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18. If z = log (x2 + y2) then is equal to

1. Factional force developed is x
(a) directly proportional to area of contact (b) inversely
2 2x 2y 2x 2
proportional to area of contact (c) independent of area (a) 2 2 (b) 2 2 (c) 2 2 (d)
x +y x +y x +y x + y2
of contact (d) inversely proportional to the square of area
of contact 5

2. If one end of a beam is fixed and the other end is free,
then it is known as 19. The value of (2 sin x) dx is
(a) cantilever beam (b) simply supported beam (c)
overhanging beam (d) fixed beam (a) undefined (b) 2 (c) 0 (d) >0
3. A displacement of a particle is given by S = (5t2 3) m, 20. The value of in the mean value theorem of f(b)
the velocity of the particle at t = 4 sec is f(a) = (b a) fI () for f (x) = Ax2 + B in (a, b) is
77 (b + a) (b a)
(a) m/s (b) 40 m/s (c) 80 m/s (d) 5m/s (a) (b + a) (b) (b a) (c) (d)
4 2 2
4. The unit of impulse is
21. Which of the following statement is not true for a hole?
(a) Kgm2/s (b) Kgm/s (c) Kgm/s2 (d) none of the above
(a) Holes may constitute an electric current (b) Holes
5. A fly wheel 1 m in diameter accelerates uniformly from
can be considered as a net +ve charge (c) Holes can
rest to 1000 r.p.m. in 20 s. What is its angular
exist in certain semiconductor materials only (d) Holes
can exist in any material including conductors
(a) 50rad/s2 (b) 4.75rad/s2 (c) 200rad/s2 (d) 5/236 rad/
22. The temperature coefficient of an intrinsic
semiconductor is
6. If A is the cross-sectional area of a pipe and V is the
(a) zero (b) positive (c) negative (d) like that of metals
average velocity of fluid flowing through it, the rate of flow
23. As compared to a full wave rectifier using two diodes,
or discharge Q is found by the following relation:
the four diode bridge rectifier has the dominant advantage
(a) A.V (b) A2.V (c) A.V2 (d) A.V
7. Pitot tube is used for measurement of
(a) higher current rating (b) lower peak inverse voltage
(a) pressure (b) flow (c) velocity at a point (d) discharge
(c) lower ripple factor (d) higher efficiency
8. Reynolds number is defined as the
24. Forward biasing of a p-n junction
(a) ratio of the inertia force to gravity force (b) ratio of
(a) reduces the majority carrier current to zero (b)
the viscous force to gravity force (c) ratio of the viscous
reduces the minority carrier current to zero (c) raises
force to elastic force (d) ratio of the inertia force to
thf potential barrier (d) reduces the potential barrier
viscous force
25. Zener diode is usually operated
9. In a reciprocating pump
(a) in forward bias mode (b) in reverse bias mode (c) in
(a) flow is intermittent (b) flow is uniform (c) priming is
forward linear region (d) near cut-in voltage
essential (d) torque is uniform
26. Silicon devices are preferred at high temperature
10. In a centrifugal pump, the static lift means
operations in comparison to germanium because
(a) suction lift (b) delivery lift (c) sum of suction and
(a) reverse saturation current is less in case of silicon
delivery lifts (d) difference of suction and delivery lifts
(b) silicon is more thermally stable (c) silicon can
11. By the two wattmeter method, the three phase power
dissipate more power (d) none of the above
can be measured for
27. The mobility of an electron in a conductor is
(a) a balanced load (b) an unbalanced load (c) both
expressed in terms of
balanced and unbalanced loads (d) none of the above
(a) cm2/VS (b) cm/VS (c) cm2/V (d) cm2/S
12. During resonance in a series circuit
28. In a common emitter amplifier, the unbypassed emitter
(a) current and voltage are in phase (b) current and
resistance provides
voltage are in opposite phase (c) current leads the
(a) voltage-shunt feedback (b) current-series feedback
voltage (d) voltage leads the current
(c) negative voltage feedback (d) positive current
13. A capacitor with initial charge Q0 acts as
(a) short circuit (b) open circuit (c) voltage source (d)
29. The gain of a voltage follower is
(a) greater than 1 (b) exactly equal to 1 (c) slightly less
14. If the form factor of a wave is 1.11, the nature of the
than 1 (d) zero
wave is
30. The circuit arrangement of a transistor used as a
(a) sinusoidal (b) triangular (c) saw-tooth (d) square
buffer is
15. The time constant of an RC series circuit connected
(a) CE (b) CB (c) CC (d) none of the above
to a d.c. source is
31. If the input ax. is 10 V (r.m.s.), the maximum voltage
(a) R/C (b) RC (c) C/R (d) C2R
that will appear across the diode of a half-wave rectifier
16. f (x) = x2 + x sin x is
with a capacitor input filter will be
(a) an odd function (b) an even function (c) constant
(a) 10 V (b) 14 V (c) 20 V (d) 28 V
function (d) a periodic function
32. In a power amplifier load resistance should be
Lt x3 (a) as small as possible (b) as large as possible (c) equal
17. x9 is equal to
x2 81 to output impedance (d) it can be anything
33. Thermal run away is not possible in FET because as
(a) (b) (c) 0 (d) 1 the temperature of FET increases

