be eaten in a max of 15 days of being ground. Makki, chana,
jowar etc should be consumed in 7 days.

Survey done on a few villages. 90 ladies were using Chakki and not a single one had a caesarian delivery, no pains
in body, diabetes, BP etc are not there.

Whereas those women who are buying atta from mkt are facing all these ailments. Their family members also face
the ailments.

The main quality of the Uterus is its elasticity. Chakki ensures this elasticity and hence no tumors and caesarians
will happen. Chakki can be used till 7th month of pregnancy.

The very quality of health of caesarian children is much poorer compared to children born naturally. Physical health,
mental health and intelligence, imaginative ability are of a different level for children born naturally.

Around 45 yrs of age women will start facing many complications (depression, tension, sadness, pains, hot flashes)
due to menopause. The best way to keep these under control is Chakki usage.

1. SOOTRA 4 Physical labour should not reduce till age of 60 yrs.

2. Below 18 children should labour via play. 18 to 60 productive labour. 60 plus labour should go on decreasing.
3. Regular usage of Chakki and Sil-Batta are the best preventives for menopausal complications.
4. HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is a curse. It causes uncontrolled weight gain.
5. Chakki is best option to reduce paunch. Gym never does this in the long run. This is also due to the fact that
any fast exercises/movements will worsen Vaata hence paunch will only increase in the long run. India being
a Vaata pradhaan land, we need slow movements in order to keep Vaata under control.
6. Mixie also destroys most nutrients due to high speed and friction.
7. Bhilwara experiment with Chakki atta. Reduction in acidity, pains, sleep, BP etc are reducing over a period.
Joy is increasingJ. Even if over-eating rotis there is no gas etc.
8. The main reason for our health problems are the changes in our kitchens.

1. SOOTRA 5 Geographical conditions should be considered to decide way of life. India is a hot country and
hence Vaata is predominant. 75% ailments are vaata, 15% are Pitta and 10% are Kapha.

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12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

E.g. Running is not a good exercise in India. Most of the Indian running athletes have worn out their knees by the
time they reach 40 yrs of age.

Europe and USA are opposite, they are cold and hence Kapha is bad there. They need high speed activity to keep
Kapha under control.

Pitta usually stays balanced.

Changes that are happening in your geography are good for you but adopting changes from other places isnt good
for us.

If living in south India one should eat rice more than wheat. The mud in south holds water for longer while in
Rajasthan soil is sandy and doesnt hold water. Therefore Rajasthan soil is suitable for growing wheat and not rice
whereas South Indian soil is apt for rice and not wheat. Hence one should eat stuff that grows in the area one is
living in, in order to stay healthy.


1. SOOTRA 1 - Bhojanante Visham Vaari drinking water at the end of a meal is akin to drinking poison. It kills
the Jathaaragni (that aspect of prana or energy which enables the body to digest food) thereby making the
food rot inside the system instead of getting digested. This in turn leads to excess acid and gas being
produced in the system and a very vicious cycle starts. Mharishi Waghbhat has identified 103 ailments that
occur as a result of drinking water after having eaten food.
1. The minimum gap between food and water should be between 1.5 to 2.5 hrs. This also varies based
on geographic and other conditions and the duration is higher in the mountains and lower in plains and
hot areas. This is because the bodys ability to digest food varies with the ambient conditions.
2. Water drunk before food should be drunk at least 40 minutes before eating food.
3. To clean the mouth and throat after food only one or two sips of warm/gunguna water can be had.
4. If really thirsty, one can have fresh juice of seasonal fruits after morning meal and buttermilk/chhaas
after lunch. Milk can be had after dinner. Though these also contain mostly water, the properties are
completely different and they actually help digestion and the body instead of hurting it.

1. SOOTRA 2 Always drink water sip by sip like one drinks hot tea.

1. SOOTRA 3 - Drink water first thing in the morning. It is to be had warm at body temp and should be sipped
like hot tea so that max possible saliva goes into the stomach.

Only if you are drinking water kept in a copper pot it need not be warmed up as it already has same quality as warm
water. Mud pot water is also to be warmed up.

1. SOOTRA 4 - Never drink cold water. It should always be Warm/gunguna or at body temp.

Paan to be had without kattha (brown paste smeared on pan leaf) so that you dont spit out the juice/laar. Paan leaf
should be kasaila i.e. kadva. The bitter it is the better. Desi paan is darker and bitterer.

1. WATER - Water should always be drunk warm/gunguna. i.e. at the same temperature as the body.
1. In case you are regularly taking in water kept in copper pot then you should stop for a couple of weeks
after 3 mths of continuous usage.
2. Drinking cold water leads to decrease in blood supply to various organs. Over a period of time this
leads to the weakening and hence failure of various organs and causes probs like heart attack, kidney
failure, brain hemorrhage etc.
3. Drinking chilled water leads to severe constipation. Large intestine shrinks causing various other
complications. This is applicable to other cold foods as well.
4. Drink water first thing after waking up in morning. Below 18 and above 60 shud drink only 1.5 to 2
glasses while others should drink upto 1.25 ltrs. i.e. min 3 glasses. This is the only water one should
drink without feeling thirsty. Ghoont should be smallest. Try this for 6 mths and see the changes in
health. Fresher, lighter, sleep will improve, digestion, pains, Heart

