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Statement of Professional Goals

Lyubov Kirillov

Frostburg State University

Statement of Professional Goals

I work on a medical-surgical unit at Metropolitan Methodist Hospital in San Antonio,

Texas. I graduated nursing school from Frederick Community College in Frederick, Maryland in

December 2015 and got my RN license January 2016. Even though I have been on my own

without a preceptor since January 2017 I still consider myself a new nurse, although the rest of

the staff including charge nurses disagree. The unit I work on consists of surgical patients

mostly, but sometimes we treat patients with pancreatitis, TB, and diabetic/pressure ulcers that

have gotten infected. It is a very fast paced and hard unit to work on, but I learned a lot since I

started, and realized I have a nurses gut and often used my instincts with my clinical

judgement that turned out to be the best call for my patients.

My dream job would be a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), but if I will

not be accepted into the CRNA program then I would like to be a Nurse Practitioner (NP). In one

year, I would like to start an NP program, and I learned that Frostburg will offer the Family

Nurse Practitioner program Fall of 2018. Hopefully I will get accepted and continue my

education beyond a BSN.

In three years, I hope I will graduate the NP program or be close to graduating. I remind

myself that it might not be a quick process of getting accepted into NP program, so I would not

get too discouraged if I will not be accepted into an NP program the first couple of times, so I

might not graduate or be close to graduating, but be in the program at least. While I am in the

graduate program I decided, I will work on a unit as a PRN nurse which is 2-3 times a month, so

I keep up with my clinical skills and evidence based nursing.

By five years, I plan to be a practicing NP. My husband is in the U. S. Army and he is

planning on retiring in less than six years, and our desire is to settle down in one place and I
would like to practice in the hospital and later in a clinic when I am older and tired of a fast-

paced job. I also would like to be certified in critical care and my goal is to achieve my

certifications and NP license in five years.

In conclusion, even though I am a well-rounded registered nurse who is soon to earn a

BSN. The medical field is a broad one and the more specialized a healthcare provider is the more

demand is placed on education and job opportunities. I will strive to continue my pursuit of

higher education of becoming an CRNA or an NP. Even though getting accepted into such

programs is difficult and sometimes a long process, I will continue to learn, grow and gain

experience as an RN while not giving up on my professional dream.