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Be the next Mindit

Front-end Developer

Minding since 2014 What do you need to succeed?

Romanian ownership and capital invested with a genuine vision of
Excellent knowledge of JavaScript, HTML(5), CSS(3)
enabling an intrapreneurial ecosystem where people can flourish
(bonus SASS, LESS), jQuery
and make career endeavours tangible.
We offer IT outsourcing services across various industries and Good Angular JS knowledge
technologies, in order to enable business growth for our
customers. Fluency in English

A can-do attitude/ positive approach

Our teams & Projects
Innovative thinking

Desire to share the knowledge and lead the team to


Openness to learning new software development


We create Whats in it for you?

Corporate applications
Mobile & Web applications Competitive salary based on experience and skills
Big Data Intelligence
Medicover, gym (7Card) and Bookster subscriptions

Among the things that we do: Cool projects

JAVA development
Tier 3 SQL support Relaxed working environment with flexible working hours
Enterprise integration
One of the coolest office spaces in Romania, in the center
ETL development
of Bucharest
Datawarehouse integration
Interactive BI The chance to express and implement your own
Scalable Magento innovative ideas in an intrapreneurial environment
Complex aggregations