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12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

5. Tumbler is an import, it is ekrekhiye which is not good. Lota is much better. Water takes the properties
of its holding object and solutes. Lota is a sphere hence its surface tension is less. This is better for
body. Well water is much better. Sadhus dont drink water if its not from a well. Main property of water
is cleansing. This is possible if the water you drink is of low surface tension. Example of milk used for
cleaning skin. Same happens with intestines.
2. Choona in paan is vaat naashak while Paan is pitta naashak. Max choona should be 1gm only. Saunf, clove,
rose mix (gulkand) should be added to paan. Supari and kattha should not be added.
3. 7. As a general rule the darker the colour of a natural thing the more effective it is as medicine.
Jamun, tomato etc should be eaten a lot as they are dark in colour and hence helpful.
4. Anything with fat will help the jatharagni and digestion will speed up.
1. Morning laar is very valuable wounds of people with diabetes are also cured by this. Even
gangrene has been cured by this.
2. So is conjunctivitis cured.
3. Tedhi aankh, i.e. squint is also cured with this.
4. Dark circles under eyes maalish with morning laar. Almost all skin ailments can be
treated with this. Burn marks, eczema and psoriasis can also be cured by this.
5. All animals use saliva to treat their wounds.
6. All the active ingredients of mud that are essential for the body are also available in saliva.


1. SOOTRA 1 Fix time for food. Our body is not made to eat anything at anytime. This time needs to be in
accordance with the timing of JATHARAAGNI.
1. Jatharaagni is at highest for 2.5 hours after sunrise. This will depend upon your location. This is the
time to have the biggest meal of the day.
2. Its best to have your lunch in this time window for maximum benefit.
3. Around noon one can have a lighter meal or juice, fruits, chhaas etc.
4. Evening meal should be had while sun is still out. Once sun sets jatharaagni becomes dormant.
5. Best to have dinner upto 40 minutes before sunset.
6. In the night only a liquid is to be taken. Best is milk.
7. This is extremely important for patients of diabetes, asthma, vaat ke rog. Within 3 months you will find
significant improvements in your health. Sugar, cholesterol etc respond miraculously within 3 months.
8. Different organs work best at different times of the day. e.g. heart is working hardest 2.5 hrs before
Brahma Muhoort. i.e. between 1.30 till about 4am. Maximum heart attacks happen in this duration.
Max heart attacks happen in this time duration. This list is available in RDs books.
9. If you are eating again in the noon, then it should be lighter than lunch (or morning meal). Dinner
should be even lighter.
10. All the heavy foods like stuffed parathaas, sweets etc should be had in the morning meal.
11. What you like best you should eat in the morning. So that you can eat your fill. This will ensure you are
mentally satisfied as well as physically. This is of extreme importance. If you are fulfilled with the food
you are eating, the Pineal gland will be most active and you will stay healthier as well as happier.
12. Those who are not mentally satisfied with food that they are eating get many mental/psychological
problems in due course of time. Mental tension, depression can be an outcome of this. 27 types of
ailments can result out of this.
13. All diurnal jeev jantu eat their meals early in the morning as far as possible.
14. Dr. Ravindranath Shanbagh has tried to make monkeys fall ill for almost 15-17 years. He has tried
everything possible to get a monkey to fall ill, including injecting etc all types of viruses and bacteria
into the monkeys body but monkey ko kuchh nahin hota hai J Hanumaan ji ki jai J J
15. Monkey has the best RH factor in all living beings. We are also comparing our RH factor to that of a
monkey. Dr. Shanbagh has inferred that this phenomenal ability is primarily due to the fact that a
monkey eats a full stomach early in the mornings. He started asking his patients to eat their biggest
meals in the morning and these patients all recorded significant improvements in their health from
serious diseases.
16. Breakfast is not needed. It should be replaced by a heavy full meal i.e. lunch. Also, it is not an Indian
requirement based on our jal vaayu but is an import from the West. Just 2 generations back all of us
used to have the biggest meal first thing in the morning.

1. SOOTRA 2 - Never eat opposite products together. Doodh and dahi, any item made of these two should not
be taken together.
1. Doodh and dahi and doodh and gud dont go together.
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12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

2. Honey and ghee are poison if taken together. This can be taken together only when cow mutra is used
to counter negative effect.
3. Gud and ghee go well together.
4. Kathal/Jackfruit never with milk.
5. Onion and milk are poison together. max probs of skin will happen due to this combo.
6. All sour fruits dont go with milk except aamla. Even mango should be taken with milk only when it is
completely ripe and sweet.
7. Dwidal daals and dahi. Exception is to heat dahi, baghaar ke (ajwain, heeng ka chhaunk). Specially
applicable to Urad daal. Urad ke saath baghaar ke bhi naa khaayen. In experimenting with this Rajiv
Dixits BP went up by upto 25%!!!! If this is done regularly it will obviously lead to heart and BP
8. Dahi vadaa is hence taboo. Agar dahi vadaa khaanaa hi hai to moong daal ka vadaa banaye.
Extremely important in order to stay healthy.

