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The article about the Central Office of National Socialist Crimes that brought the Nazis
perpetrators into the judicial actions. However, this action is largely opposed by public German
views. Jens Rommel is the head of this Central Office operation, which is now still collecting the
missing information. Some office prosecutor like Manuela Zeller searched for the name of
perpetrators at the concentration camps, while other like Michael Otte travels to the port or
aboard to seek for the name of Nazis who tried to escape to other countries like South America.
They eventually succeeded in some case, however, most of perpetrators die during or before the
courts like in the case of Demjanjuk, and Ernst.
By reading this article, I just learned people who still chase for Nazis. This fact that Nazis
are still alive, and they could spread their norms and attitudes to people in the later generations.
Nazis are still free from their crime, which are very unjustified for other ethnics or nations that
were genocides and suffered from them that some consequences still adversely affected them.
This is important issue that should be brought up. For me, I think what Central Office does is
right because it shows people that those Nazis action is inappropriate and violate against the
right of humanity. I think that we should support for the action of the Central office, and other
similar organization to bring those Nazis and other perpetrators to court to receive their
penalties. I also see the lack of working in UN war commission and some countries try to hide
this away to protect their own people rather than use this to teach them not to do again, which
is very careless decision. At the end of the day, the Central Office might not be able to find all the
Nazi perpetrators, but the action the they do will remind people of the crime and genocide that
Nazi did, and remind them to not do it again. The genocide and crime against humanity should
not be forgotten.