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Bharti Airtel

Telecom giant Bharti Airtel is the flagship company of Bharti Enterprises. The Bharti Group, has a diverse
business portfolio and has created global brands in the telecommunication sector. Bharti has recently
forayed into retail business as Bharti Retail Pvt. Ltd. under a MoU with Wal-Mart for the cash & carry
business. It has successfully launched an international venture with EL Rothschild Group to export fresh agri
products exclusively to markets in Europe and USA and has launched Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company
Ltd under a joint venture with AXA, world leader in financial protection and wealth management.

Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited, India’s largest integrated and the first private telecom services
provider with a footprint in all the 23 telecom circles. Bharti Airtel since its inception has been at the forefront
of technology and has steered the course of the telecom sector in the country with its world class products
and services. The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into three individual strategic business
units (SBU’s) - Mobile Services, Airtel Telemedia Services & Enterprise Services. The mobile business
provides mobile & fixed wireless services using GSM technology across 23 telecom circles while the Airtel
Telemedia Services business offers broadband & telephone services in 94 cities. The Enterprise services
provide end-to-end telecom solutions to corporate customers and national & international long distance
services to carriers. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand.

Our Brand

Airtel was born free, a force unleashed into the market with a relentless and unwavering determination to
succeed. A spirit charged with energy, creativity and a team driven “to seize the day” with an ambition to
become the most globally admired telecom service. Airtel, after just ten years, has risen to the pinnacle of

As India's leading telecommunications company Airtel brand has played the role as a major catalyst in
India's reforms, contributing to its economic resurgence.

Today we touch peoples lives with our Mobile services, Telemedia services, to connecting India's leading
1000+ corporates. We also connect Indians living in USA with our callhome service.

Corporate Responsibility at Bharti Airtel


At Bharti, CSR is a way of life. Each department and employee strives to be sensitive to the stakeholders
and environment within their work context. Bharti encourages employees to take decisions and design
business-linked processes that are sensitive to communities and environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Bharti encompasses much more than only social outreach
programs. It is an integral part of the way Bharti conducts its business. The essence of Bharti’s commitment
to Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in the ‘Corporate Values’, which stem from its deepest held
beliefs. These Values are:

• To be responsive to the needs of our customers

• To trust and respect our employees

• To continuously improve our services – innovatively and expeditiously

• To be transparent and sensitive in our dealings with all stakeholders

We encourage our employees to take decisions and design business processes, keeping in mind the

• Ethics, fairness and being correct

• Meeting and going beyond compliances and legal requirements

• Showing respect and sensitivity towards stakeholders and communities, and

• Nurturing the environment

We practice our CSR beliefs and commitments through a three-pronged approach:

• Engaging with stakeholders

• Ensuring stakeholder sensitive policies and practices

• Undertaking programs for our employees, community and environment

Bharti Airtel sensitizes its employees towards CSR issues at various forums. We feel that it is important that
each employee should understand the importance of environmental, social and economical aspects while
taking business decisions. At Bharti, each employee is sensitized towards CSR issues and thus operations
at the ground level are influenced. Such sensitization exercises have resulted in many socially and
environmentally sensitive decisions on the ground. For example, Confidence Plan for hearing impaired
people, covers noise-making DG sets at extra cost, investing in consumer awareness campaigns to ensure
safe use of mobile are some examples of the above.


Incorporated on July 7, 1995, Bharti Tele-Ventures Ltd (BTVL) is one of four diversified
companies that form Bharti Enterprises. The company is engaged in the operation of
telecommunications networks and services, providing fixed-line and mobile services.

BTVL is the single largest private telecommunications operator in India by number of

customers. The company has interests of varying sizes in mobile, fixed-line, and long-
distance, covering both domestic and international services, and very small aperture terminal
(VSAT), Internet, and network solutions. As of September 30, 2004, BTVL was serving a total
of 9.47 million customers, including 8.7 million mobile and 765,000 broadband and telephone
service clients.

In September 2004, BTVL unified its services under its flagship brand AirTel. This resulted in
four operating units for the company, namely AirTel Mobile Services, AirTel Telephone and
Broadband Services, AirTel Long Distance Services, and AirTel Enterprise Services.

