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Case Study

Submitted in partial fulfillment of degree in

Organizational Behaviour

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Dr. P C Bahuguna
Head, Human Resources

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MBA, Department of Oil and Gas (17-19)

One Friday evening in harvest time 2003, Alex Rhodes sat at his work area considering the
profession choice That he had made few years ago. In 2001 At 40, Rhodes was VP of the
Ace Electrical Equiments(AEE) North America division of American Electricals(AE). AE's
CEO, Sam Martinez, had quite recently offered Rhodes an advancement to worldwide VP, a
position that would make him in charge of the whole AEE division and just about half of
AE's deals.
The advancement offer had shocked Rhodes. In spite of the fact that he was a rising star at
AE, he had served just two years as executive position. Yet, COO Dan Singer had
surrendered, leaving a gap in senior administration. Rhodess supervisor, Bill Langley, had
been supplanted Singer. So as a result Rhodes took a Position as COO of the company. In
2001 he was promoted as the official VP.
At starting It wasnt much of a stress for him that had arisen due the unplanned child he and
his wife had some years ago. His wife Alice had to give up her job due to the baby and they
barely saw each other after the promotion. Although the increased salary was a bit helpful but
Rhodes was not able to maintain a work life balance. Here is a statement made by Rhodes-
I've worked for AE my entire profession, and as of not long ago never had any huge issues
adjusting work and home. At first I figured I could deal with the more drawn out hours and
more regular travel, however before long it turned into a genuine delay the family.. That is
the point at which I understood the time had come to reassess the circumstance.
Over the first couple of years, Rhodes had found a way to get his calendar under control. He
and his better half Alice concurred that things were moving forward. Be that as it may,
another advancement would overturn their lives once more. As worldwide VP, he could
expect considerably more travel, including a few treks that would most recent a little while.
The travel particularly stressed him: Alice was pregnant with their second child.

A brief about American Electricals

American Electricals was an enhanced Electrical component manufacturing organization.
Established in 1958, AE had operations in 20 nations in North America, Europe, and Asia.
With more than 20,000 workers around the world, AE took pride in its kin driven culture and
quite often advanced from inside. The lion's share of its senior directors had started their
vocations working at one of AE's 37 plants. Chief Sam Martinez viewed this training as AE's
most noteworthy upper hand:
He always believed that hard work was the key to success and none of the things one would
face in the organization were taught in classrooms, he always believed it was the basic
instinct of the human mind that always played a major role in the success of ones career.
Rhodes Life & Career
Promptly in the wake of moving on from Ohio State University in 1982 with a B.S. in
Electrical Engineering, Rhodes had joined AE as a lesser Graduate Trainee at its Columbus
plant. He said:
A large number of my school companions needed to go to therapeutic school or graduate
school, however I knew I needed to work in industry. AE came to grounds searching for
engineers, and I was so inspired by their introduction. In addition to the fact that they were a
standout amongst other organizations around, they truly appeared to think about their kin. I
truly felt I could flourish there.
Rhodes was correct. He Had the skills that made him Flourish within the organization With
His knowledge he gave an outstanding performance in terms of huge productivity to the
company. As he was young he soon started establishing name in the organization and due to
his less experience and more achievements there was a fuss about him, both Good and Bad.
During his journey Jim the plant manager was his Mentor. He made the following statement
about Jim
Working for Jim was an enlightening knowledge. He encouraged me and helped me find out
about everything that goes into running an effective assembling operation. Jim was
requesting however truly thought about my improvement. He even suggested me for AE's
Future Leaders program, which sent me to business college on a full grant.
Rhodes withdrew of non attendance in 1990 to go to Harvard Business School. Amid his
second year there, he met Alice, who was considering engineering at the Harvard Design
School. :
Rhodes met alice at Harvards where she was pursuing architecture, they decided to take it
further from there onwards. After graduating from there Rhodes continued with AE in the
Spain manufacturing division and Alice got a job in the same place .

