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Noureddin Altarabichi

Mr. Brown


December 13, 2017

All Humans Are Equal

All human beings are created in the image of God. Therefore, according to the Quran, we

are all equal. When we say that all humans are equal, it means that every person should be

treated equally (Chaumeil and Jane 64). All humans are born the same way hence we all deserve

equal acceptance and rights as long as we comply with the norms and laws protecting us.

However, some people have experienced social injustices, discrimination, and isolation due to

the differences in race, color, gender, or culture (Singer 169). Some cultures perceive others as

part of the lower category group. However, despite different actions and behaviors of human

beings showing that humans are not equal, a closer analysis indicates that all humans are equal

and this essay aims to prove this assertion.

According to Gao (3), some people believe that all human beings are not created equal

and that we do not have the same chances for opportunities and success. Every human being is

created with his/her unique challenges that they must overcome in life by sharing their strengths

and weaknesses with those close to them. The ethos of equality is so much entrenched in human

life to the extent that it is exported to various situations in life that do not deem fit (Gao 3).

Furthermore, the contemporary society divides humans into classes. The higher classes enjoy all

the benefits while, the lower class consisting of the poor are discriminated and abandoned.

Discrimination has always been there since early days. Many instances of discrimination are

happening in the workplaces where workers are discriminated based on sex, race, or religion.
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This is unfortunate, but is extremely common currently; individuals are harassed, given

inadequate wages, or being fired from their jobs based on their sexuality (Gao 3). This instills

fear to gay, transgender, or lesbian employees who feel that they must perform excellently and

outsmart others to secure their jobs. This is evident since the introduction of the Civil Right Act

of 1964 that outlawed employment discrimination based on religion, sex, and race. This is

evidence that humans are sometimes treated unequally.

Consequently, humans will always be equal. In todays world, people are ranked

according to how they present themselves. The better persons present themselves as more

intelligent, prominent, or influential (Chaumeil and Jane 64). However, no one is to judge, since,

we all have diverse beliefs on intelligence, prominence, or powerful. Hence, every human is

better or worse at something as compared to the other, but that does not change the fact that we

all start the same way with equal capabilities and potentials. Therefore, we are all equal but

chose to exploit our talents differently.

All human beings are equal as they are born free and equal in both rights and dignity.

Humans are gifted with conscience and reason which helps them act towards one another in the

spirit of brotherhood (Shimron 12). All humans are entitled to the same freedoms and rights that

are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights without any form of discrimination,

for instance, on the basis or sex, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, and religion. Additionally,

people are entitled to liberty, security, and right to life and no human being should for any reason

be held in servitude or slavery.

All human beings have the same and equal basic moral status. They enjoy the same

essential rights, and the equivalent interest of each should sum the same in calculations that

define the social policy (Chaumeil and Jane 64). The principle of human dignity is one of the
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fundamental principles of the doctrines of both Christianity and ethics in the society.

Furthermore, it is the principle from which the concept of equality in all human beings is derived

as well as the basis for social order. Human dignity is a virtue given to humans by God and

should be accepted as a privilege since it provides the basis for equality among all human beings

(Shimron 12).

Therefore, it is evident from the above-supporting views that all human beings are equal.

We are born free and entitled to the universal rights and treatment. God provides human beings

with the principle of human dignity that serves are the basis for equality among all human beings

(Chaumeil and Jane 64). I do not support the opposition views as it talks about the challenges

that humans face in life. All human beings face almost the same problems. Various forms of

discrimination in the society as people choose to defy the doctrines of human dignity and this

does not refute the fact that all humans are equal.

Overall, all human beings are equal since they are born equal in dignity and rights with

the same moral status. God provides humans with the doctrine of human dignity that should be

observed as a basis for equality through the spirit of brotherhood. Laws have been made that

allows people to have an equal right that does not discriminate by sex, age, ethnicity, nationality,

and political affiliation which makes all human beings equal.

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