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(a) the mobility decreases (b) the transconductance the rotor side with stator winding short circuited. The
increases (c) the drain current increases (d) none of frequency of the currents flowing in the short circuited
the above stator is
34. A differential amplifier has a differential gain of 20,000. (a) slip frequency (b) supply frequency (c) zero (d)
CMRR = 80 dB. The common mode gain is given by frequency corresponding to rotor speed
1 50. An induction motor having full load torque of 60 Nm
(a) 2 (b) 1 (c) (d) 0 when delta connected develops a starting torque of 120
Nm. For the same supply voltage, if the motor is changed
35. Most of the linear ICS are based on the two transistor
to star connection, the starting torque developed will be
differential amplifier because of its
(a) 40N-m (b) 60 Nm (c) 90 Nm (d) 120 Nm
(a) input voltage dependent linear transfer characteristic
51. The maximum possible speed at which an alternator
(b) high voltage, gain (c) high input resistance (d) high
can be driven to generate 50 Hz and 4000 V is
(a) 4000 r.p.m. (b) 3600 r.p.m. (c) 3000 r.p.m. (d) 1500
36. Power input to a transformer on no-load at rated
voltage comprises predominantly
52. Xd = d-axis synchronous reactance
(a) copper loss (b) hysteresis loss (c) core loss (d) eddy
Xq = q-axix synchronous reactance
current loss
In a salient pole synchronous machine
37. A single phase transformer when supplied from a 220
(a) Xq > Xd (b) Xq = Xd (c) Xq < Xd (d) Xq = 0
V, 50 Hz source has eddy current loss of 50 W. If the
53. A synchronous generator is operating at constant
transformer is connected to a 330 V, 50 Hz source, the
load while its excitation is adjusted to give unity p.f.
eddy current loss will be
current. If the excitation is now increased, the power
(a) 168.75 W (b) 112.5 W (c) 75 W (d) 50 W
factor will
38. A transformer core is laminated
(a) lead (b) lag (c) remain at unity (d) become zero
(a) to reduce hysteresis loss (b) to provide flexibility to
54. A salient pole synchronous motor is running with
construction (c) to reduce eddy current loss (d) to
normal excitation. If the excitation is reduced to zero
reduce copper loss
(a) it becomes an induction motor (b) it becomes a
39. Negative voltage regulation of a transformer is
reluctance motor (c) it remains a synchronous motor
possible with
(d) it does not develop any torque
(a) inductive load (b) capacitive load (c) resistive load
55. In a capacitor start single phase induction motor,
(d) resistive-inductive load
capacitor of suitable value is connected
40. Distribution transformers are designed to have
(a) in series with the auxiliary winding (b) across the
maximum efficiency nearly at
auxiliary winding (c) across the main winding (d) in series
(a) 100% of full load (b) 50% of full load (c) 25% of full
with the main winding
load (d) 10% of full load
56. Third pin in a 3-pin plug is provided so as to
41. A d.c. shunt generator delivers 395 A at 250 V and
(a) provide an earth connection (b) provide a 3-phase
the resistance of the shunt field and armature are 50 Q
supply, when required (c) provide a spare phase, when
and 0-05 Q, respectively. The generated e.m.f. will be
required (d) prevent a plug being reversed in the socket
(a) 269-75 V (b) 270 V (c) 220 V (d) 230-25 V
57. The thickness of insulation provided on the conductor
42. In a d.c. machine the angle between the stator field
depends upon
and rotor field is
(a) current rating (b) voltage rating (c) both (a) and (b)
(a) 45 (b) 90 (c) 180 (d) dependent upon the load
(d) none of the above
43. Shunt field winding of a d.c. machine consists of
58. Which of the following mixtures is preferred for filling
(a) many turns of thin wire (b) many turns of thick wire
around the earth electrode for having effective earthing?
(c) few turns of thick wire (d) few turns of thin wire
(a) Charcoal-salt (b) Lime-sand (c) Sawdust-sand (d)
44. In a 4-pole, 25 KW, 200 V wave wound d.c. shunt
generator the current in each parallel path will be
59. In a distribution system, which of the following items
(a) 62.5 A (b) 125 A (c) 31-25 A (d) 250 A
shares the major cost?
45. A d.c. series motor develops a torque of 20 Nm at 3
(a) Conductors (b) Earthing system (c) Distribution
A of load current. If the current is increased to 6 A, the
transformer (d) Insulators
torque developed will be
60. Non-metallic conduits used in internal wiring are
(a) 10 Nm (b) 20 Nm (c) 40 Nm (d) 80 Nm
generally made of
46. A 3-phase, 400 V, 4-pole induction motor is fed from
(a) wood (b) rubber (c) PVC (d) cork
a 3-phase 400 V, 50 Hz supply and runs at 1440 r.p.m.
61. A power system network with a capacity of 100 MVA
The frequency of rotor e.m.f. is
has a source impedance of 10% at a point. The fault at
(a) 2 Hz (b) 4 Hz (c) 4.8 Hz (d) 5.2 Hz
that point is
47. A 3-phase induction motor is operating at slip S. If
(a) 10 MVA (b) 30 MVA (c) 3000 MVA (d) 1000 MVA
any two supply leads are interchanged, then its slip at
62. When a line to ground fault occurs, the current in the
that instant will be
faulty phase is 100 A. The zero sequence current in this
(a) 1 S (b) 1 + S (c) 2 S (d) 2 + S
case will be
48. The number of slip rings on a squirrel cage induction
(a) zero (b) 33.33A (c) 66-66 A (d) 100 A
motor is
63. Capacitance Voltage Transformer (CVT) is usea io
(a) 4 (b) 3 (c) 2 (d) none of the above
(a) improve the power factor of transmission (b) reduce
49. A three-phase slip ring induction motor is fed from
losses in a transmission line (c) connect instruments and

