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An eye for education

Pursuing further education is a daunting task for anyone juggling work,
family and social commitments. Turn the page to learn how branch
campuses and foreign programmes can help professionals obtain an
international education while continuing to put food on the table.
2 Postgraduate THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2017

Laugh your
brain off
WHAT'S not to love about science? achievements that cannot or
Add a little humour and wild should not be reproduced, the
thinking and you have a recipe for prizes honour demonstrations of
some interesting, albeit wacky humour in science, medicine and
breakthroughs. technology.
Fondly referred to as The Igs, the The absurd nature of the Ig
Ig Nobel Prizes are a hilarious and Nobel Prizes is reflected in its
stimulating parody of the highly ironic title, coined from a
acclaimed Nobel Prizes. combination of the Nobel Prizes
Awarded each year for research and the word ignoble.

Driving the paradoxical point home is the words being:

prizes official mascot, The Stinker a l Ignitaries Persons of high esteem
caricatural take on Auguste Rodins well-known l Ignobelium Recipient of an Ig Nobel prize
Not honourable in bronze sculpture The Thinker. l Igginess The quality of humour and
character or purpose Instead of sitting in deep thought and absurdity that somehow makes absolute
philosophical pondering, The Stinker is a sense
replica of the sculpture on his back, fallen to
the floor in the midst of laughter. The intention to celebrate the unusual and
adjective The ingenious madcaps at the Annals of honour the imaginative is certainly manifested
Improbable Research magazine, the establishing by the ingenuity behind the Ig Nobel Prizes.
Of humble origin or organisation of the Ig Nobel Prizes, even went With 2017 coming to a close, we take a look
social status so far as to adapt their own vocabulary in at some of the wacky discoveries and batty
conjunction with the ignoble theme, some breakthroughs that were recognised this year.

Ever wondered why your

grandfather had such big
ears? Apparently, so did
James Heathcote, who was
awarded for studying the
general size of ears on
Matthew Rockloff and elderly men.
Nancy Greer received the prize In his research titled Why Do
for their experiments to see how Old Men Have Big Ears?, which
contact with a live crocodile affects a was published in the British
persons willingness to gamble. Medical Journal, Heathcote did not
Their paper, Never Smile at a Crocodile: specifically answer the question
Betting on Electronic Gaming Machines is Intensified by posed but he did conclude that the
Reptile-Induced Arousal, was published in the Journal human ear grows an average of
of Gambling Studies. 0.22mm per year and that gravity
The research concluded that high arousal can may also play a part in stretching
intensify gambling in at-risk players, but only if the the skin.
feeling is not perceived as a negative emotion.

Chosen and awarded by past

Ignobeliums and Nobel Prize winners,
If you think that it is hard Based on their study, they the Ig Nobel Prize winners are given 60
for you to tell apart one discovered that twins who seconds to explain the concept and
identical twin from another, are more prone to anxiety results of their research.
you are not alone. Matteo are more likely to mistake Other wacky winning research this
Martini, Ilaria Bufalari, Maria their twin siblings face as year involved the use of fluid dynamics
Antonietta Stazi and their own. to explain if a cat can be both solid and
Salvatore Maria Aglioti The research paper, Is liquid, the discovery of a female penis
concluded in their study that That Me or My Twin? Lack of and male vagina in a cave insect, and
many identical twins have Self-Face Recognition the first scientific report of human
the problem of telling Advantage in Identical blood in the diet of the hairy-legged
themselves apart visually Twins, was published in vampire bat.
based on pictures. PLoS ONE in 2015. In the area of better understanding
the human body, outstanding research
included didgeridoo playing as an
alternative treatment for obstructive
sleep apnoea syndrome, the use of
Jiwon Han was a high describes in detail the advanced brain-scanning technology to
school student at the Korean dynamics of liquid-sloshing measure the extent to which some
Minjok Leadership Academy and what happens when a people are disgusted by cheese, and
when he jotted down his person walks backwards discovering that a developing human
observation of the science of while carrying a cup of foetus responds more strongly to music
coffee spills, which coffee. that is played electromechanically
eventually led him to write a He concluded that inside the mothers vagina than to
paper titled A Study on the coffee is less likely to music played electromechanically on
Coffee Spilling Phenomena in spill when you walk the mothers belly.
the Low Impulse Regime. backward with your mug It is characteristic that the Igginess of
Strangely, this was not the unless you crash into a the research receiving Ig Nobel prizes
first research on coffee colleague who may also be is a side effect and not the goal of the
spilling to be conducted. walking backward, which study. The winners always make you
Published in Achievements in will still lead to spillage in laugh, then think.
the Life Sciences, Hans paper the end.
4 Postgraduate THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2017