1. SOOTRA 3 partake of food only sitting on the floor in Sukhasana. Sitting in this asana makes the
Jatharaagni teevra. Sitting on a chair reduces the teevrata and standing up reduces it completely.
1. Keep the food plate a little bit higher above the floor.
2. For people who do a lot of physical work the best option is to eat in a squatting position.
3. This posture will help in reducing the paunch. Dining table will make the paunch grow bigger.
4. Dining table should be banished from your home.

1. SOOTRA 4 Must rest lying down on your left side after morning/noon meals. This is very important for
Jatharaagni to work well since lying on left side activates the Pingala (soorya) naadi on the right side of the
body and this in turn activates the Jatharaagni.
1. If you are healthy then the moment you start eating food the Soorya Naadi should get activated
2. This rest should be between 20 to 40 minutes. Its ok to take a nap if one feels sleepy.
3. Many companies in countries like Mexico, Australia and Brazil etc have researched and found that the
productivity of employees who are allowed to rest after lunch increases by upto 300%. Some of these
countries were likely to make laws to this effect in around 2008. Lot of research is happening in
Europe and US on this sootra.

1. SOOTRA 5 Never rest after dinner for at least 2 hours. This is because sun has set and hence the
biochemistry etc is completely different now.
1. Sleeping soon after dinner will invite diseases like heart attack, diabetes, BP etc.

1. SOOTRA 6 In case you are unable to follow both these sootras then sit in Vajra asana for atleast 10
minutes after meals. This is the only asana allowed after food according to yoga.

1. SOOTRA 7 Your Mana and chitta should be shaant i.e. relaxed and peaceful. One way to achieve this is
to pray or utter a mantra.

1. SOOTRA 8 While lying down head should always be pointing towards sun i.e. east.
1. The next best is South.
2. Never sleep with head pointing towards North. North is the direction of death for sleeping. Though it is
very good for various other activities.
3. Householders should keep head towards South while sleeping while Brahmchaaries should keep head
towards East.

1. SOOTRA 9 take your weight divide by 10 and then subtract 2 from the result. This many liters of water can
be had per day.


1. VAAT (max diseases are due to vaat) Best thing to control vaat is oil.
2. Vaata problems are joint pains, back aches, Dama, Asthama etc.
1. This oil should be pure. Refined oil is a poison. (6-7 chemicals are used to refine oil and upto 13 for
double refined oil). Oil can only be refined using inorganic chemicals and these are almost always
poisonous in nature.
2. The stickiness of oil is its most important property. The moment this is removed oil is no longer oil.
3. The strong smell of oil is due to its protein content. When this is removed via refining the oil becomes
useless for the body.
http://www.healthmantra.com/healthy-living.shtml 6/17
12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

4. HDL (High Density Lipo Protein) or the good cholesterol is produced by the liver if you are eating
unrefined oil. This helps the heart stay healthy without any fear of heart attacks.
5. AIIMS doctors who researched oil have concluded that any oil without stickiness and odour is useless
to put it mildly. Hence refined oil is actually causing heart problems rather than curing them.
6. Refined oils are being recommended by doctors just because of the commission that these oil
companies dole out to them.
7. Experimented with many heart patients. Stopped all medication and started taking pure and unrefined
oil. Patients on the edge of heart attacks i.e. had blockages, showed tremendous improvement in all
parameters. Doctors could not believe the reports and called them a miracle.
8. In our culture festivals were created very scientifically. The special foods and vyanjans that were
prepared for different festivals were designed to keep us healthy.

i. In winters food during these festivals were heavy or garishtha or gurutva. i.e. difficult or slow to digest. During
the winter season it is better for the body if the food digests slowly rather than quickly. It matches with the body
cycle as Pitta is less in winters while vata and Kapha are high which reduce Jatharaagni. Slow digesting foods are
in better sync with the speed of digestion of Jatharaagni. Nature also provides this kind of food in winters.

ii. In Summers Pitta is high and hence lighter food should be eaten so that it digests quickly.

iii. In rains during the rainy season Pitta is at its lowest and hence the lightest food should be eaten during rainy
season. It goes to the extent that eating just once is preferred. Greens should be avoided cause they have too
much water content and this will aggravate the system which already has too much water.

1. Items which have high water content are Vatha naashak.

i. Milk, curd, butter milk,

ii. Juices

1. PITTA best food item is cow ghee. This is the best to keep pitta balanced. (ghee made from buffalo milk is
only recommended for body builders and athletes).
1. Second best is Ajwain. Noon food should have ajwain since it balances Pitta which is higher in
2. Jeera is next best to control Pitta, black jeera is better.
3. Heeng also keeps Pitta under control.
4. Dhaniya both green and dry work equally well.
5. Total 108 items for controlling Pitta. List in Gambir ROGON KI CHIKITSA
6. Examples of Pitta problems are acidity, ulcers, indigestion, taste of food in mouth for many hours after
food, Dakar, hichki are mostly Pitta related.
2. KAPHA The best food item to control Kapha is gud and next best is honey.
1. Gud - When Kapha is out of balance Phosphorus will be deficient. Gud has very high content of
Phosphorus. Sugar case juice also has Ph but Gud has higher content. But maximum amount is found
in Kakvi or Raab or liquid gud the stage before solid gud.
2. Honey - Next best is Honey.
3. Saunth Dried ginger powder. Saunth is 100 times more effective than ginger.
4. Paan very good to control Kapha. The darker the leaf the better it is. Dont add Katthaa. Other
ingredients can be

i. Saunth

ii. Gud

iii. Gulkand

iv. Saunf

v. Lavang or clove

http://www.healthmantra.com/healthy-living.shtml 7/17
12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

