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Directions for items 1-56. You will hear statements or

questions on the tape. Select the best answer and mark your
answer sheet, a, b , c, or d. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

1. a) to the police station 10. a) Smoking is safe.

b) to the post office b) Smoking is permitted.
c) to the store c) Smoking is encouraged.
d) to the bank d) Smoking is not
2. a) a comb
b) a razor 11. a) He must relax his
c) scissors attention when flying.
d) a knife b) He must do all his
flying at once.
3. a) the usual ones c) He should be taken off
b) the long ones flying every year.
c) the revised ones d) He must give all of
d) the correct ones his attention to
4. a) in the store
b) at the room 12. a) write me soon
c) very tired b) return my visit
d) 12 blocks c) make me come back
d) return my phone call
5. a) Yes, its very hot.
b) Yes, it wont work. 13. a) if the bank was open
c) Yes, I like it best. b) if John had money in a
d) Yes, I dont want it. bank
c) if John could count
6. a) once a week money
b) every night d) if the account was for
c) every other night Mr. James
d) twice a week
14. a) about 3:10
7. a) a chemist b) at 1500 hours
b) an engineer c) approximately 1500
c) a physiologist hours
d) a meteorologist d) 5 minutes before 3
8. a) fine
b) hot 15. a) at the club
c) hungry b) the air men
d) sleepy c) for dancing
d) to have their party
9. a) They are not similar.
b) They are similar.
c) They look alike.
d) They are the same.

16. a) He removed the tire. 22. a) She is already well.
b) He patched the tire. b) She is still waiting.
c) He refilled my tank. c) She has a
d) He filled the tire prescription.
with air. d) She has already seen
17. a) He asked his employer
for more money. 23. a) He enjoys keeping away
b) He told his employer from activities.
something. b) He dislikes various
c) He went out for a long kinds of activities.
lunch. c) He participates in
d) He played a joke. many types of
18. a) You must bring pencils d) He practices only
and paper. certain types of
b) We will give you activities.
pencils and paper.
c) Well buy pencils and 24. a) Youll learn English
paper from you. quickly.
d) We will take up your b) You wont have any
pencils and paper. occasion to speak
19. a) We wont be here ten c) Its a good practice
minutes. to speak English.
b) We have to stay over d) Youll have a chance
ten minutes. to speak English.
c) We have been here only
ten minutes. 25. a) He will educate the
d) We will be here for students.
only ten minutes. b) He will fire the
20. a) He uses the bus all c) He will help the
the time. students find books.
b) He often drives to d) He will give jobs to
work. the students.
c) He seldom rides the
bus. 26. a) He gave them advice.
d) He never works on the b) He arrested the two
bus. men.
c) He couldnt reach the
21. a) They are lost. house.
b) They are on the table. d) He brought them to
c) They have changed safety.
d) They have become old
and worn.

27. a) The liquid will not 35. a) spend less
burn. b) spend the same
b) The liquid will c) cut out spending
explode. d) increase spending
c) The liquid is not
dangerous. 36. a) Help me put the food
d) The liquid will burn in the basket.
easily. b) Help me buy food from
the basket.
28. It ______ good. c) Help me eat the
a) looks d) Help me take the food
b) tastes out.
c) smells
d) sounds 37. a) He would like to do it
29. a) headlines b) He enjoys experiences
b) tastes like that one.
c) stories c) He must like to do it
d) news again.
d) He has a dislike for
30. a) It has a big torn experiences like that
place in it. one.
b) It is in a big, cold
place. 38. a) You could not see the
c) It is very dirty. wires.
d) It just doesnt fit b) The wires were outside
the table. the walls.
c) You could see the
31. a) a form wires.
b) a report d) The wires were in
c) a command front of the walls.
d) an argument
39. a) Mary always goes to
32. a) writes on it work at 7:30 a.m.
b) depends on it b) She usually goes to
c) doesnt use it work at 8:00 a.m.
d) talks about it c) She sometimes goes to
work at the same time.
33. a) He left them out. d) She always goes to
b) He picked them up. work at the same time.
c) He inspected them.
d) He separated them. 40. a) Ill try to call.
b) I wont call you.
34. a) I like them scrambled. c) I will call tomorrow
b) They have protein in night.
them. d) Im sure that Ill
c) They are 55 cents a call.
d) There are twelve in a

