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Version 5.6.

3 - 4 Mei 2014

- Fixed a bug in external program execution related to spaces in paths.

- Updated Japanese language files.
- Reduced flicker when opening Tools >> Environment Options.
- Simplified the splash screen text.
- Reduced class browser flicker. This significantly speeds up editor switching and
project opening.
- Greatly improved code completion performance.
- Folder selection dialogs in Tools >> Project Options now start in the project
- Class Browser >> View Mode >> System Headers now also works with cached content.
- Partially rewritten the file change monitor code. This should fix the thread
handle bugs.
- Fixed a bug that caused breakpoints to be placed on incorrect lines when using
code folding above them.
- Updated UI text capitalisation and spacing to adhere to the Windows Style Guide.
- Added icons to the context menus of the project browser.
- Cleaned up the context menus for folders and files in the project browser.
- Added a close button to the context menu of the project root.
- Added a "View Makefile" button to the Execute menu.
- Removed the "Compile Current File" option.
- When using "Save As", the class browser will now update when the "Current File"
view is used.
- Fixed a few bugs in the enum parser.

Version 5.6.2 - 16 Maart 2014

- Updated Japanese language files.

- Templates can now now not set the built in compiler settings anymore when
creating a project. Instead, compiler settings are set by the current compiler
- Fixed checkboxes in Tools >> Editor Options >> Completion >> Symbol Completion
being unchecked instead of disabled/greyed when "Enable symbol completion" is
- Added some margin above the progress bar at Tools >> Editor Options >> Completion
>> Code Completion.
- When the Consolas font is unavailable, Dev-C++ will now try to use Courier New as
the editor font instead of the alphabetically first font.
- Fixed an undo bug in Move Selection Up/Down.
- Fixed a bug that cut off toolbars around 800 pixels on 1024 pixel wide
- One can now change the shortcut for code completion in Tools >> Configure
- Fixed an out of bounds error in TCppParser when parsing incorrect code.
- Fixed a formatting error when printing structs inside struct in the Debug watch
variable tree.
- Increased performance of the GDB interface.
- Hopefully fixed the infamous "Thread Error" exceptions.

Version 5.6.1 - 12 Februari 2014

- Added rm.exe to MinGW 4.8.1 compiler sets. This prevents the

"CreateProcess(rm.exe...)" error when rebuilding.
- Updated blog URL in English.lng.
- Fixed UI glitch in the Debug Tab: the gdb log was invisible.
- Fixed an undo bug in Duplicate Line functionality.
- Project unit information in .dev files is only read once instead of twice now.
- Updated Chinese translations.
- Added "Move Selection Up/Down" functionality (listens to Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down by
- Specific symbol completion options are now greyed out when the global option is
disabled in Editor Options.
- When selecting a folder, one can now create, edit and delete folders inside the
select window.
- The Import from MSVC and "Tip of the day" windows now uses the global UI font.
- Fixed some bugs in the preprocessor: more complete code completion is available
- Improved code completion and formatting for function pointers.
- Code completion input from included files is now preserved when editing files.
- Removed ghost entries in the class browser that would randomly dissapear and
cause crashes when clicked on.
- More bugs that I forgot about or are not important enough to mention.
- Added an icon and the company name information to the uninstaller in the Programs
and Features list.

Version 5.6.0 - 24 Januari 2014

- Updated TDM64 and MinGW32 to version 4.8.1.

- The class browser can now show the contents of system includes.
- Added a compiler set selector to the toolbar.
- The Remove Unit Form is resizable again.
- Code completion now also works on modified files.
- The parser now processes preprocessor lines too.
- Parsing speed has been improved by around 400% (average of my own projects).
- Added "Duplicate Line" and "Delete Line" functions to Menu >> Edit.
- When only changing case during a Rename, the input file will not be deleted
- Project templates now also accept the old "Catagory" input field again.
- Fixed an "External Exception" when handling compiler sets.
- When parsing, the status bar does not flicker anymore.
- The executable version number is equal to the official version number again.
- Added about twenty previously hardcoded text items to the language tables.
- Cache saving speed has been improved infinitely when the cache is bigger than
- Users can now input a correspondence e-mail into the crash reporter message.
- In Editor Options, the "Symbol Completion" section has been moved to the "Code
Completion" section.
- Completed closing symbols are now deleted when the corresponding opening
character is deleted.
- Fixed a argument highlighting problem in the function tooltip.
- As of 5.6.0 RC1, a different completion cache file format is used. Older versions
are not forward compatible.
- The console pauser can now pass 32K characters to the running program instead of
just 1K.
- Fixed a bug in the first time config window that caused a crash when no compilers
were installed.
- Updated Chinese and Chinese (traditional) translations.
- Added a std::thread example. Only compiles on TDM-GCC based installations.

Version 5.5.3 - 5 November 2013

- Fixed lib32, -m32 and gdb32 not being used by default by 32bit profiles.
- The function tooltip works again.
- The function tooltip hides again when its editor goes out of focus.
- Fixed a possible crash in the code completion window.
- Removed some superfluous spaces from variables found in argument lists.
Version 5.5.2 - 28 Oktober 2013

- Rewritten the help files.

- Fixed a bug in the shortcut editor window.
- Fixed a bug when closing an editor.
- Fixed a memory leak in the recent file list.
- Switching editors is a bit faster now (class browser is only redrawn once instead
of twice).
- Fixed a crash in code completion caused by using mouseover hints at the same
- Fixed a timer leak (the "Not enough timers available" bug).
- Tidied up the File Properties window.
- Renamed the file renaming procedure (fixes the "Thread error 6" bug).
- Fixed a bug in the new project window.
- Fixed a bug in the short editor window.

