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Student/Parent Handbook

4200 57th Avenue
Bladensburg, MD 20710

(573) 634-3983

Table of Contents
Introduction Section
Letter from School Administrator..............................................................pg. 3-4
School Leadership Team..........................................................................pg. 5-6

Identification Section
Statement of Purpose...............................................................................pg. 7
Mission Statement....................................................................................pg. 7

Procedures Section
PGCPS 2014-2015 Calendar...................................................................pg. 8-9
BLHS Bell Schedule.pg. 10
Registration..............................................................................................pg. 11-12

Academics..........................................................................................................pg. 13-16
Graduation Requirements ..pg. 13
HSA................................................................................................pg. 14-15
Grading Policy .........pg. 15-16

Attendance...............................................................................................pg. 17-18
Student Conduct.......................................................................................pg. 18-19
BLHS Discipline Protocol.........................................................................pg. 19-20
Uniform Policy..........................................................................................pg. 20
Visitors .....................pg. 20
Change of Address...................................................................................pg. 20
Early Dismissal.........................................................................................pg. 20
Field Trips.................................................................................................pg. 20
Lost and found..........................................................................................pg. 20

Bladensburg High School
Office of the Principal
4200 57th Avenue, Bladensburg, Maryland 20710
Phone: 301-887-6700 Fax: 301-887-6710

August 1, 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

This year we will embark upon Mission Possible: Outstanding Academic

Achievement for All. As you have chosen to accept this mission, we will partner
to ensure it is accomplished. The vision of Bladensburg High School is for all
students to become globally competitive citizens through innovative and rigorously
challenging instruction that prepare students for college and career readiness. Our
vision will serve as the Global Positioning System (GPS) to navigate our journey.
The journey will begin on August 25th at 9:30a.m. for all 9th grade students. All
returning students will join us on August 26th.

We are excited about the new opportunities that await us this year grade level
academies for 9th & 10th grade students, electrical & carpentry technical courses,
and the academy of graphic arts, media & communication. We continue our goal
improve our ability to meet the needs of all students by effectively communicating
with parents and community stakeholders. Although we have made gains in our
students academic performance this year, we are not satisfied if any of our
students do not meet high standards. We are therefore meeting with and
providing surveys for parents, students, and staff to determine specific goals in
the areas of student achievement, school climate, and parent communication.
Meeting times and surveys will be accessible on the school website after August
20, 2014. Please feel free to call the school at 301.887.6700 or email my
assistant, Frances Stubbs at frances.stubbs@pgcps.org to RSVP, if you would like
to attend on any of the scheduled meetings. Over the course of the year, you will
be invited to work with us as we monitor our progress in these areas. We are
looking forward to building a strong parent-teacher-student-association that will
allow our team to review progress and gain parent input.

*Parent Conferences It is imperative that parents keep in close contact with

their childs teachers concerning his/her progress. Please schedule conferences
in advance through the counselor or directly with the teacher for a time that is
convenient for all, i.e., before or after school, during teacher planning periods,
etc. Our phone number is: 301-887-6700.

*Assistant Principals & School Counselors As we build relationships and
partnerships, please review the listing of grade level administrators and
professional school counselors.

Grades 9-10/A-I: Mr. J. Parker Assistant Principal; Ms. M. Roque School Counselor
Grades 9-10/J-R: Mr. T. Childs Assistant Principal; Ms. C. Christian School Counselor
Grades 9-10/S-Z: Ms. A. Alerich Assistant Principal; Ms. V. Morris School Counselor:
Grades 11-12/A-L: Mrs. F. Colbert Assistant Principal; Mrs. Pettigrew School Counselor
Grades 11-12/M-Z: Mr. C. Jackson Assistant Principal; Ms. C. Caruth-Hunt School
Behavior & Discipline /Repeaters (16+): Ms. T. Hall Assistant Principal; Vacant School

We will show our students how much we care for them by expecting all of them to
succeed and excel. Bell to bell instruction will begin on the first day of school.
School begins at 9:15a.m., and ends at 4:10p.m. From the first day of school
through the last day of school, you and your children will know, Bladensburg
Mustangs are Great by Choice!

