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EEI Lesson Plan Template

Name: Viviana Rivera Pima Course:ESE 290B Instructor:

Ana McGovern
Subject: Math Topic: Addition and Subtraction Grade Level: 1st Grade Duration:

List of Materials, Handouts, Rubrics, and other Documents: Bears on Wheels by Stan and Jan Berenstain,
Gummy Bears, Gummy Math! Worksheets and pencils

Purpose: This lesson will help students learn how to add and subtract using numbers within 20.
Components Description of Plan
Content Standard Use addition and subtraction within 20 to solve word problems with
Choose ONE standard and type it out unknowns in all positions (e.g., by using objects, drawings, and/or
along with the number.
equations with a symbol for the unknown number to represent the
problem). 1.OA.A.1
Learning Objective Blooms Level: knowledge
Choose ONE level of complexity
from Blooms Revised Taxonomy Objective: SWBT complete addition and subtraction problems.
Write ONE objective that is ONE
simple sentence with ONE carefully
chosen verb

Est Anticipatory Set Teacher will(TW): Students will (SW):

# of A quick "hook" to grab the 1. Will be told that the days
Mins student's attention 1. TW tell students that today lesson is going to be Bears on
Activates prior knowledge of Wheels.
the objective we're going to read Bears on
Wheels. 2. SW watch out for words that
Requires active participation
means numbers.
from ALL learners 2. TW tell students to watch
Students must literally 3. SW interact with the objective
out for words that mean by thinking critically about how
interact with the OBJECTIVE numbers. the book will present addition
3. Ask students to watch out problems.
for parts of the book that
requires simple addition

Est Teaching-Input Teacher will: Students will:

# of Using effective and varied 1. Hand out 25 gummy bears to 1. Receive 25 gummy bears from
strategies, the teacher each student. the teacher.
provides information and 2. Explain to the students they 2. Understand that the book must
vocabulary students will need must play close attention to the be paid close attention to while
in order to grasp the concept,
book as it read it is read.
strategy, or skill.
3. Read the book and have the 3. Listen to the teacher read the
Check for Understanding.
student add and subtract book and add and subtract the
gummy bears. At the end of the gummy bears
book, ask students how many
bears is left.
Est Teaching-Modeling Teacher will: Students will:
# of Teacher demonstrates and 1. State that when ever a bear is 1. Learn that when a bear is
Mins shows examples of what subtracted, the bear must be subtracted in the story, it will be
students are expected to do put on a piece of red paper placed on a piece of red paper
(how to solve the problem,
EEI Lesson Plan Template

answer the question, do the 2. Vice versa if the bear is added 2. Vice versa if a bear is added
activity etc.). 3. Teacher will model how this is 3. Watch teacher model this as
Check for Understanding. done while they are reading the they read the story
Est Guided Practice Teacher will: Students will:
# of An opportunity for each 1. State that when ever a bear is 1. Learn that when a bear is
student to demonstrate new subtracted, the bear must be subtracted in the story, it will be
learning by working through put on a piece of red paper placed on a piece of red paper
an activity or exercise with 2. Vice versa if the bear is added 2. Vice versa if a bear is added
the teachers guidance.
This is the heart of the lesson
and should have the most
minutes assigned to it.
Est Closure 1. SW be asked what addition and subtraction are based on what the book is
# of ALL students must engage in about
Mins brief closure activity to 2. SW re-engage with the objective by providing examples of how addition
cement learning and optimize and subtraction work.
Do not introduce anything
new during Closure.
Check for Understanding.
Students must re-engage
with the OBJECTIVE
n/a Independent Practice Students will: solve addition and subtraction problems by using their bears. They will
AFTER proper closure, it is be given numerical representations and will have to solve the problem by
important to provide time for demonstrating their knowledge with their gummy bears.
additional practice. It may be
group or individual work in
class or it might be
Do not introduce anything
new during Independent

Checks for Understanding 1. Students will share their answers

List at least THREE quick, informal 2. Teacher will check how gummy bears are being used
strategies that you used to check 3. Students will signal their answers by holding up their fingers
understanding throughout the
Checks should be varied (i.e., self-
check, verbal check, written check).
Assessment Options Pre- and Post-Assessment of Objective:
Describe how you will pre- and post- Informal assessment will be performed by asking students if they know what addition
test students understanding of the and subtraction is.
objective. These do not need to
happen on the same day as the Alternative Assessment Options:
Alternative options for diverse
learners should also be provided
Differentiation Options Content Scaffold: students will be able to work with their hands
Describe how you will reach diverse Content Challenge: some students will be distracted by gummy bears
learners by varying the:
Content Process Scaffold: students will be working initially as a class, then move on to
Process individual level
Process Challenge: some students will need to be retaught
EEI Lesson Plan Template

Product Scaffold: ?
Product Challenge:?
21st Century Learning Technology: gummy bears
Describe how you will incorporate
technology and/or the 4 Cs: Critical Thinking: students will have to translate auditory information to what they
Critical Thinking have to do physically
Collaboration: students will be able to share their answers and communicate with
each other

Communication: students will be able to share with each other

Appendices/Additional Information: [insert materials/links/screenshots below]