Version 5.5.1 - 7 Oktober 2013

- When editing a file opened in Dev-C++ elsewhere, Dev will only show one
messagebox informing you of the change.
- A bunch of bug fixes.

Version 5.5.0 - 6 Oktober 2013

- Dev-C++ can now parse C++ header files too.

- Clicking in the gutter does not change the caret position anymore.
- Mouseover hints are now also shown when hovering above #includes.
- Fixed editor closing not always remembering the previous tab.
- The matching brace highlighter now ignores text highlighted as 'Character'.
- Custom compiler commands are now added to the end of the call to GCC.
- The function tooltip now shows which class each function belongs to.
- The compilation progress window has been moved/merged into Compile Log below.
- The MRU list now does not reverse order each time it is loaded.
- File Properties now does not add open files not belonging to the current project
to project stats.
- Editor mouseover tooltips now also shows which class each function belongs to.
- The function tooltip now shows types again.
- The MRU list now separates files and project files with a line.
- Breakpoints are now moved when folding code.
- Triple clicks now don't happen anymore when the mouse moves between clicks.
- Updated Catalan translation.
- The console pauser now does not show a "loading" cursor anymore.
- Updated Japanese translation.
- Added a toggle comment function (listens to Ctrl+/ by default).
- Added the PlasticCodeWrap color style.
- Cleaned up Project Options >> Compiler.
- Changed the default font to Consolas.
- Upgraded the parser: it now supports function pointer arguments and is a lot
- And much more.

Version 5.4.2 - 24 Mei 2013

- Shortcuts are now saved independently from the current language.

- As of RC3, Dev-C++ will now play nicely with old settings files instead of
showing a 0px high window.
- Fixed compiler default selection not being saved on first startup.
- Dev-C++ will now suggest to disable DEP instead of crash when trying to execute
- The compiler set validator will now not add any duplicate paths anymore.
- After saving as, the window caption will now update too.
- Fixed a few out of bounds errors.
- Fixed a rather common bug in the MRU list ("Invalid Pointer Operation").
- Compiler Options now does not permanently change directories before hitting OK.
- Fixed a crash in the parser, which didn't like "#include" without any followup.
- Fixed a whole lot of other bugs.
- Fixed random focus tabbing order in various windows.
- Default code insertion snippets are now only loaded on first startup.
- One can now hide the code tooltip for the current function using the Esc key.
- Dev-C++ will now remember the window state on startup again.
- Fixed an error in the project HTML exporter.
- Dev-C++ now remembers tab history.
- One can now delete the current line using Ctrl+D.
- Implemented line selecting functionality using triple click.
- Updated Chinese (traditional) translations (by TOCK Chiu, alias cin.getline).

Version 5.4.1 - 17 Maart 2013

- Fixed a startup crash when not using function tips.

- When accidentally clearing the code completion list, one is now given a second
wind before the list is hidden.
- Fixed an out of bounds error in the code completion code.
- Fixed an error that caused crashes in Compiler Options >> Settings under Windows
2000 (and older).
- Typedef structs now get formatted as "struct Foo" instead of "structFoo" in
mouseover hints.
- The debugger now preserves the current working directory when running programs.
- Redesigned the compiler output formatter code, which now uses half the amount of
code and plays nicely with GCC 4.8.
- The mouseover tooltip now shows scope information too.
- When trying to run uncompiled projects, Dev-C++ will now suggest to compile.
- Resource errors now use the same formatting as generic errors.
- Compiler, resource and find output line numbers will be synchronized when editing
- Moved the MRU list to File >> *here* from File >> Reopen to reduce clicks needed
by one.
- Fixed OriginalPath spamming in devcpp.ini.
- Dev-C++ will now prefer selecting 32bit compiler profiles by default on x86 OS's.
- Merged Example projects into the new project templates.
- Compiler settings are now validated again when loaded.
- Upgraded to FastMM 4.991 for what it's worth.

Version 5.4.0 - 14 Februari 2013

- The console pauser will now provide more detailed information when it decides not
to work.
- Startup time has been reduced by an order of magnitude.
- The class browser now redraws at least numvisibleitems times faster.
- "Search Again" (F3) is back from the dead.
- The toolbars now do not get cut off on restart after about the 800th horizontal
- The tip of the day form now does not show up anymore when opening files (again).
- Gutter auto sizing now takes folding into account.
- Files that aren't highlighted are now loaded much faster.
- Added a few hardcoded labels to the lang tables.
- Reworked the Window List form.
- Fixed some set management issues in the Compiler Options form.
- Slightly reduced compilation overhead of the IDE shell around GCC.
- Reduced memory usage.
- Exporting editors to HTML now provides a perfect copy of the color scheme.
- Fixed a memory leak in the Tools window.
- Updated Chinese, Chinese (TW) and Japanese translations.
- Added an example save file name to Editor Options >> Autosave.
- More bug fixes and feature additions here and there.
- One can now refresh the current cache contents.
- Improved array evaluating under mouse when debugging.
- Fixed a bug that emerged in code folding and improved its performance thanks to
- Redesigned the code tooltip and code completion: they now support (M)I and
multiple levels of parent->member structures.
- The class browser now supports multiple inheritance.
- Many more bugfixes here and there.

