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City of Irvine Experiences the Fear of First

Local Serial Killer

By Kaela Lowery, CNN
Updated 3:43 PM ET, Mon November 20, 2017

Irvine (CNN) As of early Sunday morning,

Irvine Police Department discovered another
body in relation to the ongoing murder
investigation. Despite efforts in increasing the
amount of officers on patrol, the body count
has been brought to five within the last three days. All victims have been
females with brunette hair.

The latest body was found heavily mutilated in front of the home of college
student who chooses to remain anonymous, in fear of being sought after. The
source found the body on the front porch while leaving to attend class. Despite
choosing to remain anonymous, the source was open to taking questions
regarding the experience.

At first, the individual was hesitant to call 911 in fear of missing class, so
pictures of the body and placement were taken instead. Once in class, a fellow
student saw the pictures on the phone out of the corner of his eye and called
the police from class.

After interviews with the police the story was

resolved, I was just so worried about making it to
class on time, I figured the pictures would suffice,
the source explained. The pictures have since been
confiscated and sent to the crime unit for further

The source further stated that, It must have been a personal crime. This was
not a simple murder spree. She must have really angered someone in order to
get that destroyed. Same with the other women; none of this is random. This
insight from local students is just a speck in terms of the fear instilled in the

Irvine is known for being one of the safest cities to live in and the terror of this
serial killer has already decreased city revenue. The vibe is so different around
campus, no one is ever alone or out after dark, the source added.

The search for the killer is ongoing and Irvine Police Department urges all
women to remain in groups and highly alert.

As of Monday morning, Irvine Police has the anonymous source addressed in

this article in custody for the murder of the latest victim and the other four.
Follow the link for an excerpt of the police interview confession.

November 20, 2017 at 2:00pm
1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606

PO = Police Officer
WI = Witness

PO: Please state your name and date of birth.

WI: Charles Whitney, uhh April 20th, 1995.
PO: Where were you the morning this morning? The time of death
of our victim was 8:00am.
WI: I...left my house to go to class from 8-9:50. Then yall
called me into here.
PO: Are you aware of why we called you in today?
WI: Um, probably because that kid next to me in class saw the
pictures on my phone.
PO: Would you please provide an explanation for those pictures.
WI: I told the reporter. I saw the body before I headed to
class, took the pictures so I could report the incident after I
got out. Then that kid decided to freak out before I had a
chance to explain.
PO: You saw the body prior to class, most would immediately call
it in in fear. How did it not phase you?
WI: Ugh, I had class! Im trying to graduate, Im not gonna miss
class over some dead girls body.
PO: You realize those pictures make you a prime suspect?
WI: Yall have my phone and Im sitting here, so yeah I see
PO: The timestamp of the taken photos is 7:48. That implies you
took the photos far before leaving for class. Everything leads
us to you being the murderer. Did you take the pictures as a
keepsake? Where are the photos of the others?
WI: Wheres my attorney?
November 20, 2017 at 7:00pm
1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606

PO = Police Officer
WI = Witness
DA = Defense Attorney

DA: My defendant will be pleading guilty to the latest murder

but does not claim responsibility to the prior murders.
PO: We found more evidence on his phone of photographs of the
other victims.
WI: Bro, I told you. Some creep sent me them.
DA: Mr. Whitney, please let me handle this.
PO: The pictures can not be traced to any other individual.
WI: Fine, yeah I murdered all those girls. Theyre whores yet
they wouldnt even go out to dinner with me. I did UCI a favor,
less STDs to be spread around.
WI: Nah, fuck it. I did yall a favor. I dont feel bad.