Educationally yours,

Aisha Mahoney

2014-2015 School Instructional and Support Team
PRINCIPAL B. Aisha Mahoney

Amanda Alerich
Thomas Childs
Teresa Hall

Christopher Jackson
Jeffrey Parker


HSA PROJECTS Coordinator Shellie Davis/Shreta Coleman

MASTER SCHEDULER Coordinator Rico Paja

Dean of Discipline
Shreta Coleman
Pupil Personnel Worker
Leon Knight
Chairperson Gillian Caruth-Hunt
Counselor Cheyonne Christian
Counselor Vonda Morris
Counselor Samuel Okafor
Counselor Consuelo Pettigrew
Counselor Mary Rocque
Principals Secretary Frances Stubbs

Financial Secretary Bonnie Simms

Crystal Brooks
Main Office Receptionists Sherri Cox
SUPPORT STAFF Tarisha Gilmore
Yesenia Morales
Guidance Secretaries
Melissa Wells

Registrar Zaida Cole-Robinson

English Jason Jefferson

Mathematics Jeanet Elvira
Science Lucia Simpson
Social Studies Stacie Morton


Coordinator Shellie Davis

Coordinator Patrice Johnson

SPECIAL EDUCATION Coordinator Alicia Toy

ESOL Coordinator Shawnee Hurley

BIOMEDICAL PROGRAM Coordinator Alma Smith

AVID Coordinator Angela Solliz

Chairperson Al Spekis

FOREIGN LANGUAGE Chairperson Carol Bridgeforth

HEALTH Chairperson Jason Koenig

MEDIA Media Specialist Barbara Marmon
MUSIC Chairperson Donna Stancell
PHYSICAL EDUCATION Chairperson Donna Bailey
HEALTH SERVICES Nurse Robert Lewis
WELLNESS CENTER Medical Staff Nicolyn Nicholson
Building Supervisor Roosevelt Limes
FACILITIES Building Engineer Donald Curtis
Auditorium Tech Nathan Glenn
FOOD SERVICES Supervisor Donna Moreno
TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Coordinator Dwayne Allard
SECURITY Investigative Counselors Wayne Fegans
Ronnie Foye

Victor Tarkeh


At Bladensburg High School, we are committed to maintain a culture wherein words are silenced by
actions. We deliberately practice excellence, empowering students to obtain goals, utilizing
resources that will enable them to become lifelong learners. The collaboration of parents, faculty,
staff and community provides a caring, academically challenging, and technologically-advanced
environment, balanced by discipline and fairness for the cultivation of diverse talents, skills, and
interests for life. It is our vision to achieve excellence through the provision of a rigorous and
challenging academic program that nurtures and expands the skills, talents, and interests of our
We believe that to achieve excellence, the Bladensburg High School community must prepare our
students to become responsible and contributing members of a changing, challenging, and global
society by deliberately practicing excellence.

Commitment, Collaboration, and Coherency

The vision of Bladensburg High School is for all students to become globally competitive citizens
through innovative and rigorously challenging instruction that prepares students for college and
career readiness.

Mustangs are Great By Choice

Our Goal
Outstanding Achievement for All Students.

The Bladensburg High School community will deliberately reach high levels of academic
proficiency, build positive character capacity, and prepare for college and career readiness. This
will be accomplished through a Respectful, Academic Achieving, Collaborative Culture of

To achieve this mission in the best interest of all students, we will deliberately practice the Habits
of Excellence: Commitment, Collaboration, and Coherency.


July 3 Thursday Holiday* Independence Day (Adjusted
for 4-day work week)
July 28 Monday Eid al-Fitr**
August 11-13 Monday - Wednesday Professional Duty Days for New Teachers
August 18-21 Monday-Thursday Professional Duty Days for All Teachers
August 20 Wednesday Professional Development
August 25 Monday Systemic Orientation Day for 6th & 9th Graders
August 26 Tuesday First Day of School for All Students
September 1 Monday Holiday* Labor Day Schools and