Version - 31 December 2012

- The class browser now always differentiates between private and public members.
- Fixed the "String not found" messagebox appearing behind the find form.
- Greatly enhanced the autosave feature. It can now save timestamps and filter by
project too.
- Reduced flicker when closing editors.
- Added tcc files to the highlighting list.
- Fixed some rare folding bugs, and improved their performance a bit.
- When using Goto line or any other function that changes the current line, folds
will be uncollapsed to make the destination line visible now.
- Evaluate and GDB input edit controls now do not cut off the selection when
- Double clicking on a find result now correctly shows the find result at the top
line (instead of one line above that).
- Errors now have more priority than warnings (which have more priority than other
messages) when changing focus to a compilation issue.
- Swap Header/Source now opens complementary files in a tab right next to the
current file.
- Translations in Goto function will now always fit.
- Compile Log now shows a final warning count too.
- Fixed the function tooltip highlighting wrong arguments when putting a space
before (.
- When renaming project files, you'll be asked before any overwriting takes place.
- Removed WM_CLOSE handling from the default WinMain snippet. DefWindowProc will
handle this.
- The function parameter tooltip now shows class scope info too.
- More bug fixes and feature additions here and there.

Version - 11 November 2012

- Fixed really long watch variables being cut off sometimes.

- Fixed the goto line form playing a beep when hitting enter.
- Fixed an infinite loop bug when parsing inheritance.
- The tip of the day window is now focused on startup, making hiding it using the
keyboard easier.
- The C++ parser now understands what to do with <cxxx> includes: parse <xxx.h>
- Simple replacing ("Replace") now correctly replaces matches by the replacement
text instead of nothing.
- Dev-C++ will now show a nice warning dialog about incompatible caches instead of
throwing exceptions.
- Startup time has been improved by as much as 20%.
- Code completion now properly shows all global functions again.
- Project closing is done instantly now when using 'Scan global includes'.
- The function tooltip now also shows constructors and destructors.
- Added a button to Compiler Options that will autodetect compilers.
- Updated chinese (TW) translations.
- CPU window now opens up 50% faster after a signal is received during debugging.
- More bug fixes here and there.

Version - 24 Oktober 2012

- Fixed error line focus dissapearing when moving focus on the same line.
- The window caption now shows more information, like the
debugging/compiling/executing status.
- Fixed compilation failing when the compilation progress window is hidden.
- CPU Window now updates faster.
- One can now properly use Replace in Files to replace files not yet opened.
- Upgraded the variable finder.
- Added a find count to the bottom of the find output list.
- Debug evaluation now hints the user when it contains old potentially invalid
- When trying to debug, Dev-C++ now suggests to compile, instead of showing an
error that the source isn't compiled.
- Project options are now properly applied when not changing tabs in Project
Options >> Compiler.
- New projects now properly use the global compiler set by default.
- Added two more themes. Credits go to Andrei Luca.
- Improved parsing speed somewhat.
- Improved startup time.
- Reduced the amount of clicks needed to change compiler options.
- Fixed numerous debugger bugs, most are related to watch variables.
- When a signal is received by gdb, Dev-C++ now suggests to open up CPU window.
- Fixed a lot more bugs.
- Fixed a bug in the code completion form that prevented the source from being
compiled on fresh Delphi IDEs.
- Fixed an error in the relative path solver, making Dev-C++ fully portable again.

Version - 2 Oktober 2012

- Searching is now done forward instead of backward by default

- Search history is remembered while Dev-C++ is opened instead of while the find
window is opened.
- Fixed a bug in CPU window that causes Dev-C++ to consume an infinite amount of
- Dev-C++ now checks if there are any compilers installed before attempting to use
them, avoiding crashes.
- One can now view project information like total lines in the File Properties
- Rewritten the code that reads profiling output, drastically reducing flicker.
- One can now use copy in the file properties form.

Version - 30 September 2012

- Completely rewritten the debugger interface.

- Completely rewritten the find/replace form.
- Improved some internal (compiler) data structures, reducing memory usage and
potentially improving stability by simplifying code.
- Improved startup speed, splashscreen is hidden (not even loaded) when startup
times are estimated to be very low.
- Fixed nearly all the memory leaks.
- Indent guides are now painted faster, reducing flicker.
- Code completion is now more clear and pops up faster.
- Color selectors in Editor Options now properly set their own defaults, not those
of other controls.
- Automatic symbol completion and indentation is much faster now.
- Added OpenMP libraries and tools to TDM-GCC x64.
- Code folding is updated much faster now.
- The code parser now understands multiple definitions after the } symbol of
- Much more performance enhancements in the typing/editing department.
- Dev-C++ now autodetects compiler versions (using gcc -v) automatically on first
startup, instead of assuming versions it shipped with.
- One can now use Cut/Copy/Paste/... in the find form, incremental search form, CPU
form and debug interfaces.
- Compilers can now be downloaded separately from the SourceForge repository. They
will be autodetected at first launch when put next to devcpp.exe.
- Updated Japanese, Chinese, English and Portuguese translations.
- Fixed loads of bugs.

Version - 25 Juni 2012

- Fixed the function argument tip not selecting the function with the right number
of arguments first.
- Fixed that tip showing in various wrong places.
- Added x86 GDB executables to TDM-GCC x64.
- Tooltip balloons are now only triggered by words with identifier colors, saving
lots of CPU time.
- Adding watch variables by hovering over words now only adds words with identifier
- Pressing Alt now does not cause static controls to vanish anymore.
- This version should scale pictures better on high DPI settings.
- Moved to a new selection of built in compiler options.
- Added filename tooltips when hovering above tabs.
- Closing using the middle mouse button is now only triggered when the mouse is
hovering above a tab.
- Moved to a new selection of built in compiler options.
- Updated the chinese (TC) translations (by cin.getline).
- Fixed editor options not applying function tip timer settings properly, causing
crashes when typing.
- Updated the greek translations (by migf1).
- Various dialogs and buttons are now more spacious, allowing longer translations.
- Double clicking on errors now always correctly shows the caret.
- Fixed a lot of erroneous translations of non-English and non-Chinese languages.