41. a) He did not know what 48. a) He will earn enough
to do. money.
b) He did what he was b) He will have many new
supposed to do. friends.
c) He did not want to do c) He will need it to get
anything. to work.
d) He did whatever he d) He will know how to
felt like doing. drive then.

42. a) The air is hot. 49. a) He will study the

b) The air is cool. elevator.
c) The air is thin. b) He will repair the
d) The air is thick. elevator.
c) He will run the
43. a) The food is too elevator.
expensive. d) He will use the
b) The food has too much elevator.
c) The food is not fit to 50. a) at home
eat. b) at the ocean
d) The food is very good. c) in the city
d) in the mountains
44. a) Check my suitcase.
b) Hold my suitcase. 51. a) a metal
c) Watch my suitcase. b) a machine
d) Pack my suitcase. c) something to eat
d) something to wear
45. a) Why did you lift that?
b) Why did you finish 52. a) to protect his hearing
that? b) to protect his sight
c) Why did you break c) to protect his hands
that? d) to protect his feet
d) Why did you mention
that? 53. a) It can kill you.
b) It may hurt you.
46. a) dampness c) The animal is afraid.
b) oil and grease d) It wont hurt you.
c) improper use
d) dry weather 54. a) It became foggy.
b) It started to snow.
47. a) He carried it. c) It started to rain.
b) He polished it. d) The wind began to
c) He set it on fire. blow.
d) He cut it into pieces.
55. a) His decision was
b) His decision was
c) His decision was
d) His decision was

56.a) Bill argues with his
b) Bill advises his
c) Bill agrees with his
d) Bill accompanies his

Directions for items 57-66. You will hear conversations or

persons giving information. Select the best answer and mark
your answer sheet, a, b, c, or d.

57. a) He is getting cold. 62. a) He attended the

b) He is getting tired. meeting.
c) He is getting angry. b) He was the leader of
d) He is getting hungry. the club.
c) He received a gift at
58. a) because he had a party the meeting.
b) because he was sleepy d) He enjoys the clubs
c) He is getting angry meetings.
d) because he didnt have
a party 63. a) He read about it in a
59. a) in one place he goes b) He listened to it on
b) in each place he goes the radio.
c) in a few places he c) His brother told him
goes about it.
d) in none of the places d) He learned about it
he goes from a friend.

60. a) He needs a good bath. 64. a) fix a car

b) He needs some new b) go to sleep
clothes. c) get something put away
c) He isnt eating d) get someone to open
properly. the door
d) He hasnt worked for a
long time. 65. a) eat a big lunch
b) sleep overnight
61. a) He wants more. c) tak some pictures
b) He has enough. d) rest for an hour
c) He does not like
vegetables. 66. a) when it was going to
d) He would like end
something else. b) who was going to be
c) when it was going to
d) what the procedures
were going to be



Directions for items 67-100. Select the best answer and mark
your answer sheet, a, b, c, or d. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST

67. She hopes she ________ better work next year.

a) did
b) must
c) will do
d) has done

68. I am a student. The instructor teaches me.

a) I teach the instructor.

b) I am teaching the student.
c) I am taught by the instructor.
d) I am not taught by the instructor.

69. Select the correct sentence.

a) Two years ago I with my parents lived.

b) Two years ago I lived with my parents.
c) Two years ago with my parents I lived.
d) Two years ago with my parents lived I.