1. Over 100 items in kitchen are known to control Kapha.

2. TRIFALA Amla, Harad, Baheda. Mharishi Waghbhat has written over 120 sutras for Trifala !!!
1. Harad, Baheda, Amla :: 1:2:3 this ratio is very important. Equal proportion is to be used in very
extreme cases. Radiation poisoning example. Had to be given in equal proportion normally in Trifala
amla is high and hence Vitamin C is high. In radiation illness Vitamin C is already very high in the
body. Hence to balance this same proportion Trifala was given. This can also be used in Cancer
2. Trifala reduces all the three doshas simultaneously.
3. Morning either with Gud or Honey

i. It will work as a POSHAK. It provides almost all required nutrients to the body.

1. Night Milk or warm water.

i. It will work as RECHAK. It cleanses the digestive system as well as the rest of the body. Any kind of constipation
can be cured with this.

1. Chawanprash is much lower in effectiveness compared to Trifala.

2. One big teaspoon is to be taken in morning for losing weight. One small teaspoon in the night for Rechak
3. Each of the above three fruits balance all the three doshas.
4. Amla is very good for losing excess weight. It is the best anti-oxidant in the natural world.
5. Give a gap of a couple of weeks after taking continuously for upto 3 months. This helps the body to stay un-
accustomed and avoid side effects.
6. Ailments :
1. Night Bawaseer, Mood Vyadhi or Piles, Bagandhar. Digestion related ailments night
2. Morning to lose weight. Or to treat ailments due to Kapha.
3. In the night to be taken after food while before food in morning. 40 mins before food in morning.


1. TRIFALA - should always be taken with milk, gud or honey. Taking with water is taking alone and should not
be taken alone for too long i.e. 90 days.
2. METHI Vata and Kapha destroyer. Increases Pitta.
1. Soak it in a cup of warm water. In the morning chew the seeds and drink the water. Its very important
to chew it while eating as it produces large amount of saliva.
2. Pickles having methi are very useful for vaata problems. Aushadhi ka effect is higher on the pickle
than that of the fruit. Methi is pickle is much more effective than that taken in water since it is kept for
many months. It works much better with oil upto 20 times more effective. This is also applicable for
3. CHOONA is even better than Methi for controlling Vaata. Controls all problems caused by Vaata. It also
replenishes Calcium in the body. Calcium deficiency causes all kinds of pains, in muscles and bones, all
bone problems, many blood related problems, Kapha problems are also caused by its deficiency.
1. Calcium activates most other micro nutrients. Without it most other micro nutrients wont be able to
2. Milk, curd, butter milk, ghee, orange, mausambi, angoor, mango, banana. Calcium can easily be
absorbed from these food items. After 40-45 years of age bodys ability to digest calcium reduces. This
is especially true to women. Now it needs to be taken separately hence take Choona regularly.
Hence the tradition of eating Paan in this culture. It is prevalent across the country without exception.
4. DAAL CHINI Cures all problems related to Vaata and Kapha. More effective as a powder rather than leaf
or bark.
1. Grind it with Gud and eat it. Drink warm water afterwards. Honey ke saath mardan karke lick kariye
aur warm water peejiye. Takes care of upto 50 ailments.
5. COW Is one of the most magical things made available to us by nature. He praises gau mootra very highly.
It helps all three doshas. Vaata and Kapha it cures completely and also cures Pitta if taken with some
ayurvedic medicines. It has all the 18 odd micronutrients that are available in mud (Jersey cow has only 3).
6. All the 148 ailments can be cured by gau mootra. This is the only thing with such a possibility. Have done
thousands of experiments on this and found mind boggling results. It has 18 micro nutrients that are essential
for the body. The only other place where all 18 found together is soil. Best time to take gau mootra is

http://www.healthmantra.com/healthy-living.shtml 8/17
12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

