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Nguyen Thanh Dat

140/65/7 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 17 , Binh Thanh District

Tel: 0912 66 49 49
Email: masterchiefvn@gmail.com


Full name: Nguyen Thanh Dat

Date of birth: September 24th, 1993
Place of birth: Quang Nam
Material status: single
Mobile: 0912 66 49 49
Email: masterchiefvn@gmail.com


- Learn more things when working for multinational companies to accumulate much
experience for future promotion;
- Completing the course of law master and the course of Lawyer Trainning in the next
fourth years

Ho Chi Minh City University off law: specialized in Law Studies (2011-2015)
Course 36;
Vietnamese American Vocational Training College: Communication English (From
September to December of 2014);
Foreign language centre of foreign trade university: business English (2012-2014).

Certificate of English: TOEIC 590;
Bachelor of Law
1. From October 2016 to Present: Working for Home Credit Viet Nam (size: more
than 10.000 persons)
Position: Security Specialist
Key Responsibilities:
- Investigates fraud cases by using company equipment as hidden camera, recorder,
investigative techniques or field investigation to collect appropriate information/
- Engage in appropriate security processes such Mystery shopping and investigation.
- Recuit, manage and train collaborator for Mystery shopping to check employees
morale, performance.
- Plan business trip pursuant to company finance polices.
- Establish, develop and maintain contacts with related authorities.
- Implementing anti-fraud action plan.
2. From March 2016 to October 2016: Working for DONGA Money Transfer .,ltd.
(size: more than 300 persons)
Position: Legal & Compliance Officer in Risk Management & Compliance Department
Key Responsibilities:
- attend meetings with counterparts /other third parties; represent company in negotiations
process and for the litigation procedures at the Court/Arbitrations.
- internal control, keep and ensure that all members and embrace companys polices,
workflows , procedures.
- supporting the implementation of labor discipline.
- To receive and resolve the legal issues arising with state agencies.
- Advise and implementation of procedures relating to Debt collection and handling of
security assets.
- Counseling, drafting the company's contract.
- Depth research of the regulations on the overseas remittance services, foreign currency,
the provisions of Prevention of Money Laundering and Prevention of Terrorism.
- Consulting, advising the legal issues related to labor policy, labor Discipline.
3. From March 2014 to March 2016: working for SaiGon Gia Dinh Law Office
Position: Legal Assistant to Chief Lawyer ( Lawyer Mrs.Le Nguyen Thuyen Quyen)
Key Responsibilities:
Assist for lawyer to prepare legal documents/ agreements/contracts.
Prepare to provide legal advice and implement legal solutions on litigation, arbitration
and other practices to corporate and individual Clients cases; Consulting about all
problems arising during the process of construction implementation such as payment
problem, suspension of work, termination of the contract, contract liquidation,
compensation problem;
Attend meetings with clients/other third parties; represent clients in negotiations process
and for the litigation procedures at the Court/Arbitration;
Establish and maintain contacting with clients to identify and understand clients
Liaise with courts, governmental authorities to seek the related information and/or the
required proofs for the handled cases as well as to follow up the on going cases;
To update Legal documents such as Labor law, Civil law, Enterprise law, trade law,
Investment law, Construction law, Environmental law, banking law, real estate
business law, Land Law.and the document which guiding to implement;
Drawing up the email to send the partner by English

4. From July, 2012 to March of 2014: working for Home Credit Viet Nam Co., Ltd
(Home Credit VN)
Position: Telesales officer
Key responsibilities: Consulted for Clients about Financial Loan


Fluent written and spoken Vietnamese;

Good Reading and Writing by English;
Computer skill: MS Word, Exel, Powerpoint, Access, Internet;
Understanding dramatically about Labor law, Civil law, Enterprise law, Trade law,
Investment law, Construction law, Environmental, Land law, real estate business
law, international trade agreements, Incoterm, UCP
Presentation skill;
Report skill;
Team work skill;
Analytical skill;
Negotiation skill;
Hard working, enthusiastic and have responsibility;
Adapting to new working environment easily.
Reading books and magazines of economics and banking and law;
Communicating with many people;
Listening to music and singing