70. We turned the TV on as the program started. We turned it on


a) just in time
b) much too early
c) just for a while
d) a little too late

71. Mrs. Miller is getting ready for the trip.

a) canceling
b) postponing
c) preparing for
d) hoping to make

72. Susan could not lift the box because it was too ______.

a) square
b) heavy
c) round
d) funny

73. The man said, Turn off the faucet. He wanted us to _____.

a) change the faucet

b) let the water run
c) stop the flow of water
d) make the water run more slowly

74. I think I will eat ____ salad.


some / any

a) some
b) many
c) few
d) any

75. The man was ______ his dinner.

a) eat was the man eats

b) ate
c) eaten
d) eating v+ing =

76. Whenever Mrs. Garcia went downtown, she _______.

a) will make some purchases
b) is making a purchase
c) making a purchase
d) made a purchase

77. The work ______ by four men.

a) is finishing
b) are finished
c) was finished
d) finished

78. Sgt. Brown took off his goggles before he spoke to us.

a) He removed them and spoke to us.

b) He removed them after he spoke to us.
c) He didnt remove them as he spoke to us.
d) He put them on about the time he spoke to us.

79. A great deal of sulfur is found in Texas.

a) A lot of
b) A good grade
c) A bargain of
d) Very little

80. I turned off the light because _____.

a) I like to read
b) I wanted to read
c) no one wanted to read
d) it was too dark to read

81. Why dont you use your head when you drive?

a) use your eyesight

b) use your hat
c) be quick
d) think

82. Passenger: Does this airplane feel right to you?

Pilot: No. Im taking it right down.

What is the pilot going to do?

a) buy the airplane

b) land the airplane

c) wait until night to take off
d) start the airplanes motors

83. You can call for your new name tag in a couple of days.

a) see
b) get = call for

c) write
d) visit

84. That building is the ______ in the city.

a) higher
b) highest
c) most high
d) most highest

85. He _______ to listen to the tape tonight.

a) will
b) ought
c) must
d) should

86. Some people judge the quality of food by ______ it.

a) smelling
b) to smell
c) smelled
d) smell

87. I glanced at my watch and realized ______.

a) for that time it was class

b) that it was time for class
c) it that time was for class
d) it was that time for class

88. The diamond is a beautiful, brilliant gem. Although it is

commonly used in engagement rings, its greatest use is in
industry. Today the automotive industry is the main buyer
of industrial diamonds. In fact, there are 15 different
uses for this mineral in an automobile factory.


a) all diamonds are used in industry =

b) all diamonds are used in engagement rings =

c) 15 minerals are used in automobile factories 15

d) industrial diamonds are used in automobile factories =

89. Why did you enroll in this course?

a) to improvement myself
b) to improve myself to + v-

c) for improved myself
d) for improve myself

90. There are three boys in the class besides the girls.
Besides means ______.

a) near
b) excluding
c) in addition to
d) at the side of

91. Tom defends himself quite well by ______.

a) fighting back

b) taking a rest

c) listening closely

d) eating a good meal

92. When we heard the explosion, our first ______ was to escape
the danger.

a) time
b) noise
c) impulse
d) release

93. The plane made an emergency landing.

a) The plane was unable to land.

b) The plane was forced to land.
c) The plane made a very bad landing.
d) The plane made a scheduled landing.

94. I was afraid he _____ understand.

a) wont
b) cant
c) has not
d) might not

95. Most boys of other countries are ______ the American Indian.

a) interested with
b) interested in
c) interested to
d) interesting by

96. I am tired ______ reading. Lets go for a walk.

a) of
b) by
c) for
d) to

97. Is there any condensation on that pipe?

Condensation =
a) Yes, the heat has dried the pipe.
b) Yes, the steam has changed to water.

c) Yes, the pipe has been well polished.
d) Yes, the smoke has made the pipe dirty.

98. The recurrent bad weather does not _____ well for the timely
completion of the stadium.

a) augur
b) foretell
c) predict
d) prognosticate

99. Our supplies were strapped on the back of the donkey.

strapped on /

a) wired
b) piled
c) belted
d) clamped

100. An internal combustion engine releases poisonous _____.

a) fumes
b) vents
c) catalysts
d) vibrations



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