morning. If very ill take upto 100ml in a day best to take it twice a day on an empty stomach. Rest of us can
take upto 50mm once a day on empty stomach.
1. Skin ailments are usually caused by Sulphur deficiency. Psoriasis has been cured, eczema, khuzli,
khaaj etc were cured.
2. It cures TB much earlier compared to allopathy. It never recurs if treated with gau mootra. Studies
were conducted on patients at AIMS. If taking allopathy, its speed of cure is increased manifold when
combined with gau mootra.
3. Joint pains were cured in three weeks.
4. Cold and cough dama and asthama and TB were cured by this very swiftly.
5. When Gau-mootra was given to patients already taking allopathy, the effectiveness of the medicines
was increased many fold. This is true for almost all serious ailments.
6. As per contemporary research 48 ailments are cured by completely by gau-mootra. Research on
cancer is going on with tremendous results. Blood cancer is not showing so much improvement. A
large hospital has been set up in Valsaad to cure cancer with Gau-Mootra. (Throat, Esophagus and
stomach cancers are already showing huge improvements).
7. According to research deficiency of Curcumin leads to cancer i.e. growth of tumor and later cancer.
This is found in ample quantity in cow urine in a highly digestible form.
8. Only a cow which roams around given useful urine. The urine of a cow that stays tied up is not useful.
7. Organic Agriculture cotton has gone up to 7 quintal per acre from 2-3 earlier, wheat from 12 quintal to 24-
25 quintal, rice from 15-17 quintal to 30 quintal, sugarcane from 8 feet high to 14 feet, recovery from 8% to
14%-15%. Gud made from gobar as fertilizer sells for 70/kg in the international market. Only India can
produce this.
8. In our culture cow is always referred to as mother. It has been said that a cow has 33 types of devatas in its
body. Gobar main Lakshmi mootre Dhanvantari. India as 17 crore cows as of 2007 end.
9. Glucoma, retinal detachment and cataract etc all can be cured using gau mootra. Use gau mootra drops in
the eye. It works wonders for all eye related ailments as they are mostly due to Kapha.
10. If ears of children are giving off pus put drops of gau mootra.
11. For running nose and cold etc for children use gau mootra ghrit.
12. Gau ghee in nose helps in deep sleep, snores can be reduced.
13. Hair loss make curd and keep it in copper vessel for 5-6 days, rub it into head and then wash it off using
shikakai. Wash hair with gau mootra once a month for long term health of hair.
14. Ribs, or chest congestion can be cured by a spoon of gau mootra.
15. Renal problems are taken care of by gau mootra.
16. Pitta patients need to increase ghee consumption while taking gau mootra to balance its effect.
17. Dark circle under eyes, and any other skin problems can be cured.
18. Its distillate or ark can be used. Ark should only be taken in very small quantities i.e. 1 spoon.
19. The leftover after making ark is used for making soap, shampoo, floor cleaner etc.
20. Cow ghee sells for Rs.4000 per kg in Germany etc. They are desperate for this real ghee but dont get it
21. Gau Panchamrit, gobar, mootra, doodh, ghee, dahi (includes honey or gud) is an elixir for VPK.


DIN CHARYA daily routine should be based on each individuals unique requirements.


1. Children till 14 years of age are under effect of Kapha. This means child will need more sleep.
2. Imagination is very high during Kapha period. Anything that helps them imagine is something they love.
Cartoon films are very bad since they dont allow any space for imagination to work.
3. The type of stories you tell them will affect the kind of character they develop. Stories should be long.
4. Always answer their questions honestly. If you dont know say so. Admit it and then work with them to find
out. Once they find out the true answers from teacher they will lose all respect for you. When this happens
you wont be able to control them at all.


1. Let them sleep as much as they want. Never stop them from sleeping as it is essential for them. Upto 10 hrs
a day is fine. Its better that the child takes this sleep in two parts.
2. 1 4 yrs minimum sleep of 16 hrs

http://www.healthmantra.com/healthy-living.shtml 9/17
12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

3. 4 8 yrs min 12 to 14 hrs

4. 8 14 yrs min 8 to 9 hrs
5. Kapha is heavy or guru and hence if the child needs to sleep more in order to keep the blood pressure under
control. While sleeping BP is lower. Child is under Kapha effect and hence needs to sleep more to maintain
6. Children will become irritable and undisciplined if they are not allowed to complete their sleep quota as their
Kapha is out of control.
7. Studying is only possible in effect of Pitta. When Kapha is bad no one can study.
8. Area above the heart is Kapha area. Children will frequently catch ailments of this region only. The best way
to take care of this is oil massage. This should be a must. Children should not do any exercises. They should
only play J
9. Those under Kapha should not exercise, asana or pranayam.


1. Oil massage should be of entire body. But head area is most important. Ears should also be massaged
regularly as they are seat of Kapha. Bathing should be done after massage.
2. Massage till the child starts sweating in the arm pits or forehead.
3. Things that reduce Kapha should be used for bathing. Eg. Ubtan, Multani mitti, Chana atta, chandan powder,
mota aataa, masoor daal ataa, moong daal attaaa. Finally means that no soap should be used. It increases
Kapha very badly.
4. Oil can be put into ears. Its also helpful in controlling Kapha.
5. Eyes are also seat of Kapha. Ghee can be put on eyes. Kaajal is very useful in controlling Kapha (Sau veer


1. Children must be given milk, makhan, ghee, oil, gud, dahee, mattha etc.
2. Maida is absolutely not allowed since it disturbs Kapha.
3. Makkhan is better than ghee for children.
4. Ghee things should be given in afternoon as pitta is increasing.
5. Out of control kapha can make one a criminal and murderer. If under control it promotes love and harmony.
6. American children are considered the worst shootouts in schools etc are proof. 10% of Americas
population are children and out of this 10% or 30 lac children are in prisons. This is common for most
western countries. The main reason is out of control Kapha.
7. Of the total crime happening in these countries upto 65% are being committed by children. Direct result of
out of control Kapha. It leads to violence directly.
8. Simplest way to keep children safe from all types of negative influences is to let them sleep as much as they
want to.
9. Morning time for schools is very bad. Its not good for children to wake up early in the morning. As morning is
Kapha time and hence they sleep the deepest sleep. Best time for school to start is around noon.