Version - 31 Mei 2012

- Added a default compiler profile to TDM-GCC downloads to create 32-bit

- Ctrl+Click code browsing is more accurate now.
- Added a function to projects which can change the C++/C default choice made when
creating the project.
- Fixed the comment/uncomment function not properly uncommenting single lines.
- Watched variable deleting now does not delete wrong variables anymore.
- Added TeX formatted code exporting.
- Updated the Chinese (TC) translations (by cin.getline).
- Compiling progress now properly updates error and warning count.
- Warning and error logs are now updated while compiling.
- Updated the new project window layout and fonts.
- Fixed insert assuming an initial cursor position of (1;1).
- Fixed a few code folding bugs regarding collapsing.
- The mingw32-make.exe location checker now checks all bin directories instead of
just the first one.
- The function tooltip now waits 500ms after the last keystroke before parsing the
code instead of parsing on each keystroke.
- Projects with a lot of files to be opened now open a lot faster.
- Code completion is even more accurate now, and it can now complete array items.
- Switched to, on average, three to four times (up to 40x) faster locale variant
string comparison.
- Dev-C++'s memory manager now uses MMX instructions, making it incompatible with
ancient processors.
- Code completion cache is portable now.
- Sped up the startup process by a few percents.
- Typing is faster now.
- More bug fixes.

Version - 28 April 2012

- Function tooltips now properly hide when switching tabs again (regression).
- One can now select to open nothing and the previously left open files on project
- Folds are now only repainted when the gutter is invalidated, reducing flicker.
- Updated the uncomment function: it now supports any newline standard.
- Code completion now does not remove too much characters when completing by
- The debugger now wants you to add debugging symbols instead of ingoring it
- Updated the project templates.
- The first time configuration window now loads its stuff before showing up.
- Updated the chinese (Traditional) translations.
- Tidied up a few other dialogs.
- Insert, Goto bookmark and Insert bookmark are now disabled when no editor is
- The status bar is now cleared when no editors are open.

Version - 17 April 2012

- Fixed maximize not covering the whole screen correctly on netbook screens.
- Fixed some crashes regarding code folding.
- Code folding is a bit faster now.
- Opening files is a bit faster now.
- The tip of the day form now does not show up when toggling fullscreen.
- Panel resizers in the main form now hide when there's nothing to resize.
- Fixed a mulitple struct definition after '};' detection bug.
- Moved to a more recent SynEdit component.
- Symbol completion is faster and has more options now.
- Added a console pausing option to Environment options.
- Fixed a font color issue in the function argument tooltip.
- Added back trim trailing spaces.
- Completed symbols are now skipped more smartly.
- Windres is now, by default, forced to output i386 res files when compiling 32bit
- Loading using the standard caching options is now 0.1 second faster.
- The Classes toolbar now hides variables of classes, making stuff a lot more
- Project opening is now quite a bit faster.
- The SynEdit components in Editor Options now support code folding too.
- Code Folding is a bit faster now.
- DevCppPortable now accepts parameters and passes it to devcpp.exe.
- Dev-C++ now uses FastMM4 to manage its memory, making allocations faster!
- Fixed 'Close all but this' closing all tabs.
- The code tooltip now properly hides when opening new tabs.
- One can now edit text while using Incremental Search.
- Commas inside strings inside function parameters don't make Dev-C++ seperate
arguments anymore.
- Added the user selectable font to all dialogs.
- Redesigned some dialogs.
- Simplified font selecting in Editor Options.
- The compile progress window can now be translated.
- Gutter colors are fixed: user themes can now properly modify its colors.
- Updated the Chinese (TW) translations (translated by cin.getline).
- Saved one fopen call per created tab in case you do not use default code
- Newly created files will now be properly rescanned for folds.
- The default code editor in Editor Options now retains focus when pressing tab.
- Some more fixes I forgot about.

Version - 16 Februari 2012

- Added code folding.

- A few directory checks now use absolute paths instead of relative ones.
- Added a few 32bit/64bit items to the FAQ.
- Fixed the Help Menu Item not always working.
- Added a few translations (translated by cin.getline).
- Merged all new toolbar buttons to one 'master' button.
- The class browser toolbar now sizes its dropdown menu to make its content fit.
- Dev-C++ now uses Segoe UI 9pt as a default when it's installed.
- Updated the statusbar and the toolbars.
- Fixed a class browsing crash when not using a project.
- And more minor things.
- Fixed a crash when saving logs when no project is opened.
- Fixed a lot of memory leaks.
- Inserting classes and variables is faster now.
- Code folding now automatically updates when creating new files from templates.
- Fixed some more memory leaks. Folding doesn't leak anymore now.