Stronger in partnership
CURTIN University, Malaysia
(Curtin Malaysia) and Novakey
Developers Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary
of the Episo Group of Companies,
recently signed three memoranda
to strengthen their academia-
industry partnership.
The documents included a
memorandum of understanding
for collaboration in education and

training, and two memoranda of
agreement for collaborative Representatives of Novakey and Curtin at the signing ceremony.
Signing on behalf of Curtin Faculty of Engineering and Science in enhancing the Faculty of

your potential
Malaysia was pro-vice-chancellor, Industrial Advisory Committee Engineering and Sciences
president and chief executive Prof who will work with the university engagement with its industry
Jim Mienczakowski while to develop competitive engineering partners.
managing director Datuk David curricula and learning resources The initiatives include
Goh Kien Ping signed for Novakey relevant to industry requirements. establishment of the Curtin
Developers. In addition, the two Highway Infrastructure Research
Signing as witnesses were Curtin organisations will develop and Innovation Hub earlier this NO matter ones financial status, qualify for a fellowship from
Malaysias Faculty of Engineering industrial placement and graduate year, which will work with the scholarships are extremely helpful research universities are include:
and Science dean Prof Lau Hieng training programmes at Novakey industry to carry out research as for students and are the most well- l Malaysian candidate
Ho and Miri city councillor Ariffin Developers to groom talent for the well as provide technical services known form of financial aid they l Unemployed
Mohamad on behalf of Curtin civil and construction engineering and innovative solutions to support can apply for. l Looking to pursue
Malaysia and Novakey Developers sector in Sarawak. the ongoing development of the However, funding postgraduate full-time study in a masters
respectively. According to Goh, this is a good Pan-Borneo Highway. studies involves a lot more than or doctoral programme by
In his speech during the signing move as there is a growing The faculty received more than fulfilling course fees every research or coursework and
ceremony, Prof Mienczakowski demand for engineers to support RM650,000 in research funding semester, and different types of dissertation
commented that the signing was a the states development agenda, and RM1.08mil worth of donated scholarships are available for l Possess a bachelors degree
milestone for both organisations in especially mega infrastructure equipment from the industry this different needs. with minimum CGPA of 3.00 or its
their pursuit of producing projects such as the Pan-Borneo year. The following are a few equivalent or a masters degree
graduates in construction Highway. It also established a Keysight scholarship options for pursuing (for doctorate degree)
technology and civil engineering Under the research memoranda, Reference Lab with Keysight postgraduate studies. l Must not be older than 40
as well as collaboration in Novakey Developers will provide Technologies and a Digital Maker on application date
cutting-edge research to meet some RM230,000 as well as Hub with the Malaysia Digital
Fellowship scheme
market demands.
The collaboration will include
materials to conduct research on
high-performance concrete, which
Economy Corporation at the
campus. The four public research
Research assistant scheme
Novakey Developers sponsoring an holds great potential in Additionally, a biotechnology universities in Malaysia award Research supervisors, project
annual award of RM10,000 for the revolutionising the civil research centre will soon be financial assistantships to all local leaders or project heads are the
best project by final-year civil and engineering industry. completed. graduates to pursue postgraduate financial backing for this type of
construction engineering students. Prof Lau said signing the studies, particularly those pursuing postgraduate funding.
Novakey Developers will also memoranda with Novakey n For more information, visit doctorate degrees.
appoint a representative to the Developers was a significant step The usual requirements to > TURN TO PAGE 7
6 Postgraduate THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2017

