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Profile Management Summary

Business Unit
599 211 86 123
Count of Profiles Willing to Relocate High Risk of Loss High Impact of Loss
Location Name
None Number of people with an active Number of people willing to relocate Number of employees with High Risk Number of employees with High
profile (may not be complete) of Loss Impact of Loss
Person Type
None Profile Breakdown
Manager Name
None Count of Profiles

Person Number 700

None 205 599

Employee 500
400 236
Assignment Status Increase
Active - No Payroll, Active - 300
Payroll Eligible
1,167 0-2 Years
2 to 5 Years
5 to 10 Years
More than 10 Years

Head Count
Headcount for Current
Selections Assignments and Work Preferences
Assignment Details and Drill to Person Gallery Work Requirements
Go to Portrait Person Number Name Assignment Number Job Name Manager Name Person Number Name Domestic Travel International Travel Willing To Relocate Flexible Hours
2 Marlin, Amy E2 Manager Gray, Donald 100 Joseph, Brian
5 Jones, Lisa E5 Senior Sales Representative 101 Feitty, Curtis
7 Cook, Alan E7 Analyst Blum, Mitch 116 Kumar, Ajay
18 Kennedy, Anita E18 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Taylor, William 117 Chua, William
19 Kendall, Thomas E19 Senior Director Centeno, Carlos 121 Shimada, Yusuke
20 Whitaker, Mary E20 Manager Kendall, Thomas 122 Jones, Stella
21 Cunningham, Michael E21 Systems Analyst Whitaker, Mary 125 Lee, Xue
22 James, Anton E22 Programmer Whitaker, Mary 126 Uesugi, Riko
23 Doyle, Emma E23 Systems Analyst Whitaker, Mary 127 Gokhale, Santosh
24 Adler, Vicki E24 Systems Analyst Whitaker, Mary 131 Katagiri, Teppei
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Certifications, Licenses and Languages

Current Licenses and Certifications Languages
Name Person Number Name Verified Date From Expiration Date Days to Expiry Language Person Number Name Native Speaking Writing Reading
Aaron, Scott 659 Certified Financial Analyst No 13/03/2014 Arabic 439 Kustomanie, Irfan HIGH HIGH HIGH
Adams, Peter 1515 First Aid Certificate No 27/08/2014 637 Khawaja, Maha HIGH HIGH HIGH
Anderson, Betty 99 Senior Professional in Human Resources No 13/03/2014 Bengali 180 Patel, Neeti HIGH MOD LOW
Brecek, Anthony 652 First Aid Certificate No 13/03/2014 Chinese 117 Chua, William HIGH HIGH MOD
Senior Professional in Human Resources No 13/03/2014 377 Zawadzki, Dariusz MOD LOW MOD
Breece, Mike 653 First Aid Certificate No 13/03/2014 Chinese (Mandarin) 271 Yasukawa, Aoi LOW LOW MOD
Senior Professional in Human Resources No 13/03/2014 33 Chen, Tu HIGH HIGH HIGH
Brown, Elizabeth 696 Certified Financial Analyst No 13/03/2014 421 Tounin, Mathieu MOD MOD LOW
Cochran, Cindy 938 Certified Sales Executive No 12/03/2014 09/04/2018 1,053 83 Yang, May MOD MOD MOD
Feitty, Curtis 101 Senior Professional in Human Resources No 17/03/2014 15/04/2015 -37 Chinese (Singapore) 203 Noor, Mohammed LOW MOD MOD
Rows 1 - 10 Rows 1 - 10

Career Statement
Career Statement
Person Name Assignment Job Name Manager Career Statement
Number Number Name
100 Joseph, E100 Director of Jackman, I am a long serving professional with
Brian Payroll Robert significant achievements in the fields of
Management, Payroll and Compensation
Strategy and HCM.<br/>
101 Feitty, E101 Human Blum,
Curtis Resources Mitch
1062 Neuwelt, E1062 Executive Shannon, I've developed valuable and transferable
Diane Assistant Michelle skills as an Executive Assistant to the
CHRO and hope to steer my career
towards more direct involvement in HCM
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Potential and Risk of Loss

Potential Ratings Risk of Loss Ratings Impact of Loss Ratings

High High High

Medium Medium Medium
Low Low Low