Version - 27 December 2011

- This is the first version to fully support 64bit MinGW compilers! Just place one
in a folder called 'MinGW64' next to devcpp.exe, and Dev will automatically adapt
itself to it!
- When launching for the first time, Dev-C++ will set defaults based on available
32bit or 64bit compilers (favors 64bit).
- The XP style manifest creator now also supports 64bit.
- The "Delete Profiling Information" button now does not check for the gmon.out
file 60 times a second to keep itself updated.
- Compiler information in the log now does not show up twice when rebuilding a
single file.
- Project files with dots in their names now do not confuse the executable namer
- One more update to the compiler progress window: the warning counter was
positioned a bit too much to the right.
- Added formatting support for 'Sorry Unimplemented' and fixed up 'Unknown escape
- The main form now properly maximizes when not starting for the first time.
- The main form child windows now properly scale themselves when the 'Tip of the
Day' window is shown.
- Slightly lowered startup times again.
- The code browser toolbar now also shows types and struct members.
- The code completer and code parser now use symmetric indices and _ID's, making
them a lot faster.
- Code completion cache is now created a bit faster and is smaller.
- Updated the help file.
- The tooltip now always shows up when it is supposed to, even the first time.
- Added a new editor style called Classic Plus, which highlights symbols like { and
- The Code Completion Cache creator can now also be told to cache a selection of
- Updated MinGW32 to GCC 4.6.2. Added TDM-GCC 4.6.1 x64.
- Updated the Chinese translations (translated by cin.getline).
- More stuff I forgot about.

Version - 10 December 2011

- Fixed a minor settings detection bug in the profiler.

- The code completion dialog now hides its tooltips when the user chooses so by
unticking "Enable editor hints", preventing an access error.
- Reorganized parts of the interface: now makes better use of free space.
- One can now select and copy the information in the file properties window.
- Added a link to GCC's compiler documentation below the compiler options.
- Added a few more options to -march, -std and -O. Note: this might change settings
in pre- projects, please reapply them!
- The code tooltip is quite a bit faster now.
- Fixed a bug in the brace completion code, reported by garywho.
- (RC2+) The function tooltip now does not show up when no prototype could be found
(making it a lot faster).
- The Environment Options UI font selector now properly shows the available fonts
in an MS Word like manner.
- Updated the compilation progress window layout.
- Added profiles for both x86 and x64 compilers.
- Above profiles now properly update the makefile and other settings.
- Generic gcc and g++ errors like unrecongised command line options are now
properly displayed in the list box.
- Slightly lowered the (first time) launch speeds.

Version - 20 November 2011

- Remapped all language IDs so that much more translations will fit nicely in the
- Profiling can now also be properly used without a project.
- The function scanner now ignores comments.
- Added an option to change the UI font.
- Rescaled portions of the statusbar to accomodate other fonts.
- Again updated big parts of the local variable scanner.
- Removed 'Backspace Unindents' and 'Keep trailing spaces'. These options were too
buggy and/or useless.
- Set the mouseover delay to 1500 by default now.
- Dev-C++ now does not stall when GCC complains about incorrect filenames. Instead,
it shows GCC's error in the formatted log.
- Added a few more previously hardcoded text items to the translations.
- Fixed a few out of bounds errors in code scanning code.
- Updated the Chinese (TW) translations thanks to 'cin.getline'.
- Updated the CVS page.

Version - 9 November 2011

- The compiler log output now always outputs the raw text even when no errors have
been found in the code.
- The parameters now default to nothing (let MinGW decide) instead of ISO C99.
- The find output saver now correctly outputs its items.
- Added a few more fixes to the tools menu.
- New untitled files now get saved properly.
- The { autocompletion now only inserts an extra newline when building function
parameters and can also detect structs, and will append }; for them.
- The code hint will now auto-hide after 10 seconds instead of 2,5.
- Added a new autosave function.
- Added some preparation code for TDM MinGW64.
- The function tooltip now does not stay on the screen when leaving a function.
- Added a build date to About.
- And some more stuff I forgot about.

Version - 3 November 2011

- Fixed an nil pointer read crash in the append closing brace code.
- Updated the comment/uncomment functions.
- The variable scanner now also supports local variables in non-class functions.
- The scanner now does not scan the same word twice (making it 2x faster).
- The Environment Options window now does not crash when its not allowed to edit
file associations.
- One can now use Ctrl+Scroll to edit text size, just like in browsers. Also added
information about it in the Options menu.
- Files now open up much faster thanks to avoiding repaints.
- Fixed a buffer overflow in the tooltip generator and rewritten the locals
scanner, which is now 50% faster.
- The append closing braces function now works on every keyboard Win32 supports.
- Removed any reference to DevTabs, which were too flaky edits (for example, the
ComCtrl Manifest caused it to not paint child windows) of TPageControl and
- Fixed a bug in the code that checks for the existence of tools.
- Added new Chinese_TC translations created by cin.getline.
- The uninstaller now does not forget to delete Dev's help file and folder if it's

Version - 24 Oktober 2011

- Rewritten the tooltip generator. It now uses better code scanning techniques and
does not show up above what you were typing anymore.
- Brace completion is now disabled inside strings and comments. It now also
supports closing the < character.
- The tooltip now also works when typing foo[bar].member and hovering above member.
- The empty project now contains an empty Untitled unsaved file. Why would anyone
NOT want or need that?
- The function tooltip now also displays tips for completed and empty function
parameter bodies.
- The < character is now only inserted in lines starting with '#include'.
- Highlighting checks in plain files now do not cause Dev to crash.
- The Tips of the Day are back again!
- The tab position of the editor is now changeable.
- This version now uses a nine years more recent mingw32-make.exe makefile
processor! The old GNU one will be omitted from the installer.
- Projects are now saved upon creation.
- Fixed two out-of-bounds errors in tooltip generation and code completion.
- The source code is now more user friendly (DevCpp.dpk wouldn't compile straight
away since some version), and 50% smaller.
- Dev can now automatically log compiler messages to disk (the option can be found
in Project Options >> Build Options).
- The obj output directory now does not get created in the wrong 'current
directory' in rare cases.
- Dependency checking and compile delays are now saved, and on a per-compiler
- Restyled the editor tooltip balloon.
- The function tooltip balloon now updates on the fly.
- The editor hints option now properly disables hints.
- Fixed a coloring bug when highlighting matching braces on the currently
highlighted line.
- Added a few more GUI togglable warning options.
- Improved the sizing of the Specials Toolbar to make long translations fit.