As of March 30, 2004, BTVLs major investors/shareholders included: Bharti Telecom Ltd
(46.40%); total foreign investment in BTVL (47.43%) including major shareholders like Pastel
Ltd, a subsidiary of Singapore Telecom (15.95%); Warburg Pincus (through its investment
company Brentwood Investment Holdings Ltd) (18.52%); New York Life Insurance; Asian
Infrastructure Fund Group; and International Finance Corporation.


ITIs Company Intelligence Reports provide essential information on network operators and
equipment manufacturers. The reports are concise and easy to read, outlining the companys
recent activities and corporate strategy, and providing essential financial performance data
and contact details. These in-depth reports allow you to understand recent developments in
the context of the companys whole operation.

Each Company Intelligence Report includes:

• Company Snapshot & Summary - Key Executives, Head Office addresses and
telephone numbers, corporate web site and summary of company foundation and
• Financial Performance - Financial results for last four quarters (revenues, income,
EBITDA, Net income, CapEx, Assets), including revenues by service area and
geography where available. Annual results for last five years; breakdown of revenues
by geographic and business areas, notes to financials, commentary on significant
changes in the companys performance.
• Corporate Structure & Strategy - corporate structure and key lines of business, plus
subsidiary listing. Analysis of stated corporate strategy, past and future.
• Recent Developments - Listing and commentary of key events impacting recent
performance and corporate direction.
• Timeline of Significant Events - information on the companys short-term strategy.
• Operating Statistics - Numbers of Business and Residential exchange lines,
connections and subscribers for Fixed-line, Mobile and Broadband services. Including
(where available) traffic and revenue by type
• SWOT Analysis - Our Analysts view of the Companies Strengths, Weaknesses,
Opportunities and Threats
• Networks & Services - a summary of network infrastructure and capital expenditure
plans; equipment supply contracts; domestic and international sections, covering more
detailed information on switching, transmission, data, and mobile infrastructure,
including network statistics. Network maps are provided where available. A summary
of services is also provided, with emphasis on new and innovative services.
Business Divisions

Bharti Airtel offers GSM mobile services in all the 23-telecom circles of India and is the largest mobile
service provider in the country, based on the number of customers.


The group focuses on delivering telecommunications services as an integrated offering including mobile,
broadband & telephone, national and international long distance and data connectivity services to corporate,
small and medium scale enterprises.


The group offers high speed broadband internet with a best in class network. With Landline services in 94
cities we help you stay in touch with your friends & family and the world.


The Company compliments its mobile and broadband & telephone services with national and international
long distance services. It has over 35,016 route kilometers of optic fibre on its national long distance
network. For international connectivity to east, it has a submarine cable landing station at. For international
connectivity to the west, the Company is a member of the South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe – 4
(SEA-ME-WE-4) consortium along with 15 other global telecom operators.

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We offer you mobile solutions Our Voice services give you Manage your business more
targeted for your business the right tools, to suit the efficiently and effectively, with
needs. We create price plans needs of small, medium and Airtel’s Office Solutions, Easy
that work for your business large enterprises and to stay Mail and Data Card.
along with a range of features . ahead.

Know more Know more Know more

We bring you a comprehensive We offer you a range of We provide you connectivity,

suite of data technologies for services that help to keep your where ever you take your
all your strategic connectivity business running 24x7. business. Our Satellite
needs. Services bring you the benefits
of access in remote locations.
Know more Know more Know more
India's first private long Get the communication
distance communications solutions, your business
service provider with world- needs, to stay connected
class Voice and Data worldwide with our
communication services. International Services.

Know more Know more

Office Solutions

Manage your business more efficiently and effectively, with Airtel’s Office Solutions, Easy Mail and Data
Office Solutions include:

Manage your business more With Airtel’s Wireless Internet, Our Email on the go enables you
efficiently and effectively, with our you have the freedom to access to access information on your
Office Services. the Internet anytime, anywhere moblie. You can choose from
across India. It enables Internet, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile
Email, and Office applications 5.0 depending upon the
with real-timesecure VPN access requirement.
Know more to corporate applications whilst on
the move. Know more

Know more

E-Business Services

We offer an internationally benchmarked, carrier class hosting, storage and business continuity services.A
range of services that help to keep your business running the way you want- 24x7. Thanks to our world-
class high tech Data Centers.
E-Business Services include:

We offer Web Hosting Co-locate your Servers with We offer a complete disaster
Services, a one-stop-shop for an international quality management solution
all your web requirements. standard IDC. covering all the dynamics of
risk to your business.
Know more Know more Know more