The teenager comes of age

IT was almost 20 years ago when UK or the universitys campus in from Bangladesh arriving at the
The University of Nottingham
decided to open a campus in
By PROF China, you will receive a University
of Nottingham degree.
Nottingham is campus in Malaysia over the next
12 months to become master
Malaysia. GRAHAM This philosophy underpins the first British trainers who will help deliver
university to open
The vision became a reality in everything that Nottingham does training back in Bangladesh to
2000 when it opened its doors to across its three international develop their colleagues.
86 students in temporary
accommodation on Jalan Raja
Nottingham is the first British a foreign branch A nice spin-off project is a
memorandum of understanding
Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.
That office block is long gone, business, computer science and
university to open a foreign branch
campus in Malaysia. This was
campus in Malaysia. (MoU) with Universiti Teknologi
Malaysia to deliver English
having been replaced by engineering programmes, the range viewed as an innovative and even This was viewed as language training for the
apartments, but it served the
university well during its first five
of degrees that Nottingham offers
has grown to include biosciences,
risky move, but 20 years on, the
same model is being adopted by an innovative and individuals from Bangladesh who
will require extra support in this
years of operation as it found its feet
and slowly grew in student numbers
biomedical sciences, English,
pharmacy and psychology, to name
many other UK universities.
In realising its ambition to become
even risky move, area.
At the recent Bett Asia
as well as the range of degree a few. a higher education hub, Malaysia but 20 years on, Conference, UNMC also signed an
programmes offered.
In 2005, the university moved to
The programmes that are taught
cover all levels of tertiary study
now hosts five UK, one Chinese and
three Australian universities, in the same model MoU with the Panyathip
International School of Laos. The
its custom-built campus in
Semenyih, which now hosts around
foundation, undergraduate, masters
and doctorate.
addition to the 20 public universities
as well as many other private
is being adopted vision is to deliver Nottinghams
foundation programmes in Laos
5,000 students and employs almost By design, all degrees offered are colleges and universities in the by many other UK rather than requiring students to
700 staff.
From its initial offerings of
awarded by the United Kingdom.
Whether you study in Malaysia, the
The University of Nottingham universities. come to Malaysia.
It is hoped that this will make
higher education more accessible
to individuals in Laos who cannot
afford to travel to Malaysia or the
Malaysia Campus (UNMC) is UK. Nottingham hopes to start
now an established institution recruiting students for the
in Malaysia and among the programmes once a
members of Asean. memorandum of agreement has
It remains part of the global been signed early next year.
University of Nottingham UNMC also delivers an MBA in
something that is so entrenched Singapore and an MA in
in its DNA that it is hard to see Education in Sri Lanka, which
the basic premise that we offer attract high-quality students who
UK degrees that are the same as would have otherwise not been
if you studied in the UK able to study at Nottingham.
changing anytime soon. When we look back at the
However, like all teenagers, as first cohort of 86 students
the Malaysia campus approaches who enrolled in Nottingham in
its 18th birthday, it is starting to 2000 and how much the campus
think that it does not have to has developed in the intervening
always rely on its parent and is years, it is not only about the
developing its own identity. purpose-built campus in
UNMC is running and Semenyih and the 5,000 students
managing its own international that it hosts but also the footprint
partnerships, which would not it has left in the region, enabling it
have been thought possible even to reach more countries in ways
just a few years ago. that would not have been possible
The campus recently with just a single UK-based
embarked on a project to upskill campus.
about 8,500 lecturers and
teachers in Bangladesh through n Prof Graham Kendall is the
a project supported by the World chief executive officer, provost
Bank. and pro-vice-chancellor of UNMC.
This will see 1,000 senior staff Twitter: @Graham_Kendall
THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2017 Postgraduate 7

