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The right of Nature

Do people also have rights to use the land/water?

Some people believe that individuals have rights to use natural resources, others state that it should be
protected. The nature cannot talk but it doesnt mean they are okay to be exploited. The people have
some rights to use natural resources for survival purpose, concurrently, they have duties such as recover
land after you used for commercial purpose. However in modern life, except for some country, people
have abundant resources to live off with. People already using significant amount of land for agricultural
purpose also some other reasons. Now it is time to keep the nature as it is, we have exploited enough,
some of them have not completely recovered yet. In my opinion the nature have right to protected by
following three reasons.

Firstly, the nature give us more than enough; cities were built, industrializations, mining. I think it is time
to stop. People exploited enough, now it is time to recover what you exploited as your duty. It is called
being greedy, people do not need the Amazonias logs for living, they need it too become richer.
Secondly, the human have rights to use nature is important. But how about the people live in the
nature? For example, there are people called Yanomi in the rainforest of northern Amazonia. It located
between Brazil and Venezuela. The 60% of their territory covered by minerals. Brazil has shown their
interest for that. It means they are influencing Yanomi peoples life very badly. How about Yanomi
peoples the human right? They do not want their land being destroyed. (MOA) Lastly, process of
recovering the nature is not easy and it takes long time. The tree, after they cut, it will take hundreds of
years to recover. Even though there are trees are being planted every year, but still do not cover the
number we have already lost. (Howstuffworks) Mining is more harmful for nature, recovering the land is
almost impossible. In order to mine people build road for truck and equipment. And wastes are pollute

In conclusion, logging, mining, agricultures are major cause for exploitation of the nature. The people
are doing it because of money, not because of we are really need it for survival. We already using a lot
of lands for cities, agricultures, and industries. They are not only destroying the nature, they have
following effects too such as air pollution etc. It is time to focus on keep the nature that we have left a
little percentage of it. Do not exploit it more, or else we do not have place to live.