Offices Closed
Professional Development Schools
September 19 Friday
Closed for Students
Holiday* Rosh Hashanah Schools
September 25 Thursday
and Offices Closed
September 26 Friday Rosh Hashanah**
October 4 Saturday Eid al-Adha and Yom Kippur**
MSEA Convention Schools Closed for
October 17 Friday
Students and Teachers
October 31 Friday End of First Quarter (45 days)
Professional Development 2-Hr.
October 31 Friday
Early Dismissal for Students
Grading/Teacher Planning Schools
November 3 Monday
Closed for Students
General Election Day Schools and
November 4 Tuesday
Offices Closed
Parent-Teacher Conferences Schools
November 11 Tuesday
Closed for Students
November 26- Wednesday - Holidays* Thanksgiving Schools
28 Friday and Offices Closed
Professional Development 2-Hr.
December 10 Wednesday
Early Dismissal for Students
December 22- Monday & Winter Break Schools Closed for
23 Tuesday Students and Teachers
December 24- Wednesday - Winter Break* Christmas Holidays
26 Friday Schools and Offices Closed
December 29- Monday - Winter Break* Schools and Offices
31 Wednesday Closed
Thursday & Winter Break* New Years Holidays
January 1 & 2
Friday Schools and Offices Closed
Holiday* Martin L. King, Jr. Day
January 19 Monday
Schools and Offices Closed
January 23 Friday End of Second Quarter (43 days)
Grading/Teacher Planning Schools
January 26 Monday
Closed for Students
Professional Development Schools
February 13 Friday
Closed for Students
Holiday* Presidents Day Schools
February 16 Monday
and Offices Closed
April 1 Wednesday End of Third Quarter (45 days)
April 2 Thursday Grading/Teacher Planning Schools

Closed for Students
Friday &
April 3 & 6 Holidays* Easter
Tuesday - Spring Break Schools Closed for
April 7-10
Friday Students and Teachers
May 25 Monday Holiday* Memorial Day
June 16 Tuesday 2-Hr. Early Dismissal for Students
Last Day for Students 2-Hr. Early Dismissal End
June 17 Wednesday of Fourth Quarter (47 days)(Subject to change due to
inclement weather)
Last Day for Teachers (Subject to change due to
June 18 Thursday
inclement weather)
Thursday & Friday;
June 18 & 19; 22 & 23 Inclement Weather Make-Up Days
Monday & Tuesday

School Year 2014


Interval Interval Interval

Period Duration Duration Duration
(Minutes) (Minutes) (Minutes)

1 A/B 9:30 10:52 82 9:30 10:30 60 11:30 2:00 150

Tardy 6 6 6

A Lunch Floor 3 11:42- 12:12 30

Tardy Tardy 6

B Lunch Floor 2 12:18 12:48 30

Tardy Tardy 6

C Lunch Floor 4 12:54 1:24 30

Tardy Tardy 6

D Lunch Floors 1&5 1:30 2:00 30

Tardy Tardy 6

2 A/B 10:58 1:16 102 10:36 12:54 102 2:06 2:43 37

A Lunch Floor 3 10:58 11:28 30 10:36 11:06 30

Tardy 6 6

B Lunch Floor 2 11:34 12:04 30 11:12 11:42 30

Tardy 6 6

C Lunch Floor 4 12:10 12:40 30 11:48 12:18 30

Tardy 6 6

D Lunch Floors 1, 5 12:46 1:16 30 12:24 12:54 30

Tardy 6 6

ADVISORY 1:00 2:00 60

Tardy 6

3 A/B 1:22 2:43 81 2:06 3:05 59 2:49 3:26 37

Tardy 6 6 6

4 A/B 2:49 4:10 81 3:11 4:10 59 3:32 4:10 38

School Hours: Students can enter the building at 9:15 am. Classes begin at 9:30 and
students are dismissed at 4:10 each day.


Only a parent or court-appointed guardian may register a student in a Prince George's County Public
School. If a student is residing with anyone else, they must either pay tuition to attend school, obtain legal
court-appointed guardianship, or apply for a tuition waiver. For additional information, please call 301-952-
6302. A child may not be registered on a notarized statement giving guardianship.


Pupils whose parent(s) or court-appointed guardian(s) is/are not bona fide residents of Prince George's
county are considered non-resident pupils. Non-resident pupils may be enrolled in Prince Georges County
Public Schools if they are residing with a bona fide resident of the county, and request a waiver of tuition on
behalf of the pupil. Waivers may be granted on the basis of extenuating circumstances of either financial
hardship or home conditions. If the student, and the responsible adult with the student, identify themselves
as being homeless, a waiver will be necessary only if living outside of Prince Georges County. Please note
that it is not necessary to apply for court-appointed guardianship to apply for a tuition waiver.