education with
peace of mind
> FROM PAGE 4 - Relevant working experience
recognised by the Malaysian
The recipient of this aid is Qualifications Agency
enlisted to conduct certain
elements of the research project.
The project head must have a
National Science Fund
substantial amount of money (NSF)
left in his research grant to
appoint a research assistant This scholarship is awarded to
under the scheme. masters and doctorate students
Requirements for applicants undergoing full-time studies
are: based on research in local and
l Full-time research foreign higher education
postgraduate student institutions.
l No prior financial The scholarships cover
assistance tuition, examination fees and a
l Possess a degree with a monthly allowance (RM1,560 for
minimum CGPA of 3.00 masters candidates and
(bachelors degree for masters- RM2,300 for doctorate
level research and masters candidates).
degree for doctoral-level Prerequisites for applicants
research) or an equivalent are as detailed below.
qualification recognised by the l Applicants for masters
Malaysian Government level must not be older than 30
and applicants for doctoral level
MyBrain15 must not be older than 35 at
time of application.
This scheme aims to l Applicants may not be civil
alleviate some burdens from servants or tutors in local higher
postgraduate student life to education institutions.
allow these students to Successful applicants are not
concentrate on high-quality, allowed to receive any other
value-added research. Two source of funding or hold
programmes are offered under positions outside the stipulated
this scheme MyMaster and scope of work in the
MyPhD. programme.
l MyMaster scheme l Applicants for masters
eligibility criteria: degree must have a first class or
- Malaysian citizen second (upper) class with
- Not older than 35 at time honours at the bachelors level
of application with a minimum CGPA of 3.00
- Must be an unemployed or an equivalent qualification
graduate with no fixed income, recognised by the Government.
employed in the private sector l Applicants for doctoral
or lecture in a private institution degree must have a bachelors
of higher education degree with honours and a
- Not a recipient of any form masters specialising in fields
of financial aid for studies at the detailed in the NSF.
same level l Only candidates pursuing
- Not bonded to any party research in specific science and
during sponsorship period such technology fields may apply.
as commitments to previous
- Possess a bachelors degree
Education loans
or Government-recognised A popular choice for financial
equivalent with a minimum aid even among undergraduate
CGPA of 2.75 students, the National Higher
Education Fund Corporation
l MyPhD scheme eligibility (PTPTN) is the main education
criteria: loan provider for Malaysian
- Malaysian citizen students pursuing studies locally
- Not older than 45 at time due to its low interest rates.
of application Recipients of this loan are
- Has obtained admission to expected to fulfil and maintain
or is already pursuing studies at certain academic achievements
a higher education institution to continue benefiting from the
- Not a recipient of any form loan. Loan repayment starts six
of financial aid for studies at the months after graduation or
same level when employment commences,
- Currently pursuing or whichever comes first.
intends to pursue full-time Students will not be bonded
postgraduate studies or required to serve the
- Possess a masters degree Government after completion
with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 of studies. More information
or bachelors degree with a can be found on the PTPTN
minimum CGPA of 3.50 website.
8 Postgraduate THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2017