1. Not too much sleep is needed. Ideally between 6 to 8 hrs. This decides the routine to a large extent.
2. Mharishi Waaghbattha says one should sleep 2 hrs after sunset. So if you sleep at 8 then you will be up at
3. 12 types of daatoon can be used only.
5. There are 3 basic season and 3 sub seasons. In summers neem daatoon, babool,
6. Winters, amrood is best, jaamoon is next
7. Rains mango, Arjun
8. Dant manjan1 daaru haldi, salt, oil
9. Dant manjan 2 burn dried gobar, add haldi and sendha namak to it.
10. Dant manjan 3 triphala choorna, sendha namak. This is the only one that can be used in all seasons.
11. Tooth paste is not good for you. They disturb Pitta. This will cause many problems. Teeth will decay very
quickly due to paste use. When sweet things are eaten early in the morning they disturb the system. Our
culture has a system to eating neem and turmeric balls.
12. Commercial toothpastes have been using powdered animal bones for decades e.g. Colgate - pig bones,
pepsodant cow bones, close up goat. This has been proven in lab tests and it seems only recently that
some of these companies have stopped using bones.
http://www.healthmantra.com/healthy-living.shtml 10/17
12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

1. VYAYAAM first and then massage. Exercise only till you start sweating.
2. India is a vaat pradhaan land hence running is not good. i.e. Vaata is dominant in India and running or
any fast movement aggravates it hence should be avoided.
3. Best exercise is soorya namaskar and asanas. Dand baithak etc is good. For women the best exercise
is forward bending.
4. After exercise oil massage.


Vaata naturally increases after 60 yrs of age.

1. Main remedy is oil massage for old people. A little bit of exercise is ok.
2. Too much movement is not good for them.

Human urine can be used as medicine. Condition is you must be 100% vegetarian. Gau mootra is much better
compared to human urine. Only the 1st urine in the morning is to be used. While urinating leave the initial and last
parts and drink only from the middle part of urine. Helps in around 100 illnesses. Mainly vaata and kapha problems.


Laughing is good if it happens naturally. One should never try to force it or stop it. It is one of the 14 veg of natural
forces in the body. This is true for all the other veg.

Sneezing should not be stopped upto 40 types of ailments will come if stopped and upto 14 types if induced

Thirst should also never be stopped. Drinking water quickly causes Hernia and Appendicitis. If you are above 60
and it can cause Prostrate and Hydrocele. Holding back thirst causes 58 types of ailments. Drinking water without
thirst will also cause problems.

Hunger, when forcefully stopped, causes 103 types of ailments. Starts with acidity and ends with intestinal cancer!

Fasting is a Kriya to cleanse the body and mind. One needs to follow certain rules for fasting. When you start
feeling that something extra is happening in the body then one can fast. Like after eating too much one can fast the
next day.

a) Upto one day fast after 6 days of eating normally.

b) While fasting one should keep drinking warm water at regular intervals. The extra acid in the stomach will be
diluted by water and excreted via urine else it will burn up/ damage the intestines.

c) Water can be of clove, moong, ghee, choona while fasting.

d) Vegetarians should not fast for long periods. While non-vegetarians should always fast for long periods. Non veg
food creates certain changes in the digestive system (reduces acid secretion in stomach) and hence it is advisable
to fast for long periods. All carnivorous animals actually fast for many days after a full meal.

e) Best way to fast if one has to fast is alternate day fasting and eating. The body gets used to it over a period of
time. Varshitam in Jains is highly respected.

f) Fasting is not good for those who do heavy physical labour.

Yawning should also not be stopped. Stopping it is a very bad habit that we have gotten into. The bodys need is
more important.
http://www.healthmantra.com/healthy-living.shtml 11/17
12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

a) Never yawn when sitting near those who are more tapasvi or gyani.

Urine should never be stopped.

a) Pressure of all types in the body increases. Stopped urine is one of the most painful experiences in life.

b) If urination is too frequent then you need to check with specialist.

Stool is also similar. Upto twice a day is normal. Three is a bit unusual. More than that calls for expert intervention.

Veerya or Kaama veg (sexual desire) should only be stopped by renunciants. It should never be stopped by those
living in family situations.

Should YOU be scared of HIGH Calory Food ? Watch video below from Celebrity Dietician
from Bollywood