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relays on the LT side (d) reduce the incidence of over 79. In free space with p = 0, Poisson's equation is

( )
voltage surges r r
64. The following sequence currents were recorded in a (a) continuity equation .J = 0 (b) Laplacian equation

( )
power system under a fault condition: r
Ipositive = J 1.653 p.U.; Inegative = j 0.5 p.U.; Izcro = J 1.153 ( 2 V = 0) (c) Maxwell curl equation V = 0 (d)

( )
p.u. r r
The fault is Maxwell divergence equation .B = 0
(a) line to ground (b) three phase (c) line to line (d) line
80. A very long conductor carries a current of 10 A. What
to line to ground
is the field (b) at 10 cm from it?
65. A single line to ground fault occurs on a 3-phase
(a) 2 l05 Tesla (b) 4 105 Tesla (c) 2 1010 Tesla (d)
isolated neutral system with a line to neutral voltage of
4 107 Tesla
VKV. The potential of the healthy phases rise to a value
81. The wave length of 5500A will give light of
1 (a) green colour (b) red colour (c) orange colour (d)
(a) 2 VKV (b) 3 VKV (c) 3 VKV (d) VKV
3 yellow-green colour
66. The breakdown stress of atmospheric air is 82. The illumination at a surface due to a source of light
approximately placed at a distance d from the surface varies as
(a) 0.3 KV/cm (b) 3 KV/cm (c) 30 KV/cm (d) 300 KV/cm 1 1
(a) (b) (c) d (d) d2
67. The surge impedance of 50 mile long underground d2 d
cable is 50 ohms. For a 25 mile long cable, surge 83. The rate of evaporation of tungsten filament in a lamp
impedance will be depends upon
(a) 25 ohm (b) 50 ohm (c) 100 ohm (d) 200 ohm (a) exhaust tube diameter (b) glass shell diameter (c)
68. If the fault current is 2000 A, the relay setting is 50% vapour pressure inside (d) none of the above
and the C.T. ratio is 400/5, the plug setting multiplier will 84. The luminous efficiency of GLS lamp is normally in
be the range of
(a) 5 (b) 7 (c) 8 (d) 10 (a) (100150) lumens/watt (b) (75100) iumnes/watt (c)
69. The rate of rise of restriking voltage depends upon (5075) lumnes/watt (d) (1018) lumens/watt
(a) the type of Circuit Breaker (b) the induatance of the 85. The colour of light given out by a sodium vapour
system only (c) the capacitance of the system only (d) discharge lamp is
the inductance and capacitance of the system (a) pink (b) flush green (c) yellow (d) blue
70. A 3-phase Circuit Breaker is rated at 2000 MVA, 33 86. Parmalloy is
KV; its making current will be (a) a variety of stainless steel (b) a polymer (c) a p-
(a) 35 KA (b) 49 KA (c) 70 KA (d) 89 KA ferrous alloy (d) a nickel and iron alloy having high
71. An isolator operates under permeability
(a) fault condition (b) no load condition (c) full load 87. Dielectric materials are essentially
condition (d) 50% load condition (a) insulating materials (b) conducting materials (c) semi-
72. If two synchronous generators are connected, loss conducting material (d) ferromagnetic material
of synchronism will result in 88. An intrinsic semi-conductor at absolute zero
(a) stalling of generators (b) wild fluctuations in current temperature behaves like
(c) wild fluctuations in current and voltage (d) none of (a) a super conductor (b) an insulator (c) a conductor
the above (d) a ferromagnetic material
73. A 50 Hz, 4-pole turbo-alternator rated at 20 MVA, 13.2 89. Ferrites are