Version - 25 September 2011

- Upgraded the compiler to GCC 4.6.1.

- The main tab control now has the optional (check Environment options) ability to
spread tabs over multiple lines.
- Added Goto Declaration and Goto Definition buttonsto the editor right click menu.
This buttons make code navigation much easier.
- The old code for Ctrl+Click now uses the new code for the buttons and uses two-
way navigation.
- Added Profiling tot the Compiler toolbar.
- Removed the useless About/Help toolbar.
- The splash screen now shows what Dev is currently loading.
- Code Completion Cache can now also be browsed through.
- Added icons for profiling buttons and added them to the compiling toolbar.
- Updated the incremental Search window: it now has a previous and next button.
- Corrected a few regression bugs in the class scanner.
- Fixed a bug in the tooltip content generator.
- And much more minor stuff...

Version - 8 September 2011

- Rewritten and reorganized the Profile Analysis code.

- Added an option to delete Profiling Information which detects by itself if it can
be executed.
- Corrected a few errors in the GCC profiling flag generation code.
- Doubled the stack limits.
- Improved Tab handling.
- Fixed a memory leak in the Compiling form.
- Restyled the Configure Tools window.
- Remade the Help File. It now uses HTML Help (.chm) instead of WinHelp, which was
removed from Vista and newer Windows OS's.
- Help File couplings now directly take you to the help content of the currently
open window.
- Added optional automatic brace closing to the Editor Options.
- Added an options tab to the Profiler.
- Rewritten the GPROF output reader.
- Removed any references to the flaky Help Item Customizer.
- Added support for 'other' file counting in the Project Options window.
- Resolved a few bugs that caused debugging and profiling options to not be saved.
- Well, I've probably editted more stuff, but I can't recall.

Version - 30 Augustus 2011

- Dev-C++ Portable now does not close a project with an exception error.
- Shortcuts can now be saved properly by the portable version too.
- Fixed a range error (unsigned 0 - 1) in the function prototype tooltip.
- Copied the new class form to New >> Class..., making it easier to find.
Version - 28 Augustus 2011

- Emergency update.
- The Delete now does not get hijacked by the project browser anymore.
- When nothing is selected, the tab key now puts a tab instead of doing nothing.
- Dev-C++ now shows how long compiling took.

Version - 27 Augustus 2011

- Restyled pretty much everything.

- Reorganized a few windows to make better use of space.
- Several SynEdits now do not have an infinitely long scrollbar anymore.
- The splash screen now does not show up behind the tooltips anymore.
- Improved startup speed for the New Look theme.
- Updated the splash screen text.
- Added more keyboard shortcuts to rightclick menus.
- Removed everything XPMenu related. This shaves off about 7000 lines of code and
makes Dev a bit faster.
- Added a bunch of code insertion templates. For example, WinMain, WindProc and a
do-while() loop.
- Added copy all to right click menus of the rollout message sheet.
- A bunch of Copy menu items now listen to shortcuts like Ctrl-C too.
- Tab shortcuts now use Tabs instead of Shift-Ctrl-I and Shift-Ctrl-U (who came up
with that fingerbreaking combination anyway?).
- Removed a few borders around some tabs below, increasing used space and cleaning
the UI up.
- The Fullscreen close button is now visible again.
- Removed a few deprecated components like TBevel.
- Added Save all to rollout rightclick menus.
- Improved layout of some Project Options tab and the welcome form.
- You can now assign any combination of tab to any shortcut item you like.
- I have to admit I've lost track of a lot of changes.

Version - 18 Augustus 2011

- Fixed a regression: class or variable browsing by control clicking now works

- Pasting chunks of code that require scrolling now force a refresh instead of
showing gibberish.
- The portable shortcut now runs .\devcpp.exe instead of one in Program Files.
- Fixed: Typing stuff like foo[bar.member] spawned the completion tooltip of foo
when typing the '.' after bar.
- Added a D3D9 examplke template.
- The shortcut is now a proper autoit executable.
- Rewritten the GDB communication code that retrieves register contents.
- Added a standards (-std) selection option.

Version - 1 Augustus 2011

- Fixed the uninstallers name: it used to report ''.

- Added formatting for 'unknown escape sequence:'.
- Portable configurations are now saved in .\config\ instead of '.\'. Looks much
cleaner this way.
- The Simple Window example now works correctly.
- Added the flags that are actually set to Compiler Options.
- The compiler now correctly remembers if it has created debug symbols.
- And some more stuff I forgot about.

Version - 26 Juli 2011

- Function candidates are now properly listed and formatted.
- When code completion was disabled, block tabs/untabs weren't working.
- Added formatting for the rare 'candidate is' (when there's one candidate of
course) message.
- Removed the include\sys directory from default auto includes. It was conflicting
with ctime/time.h.
- Updated a few English window and control captions.
- Removed a faulty cast the Delhpi Debugger pointed me to.
- Projects now open the first file in the list by default.
- When switching between files, the statusbar (line:col and number of lines) now
gets updated automatically.
- Added formatting for "error: candidate is:".
- Fixed a bug in the directory scanner: it used to omit every first file in any
given directory.
- Block indentation is now only triggered by tab when multiple lines are selected.
- devDirs now saves relative paths too.