Indian Food Wisdom & Art of Eating Right by Rujuta Diwekar (Eng



1. No water after food for min 1.5 hrs. This is best way to lose weight.
2. Warm water first thing in morning. Morning saliva is very important and should go into the body not wasted.
3. Use Lota instead of tumbler. In our society we never had tumblers because lota is much more scientific. Low
surface tension is very important since it reduces pressure levels in the body. Example of milk to cleanse
skin. Similar thing happens in large intestine low tension water pulls out the debris lodged in the large
intestine. This debris causes innumerable ailments.
4. Water should always be drunk sitting down.
5. Water should never be drunk cold. It should always be warm. Cold waters surface tension is higher. It also
cools down the stomach hence weakening the rest of the organs since blood supply rushes to stomach.
6. In extreme heat clay pots water is allowed.
7. Eat food sitting down. Always sit in cross legged position.
8. Opposing things should not be eaten together. Milk-curd, honey-ghee, ghee and gud go well together,
Kathal-milk, milk-citrus fruits except aamla.
9. Dwidal and curd not to be eaten together. At worst it should be with Chhonk. Same for Chhaas
10. Morning meal within 2.5 hrs of sunrise. Evening meal before sunset. If hungry during day one can have gud-
chana, gud-moongfali. Too much chikki should be followed by Saunth or ginger.
11. Should eat locally grown foods. E.g. living in hot area one should not eat much wheat as it grown in cold
weather. Bajra is hot so is rice, jowar. Bajra should be eaten with gud and ghee to balance its heat.

Q&A Session on Last Day

http://www.healthmantra.com/healthy-living.shtml 12/17
12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

1. Dark circles under eyes maalish with morning saliva. Useful for any skin problems.
2. Sleep problem excess vaat is the cause. put ghee in nostrils at bedtime. Very imp for children.
3. High BP it is only excess acidity in blood. Eat basic foods e.g. methi, gud, lauki, carrot, fruits without juice
like apple, banana, guava, paalak, baigan. Soak methi in water over night and chew the seeds and drink the
water. Greens are basic. This will also reduce weight and triglycerides.
4. Asthma is caused by vaat daalchini with honey, gud, eat coconut daily (unique has juice but is basic).
5. Boils in mouth means large intestine is not clear. Take warm water in morning from lota. Borax 30 or 200
thrice in water.
6. Gau mootra has no side effects. Body anyways flushes out the excess if taken.
7. Arthritis is vaat never undergo surgery. Choona in dahi, chhaas, water juice etc. take Methi danaa.
Harshringaar leaves is most basic thing in nature. Crush few leaves and boil in water till half. Drink this like
tea in morning. Heals both types of arthritis, rheumatoid and osteo. Moongfali and gud should be eaten. Til
seeds, black is better.
8. Ice cream never. Else drink hot water mixed with ghee. This will take care of harmful effects of ice cream.
9. Acidity eat more basic things, water in morning, water sip by sip. Ajwain ko bhoon ke kaal namak ke saath
le. Mishri, gud.
10. Best salt is Sendha namak pathar ke namak. Helps in BP and arthritis etc.
11. Sleepy throughout day must eat Choona.
12. Thyroid dhaniya leave ki chutni warm water ke saath pijiye. Sookhe dhaniye ki bhi pi jaa sakti hai.
13. Pathri never eat choona. Pakhaan bhed ka kaadhaa. Its called Burberis Vulgaris take in Q. Kaadha is
better than homeo medicine.
14. Addiction to alchohol gau mootra, ginger juice, Saunth ka kaadha. Gau mootra is most important. Smoking
increases Sulphur in body best option is gu mootra.
15. Cold and cough for children honey, gud, choona, ghee in nose, haldi and ghee in milk.
16. Pitta ghee, ajwain and black salt.
17. Sneezing put ghee in nostrils and take choona.
18. Tonsillitis haldi milk at night.
19. Uric acid basic foods, gau mootra is best.
20. Obesity basic foods.
21. Children urinating in bed Khajoor boil in milk give both milk and khajoor.
22. Constipation take milk with ghee at night, Trifala choorna.
23. Bones pain Choona
24. Coughing in children Kapha naashak foods like Paan, Saunth, honey, gud.
25. Trifala can be given to children above 5 yrs. Best after 14 yrs of age.
26. Old age joint pains choona is best. Water sip sip
27. Anjeer best for people who feel lack of strength in body.
28. Canned water not good at all L tap water boiled is much better. Bleaching is done with chlorine to purify it.
Not good.
29. Bad breath means pet saaf nahin hai.
30. Numbness in hands and legs take Choona
31. TB gau mootra is best remedy.


1. Sleeplessness means vaat is high warmed cow ghee in nostrils before bedtime. Snort very lightly. Various
other benefits are no bad dreams, no interruptions during sleep, improved memory for children.
2. High BP means high acidity in blood. Take basic food stuff. Methi, carrot, any fruits without juice apple,
banana, guava, coconut etc. palak, baigan. Lauki is most basic in veggies. Lowering of acidity will reduce
Tryglicerides, cholesterol, overweight etc. Methi seeds should be soaked in water overnight and chewed in
the morning. Water to be taken after seeds are chewed. Gajar ko kaddu kas ke khaayen. All greens are
3. Asthma is caused by too much vaayu. Use basic food items like Daalchini, honey, gud, coconut (upto 50 gm
per day). Til is also very effective.
4. Mouth Ulcers means pet saaf nahin ho raha hai. Drink water in morning to cleanse large intestine. In case
this does not help take Borax 30 or 200 (take three doses) from homeopathic shop. Put few drops of Borax in
water and take it in three parts.
5. Gathiya or Arthritis. Never undergo surgery. Atal Behari example Dr. Ranawat. Atal is completely on wheel
chair now. Basic foods Choona (can be taken in dahi, chhas, juice upto 2gm per day). Healthy ppl can take
upto 1gm per day. Methi seeds, Harshringar trees leaves are highly basic. Boil 4-5 leaves in water till it