Managed Hosting
Here are some of the most compelling reasons why most of the
businesses today prefer to outsource their hosting requirement than
reinventing the wheel themselves:
Large investment required
Both in terms of the network infrastructure and skilled
manpower for it costs 5 to 6 times more to build a state-of-
the-art data center on your own than to outsource. Think
of staffing experts on 24 x 7 schedule for all the network
management and monitoring, which a network of that
scale, would require.
Lead time to host is reduced considerably

The change in web traffic can be unexpectedly high at times yet you need
to accommodate every customer that happens to type in your URL on the
Browser and not be lacking, in terms of capacity at any point in time. And
for this you need a network with great bandwidth where in you pay only for
the bandwidth you need to use leading to optimum utilization It makes
perfect sense for you to host with Web Hosting Service from Airtel for it is a
reliable and secure service at an extremely competitive price. Besides, you
have multiple options to choose from. Pick the one that suits your
requirements the best. Not to forget the value added features and
managed services we offer, once you choose to host with us. The Internet
Data Centre (IDC) is of international standard. Reason why, we sign up a
Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99 per cent uptime. We make sure that
all visitors to your site are served in an instant. And this translates into
repeat visits. Host with our Web Hosting Service. It's the one-stop-shop for
all your web requirements

Co-Location services
You can make use of our state-of-the-art infrastructure by co-locating your
server at our Internet Data Centre. With our co-location services, you not
only rent space at one of the best data centres but avail 24x7 monitoring,
maintenance and administrative support as well. Our co-location services
have the flexibility to grow in accordance with growth in your online

BCR services
It is a limitless world. And today, organizations have realized the
importance of a firm and reliable infrastructure. E-business has not only
revolutionized the way organizations perceive situations, but also provided
the critical proficiency to react in coach on demand. In today’s
comprehensive connected business market, a reliable and responsive e-
business infrastructure is indispensable to the success of a business

Each business needs to have resilience at various stages of internal

infrastructure to protect the business from the dangers of technological,
social and environmental factors. Every organization needs a pervasive
overview of all its functions on a multitude of levels and to access the
requirement accordingly.

We have united to offer the complete disaster management solution

covering all the dynamics of risk to your business.

Today’s global economy demands 24x7 operations availability. Systems

downtime can often result in lost Revenue, lost productivity, lost
opportunities, customer dissatisfaction, and even a weakened market
position. Eliminating these availability issues and inhibitors and increasing
the reliability and availability of business-critical systems have become
paramount in modern business environments.

If you aim to move closer to a continuous operations environment, We can

help reduce unplanned outages, reduce or potentially eliminate planned
outages, and help lower the cost associated with downtime, by identifying
availability issues, inhibitors and exposures, and delivering a
comprehensive set of recommended improvements and tailored solutions

Satellite Services

We are leading providers of broadband IP satellite services and DAMA/PAMA services in India. Our
solutions support audio, video and voice applications on demand. All this to help you run your

Satellite Services include:

We bring to you, VSATs for reliable network Our VPN services enable organisations to run
connectivity to run your mission-critical applications. broadband applications that deliver a wide range of
advanced, value-added services over a converged

Know more
VSAT Connectivity

Our shared VSAT Hub Services brings best of the products to suit your requirements for voice, video and data
transmission. Our VSAT gives you reliable network connectivity to run mission-critical applications like Internet
access, broadcast and multicast networks for stock market applications, distance education networks and
mobile VSATs applications for DSNG services. We have extensive experience in designing and operating VSAT
networks for your CUG networks, high-speed broadcast and on-demand business requirements. Thus, enabling
you to conduct business@ease.

We provide best of the breed VSAT products, available in Ext-C and KU bands on INSAT3B, GE-1A Satellites.
Our offerings include, SCPC/PAMA, DAMA, FTDMA services as suitable for your various applications and
requirements which includes point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and meshed networks.

Product Features and Specifications of Our VSAT Service

Multiple hubs at Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi.
Network Architecture depends on products, both options of star and mesh options available.
Infrastructure capable of providing advantages of both Ext C band or Ku band for customised
Multiple protocols supported to suite customers unique requirements like IP, X.25, SDLC, HDLC, VoIP,
Outbound varies upto maximum of 5Mbps with various modulations like QPSK, DVB supported.
Inbound varies upto maximum of 2Mbps with various modulations techniques used, like MSK, FTDMA on
different platforms.