Version - 20 Juli 2011

- Fixed the language option in the executable information tab. It didn't properly
set the listbox to the saved setting (losing settings upon next save).
- Fixed a bug in the file association code: icons were missing.
- Lines like 'in member function', 'in constructor' and 'in destructor' are now
properly formatted in the Compiler Tab (no line and col numbers anymore).
- Added line and column formatting for 'In static member function'.
- Fixed the file version string: it now keeps in sync with incremented build
- The spin edits which control the Project file version are now kept in sync with
the strings below.
- Added an option to synchronize product and file versions.
- Set the default installation directory to (Program Files)\Dev-C++ instead of

Version - 16 Juli 2011

- Added column reporting for a few more error types.

- Made a proper portable version this time: it comes in a 7zip file, saving a few
more registry entries compared to's portable setup.
- Dev-C++ now adds itself to Windows' "Programs and Features" list.

Version - 12 Juli 2011

- Added a %path% macro to every path. Use this string in the config files to add
relative paths to Compiler Directories.
- Fixed a bug in the Code Completion Cache Creator (CCCC :D): it used to add two
copies of every file (one relatively referred to and one referred to with a full
- Cleaned up a few duplicate and unused headers and binaries. The installer is now
a whopping 200KiB smaller.
- Updated the make.exe searcher to check for GCC 4.5.2's make.exe.
- Added a few NSIS installation profiles: minimalist and portable.
- Fixed a few grammar errors.
- Updated the About window layout and text.
- Added an icon to the NSIS installer.

Version - 24 Juni 2011

- Upgraded the default compiler to GCC 4.5.2.

- When encountering an error, Dev-C++ will now position the caret next to it.
- Added some more -march optimization options, including core2, k8-sse3, amdfam10,
'native' and 'generic'.
- Cleaned up the explicit -m(instruction set) options by removing outdated and
unsupported ones. Added a couple of modern instructions
- Cleaned up the TODO viewer layout.
- Fixed a bug in the compiler error parser: it used to read 1 byte too much afer
the \0 of each error line, possibly causing crashes.
- Added a 'Column' column in the Compiler log.
- Tweaked the default settings, by enabling line numbers by default for example.
- Fixed a bug in the compiler set creator: it wasn't storing storing command line
options for each compiler.
- Added more UI controls for frequently used GCC flags like -Wall, -Wextra and
- Moved warning related flag options to a new section called 'Code Warnings'.
- Removed the compiler optimization tree controls. Now has a proper
None/Low/Med/High combobox.
- Updated the default directory listings to GCC 4.5.2's directories.
- Removed the [Compiler] section from the ini file. Instead of saving the current
Compiler Set twice, it saves a Compiler index to refer to.
- And some more stuff I forgot about.


* Changes unknown to mankind

* Many bug fixes
* Improved editor

* Support for latest Mingw compiler system builds
* Bug fixes

* New code tooltip display
* Improved Indent/Unindent and Remove Comment
* Improved automatic indent
* Added support for the "interface" keyword
* WebUpdate should now report installation problems from PackMan
* New splash screen and association icons
* Improved installer
* Many bug fixes

* Added support for GCC > 3.2
* Debug variables are now resent during next debug session
* Watched Variables not in correct context are now kept and updated when it is
* Added new compiler/linker options:
- Strip executable
- Generate instructions for a specific machine (i386, i486, i586, i686, pentium,
pentium-mmx, pentiumpro, pentium2, pentium3, pentium4,
k6, k6-2, k6-3, athlon, athlon-tbird, athlon-4, athlon-xp, athlon-mp, winchip-
c6, winchip2, k8, c3 and c3-2)
- Enable use of processor specific built-in functions (mmmx, sse, sse2, pni,
* "Default" button in Compiler Options is back
* Error messages parsing improved
* Bug fixes

* Added the possibility to modify the value of a variable during debugging (right
click on a watch variable and select "Modify value")
* During Dev-C++ First Time COnfiguration window, users can now choose between
using or not class browser and code completion features.
* Many bug fixes

* Added the possibility to specify an include directory for the code completion
cache to be created at Dev-C++ first startup
* Improved code completion cache
* WebUpdate will now backup downloaded DevPaks in Dev-C++\Packages directory, and
Dev-C++ executable in devcpp.exe.BACKUP
* Big speed up in function parameters listing while editing
* Bug fixes

* On Dev-C++ first time configuration dialog, a code completion cache of all the
include files can now be generated.
* Improved WebUpdate module
* Many bug fixes

* New debug feature for DLLs: attach to a running process
* New project option: Use custom Makefile.
* New WebUpdater module.
* Allow user to specify an alternate configuration file in Environment Options
(still can be overriden by using "-c" command line parameter).
* Lots of bug fixes.

* When creating a DLL, the created static lib respects now the project-defined
output directory

* Changed position of compiler/linker parameters in Project Options.
* Improved help file
* Bug fixes

* Resource errors are now reported in the Resource sheet
* Many bug fixes

* Made whole bottom report control floating instead of only debug output.
* Many bug fixes

* Printing settings are now saved
* New environment options : "watch variable under mouse" and "Report watch errors"
* Bug fixes

* Debug variable browser
* Added possibility to include in a Template the Project's directories (include,
libs and ressources)
* Changed tint of Class browser pictures colors to match the New Look style
* Bug fixes

* Bug fixes

* When compiling with debugging symbols, an extra definition is passed to the
compiler: -D__DEBUG__
* Each project creates a <project_name>_private.h file containing version
information definitions
* When compiling the current file only, no dependency checks are performed
* ~300% Speed-up in class parser
* Added "External programs" in Tools/Environment Options (for units "Open with")
* Added "Open with" in project units context menu
* Added "Classes" toolbar
* Fixed pre-compilation dependency checks to work correctly
* Added new file menu entry: Save Project As
* Bug-fix for double quotes in devcpp.cfg file read by vUpdate
* Other bug fixes