http://www.healthmantra.com/healthy-living.shtml 13/17
12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

becomes half. Drink this in morning on empty stomach like tea. It treats both types of arthritis rheumatoid
and osteo.
6. Acidity water is best medicine when drunk slowly and at frequent intervals. Ajwain ko tawe pe bhoon ke
kaale namak ke saath le. Mishri is very good but gud is better. Drop sugar completely. Ajwain can be added
to menu take it with black salt after every meal if having continuous gastric problem.
7. Noodles - kachra king. Noodles are made after maida is rotten for 6-7 days. Pig flesh
juice is added to noodles to make it tasty.
8. Too much sleep - means you need a type of base in diet. This is best available in choona. To be taken with
mattha or chhas.
9. Diabetes 1 spoon each of Methi and Trifala choorna ko mila ke garam paani me rakh de aur subah use
chaba ke khaaye and drink the water. 3-4 mths the blood sugar will come down. Even diabetics can take gud
and juices. Natural sugar is not harmful (fructose) since it is easily digestible. Sugar is harmful.
10. Pathri or Kidney and Bladder Stones never take choona. Pakhan bhed medicine. Make kaadhaa of this
and drink. This same medicine is available in Homeopathy by the name Berberis Vulgaris. Take mother
tincture 10 drops few times a day.
11. Thyroid make chatni from dhaniya patti and drink it with water. Only dhaniya leaves no salt etc. 1 spoon
to be taken. Is non dhaniya season this can be done with sookha dhaniya.
12. Addictions - Quit alchohol and tobacco, cigarette use sankalp shakti. Else use go mutra not ark. Saunth
ka kaadha. 1.5 mths max.
13. White discharge Shatavari can be used. Mix it with warm milk and drink at night.
14. Mestruation - Too much pain, flow, irritation, itching etc during menses vayu and pitta are high during this
time. Take cow ghee in very hot water and drink like tea. Take 2-3 times per day. All menstrual probs will get
taken care of. Take this only during menses.
15. Bad breath pet saaf rakho.
16. Haath pair sunn i.e. limbs are numb eat choona.
17. Cold and cough happens frequently take honey, gud or choona as it removes not only vata but also
kapha. Cow ghee in nose. Haldi is a kapha nashak. Haldi in milk with ghee is even better.
18. Tuberculosis go mutra and not ark. 3-4 months will be enough. Choona
19. Pitta problems take cow ghee. Ajwain and kala namak.
20. Hair loss dahi ko taambe ke bartan mein rakhe 5-6 din tak jab tak bahut khatta aur green na ho jaye. Isse
scalp ko maalish Karen aur ek ghante baad shikakai se dho dhen. Repeat once a week. Trifala subah gud ke
saath khaayen. Honey ke saath bhi le sakte hain.
21. Tonsillitis haldi milk at night.
22. Uric acid take more basic stuff. Best is go mutra not ark.
23. Motapa or Overweight/Obesity take more basic stuff. Methi, carrot, any fruits without juice pple,
banana, guava, coconut etc. palak, baigan. Lauki is most basic in veggies. Lowering of acidity will reduce
Tryglicerides, cholesterol, overweight etc. Methi seeds should be soaked in water overnight and chewed in
the morning. Water to be taken after seeds are chewed. Gajar ko kaddu kas ke khaayen. All greens are
basic. Take these for 3 mths. Then to balance this take amla for 3 mths. Then back to gajar etc. in a year you
can easily lose upto a third of your weight. Take Amla any form = 3-4 fruits equivalent. Overweight people are
Vitamin C and Calcium deficient hence Trifala in normal ratio is used.
24. Bed wetting khajoor kilao. Boil small pieces in milk.
25. Constipation Trifala at night. Else drink milk with ghee at night. Not for more than 3 mths at a time.
26. Back ache choona.
27. Weakness - Anjeer is useful for those who feel they lack strength in body.


1. While drinking water from a tamba vessel one should not be barefoot !!!
2. Never reheat anything put in fridge once. Leave it out to heat up naturally and then eat it.
3. Kevda daalaa hua paani keval summer mein.
4. Arjun ki chhaal subah hi lena
5. Boiled water is better than canned water.
6. Coconut oil can be applied to hair.
7. If you still have icecream drink warm water with ghee. Do not eat ice cream ever.
8. Eat til after food daily if you want to stay trim and avoid heart attacks. Black til is better.
9. Sendha namak is the best salt for daily consumption. Kaala namak is 2nd best. It will help lower BP.
10. Go mutra ark only 1 spoon. Go mutra shud only be half cup.
11. Gave arsenic to a cow for 6 years and the cow is still healthy. Arsenic didnt show up in its urine at all. It had
a blue ring in its throat. Shiv in throat. So you can take urine of any cow irrespective of conditions. It has no
side effects at all. In case you drink too much the body will expel the excess in 20 mins.
http://www.healthmantra.com/healthy-living.shtml 14/17
12/7/2017 Rajiv Dixit talk on Sutra of Maharishi Vagbhat

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