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Position applied For : Summer Trainee - HCCB

Recruitment Source : Campus Recruitment

First Name Middle Name Last Name

Priyadarishini Jagadeesan
Sex : Female

Fathers Name: K.JAGADEESAN

Date of Birth : 21/05/1994

Your Email Id:


Phone Number: 9865128034

Your Permanent Address Your Present Address
New no 5/ old no 3, second floor , shreyaas, K-301, Hostel Blocks, IIM Bangalore,
Moorthy nagar, Villivakkam, Chennai-600049 Bannerghatta road, Bangalore-560076
Education (Start with most recent qualification acquired)
Marks (%) Year of Completion
Name of Institute Exam passed
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Employment Record (Start with current employment & then go on to previous employments )

Specialized training courses attended :

Computer Literacy (Details) : BE (CSE) , MAINFRAME , JCL. COBOL, VSAM

Monthly Salary Reaso

(Including chan
Employment Tenure Key Allowances) emplo
Organizations Responsibilities Grade Reporting (If
Name From To Role Held of role held /Level Manager Starting Leaving Applic
SOLUTIONS solutions for
Programmer with clients,
Analyst program
30/06/20151 17/06/2015 Trainee coding. Vivek

References (List at least 3 references other than relatives, who you have been professionally
/academically associated with for at least 3 years)
Contact Details
Name Position / Occupation (Address & Ph No.) Briefly describe your professional association

1 SUPERVISOR Vivek - 9677009093 My supervisor at Cognizant Technology solutions(CTS)

2 PROFESSOR Selvi - 9487022803 Computer science professor at RMK.
ASSOCIATE Vijayalakshmi-
3 PROFESSOR 9952892832 Professor at RMK

Please share why consider yourself suitable for the role you have applied for?

Born and brought up in Chennai, 23 years of my life have been marked by significant milestones and diverse
experiences each of which has played a major part in shaping my personality.Studying at different schools made me
adaptable to diverse situations. I grew up in a family that values ethics and quality education. With their constant
motivation, teachers guidance and my hard work, I shaped up as a consistent performer in academics and co
curriculars. My professional life at CTS provided me a holistic view about the corporate world. This broadened my
horizons and substantially enhanced my interests in business management. My family background, academics,
professional experience and self- introspection have shaped my career goals. I have seen how management can serve
as a bridge between technology and business by supporting its planning, operations and critical decision making.
Eventually, I look to evolve myself and play roles in the widest range of industries to prepare me for a career in general
management. I believe that being a part of Internship program in HCCB with its highly unique values and culture will
equip me with the skill sets required to meet my goals and aspirations.

Please share your most significant contribution /achievement in your career or academics or
extracurricular so far?During my internship with Shri Shivasakthi agencies, Tata global beverages distribution
agency (Tea and coffee). Initially I was trained in handling day to day activities which included purchases, sales,
management of inventory, management of credit bills, bank transactions and market coverage. After gaining an
insight, I took the responsibility of improving the agency sales for which I worked along with the sales men,
undertook market research and found that there were some gaps in the coverage in lanes and by lanes, small and
medium outlets. As a team we approached and convinced the shop owners by promising regular service. In this
way we expanded the market coverage from existing 240 outlets to 290 outlets per week and turnovers went up
by 10%. While analysing the Inventory and credit bills there was potential to reduce the idle investments. As the
first step I went through the sales records of last one year and based on the demand forecasting reduced the idle
stocks which resulted in cost savings of three lakhs per month. During the assessment of credit bills we observed
that outstanding was high which ranged from one week to a month. We worked on it and reduced to an average
of twelve days.

Tell us about the most challenging experience you have had so far.
During under graduation, I was the president of student committee. In my final semester, students wanted to
protest the managements decision to cancel the cultural event, owing to a fall in the overall pass percentage of the
college. I pointed out the genuine consequences of their actions to the students and convinced them to resort to
official dialogue. Representing the students I persuaded the management by stating the desire of the students, the
disappointment and impact it would have on their studies and reinforced the importance of cultural in developing
team work and interpersonal skills, promised them that we will perform well in the immediate exam that follows
and got approval for cultural events. Students were very happy and cooperated with me and everyone made sure
that we perform well in the forthcoming exams and this situation is not repeated anytime in future. I learnt the art
of balancing my time between these activities and studies making sure that I did not lose out on either. It gave me
an opportunity to learn about teamwork and explore my leadership potential.
Share your career goals, short-term and long-term.

My family background, academics, professional experience and self- introspection have shaped my career goals. I
have seen how management can serve as a bridge between technology and business by supporting its planning,
operations and critical decision making. Eventually, I look to evolve myself and play roles in the widest range of
industries to prepare myself for a career in general management. My short term goal is to explore different roles
on a wider scope and gain an expertise while I am in middle management level and my long term goal is to be in
a leadership position and do my part of contribution and impact to the society.

Are you related / known to any present/ex employees or have any business dealing with our
organization? (Yes/No ) No

If yes, please state relationship/name/department.

Have you been previously employed with OR have applied for OR have been interviewed for
employment with our organization? If yes, give details please.

Do you have any location preferences/constraints or you are willing to be located in any of our business
operations? No

Share some of your hobbies. Playing carrom and travelling

In case you are selected, how much time will it take for you to join us. As required by the company
would be happy to join as soon as possible


Languages Known Speak Read & Write

English YES YES


Hindi NO YES

Family Background: (Provide details of all your family members)

Name Age Relationship Occupation (Yes/No)
K.Jagadeesan 57 Father Manager in a private concern

V.J.Sumathi 48 Mother

I hereby certify that all information furnished in this form true & correct.

Signature: Priyadarishini J
Date : 15/10/2017
Place : Bangalore