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*Enquiry sending to subcontractor & material supplier to get quotation for different
Construction activities.

* Study of Quotation received from the subcontractor & preparation of comparison

Statement with all techno commercial matter.

* Preparation of vendor list for material supplier & subcontractor

*Responsible for preparation of quantity take off for different construction material &
subcontractor item as per the drawing & preparation of schedule of material.

* Preparation of Rate Analysis & planning unit rates for civil item.

* Study of contract document like specification, Bill of Quantity etc. to understand full
Scope of work to submit tender.

* Compilation of BOQ ensuring with including all scope of work.

* Preparation of Preliminaries item list.

* After discussion with Management & Procurement department entre all unit rates &
Quantity in BOQ to submit initial tender bid offer including all Overhead & Profit.

*Preparation of Tender bid offer, final Bill of Quantity, Cost estimation and submit the
Tender to the client.