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Name: _______________________________________________ Period: ________ 6. A small lamp is designed to draw a current of 3A in a 6.00V circuit.

What is the
resistance of the lamp?
Electricity Study Guide
Static Electricity

Charging By Occurs by Example

7. What potential difference (aka voltage) is required if you want a current of 0.08A
in a load having a resistance of 50.0?


8. In common metals, resistance increases as the temperature increases. An

Contact or
electric toaster has a resistance of 12.0 when hot. What current will flow
through it when it is connected to 125V?
1. When different materials are rubbed together, only the
_____________________ are rubbed off from one material to the other.

2. Copper and gold allow electrons to move freely through them, so they are
9. The resistance of a lamp is 230. The voltage is 115V when the lamp is turned
examples of ______________________. Glass and plastic do not allow electrons to
move easily through them, so they are examples of _______________________. a. What is the current in the lamp?

b. If the voltage rises to 120V, what is the current?

3. You use a plastic comb to comb your hair. The comb becomes
___________________ charged. The hair becomes ___________________ charged.

4. You use a paper towel to rub off some dirt on a glass window. The glass window 10. What should the resistance of the lamp in part a of the previous problem be
if the lamp is to draw the same current, but in a 230V circuit?
becomes _______________ charged. The paper towel becomes
___________________ charged.

Ohms Law: V=IR

V Voltage (Unit is _________, V)
I - Current (Unit is Amperes or ________, ___) 11. A lamp of 110V draws 0.909A. What is the lamps resistance?
R Resistance (Unit is Ohms, ___)
5. A current of 3.00A flows through a resistor when connected to a 12.0V battery.
What is the resistance of a resistor?

12. What are 4 things that affect the resistance?

Power: P =IV a. What is the current in the circuit?
P- Power (Unit is ________, W).
13. What power is supplied to a motor that operates on a 120V line and draws
1.50A of current?

b. What is the resistance of the furnace?

14. An electric lamp is connected to an 110V source. If the current through the
lamp is 0.75A, what is the power consumption of the lamp?

Series and Parallel Circuits

19. Answer the following questions about the circuit below.

15. A lamp is labeled 6.0V and 12W.
a. What current flows through the lamp when it is operating? a. Is the circuit in series or parallel? How do
you know?

b. How much energy is supplied to the lamp in 1000 seconds?

b. Is the circuit in open or closed? How do
you know?

c. Which direction are the electrons flowing?

16. Each coil in a resistance box is capable of dissipating heat at the rate of 4.00W.
What is the maximum current that should be allowed across a coil to avoid
overheating if the coil has a resistance of 2?

d. Would this circuit have less of more resistance with one light bulb? Explain.

17. What is the power supplied to a lamp that is operated by a battery having a 12V
potential difference (aka. voltage) across its terminals when the resistance of e. Draw the circuit as a circuit diagram (with the symbols) and label it.
the lamp is 6.0?

18. A small electric furnace that expends 2,000 W of power is connected across a
potential difference (aka. voltage) of 120V.