Proof of residence shall be a prerequisite of admission to the public schools. Such proof must have the
parents or court-appointed guardians name and address listed. It must also be provided to school personnel
with any change in residence. Parent(s) and guardian(s) who are registering their child(ren) in Prince
Georges County Public Schools for the first time must complete an Affidavit of Disclosure as required by law,
verifying their legal residence.Proof of residence may be established by any of the following documents:
settlement papers, lease agreement, rental receipt, deed of property, or a tax assessment bill. Additional
items including recent mail may be required if there are concerns regarding the proof of residence. The
documents must be originals, not copies. A copy of the proof of residence must be attached to thePA-
14, Student Registration Form.
NOTE: If there is a question regarding the validity of one of the proofs, school
personnel may require additional information, such as a recent utility bill or
employment verification.


Some families will not have a house or apartment of their own, but will live with a relative or friend; therefore,
a shared housing affidavit signed by both parties detailing the living arrangement may be used as proof of
residence with the following conditions:1) All parties must sign the notarized affidavit;2)The relative or friend,
with whom the parents reside, must show their proof of residence;3)Additional proof of residence (more than
one item) is required of the parent. Proof items such as a statement from an employer showing the new
address, bank statements, car registration, car insurance policy, government or official correspondence,
etc.;4)The parent should be advised that the school system reserves the right to monitor this type of proof
periodically or as needed, normally 30 days.

NOTE: A notarized affidavit should only be used when the parent/guardian and the
student are living with relatives or friends.


If the primary language is other than English or the child was born outside the U.S., or has studied in a
foreign school system, please refer to theInternational Student Guidance Office, 301-445-
8460,for an interview and assistance in completing registration forms.Students may not be accepted
into a school until such an interview has taken place.Prekindergarten students register directly at the

Withdrawal forms from the previous school student attended should accompany a student transferring to a
new school; however,DO NOTkeep students from registering if they have not been properly withdrawn from
the previous school. The previous school should be notified that the student is now enrolled in your school
and to verify grade placement.


Proof of age is required for all students being registered. An original proof of birth must be provided for
students entering the school system for the first time. Sources for birth verification are listed on the PA-14,
Student Registration Form.A copy of the proof of age must be attached to thePA-14, Student
Registration Form. If a new student is already registered in one of Prince Georges County public schools,
call the previous school to see if a copy of the birth verification is already on file in the students folder. If a
copy is on file, you will not need a new copy.

If a student changes residence, only change a students address while the student is in attendance at your
school. If a student is moving during the summer, the child is to be withdrawn from the current school, and
the new school will enter the new address.Each time a student moves from one address to
another, even within the same school, aPA-14, Student Registration Form, is
completed.Always make a copy of the proof of residence and attach it to thePA-14,Student
Registration Form.

- See more at: http://www1.pgcps.org/pasb/index.aspx?id=20182#sthash.g1fd71oq.dpuf

Graduation Requirements (Administrative Procedure 6150,

page 12)
Prince George's County Public Schools mandates its students complete a minimum of 21 credits in
the following areas:
Core Subjects Credits Mandatory Courses

English 4.0 credits English 9, 10, 11, and 12

Math 3.0 credits Algebra I, Geometry and 1 additional math

Science 3.0 credits Biology and 2 courses with a lab

Social Studies 3.0 credits U.S. History; Local, State and National
Government and World History

Other Requirements Credits Mandatory Courses

Fine Arts 1.0 credit None specified

Physical Education 0.5 credit Personal Fitness 1

Health 0.5 credit Health Issues

Technology Education 1.0 credit Foundations of Technology

Completer and Electives 5 credits 2 credits of either World Language or American

Sign Language (both credits must be in the same
language per local requirements) and 3 credits
in electives

OR OR 2 credits of Advanced Technology

Education and 3 credits in electives
5 credits

OR OR Complete (49 credits) a Maryland State

Department of Education (MSDE) -Approved
4-9 CTE credits sequence of courses and any remaining credits
plus electives in electives

Total 21 credits *4 credits MUST be earned after Grade 11.

