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One Love Words and Musie by Bob Marley EL EI Fim ae ca ba sit Strum Pattern: 1 Intro Relaxed Reggae Beat A E D B a B A ee —— il i ie = ae aa ma @ SS SSS SES s Fear the chil-dren ery = img. (One ove.) Hear the cl-den tetas | ae asm te te’ Git. (Ome Tove Dsoaatiche te Tm plead-ing to man- kind. (ne love. -) Ob, Lord, ___ To Code z D A 3 = e = SS SS Se ee #5 = i cry - ing. (One heart.) Say-in', end (One heart.) Al - right, {One heart.) Whoa. z a = 9S 5 focl all right” Sayin’, “Let's get to-geth- erand feel all right” {Whoa whoa, whoa, whoa. One more thing. Copyright © 1968 Fity-Six Hope Road Musi Lis. and Odd Muse bi Copyright Renewed Al Fights for the Uited Stats and Canada Administered by PolyGram International Pushing ne: 58 International Copyeght Sacured i Flghts served Verse A Fim D A Fim = fot “3 = ee sete eee Se Ss § — SS SS L.Let ther all pass all. their Girty re-muarks. (One love) There is one question Td 2. See Additional Lyrics E A Fem kis —=__ = = te Sr ov —= ——asd really Weve awk One——ihewrt) 1 there a place FAm eee cae £ =a fs ss = === ——— fae who has hurt allman - kind dust i —— R 7 oe D B A D & a Bae = =—— FS ga ——S eee ete — ie save his own?-Bevlieve me. Fath - er of Crea - dom Say-i', Coda Outro-Chorus D A E A thanks and praise 1 the Lord = and Twill feel = allright” Repeat and Fade > A E A € fe roe = =F 2 —————s aaa —— Let's a eee feel all sight Additional Lyries 2. Let's get together to fight this Holy Armageddon, (One love.) So when the man comes there will be no, no doom. (One song.) Have pity on those whose chances grove thinner. “There ait no hiding place fromm the Father of Creation. 59