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Brainloop Helps Businesses Identify Compliance Risks when Sharing Information

New white paper published by secure document collaboration vendor.

Boston, MA, August 31, 2010 -- Brainloop, the leading supplier of software solut
ions for high-security management of confidential documents ( http://www.brainlo
op.com ), today issued a white paper titled "Ten Questions to Identify Complianc
e Risks When Sharing Information." Authored by Cheryl Klein, CPA, CISA, CITP and
founder of GRC Consulting Services, the paper analyzes 10 common business scena
rios that expose companies to potential compliance risks when sharing documents
with partners, auditors, vendors, or any other individuals outside the corporate
Traditional information security controls provide protection behind the firewall
for most of a companyâ s documents, yet fail to address the issue of protecting docu
ments that must be shared outside the enterprise.
"Corporate and regulatory compliance policies require companies to ensure inform
ation flows are documented, auditable, and highly secure," said Klein. "Yet at t
he same time, companies must share sensitive information outside the firewall in
order to conduct business, which introduces serious potential information risk.
To help businesses address this challenge, the Brainloop ( http://www.brainloop.
com ) white paper presents 10 questions that help businesses identify compliance
risks and explore mitigation strategies, along with best practices suitable for
each scenario.
The questions guide businesses on how to deal with compliance regulations, and h
ow to interact with external auditors as well as regulatory bodies. The white pa
per also discusses extending centrally-defined policies to the departmental leve
l, implementing appropriate access controls for diverse document types and user
roles, managing personal information, and controlling external collaboration as
well as other security measures to consider.
"Identifying compliance risk is crucial because even the most conscientious peop
le can breach security policies unintentionally," added Klein. "People are human
, so itâ s critical to confirm document access with audit trails and logs to ensure c
ompliance regulations are followed correctly."
To view the Brainloop white paper, "Ten Questions to Identify Compliance Risks W
hen Sharing Information," visit: http://www.brainloop.com/Identifying_Compliance
About Brainloop:
Brainloop, ( http://www.brainloop.com ) with offices in Boston and Munich, is th
e leading supplier of software solutions for high-security document collaboratio
n. Brainloopâ s secure online workspace is a virtual document safe that enables secur
e filing, editing and distribution of highly confidential documents within a sin
gle company, and beyond. All contents are powerfully protected from unauthorized
internal or external attacks, and all actions within the application are docume
nted by a tamper-proof audit trail. Frequent uses include contract negotiations,
collecting data and compiling quarterly reports, collaboration with external au
ditors and counsel, and any other communication that contains confidential infor
Brainloop ( http://www.brainloop.com ) is used internationally by hundreds of re
nowned companies including BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Eurocopter, Galileo Industries
, Premiere and ThyssenKrupp. Leading law firms and investment banks use this sol
ution for the complete life cycle of M&A transactions. Strategic partners of Bra
inloop are HP, IZB, Microsoft and T-Systems Business Services. http://www.brainl
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