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TPACK Template

Subject Mathematics
Grade Level 2nd Grade
Fractions, Whole and Equal Parts
Learning Objective 2.3 Fractions
The objective of the lesson is what
students will be able to do as they Students will
finish the activity. For this objective,
use the Standards of Learning (SOL) a) Identify the parts of a set or region that represents
to say what you want to focus on.
You can find the SOLs at
fractions for halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, eights,
http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/ and tenths
look on the right of the screen for the
subjects and go from there. b) Students will use problem solving mathematical
communication, mathematical reasoning,
connections and representation

Students will recognize fractions as representing

equal-size parts of a whole.
Teachers will introduce students to new

vocabulary terms that will be used while learning

fractions such as equal, unequal, halves, thirds,
and fourths.
Activity Describe what the
learning activity will be. What will the
students and the teacher be doing? Teachers will discuss and show students different
(This includes what they are doing
with the technology).
shapes that have been cut into different parts.
Then students will determine whether the shape
has divided into equal or unequal parts. Teachers
will show an example of the shapes on the smart
board or white board.
Teachers will discuss if parts are equal and
students will count the number parts.
Teachers will explain that a region or shape can be
divided equally in different ways although they
may appear to look different. Teachers then will
show an example to students.
Students will get up one at a time a work on the
smart board by pointing at a picture or fractions to
show the correct answer. Each student will receive
a turn then the whole class will participate in a

Here are some examples and activities that a
teacher can use to teach fractions to his or her
class, each one is a great learning and fun
experience for students to participate as a group
and being able to work on the smart board.

Technology Fractions: Equal Parts of a Whole

The link to the IWB lesson. Important,
provide the link to the assignment http://exchange.smarttech.com/details.html?id=3c2ba266-
details, not the link while it is open in


Basic Fractions - Introduction