* When adding debugging symbols on request, remove "-s" option from linker
* Compiling progress window
* Environment options : "Show progress window" and "Auto-close progress window"
* Bug fixes

* Bug fixes

* "Build priority" per-unit
* "Include file in linking process" per-unit
* New feature: compile current file only
* Separated C++ compiler options from C compiler options in Makefile (see bug
report #654744)
* Separated C++ include dirs from C include dirs in Makefile (see bug report
* Necessary UI changes in Project Options
* Added display of project filename, project output and a summary of the project
files in Project Options General tab.
* Fixed the "compiler-dirs-with-spaces" bug that crept-in in
* Multi-select files in project-view (when "double-click to open" is configured in
Environment Settings)
* Resource files are treated as ordinary files now
* Updates in "Project Options/Files" code
* MSVC import now creates the folders structure of the original VC project
* Bug fixes

* Allow customizing of per-unit compile command in projects
* Added two new macros: <DATE> and <DATETIME>
* Added support for macros in the "default source code" (Tools/Editor Options/Code)
* Separated layout info from project file. It is now kept in a different file
(the same filename as the project's but with extension ".layout"). If you
have your project under CVS control, you ''ll know why this had to happen...
* Compiler settings per-project
* Compiler set per-project
* Implemented new compiler settings framework
* "Compile as C++" per-unit
* "Include file in compilation process" per-unit
* Project version info (creates the relevant VERSIONINFO struct in the private
* Support XP Themes (creates the CommonControls 6.0 manifest file and includes
it in the private resource)
* Added CVS "login" and "logout" commands
* Project manager and debugging window (in Debug tab) can now be trasnformed into
floating windows.
* Added "Add Library" button in Project Options
* Bug fixes

* Implemented search in help files for the word at cursor (context sensitive help)
* Implemented "compiler sets" infrastructure to switch between different compilers
easily (e.g. gcc-2.95 and gcc-3.2)
* Added "Files" tab in CVS form to allow selection of more than one file for
the requested CVS action

* support for DLL application hosting, for debugging and executing DLLs under Dev-
* New class browser option: "Show inherited members"
* Added support for the '::' member access operator in code-completion
* Added *working* function arguments hint
* Added bracket highlighting. When the caret is on a bracket, that bracket and
its counterpart are highlighted
* Nested folders in project view

* XP Theme support
* Added CVS commands "Add" and "Remove"
* Added configuration option for "Templates Directory" in "Environment Options"
* Code-completion updates
* Bug fixes

* Editor colors are initialized properly on Dev-C++ first-run
* Added doxygen-style comments in NewClass, NewMemberFunction and NewMemberVariable
* Added file's date/time stamp in File/Properties window
* Current windows listing in Window menu
* Bug fixes

* CVS support
* Window list (in Window menu)
* bug fixes

* added ENTER key for opening file in project browser, DEL to delete from the
* bug fixes

* Bug fixes
* Bug fixes

* New "Abort compilation" button
* Bug fixes
* Now checks for vRoach existance when sending a crash report

* New option in Editor Options: Show editor hints. User can disable the hints
displayed in the editor when the mouse moves over a word. Since this was the
cause of many errors (although it should be fixed by now), we are giving the
user the option to disable this feature.
* New option in Editor Options (code-completion): Use code-completion cache.
Well, it adds caching to code-completion. Depending on the cache size,
the program may take a bit longer to start-up, but provides very fast
code-completion and the user has all the commands (belonging to the files
he added in the cache) at his fingertips. If, for example, the user adds
"windows.h", he gets all the WinAPI! If he adds "wx/wx.h", he gets all of
wxWindows! You get the picture...
* Removed "Only show classes from current file" option in class browser settings.
It used to be a checkbox, allowing only two states (on or off), but there is
a third relevant option now: "Project classes" so it didn't fit the purpose...
The user can define this in the class browser's context menu under "View mode".
* Fixed the dreaded "Clock skew detected" compiler warning!
* Fixed many class browser bugs, including some that had to do with class folders.

* Under NT, 2000 and XP, user application data directory will be used to store
config files (i.e : C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application

* Added ExceptionsAnalyzer. If the devcpp.map file is in the devcpp.exe directory
then we even get a stack trace in the bug report!
* Added new WebUpdate module (inactive temporarily).
* Added new code for code-completion caching of files (disabled - work in

* Added new option in class-browser: Use colors
(available when right-clicking the class-browser
and selecting "View mode").
* Dev-C++ now traps access violation of your programs (and of itself too ;)

* Implemented the "File/Export/Project to HTML" function.
* Added "Tip of the day" system.
* When running a source file in explorer, don't spawn new instance.
Instead open the file in an already launched Dev-C++.
* Class-parser speed-up (50% to 85% improvement timed!!!)
* Many code-completion updates. Now takes into account context,
class inheritance and visibility (shows items only from files
#included directly or indirectly)!
* Caching of result set of code-completion for speed-up.
* New option "Execution/Parameters" (and "Debug/Parameters").

Version (5.0 beta 5):

* CPU Window (still in development)
* ToDo list
* Backtrace in debugging
* Run to cursor
* Folders in Project and Class Browser
* Send custom commands to GDB
* Makefile can now be customized.
* Modified the behaviour of the -c param :
-c <config file directory>
* Saving of custom syntax parameter group
* Possibility of changing compilers and tools filename.
* Many bug fixes

Version (5.0 beta 4.1):

* back to gcc 2.95.3

* Profiling support
* new update/packages checker (vUpdate)
* Lots of bugfixes