High School Assessment (HSA) Scores (Administrative
Procedure 6150, page 103)
All students (including middle school students who take high school level courses) shall take the
Maryland High School Assessment (HSA) after the student completes the appropriate course in the
following areas:

HSA Subject Required Passing Score


Algebra/Data 412

Biology 400

English 10 396


*Students entering 9th grade in the 2012-2013, 2011-2012, or 2009-2010 school
years do not need to pass the Government HSA for graduation, but may use it if
they pursue a combined score to satisfy this requirement.

In order to be eligible for graduation, the student must fulfill one of the following HSA options:

High School Assessment (HSA) Completion Options

Students may meet HSA requirement any of the three following ways:

1. Pass each of the three or four High School Assessment (HSA) tests
*See note above
Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) Tests: For
students who have earned a score approved by the Maryland State
Department of Education (MSDE) on the HSA-related Advance Placement
(AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) test.

Modified HSAan alternative test for students with disabilities who meet
the specific participation criteria based on their Individualized Education
Plan (IEP).

2. Combined Score option:
Students MAY Achieve a combined score of 1602 for English, Algebra/Data Analysis,
Biology, and Government.


Students MAY achieve a combined score of 1208 for English, Algebra/Data Analysis, and

*Students entering 9th grade in school year 2013-14 and beyond MUST either pass the Government HSA or
include the Government HSA Score to meet a combined score of 1602.
3 Participate in the Bridge Plan for Academic Validation for students who meet eligibility

Grading Elements
1. Grades will be used on report cards for all courses taken for credit. The grades
will be reported in a numeric
scale from 0 to 100.

2. Final numeric grades will be converted to alpha grades. The grades eligible for
use on report cards are A, B, C, D, E, I, P, and W, with no plus or minus signs.
Interpretation of letter grades is as follows:
A = Excellent progress toward meeting course objectives and learning
outcomes (90-100%).
B = Above average progress toward meeting course objectives and learning
outcomes (80-89%).
C = Average progress toward meeting course objectives and learning
outcomes (70-79%).
D = Below Average progress toward meeting course objectives and learning
outcomes (60-69%).
E = Failure toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (0-
I = Incomplete. The I grade may be used temporarily for secondary
students who have been lawfully absent from school and have not had an
opportunity to make up missed work in a timely manner.
P = Pass (credit bearing).
W = Withdrawn. The School Instructional Team agrees to allow a student to
drop a course after twenty (20)
school days from the start of the course or ten (10) days in a semester course.

3. Factors used to determine student grades must include the following items
Class Work

Grade Point Average (GPA)
1. The following numerical equivalents will be used in computing the GPA from
report card letter grades:
A = 4.00 B = 3.00 C = 2.00 D = 1.00 E = 0.00

2. For additional weighting at the high school level, Advanced Placement (AP),
International Baccalaureate (IB), and selected advanced Career and Technology
Education (CTE) courses are approved. See Administrative Procedure 5128 for a
list of weighted grade courses. Seminar courses will not receive weighted grades.
Additional courses may be approved system-wide by the Superintendent. In
computing the GPAs from report card letter grades, the following numerical
equivalents will be used
A = 5.00 B = 4.00 C = 3.00 D = 2.00 E = 0.00

3. The following grades are not included in GPA calculations: I, P, W.

4. Three GPAs are computed for secondary students in Prince Georges County
Public Schools.
a. A quarterly GPA will appear on each quarterly report card. It is derived by
performing the following procedure:
1) The credit value of each course receiving an A, B, C, D, or E for the
quarter will be divided by the number of quarterly grades that the
course receives during the year (quarterly credit).
2) For each course receiving an A, B, C, D, or E, the quarterly credit
will be multiplied by the grade points awarded for that course.
3) The sum of the products from (b) above will be divided by the sum
of quarterly credits.
b. A final, end-of-year GPA will appear on the final report card, the student
record card, and the computer printed student record card. It is derived by
performing the following procedure:
1) The sum of the products of the quality points awarded in each
attempted course is multiplied by the credit value in the same course.
2) The sum of those products is divided by the sum of the credits
c. A cumulative GPA is calculated for all courses bearing credit and appears
on the computer printed student record card in the summary section,
provided that the students history file is current. It is derived by performing
the following procedure:
1) The sum of the products of the grade points awarded in each
attempted course (receiving an A, B, C, D, or E) is multiplied by the
credit value in the same course.
2) The sum of all credits is divided by the sum of all credits attempted.
This includes foreign language and mathematics credits and grades
awarded in middle school through the High School Credit for Middle
School Coursework plan. It also includes day, evening, and summer
school courses from initial entry into Grade 9 through dates of
issuance of the computer printed student record card.

