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Camille Shreeve

Cell: 480-216-7749
Email: cami.shreeve@gmail.com

Mountain View High School, Graduated May 2012
Mesa Community College, 2012-2013
Received a full scholarship
Work Experience
Sweet Cakes Cafe, 2010-2012
21 W. Main St
Mesa, AZ 85201
Supervisor: Kellie Huntington, 480-760-5460
Position: Cashier/Server
Responsibilities: Customer service, cashier, taking orders, balancing registers at the end of the
Mesa Public Schools, 2012-2013
Hermosa Vista Elementary School
2626 N 24th St
Mesa, AZ 85213
Supervisor: Linda Hansen, 480-258-3219
Position: Kindergarten Aid
Responsibilities: Recorded grades, administered tests, special groups, ran reading groups, took
students to specials, general classroom organization and function
Mesa Public Schools, 2014
Barbra Bush Elementary School
4925 E Ingram, Mesa, AZ 85205
Supervisor: Jenna Helser, 480-330-5101
Position: Special Needs Assistant
Responsibilities: Helped in a special needs classroom, directed individual groups in learning
Volunteer and Community Experience
Missionary, 2013-2014
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Served in the Ogden, UT Spanish Speaking Mission
Mission President: Maurice Hires, 801-392-9325
Humanitarian Aid, June 2012
Care for Life Organization:480- 529-5290
Served in Mozambique, Africa in the orphanages and taught villages basic life skills
Student Government
Offices Held:
Freshmen Vice President, Poston Jr. High
Sop-hmore Vice President
Student Body Traditions Commissioner
Student Body Treasurer
Responsibilities: Organized and planned class float, conducted and organized sports
assemblies, planned and executed homecoming dance and related activities, supervised club
and school budgets, conducted meetings, counted and issued funds for clubs and organizations
Limited Proficiency in Spanish
basic communication skills and understanding
Currently going to aesthetic school
Children with disabilities and Autism
Basic computer skills including typing
A desire to learn new skills
Makiea Mcklprang,480-329-1960
Worked together in a speech impaired and autistic program
Nick Huntington, 602-327-8743
Supervised at Sweet Cakes
Tony Connelly, 801-388-5161
Worked together during church mission