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This evaluation needs to be completed by Friday 8th December.

LO1 This learning objective was researching your

What have you been asked to In this topic we had been asked to film a short film.
do? The shortest it could be was 3 minutes and the longest
it could be was 5.
What specialism did you choose I chose camera work as my specialism as, I have
and why? How are you hoping it never really learnt how to film properly. And wanted
will help to improve your future to improve skills. This will help my future work as I now
know how to manipulate different techniques to show
the audience a key part in the production.
What did you find out about your In my research I found different techniques and how
specialism through research? they will change my final outcome. I found videos on
YouTube that helped me learn these skills, I then
practised them and uploaded them to my website. I
chose to look at focus pull, crash zooms and canted
angles in my final piece.
Which professionals did you I chose to contact a younger professional called Luis
contact and why did you choose Hindman, he works at pinewood studios creating
them? Did you receive a reply music videos and short films. I received a very good
reply from him explaining exactly how and what he
from them?
did to get to the place he was at today. This task
really informed me of what I would have to do later
on if I wanted to take it further and follow the route he
High Grade Tips

Look to use these terms in order to improve the analysis of your own work.

Relevant and coherent make sure your research sources are not just the same as the
media product you hope to make and talk about how they inform your planning.
Sustained continue your research throughout the 4 week project and dont just limit
Efficient production against timescales how is your planning helping you to meet your
LO2 For this learning objective you worked on planning
and production
What techniques did you choose I chose to research focus pull, crash zooms, canted
to research? How will these help angles, out of focus lights, opening shot, dolly zooms
you to develop your skills in this and establishing shot. From this list I chose crash zoom,
focus pull and canted angles. I chose these as they
would give me knowledge on how to start and set
new locations.
Where and why are these I chose to use the crash zoom when I hit the tree, I did
techniques used? this to make it look like it had knocked me back off
my feet. This makes it look like I was going quick, as if I
was really scared of what was going on.
How did analysing examples of Analysing these techniques helped as many
the technique in use help you? examples only showed how to do them by using pro
equipment. And By researching them further I found
ways to pull of the shot without the expert equipment.
How did you find experimenting When experimenting it took me a while to properly set
with your techniques? up the shot and making it look effective. The practise
was useful as after a while I was able to pull of the
shots without taking ages each time I wanted to film.
Did you encounter any problems When doing the crash zooms I came across a
when practicing your techniques? problem, the problem was that when I zoomed in it
How did you overcome these would be out of focus. By testing out different things
to overcome this I found that, if you zoom in first then
focus on the object, and zoom out then film the crash
zoom it worked a lot better and stayed in focus.
High Grade Tips

Look to use these terms in order to improve the analysis of your own work.

Considered and capable demonstration of processes detailed documentation of your

production process such as still images, and annotated screenshots of your specific
production and editing process including what and why and not just how.
LO3 This learning objective was researching your
What style of film did you choose I chose to do a horror film as I couldnt come up with
to display your techniques in? any ideas. In the end I came up with a first-person
Why did you feel this would allow chase scene. The story of the short film I did was bad.
But I think the camera work and use of techniques I
you to demonstrate them?
used were good. As filming was my specialism I will
only be graded on that.
How do you feel the filming and I think the filming went well and the editing. It was
editing process went? hard filming as I only had 2 hours after getting home
to film before it got too dark. I was bale to do the
editing quickly as I worked on it at college as well as
What do you feel you have learnt I have learnt how to properly plan and set up shots.
from this unit? Before this I used to just come up the shots and angles
on the spot. After this I feel a lot more confident about
planning my future projects.
How will you use what you have This project will help me in the future as I will be able
learnt in future productions? to take the skills I learnt and put them into future
productions. It will also help me with my time
management as working alone I have to plan