"Click To Enlarge Image"

FEC rate is once again depending on product chosen varies between 1/2, 3/4, 7/8
IFew products are ideal fit for real time applications like video streaming, interactive sessions, and voice
based applications.

Benefits of our VSAT Service

Proximity to your HQs:We have strategically located our hub at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore as most of
the corporate headquarters and their data centres are located in these cities. Our proximity to you helps us
serve you better and offer single-hop solutions and international connectivity.

High reliability: The hardware used in our systems has the highest industry recorded MTBF of 10 years.
This backed by multiple redundancies at our Hub (in terms of switches, power supplies etc.) ensure that
we provide you with a guaranteed uptime of 99.5%, making our service most reliable for supporting
mission-critical applications.

Leading Integrated Solution Provider: Besides providing world class VSAT Service, we can also take
care of your complete networking and communications requirements by offering a suite of data services
like IPLC, VPN, Internet, Hosting etc.

Customised Offerings: We bring best of the breed products, each suitable for set of applications based
on your unique requirements.

Built-in security: Our solutions are based on various FTDMA access techniques. Unlike standard SCPC
systems, it uses different frequency carriers at different points in time making it impossible to tap
conversation or the data transferred through the link. So, you get the advantage of secure information
transfer over our VSAT network.

Bandwidth on demand: The bandwidth channels can be regulated depending on your application
requirements. The bandwidth can be configured in a way to maximise its usage in customer network.
24/7 support: Our Network Operations Centre is equipped to offer remote diagnostics and fault
monitoring to guarantee timely support to you. For instance, a remote VSAT is monitored right up to the
port level of the user equipment. Port level monitoring provides for better diagnostics and therefore
enhanced support.

Carrier Services

We are India's first private long distance communications service provider with world-class Voice and Data
communication services.
Carrier Services include:

We bring you a With our extensive network , We offer you a range of

comprehensive suite of we have consistently held services in partnership with
Domestic data technologies. market leadership in International Carriers.
transporting voice traffic.

Know more Know more Know more

Now stay connected even We offer you a host of We have proven capabilities
when you roam services for your networking in Service Delivery, Service
internationally, with Our requirements. Assurance, Remote
International Voice Services. Management and Network

Know more Know more Know more

Domestic Data
We bring you a comprehensive suite of data technologies. Our capabilities
in this area enable us to provide support for all types of networks and
ensure that you can move your network to superior technologies,

These services include :

Globally, MPLS-based IPVPNs have emerged as the next generation of
internetworking for enterprise connectivity. MPLS technology brings in the
sophistication of a connection-oriented protocol to the connectionless IP
world, thereby enabling IP networks to support business grade
We were the first Carrier in India to deploy a widespread ATM
infrastructure for voice and data services to provide a quality service to our
customers and have a scalable backbone in place.

Enterprise Internet
A Class - An ISP in India,we have got Points of Presence (PoPs) in all the
major business locations of the country. With thirty-four PoPs in strategic
business locations,we have been providing you with ubiquitous
connectivity to the internet.

We provide IPLCs jointly with SingTel on the Network i2i. This armored
cable is the largest cable in the world in terms of the capacity of 8.4 Tbps.

Leased Lines
Ourl Leased Lines are dedicated, secure point-to-point Layer 1 circuits
providing a private and secure connection between two or more locations
in your network, making them an ideal solution for connections that are
time and content sensitive.

Metro Ethernet
Our Metro Ethernet Service enables you to link your multiple sites within
the same city with ease, using MPLS backbone. It also gives you the
scalability and flexibility to connect to other cities using your WAN network.

Domestic Voice
We have held a market leadership in transporting voice traffic both at national
and international levels, and have been delivering our services flawlessly,
despite the growth in traffic.

Domestic Voice Transport and Termination

With the extensive countrywide network footprint, we have consistently held a
topmost position in transporting voice traffic; with its extensive interconnect
arrangements, IN platform, efficient SS7 signaling network. Voice calls are
collected from Access provider's switches for domestic long distance
transport; using our own transport media, connecting long distance switches
and terminating to the desired destinations through interconnect
arrangements. We have set a market example for providing congestion free
call transport within its network, despite exponential growth in traffic. Regular
performance profiling and monitoring is carried out and fortnightly feedback is
provided to Access providers for performance improvement.