School achievement begins with regular attendance. Parents/guardians must ensure that all school-age
children in their care are in school on time daily. Additionally, school personnel must communicate any
attendance problems or concerns to parents/guardians in a timely manner.The most effective strategy
to prevent unlawful and excessive absence is proactive, with the school, family, and community working
together. To this end, school personnel report to administrators or Student Services Personnel their
concerns about student behaviors which may be precursors to attendance problems. Additionally, the
Attendance Committee at each school, chaired by the pupil personnel worker, addresses emerging and
continuing attendance issues through targeted programs, individual parent and student meetings, and
other appropriate interventions and referrals.

Students Reporting Late To School

It is imperative for students to be on time at the beginning of the school day. The official school
attendance documentation is recorded during this time. Schools are required to admit students
to school regardless of the time they arrive. However, students who arrive late to school must
report first to the appropriate administrative office to obtain a late pass before being admitted to
any classroom or other area of the school. This pass must be shown to all of the students
teachers as the student reports to each class during the day, as well as to teachers of any
missed classes during the next school day. If the student does not obtain and show the pass to
all teachers, the tardy will be UNEXCUSED. Additionally, for the tardiness to be excused,
students are required to bring a note from the parent/guardian explaining the reason for the

Lawful Absences

Absence from school, including absence for any portion of the day, of pupils who are presently
enrolled in public school shall be considered lawful only under the following conditions:
1. Death in the immediate family. The local school system shall determine what relationships
constitute the immediate family.
2. Illness of the student. The Principal shall require a physicians certificate from the
parent/guardian of a student reported continuously absent for illness.
3. Court Summons.
4. Hazardous weather conditions. Hazardous weather conditions shall be interpreted to mean
weather conditions that would endanger the health or safety of the student when in transit to
and from school.
5. Work approved or sponsored by the school, the local school system, or the State Department
of Education, accepted by the Superintendent of Schools or the school Principal, or their
designees, as reason for excusing the student.
6. Observance of a religious holiday.
7. State emergency.
8. Suspension.
9. Lack of authorized transportation. This shall not include students denied authorized
transportation for disciplinary reasons.
10. Other emergency or set of circumstances which, in the judgment of the Superintendent of
Schools or designee, constitutes a good and sufficient cause for absence from school.

All students, including students who have been suspended, are to be offered make-up work for the time
during which they were lawfully absent.

Unlawful Absence and/or Truancy

Unlawful absence and/or truancy is defined as the act of a pupil being absent from school for a
day or any portion of a day from an individual class or any portion of a class for any reason

other than those defined as lawful. Teachers are not required to provide make-up for students
when absences are unlawful.

Possible Consequences for Students Who Regularly Miss School

Behavioral probation
Written contract
Before and/or after school detention
In-School suspension
Saturday School Program
Removal of school privileges
Reduction in grades or loss of credit
Restriction of extracurricular activities
Denial of opportunity to make-up class/homework assignments, tests, and/or quizzes (for
unlawful absences)
Placement in an alternative educational program
Referral to Pupil Personnel Services for possible outside referral to court for violation of the
compulsory attendance law or to Juvenile Services for intake services.

For first and continued instances of suspected truancy, the Principal shall initiate the procedures
contained in Administrative Procedure 5113, Student Attendance, Absence, and Truancy.

Possible Consequences for Parents/Guardians for Unlawful Absences of Students

By law, parents/guardians must ensure regular attendance for their school-aged children who
are enrolled in the public schools. If a child has excessive unexcused absences, the
parent/guardian may be convicted of a misdemeanor and imprisoned or fined by the courts.
Additionally, any other adult who persuades or attempts to persuade a student to be unlawfully
absent, or who harbors a child who is unlawfully absent, may also be convicted of a
misdemeanor and imprisoned and/or fined.