KV has an inertia constant H = 4 KW sec./KVA. The kinetic (a) not easily machinable (b) hard materials (c) brittle
energy stored in the rotor at synchronous speed is materials (d) all of the above properties
(a) 80 KJ (b) 80 MJ (c) 40 MJ (d) 20 MJ 90. Metallic copper is a
74. For the protection of transformers, harmonic restrain (a) paramagnetic substance (b) diamagnetic substance
is used to guard against (c) ferroelectric material (d) piezoelectric material
(a) magnetising in-rush current (b) unbalanced operation 91. Back substitution is associated with
(c) lightning (d) switching over voltage (a) Runge-Kutta method (b) Lagrangian interpolation (c)
75. A line trap ina long transmission line is used to Gauss elimination method (d) Gauss-Seidel iterative
(a) improve power factor (b) dampen over voltage method
oscillations (c) confine carrier signals in the line (d) 92. In an ill-conditioned system of linear algebraic
protect the line against equations
76. Poisson's equation relating the potential V at any point (a) small changes in the coefficients produce small
to the volume change density p at that point states that changes in the solution (b) large changes in the
coefficients produce small changes in the solution (c)
(a) 2V = (b) 2V = (c) 2V= (d) 2V =
small changes in the coefficients produce large changes
77. Electric flux inside a conducting sphere is in the solution (d) large changes in the coefficients
(a) zero (b) uniform (c) minimum (d) maximum produce large changes in the solution
78. The electric field strength at any point equals 93. We wish to solve x2 2 = 0 by Newton-Raphson
(a) potential gradient at that point (b) negative of the technique. Let the initial guess be x0 = 1.0; subsequent
potential gradient at that point (c) the charge at that point estimate of x (i.e. x1) will be
(d) negative of the charge at that point (a) 1.414 (b) 1.5 (c) 2.0 (d) 3.383

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94. A logical variable can have
(a) only one possible value (b) only two possible values
(c) only four possible values (d) infinite number of
possible values
95. Sufficient condition for convergence of Gauss-Seidel
iterative method for solution of linear algebraic equations
demands coefficient matrix to be a
(a) sparse matrix (b) upper triangular matrix (c)
diagonally dominant matrix (d) orthogonal matrix
96. A compiler converts
(a) an object code to a source code (b) a source code
to an object code (c) an assembly language code to an
object code (d) an object code to an assembly language
97. If two consecutive statements of a FORTRAN
program are B = 0 and C = A/B, we will encounter
(a) logical error (b) syntax error (c) runtime error (d)
round off error
98. In FORTRAN DO construct is used
(a) to assign a value to a variable (b) to take a decision
(c) to print a value (d) to repeatedly execute a job
99. In a FORTRAN expression A.GT.B the operator GTis
(a) an arithmetic operator (b) a logical operator (c) a
binary operator (d) a relational operator
100. If a function is so developed that it calls itself then it
is termed as
(a) main function (b) library function (c) recursive
function (d) statement function

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