Interconnect Arrangements
Being long Distance Operator, we have established interconnect arrangement
with access providers (fixed line providers, GSM operators and CDMA
operators), for establishing points of interconnect for collection & termination
of voice traffic. Constant planning and monitoring with threshold and traffic
profile based upgrade triggers is carried out, to keep the utilization of the
point of interconnect under control and to handle any surge in traffic

C7 Signaling
We have robust and extensive signaling platform from Tellek, with STPs in
the Long Distance network. The STPs are deployed in resilient configuration,
with one at the capital city Delhi, and other at southern gateway of Chennai,
to cater to the entire signaling needs of the Access Providers. The links with
STP are capable to carry high volume of signaling traffic without any failure
and are able to complete voice calls and send/receive SMSs and enable
them to roam in each other's network. Redundancy is ensured while providing
links to the Access providers by using diverse paths in the long distance
network so that at any point of time there will not be a total outage of
signaling links. Both ISUP and SCCP traffic are handled by STPs effectively.

International Voice
Now stay connected even when you roam internationally, with Airtel's
International Voice Services.

Wholesale voice termination

We have been the first private ILDO in India and thus provide exclusive
origination and termination from and to India, respectively. We are connected
to all Indian Operators and provide termination to all in India. Similarly, we
handle nearly 15 million minutes, per day.

Global Hubbing
We, with our vast number of interconnects (200+), provides a robust platform
for buying & selling international voice termination. This includes multitude of
direct interconnects with Tier1 carriers and mobile operators, 10+ Related Links
international POPs, coverage of 100% of the globe with state of the art real-
time monitoring and billing infrastructure.

SMS Hubbing
We have interconnects with 450+ international operators around the world
with End-2-End signaling links with the respective Operators/ILD Carriers.
This provides opportunity for SMS Hubbing to all International Operators, with
fully functional STPs with real-time monitoring of SMS / C7 signaling

C7 Signaling
We have interconnects with 200+ International Carriers with 450+
International Operators with End-2-End signaling links. Thus, we provide a C7
Our Networks
signaling hub as a one-stop-shop for international roaming, to operators
around the world. Technology Partners
Key Customers
Airtel CallHome Service Partnering with Us
Airtel CallHome Service is an international long distance calling service from
Airtel - India 's leading private telecommunications group. Trusted by over 30 For Enquiries
million customers, our services span from Mobile services to connecting India Airtel Advantage
's leading 1000 corporates. Airtel CallHome offers you a very good quality E-Brochures
voice at a most competitive rate with no hidden charges.

International Toll Free Service [ITFS]

This service enables caller to make international calls without paying hefty
IDD charges. The call and service charges are borne by the receiving party.
The service is especially useful for you when you want to let your customers
call you free of charge.

Wholesale calling card

For Indian travelers visiting other countries this card comes handy. You can
purchase WCC pay in Indian rupees and use them in the visiting country,
without spending in foreign currency. Wholesale calling cards are available in
multiple denominations.

Home Country direct

This service is very useful for overseas travelers visiting India, as the call is
charged to home country number. This avoids high roaming charges and on-
the-spot cash payment. The visitor can call their own country numbers by
dialing short digit code and get connected to their numbers and vice-versa.
The home country party pays the money in their own currency to the home
country service provider. This service works on bilateral and we have
interconnect partners in all major countries around the globe to support this

Global Routing
We have 10+ Global POPs along with 4+ International Gateways and 15+
National Switch Presence, with a completely End-2-End automated solution
for optimized routing (Commercials and Quality ASRs/ACDs). With added
features of NGN switches across all its switch locations, we provide a
complete state of the art routing infrastructure.

Premium routes with guaranteed CLI

We have interconnects with 200+ interconnect partners including
Incumbents / Tier1 carriers and mobile operators. Additionally, we have
special arrangement with carriers, providing CLI termination to various
countries. CLI termination is a delight factor for retail subscribers with a
proven record of low churn where CLI is visible on international roaming.
Airtel is a pioneer in this product and guarantees CLI to 150+ countries and is
available to all its retail customers.