Student Conduct
The Code of Student Conduct is the basis and foundation of the disciplinary policy within all
Prince Georges County Public Schools. The code identifies acts and forms of discipline to
deal with these acts. The code of conduct and its provisions are applicable on school buses,
during the school day, and at such other times and places where any activity is school
sponsored. Disciplinary action will be taken in the following categories:
Gross Misconduct Arson Sexual Harassment
False Alarms Theft Fighting
Cheating Class Disruption Disrespect
Gambling Insubordination Forgery
Inciting others to Violence
or Disruption
Shakedown and/or Strong
Improper use of a cell phone or other PED
Failure to Wear ID badge Fireworks or explosives
Persistent Disobedience False Reports
Distribution of unauthorized written or printed material
Physical attack and/or Threat thereof
Possession or use of weapons, alcohol and drugs, including look-alikes

For complete Prince Georges County Public Schools Code of Conduct please click on the
following link and scroll down to the publication box where you can select the Rights and
Responsibilities Handbook in English or Spanish.

Bladensburg High School Discipline Protocol

Step 1 Documented Teacher Intervention Including Parent Contact (ex. SchoolMax, Parent
Call Log)

Step 2 - Administrative Intervention by the Floor Administrator

Step 3 Submit BHS School Accountability Center (SAC) Disciplinary Referral Form to the
Assigned Floor Administrator

0 First Visit to SAC: Pending Suspension, Parent/ Teacher Conference/ Notification, Referral
to Professional Counselor, In School Suspension, Out of School Suspension or Community Work
Detail to be Determined by Floor and/or SAC Administrator

1 Subsequent Visits to SAC May Result In The Following: Referral to Pupil Personnel Worker
(PPW), Referral to SIT or SST Team, Before or After School Detention, In School Suspension, Out of
School Suspension, Request for Long-Term Suspension, Request for Expulsion, Request for
Alternative Educational Placement ,Administrator-Parent-Student-Counselor Conference

Uniform Policy
Students are expected to adhere to the BLHS uniform policy. Students in violation of the
uniform policy will be referred to the SAC and may result in disciplinary action. The uniform
policy is as follows:

khaki pants - no jeans, no sweat pants, no skinny jeans or pants, no spandex, no

athletic track style pants.
Khaki skirts may be worn by girls but the length must fall below the finger tips when
arms are placed at the side.
White, maroon, or black polo style shirt - short sleeve or long sleeve
No open toed shoes or sandals
No hats, scarves or other head coverings are allowed at school

Please know and follow the following conditions with regard to how you wear your student

Your pants must fit properly. They cannot be too large or too tight. They must sit at your
natural waistline and be secured by a belt (if they have belt loops).

Your shirt must fit properly, not rob large or too small. Shirts must be solid - no stripes or

Undergarments should not be visible under your pants or your shirt. Only one pair of pants
may be worn. If students have on shorts or other pants under or over their khaki pants they
will be required to remove them upon arrival to school.

Campus Visitors
BLHS welcomes parents/guardians to visit our school. For safety, all visitors, including
parents and guardians, are required to report to the office upon arrival and departure. A
Visitor badge will be given to each guest, which is to be worn at all times within the

Students not enrolled in BLHS are not permitted to visit unless accompanied by an adult.

Change of Address
When families move during the course of a school year, it is critical that they notify the
school office of this change so the school can maintain necessary and appropriate contact
with the family. If you move during the course of the year, please submit all pertinent
information to the school office prior to the move.

Early Dismissal Procedures

Parents/guardians must come to the main office and request that their child be
released early.
In order to ensure student safety, parents/guardians must provide identification for
the student to be released.
Early dismissal ENDS at 3:30. After 3:30, students must remain in class until all
students are released at 4:10.

Field Trips
During the school year, teachers may schedule educational or service/ministry-based field
trips. Trips will be announced in writing in advance by the teacher or school office. A
permission slip must be signed and returned to the school in order for the student to attend
the field trip. The permission form will provide details of the trip (destination, times,
transportation, and cost) and a way for the parent to sign up to chaperone. Parent
chaperones on a field trip are not to bring other children on the trip.

Lost and Found Items

Items that are lost or found can be turned in or looked for at the office. Students are
reminded to check the lost and found for any missing items. Students should report all lost
items to the office immediately.