Rhodess Growth over the years

That midyear, Rhodes and his significant other moved to Barcelona. With his MBA close by
In 1992 Rhodes was elevated to plant director and given obligation regarding AE's fourth-
biggest European plant. Drawing on his related knowledge and initiative ability, Rhodes
exceeded expectations. Inside a year, he had altogether enhanced the plant's working
proficiency and earned gleaming execution audits. In the mean time, Rhodes and Alice
delighted in life .In 1994 Rhodes was allocated to deal with a Electrical parts plant in
Cleveland, close to AE's corporate central command.
With Rhodes moving to United States it was a time for say Goodbye to Alice, instead they
decided to get married and both moved to US.
Rhodes initially met Bill Langley, at that point executive of AEE North America, amid his
spell as Cleveland plant supervisor. Rhodes portrayed about their initially meeting:
Langley was one of the most keen folks I'd ever met. He made intense inquiries and set
AEE straight to the core of an issue. In the event that you weren't secured, Langley would
detect it immediately. Amid his initially plant visit, he barbecued me for very nearly three
hours. Luckily, I had quite recently finished my own plant survey, and breezed through
Langley's test without a hitch.
Rhodess initial achievement proceeded. In under two years, he changed the Cleveland plant
into the organization's generally productive. As expression of Rhodess outcomes spread, he
pulled in the consideration of other plant supervisors, and even a couple of general
administrators, anxious to gain from his victories. Close by his quickly developing system.
In 1996, following more than two years as Cleveland plant chief, Rhodeswas elevated to
general administrator, Construction Equipment, a $250-million business inside the North
American AEE division. Since the position was based at AE's Cleveland base camp, he and
Alice did not need to move:
Alice had been working for a substantial structural firm. With the additional wage from my
advancement, They could cover Their family costs while Alice assembled her customer base.
At 36, Rhodes was the most youthful general chief at AE. He had taken the productivity of
the plant off the roof and was the star of the organization, everyone from the bottom most till
the CEO knew Rhodes .Langley who was a hard man to impress was very much under his
spell. Even with such high productivity he was still into making the business more productive
which was the best thing Langley admired about him. But with such a performance came
great responsibilities as a result to keep up to his name he had to work till late night and
sometimes he even didnt meet alice.
Rhodess workload and travel plan had expanded since his advancement, yet he and Alice
thought of it as sensible. A large portion of his client and provider gatherings could be taken
care of as day treks, and his essential plant was situated in adjacent Akron. Alice wouldn't
fret when Rhodesneeded to work late; she was working extend periods of time herself to set
up her Architectural practice.
In 1997 Alice gave birth to their first Child daughter Alisa,It wasnt expected as they didnt
plan a child amid the shortage of time Rhodes had and Alice also had to set her up in her
architectural practices. But however they were still happy and Planned to continue.
Throughout the following 18 months, Alex kept on exceeding expectations as general chief
and Alice manufactured an unassuming yet developing design firm. She worked low
maintenance, depending on her accomplices to help deal with the business while she nurtured
Alisa. As their livelihoods developed, they moved to a bigger house in a superior
neighborhood. Their coexistence was turning out similarly as they had trusted. In September
2000, Langley called Rhodes into his off AEE for his yearly execution audit. Any meeting
with Langley made him somewhat uneasy, yet Rhodes knew he had conveyed solid
That was the meeting Rhodes was offered the offer to Become the VC Due to the Resignation
by Mr. Singer. He gladly Accepted the Offer Assuming he could possibly manage his life
amidst their child who required Their attention as both the parents were working however
more was yet to come and Rhodes was unaware of it.Mr. Martinez said
I adore a lot about you Rhodes when Sam left it was very unfortunate but I didnt have any
second thoughts of who would become the next Vp.I look forward to you making this
company the best. I hope you wont let me down
Rhodes was very content and was amazed that he had achieved such a great position at such a
young age. But there were people who thought they were more deserving due to the fact that
he was quiet young and lacked experience.

Life changing Decision

Although the promotion was a joy to Rhodes but baby later on came as a shock to him.
Although Work took most of the time he could still spare some moments to keep a check on
his Family. But still he began to furrow a bit.
One day in May, Rhodes got a call from the Iowa City plant director. There was a serious
issue he had to address so he had to leave without Informing Alice while he was in Iowa he
got a call from Hospital that His daughter had been admitted due to Hypothermia but Rhodes
was miles away, He hoped the first flight he could, That was the day he realized that he had
been ignoring his family. However he tried to give more time to them after the incident. As a
result of the same Alice decided to quit her job and spend more time with Alice.
Following two years, Rhodess diligent work paid off. By mid 2003 he had settled the North
American AEE division. He had once again proved Himself as justification to his position
and had been an idol for many as he had taken the company very well through the time of
recession and prevented the harshest cut-offs.
But as the time passed by he started getting away from his family. In the process of making
the company more productive he had lost a control over his life. Rhodes turned out to be busy
to the point That he started doing things that his significant other idea he had outgrown. He as
often as possible talked so quick that he would lurch over his own particular words, stammer,
hand red over the face, and need to start from the very beginning once more. He started
smoking, as well, something he had not done in years. He told his two Colleagues that
smoking helped him diminish push. Neither of them smoked, and Once when it was
sprinkling when Rhodes started illuminating in the truck while they were sitting tight for the
rain to stop, they would end up noticeably angry and whine that he had no privilege to
demolish their lungs as well.
Things were getting tense at home, as well. Since Alice had surrendered her full-time day
occupation to deal with the infant, They barely ever observed each other. Rhodes knew his
better half was disappointed with her and trusted her insight was being squandered, however
he didn't realize what he could do about it. He was perplexed when he understood that
drinking and stressing over the following day at work while sitting at home with the child
during the evening had turned into an example.
When Alice got pregnant second time Rhodes worried what it would do to his already messed
up life he couldnt see a solution he wondered whether he should change the job As he was
hesitant From Martinez for asking some off hours from work as it would impact the
organization and moreover Martinez expected a lot out of him.
1982- Graduate from Ohio State in B.S in Electrical engineering
1990- MBA under Leadership Program from Harvard
1992- Graduated from Harvard and appointed as plane manager in Europe.
1994- Allocated to Cleveland Electrical parts Manufacturing
1996- Became General Administrator
1997- Welcomed first daughter Alisa
2000- Became VP
2003- Expecting another child

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