Check out the exciting features you can enjoy with an Airtel Postpaid Connection:

Easy Billing
Easy Payment Options. Anytime, Anywhere.
Credit Limit
Strong Network Coverage
Long Distance Calling Facility
Widest Roaming (National and International)
GPRS - Roaming
Say it. In more than just words
Reach Us Anytime Anywhere

Easy Billing
Enjoy a host of rich features only with Airtel e-bill. Register free on ‘My Airtel’ section and view your monthly bill with
call details for last three months. Sort your calls between personal and official or analyze your usage, at the click of
a button. To change your tariff plan call our IVR at 121 and leave a request, you can also send in your requests
through email 121@airtelindia.com, log your request on My Airtel section of the website or SMS the change to 121.


Easy Payment Options. Anytime Anywhere

You can choose from a host of convenient payment options only with Airtel. Walk into any Airtel relationship centre
and make your payments by cash or credit card. Drop a cheque at any of the drop boxes for making payments or
simply log on to My Airtel section and pay instantly through your credit card. You can also opt for easy payment
options like:

Standing Instructions
You can give us standing instructions to debit your credit card account for your monthly Airtel bills. All you have to
do is fill the Standing Instruction Form and mail, fax it to us or drop it any of our relationship centres.

Electronic Clearing System

Fill an ECS form and mail, fax it to us or drop it any of our relationship centres to directly debit your bank account
for your monthly Airtel bill.

Pay while roaming

Airtel has introduced 'Anywhere payment' that offers you the convenience of making payments while you roam.
Walk in to any Airtel Relationship Centre in the country, make payments by cash or credit card and enjoy
uninterrupted Airtel Services.


Credit limit
Your pre-set credit limit mentioned on your monthly bill helps you keep your mobile charges in control, keeps track
of your usage and ensures that your mobile phone is not misused. Should you exceed your credit limit, you will be
informed via a voice or a non-voice message to make an interim payment and reduce your account balance below
your credit limit. You may also choose to pay us an additional refundable deposit to enhance your credit limit or opt
for our convenient payment method of Credit Card Standing instruction .You can also make use of ECS facility.


Strong Network Coverage

Enjoy complete clarity when calling with Airtel .It offers you world class technology and unbreakable network
coverage that spans over 23 circles across the country.


Long Distance Calling Facility

Call long distance calls in India and Overseas with STD / ISD facility on your Airtel phone. Click here for more
information on STD/ISD rates.


Widest Roaming - National and International

Airtel's roaming service allows you to stay connected and use your mobile phone to make or receive calls from
almost anywhere in India and also over 160 countries, abroad. Click here for more information on Airtel Roaming.

GPRS - Roaming
Use Airtel Postpaid's GPRS services, while roaming, to access the internet and office mails (eg. BlackBerry
services), from almost anywhere in India and abroad. Click here for more information on Airtel’s GPRS Roaming.


Say it. In more than just words, with Services from Airtel
Airtel brings you a wide range of Services that will change the way you communicate. Try them and discover a
whole new world of fun and excitement.

Call management Services

Call waiting, call hold, call divert and Caller Line Identification Presentation, help you do more with your Airtel
Postpaid connection!

Conference call
You can hold a teleconference with 5 people simultaneously with Call Conferencing service from Airtel. In fact, you
can set up a conference even when the other five are using a landline phone. To know more, call customer service
at 121.

Missed call alert

A missed call alert is a SMS that you will receive for all the calls that you missed. The SMS will detail the CLI and
the time when the call was made. To activate, dial *135*2# then press the call button and wait for the request to be

Voice Mail
When your handset is switched off, or you’re too busy to answer the phone, Airtel Voicemail will answer your calls
and record a message. The best part is that there's no extra monthly cost for setting up Voicemail - you just pay for
the phone call when you use the service.

SMS (Short Messaging Service)

Send messages quickly and easily, using text, if it's too noisy to talk or you don't have much time. It's the way to
Share those interesting one-liners, important reminders and rib-tickling jokes, with anyone, anytime, anywhere in
the world.

Subscription Alerts
Get regular alerts on news, jokes, business, health and films on your Airtel mobile phone with Subscription
Services. SMS <SUB NEWS> for News, <SUB JOKE> for Jokes, <SUB BIZ> for Business News, <SUB SPO> for
Sports Alerts & <SUB VAASTU> for Vaastu tips to 53333.

MMS (Multi-media Messaging Service):

Jazz up your messages with pictures, images and video clippings, with MMS from Airtel! To activate MMS on your
phone, SMS 'MMS' to 56465 and save service settings.

Airtel Live!
Make your mobile the most happening entertainment destination with Airtel Live! Airtel brings you the latest in
entertainment and information services, right on your phone!
Airtel Live! WAP Services: Download the latest ringtones, games, wallpapers, videos and much more. You can
also get news clips, watch live TV and download full songs on you phone! To get Airtel Live! settings on your phone
SMS 'Live' to 56465 and save the settings that you receive as your preferred connection. Airtel Live! Portal can be
accessed from you GPRS enabled phone, by sending a SMS 'FUN' to 56465.
Airtel Live! Voice Services: Just Dial 56465 and say the name of the service. For e.g. say ‘Ring tones’ to
download your favourite ring tones. You can also choose a variety of content options like Live Cricket Commentary,
latest National / International News, Movie Reviews or Stock Market Updates.
Airtel Live! SIM Services: Access loads of fun content and exciting services like cricket, stocks, on your phone at
the touch of a few buttons with Airtel Live! SIM based Services on your SIM card menu. To download new services
on your Airtel SIM, choose the "What's new" option under the "Airtel services" menu.
Airtel Live! SMS Services: You can enjoy a host of services by sending a keyword as an SMS to 56465 ! Choose
Astrology / Horoscope, Cricket, Bollywood / Hollywood / Indi Pop Ring tones. In case you need assistance SMS
‘Help’ to 56465.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Services)

Log on to the internet, with GPRS that allows data transmission at a higher speed. Access e-mails and internet
across Airtel's pan-India presence using 'Mobile Office' with your phone or a phone and laptop both.

Get the EDGE

Browse the internet on your mobile phone with Airtel's EDGE services. Enjoy live TV, enhanced WAP experience
and Airtel Data Cards on our high speed network.

Hello Tunes
Tired of that boring old ‘tring tring’ on your phone? Well now when a friend calls, you can make them groove to the
hottest new tracks burning up the music charts with Hello Tunes from Airtel! You get a wide choice of songs in the
Popular & New Arrivals categories that are updated regularly. What's more, you can directly call the number for
your kind of music, e.g. call 678005 for ‘English New’ and 678001 for ‘Hindi New’. This would directly take you to
your favourite artist's Hello Tunes listing. Click here for more information on Hello Tunes.

Copy a Hello Tunes

Like a tune you want, all you have to do is call 55055 and follow the simple voice instructions to copy your favourite
Hello Tunes. Once inside the copy feature, just key in the 10-digit Airtel mobile number you want to copy the Hello
Tune from and you get the same Hello Tune assigned to your number.

Gift a Hello Tunes

Forget gifting chocolates, flowers and greeting cards. Say it with a song instead! Gift a Hello Tune to that special
someone. Just call 55055 and choose the song that you want to gift. Follow the simple voice instructions and key in
the 10-digit Airtel mobile number that you want to gift the Hello Tune to. You will get an SMS notification upon
successful receipt of that gift.

Buy Music - Airtel Music Shops

Buying your favourite Hello Tune or Ringtone is as simple as recharging your phone with talktime. Simply walk into
your nearest Airtel Shop and walk out with your favourite song. Choose from Bollywood Hits to Indipop Remixes,
Hard Rock to Gujrati Garba, Bhajans to Jazz, Bhangra Beats to foot tapping Tamil Hits from a list of more than
18000 songs.

It's as simple as

1. Choose your favourite song from the music catalogue available with the retailer
2. Retailer will just press a few keys on his phone and download a song (Hello Tunes or Ringtone) to your
mobile phone. In the case of Hello Tunes you will be required to dial 674 (toll free) to confirm acceptance
of the song
3. You will also get an SMS confirming the successful download of your song.
4. Finally you can pay the retailer for the song and walk out...as simple as that.


Reach us, Anytime Anywhere

In case you need assistance, dial '121' - our toll-free number, accessible from anywhere in the country, even while
roaming. You can also send us an SMS to 121 or mail us at 121@airtelindia.com.
*In case of email, mention your mobile no. like 9810012345 in the subject of the mail for a quicker response.

Best Value Plan

We also offer �Best Value Plan' to our customers; get in touch with our customer support to know yours.