The new reality

NOBEL laureate and global icon
Malala Yousafzai summed up the
value of education in perhaps the
most profound of ways when she
said, With guns, you can kill
terrorists. With education, you can
kill terrorism. education enrolment rate will rise lifelong learning as a way of life Once again, all of us at OUM
This sentiment strikes as PROF from 36% to 53% and higher and to support professional or extend our heartiest
particularly meaningful in todays DATUK education enrolment from 48% to personal development. congratulations to all graduates. To
volatile and uncertain world. It 70%. With our philosophy of all readers, we hope you are
cannot be denied that education DR This will require an additional liberalising education, we believe inspired.
stands between understanding and MANSOR 1.1 million places to be created, that everyone has a unique The challenges of 21st century
ignorance, empathy and bigotry, which can be achieved mainly potential to succeed academically if living require Malaysians of all
success and failure.
FADZIL through growth in technical and given the chance. ages to constantly seek out learning
Through education, we learn to vocational education and training To all readers, I would like to opportunities to enrich themselves.
open our eyes to new possibilities (TVET), private higher learning implore you to take some time to With higher education becoming
and experiences. Education is a Our flexibility in providing institutions and online learning. think about what your education more accessible and affordable,
tool that helps us overcome lifes access to education to individuals OUM has directly encouraged means to you. this has become the new reality.
challenges, develop values and of diverse socioeconomic working adults to take up higher Dare to dream, aim for more and
shape our personalities. backgrounds is unparalleled. education either for economic never stop learning. With the right n Prof Datuk Dr Mansor Fadzil is
It is a means by which we can We are committed to practising reasons or self-growth. spirit and dedication, I am sure the president and vice-chancellor
pick up necessary skills and know- flexibility in all aspects of our It also helps Malaysians embrace nothing is beyond our reach. of OUM.
how to turn our dreams into university. These include digitised
reality. study materials, flexibility in
At the recent 21st convocation attendance and transfer of learner-
ceremony of Open University preferred location whether for
Malaysia (OUM), the hopes and tutorials or examinations,
dreams of more than 3,000 payments and financing, and more.
individuals were turned into I foresee further advancement
reality. with regards to our system and
All graduates who received their ways of learning.
scrolls are now part of our This is because disruptive
80,000-strong alumni from across technologies such as advanced
Malaysia. robotics, the Internet of things and
Teachers, nurses, entrepreneurs, work automation are expected to
senior citizens, the physically reshape the business and social
disadvantaged and even prison landscapes of the future.
inmates have all shown that Therefore, it is crucial that
education can transform anyones todays youth be equipped with
life into something more. This skills and knowledge so they can
bears testament to the fact that thrive in an ever-changing world.
each of us can make a difference. This is also in line with the
We are immensely proud and Malaysia Education Blueprint
glad that this was achieved because 2015-2025 (Higher Education)
OUM has been committed to aspirations to increase tertiary
playing a significant role as one of access and enrolment in higher
the pioneers in the field of open education.
and distance learning. It hopes that by 2025, tertiary

Lifelong learning for all

ANDREA Luxman (pic) recently earned her experience richer.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Every classmate has valuable insights to
with distinction from the University of share in discussions regardless of the topic
Strathclyde. or area of expertise, adds the 32-year-old.
She describes the overall journey to be I began to realise that just by listening, we
excellent despite having an intense can learn so much from each other.
workload, especially since it was a part-time Embracing the art of listening and
programme. collaborating cohesively with groupmates
Juggling career and studies can be definitely contributes to one becoming a
overwhelming, but with the right attitude, better leader.
persistence and desire, its something that I highly recommend the Strathclyde MBA
can be managed, she says. to those seeking to enhance their career
Luxman shares that the two and a half prospects or wishing to gain insight into how
years spent completing the MBA course was theoretical business knowledge is linked to
a time of personal and professional growth. real-life decision-making.
Ive learnt how to leverage on my Furthermore, the flexibility of the
strengths and improve on the weaknesses. programme allows students to attend
Through self-awareness, Ive learnt how to seminars at other international teaching
step out of my comfort zone and challenge centres such as Singapore or even Dubai,
my typical way of thinking. which encourages the opportunity for wider
As our traditional beliefs and orthodox networking. The outcome of the learning
manner of working are constantly being experience will last a lifetime.
challenged in the business world, it is
imperative to have a mindset that is ready to n For more information, call 03-7660 8950
defy the status quo and allow room for or visit
change and disruption.
Stemming from a background of more
than nine years primarily in engineering
and consulting, Luxman decided to pursue
an MBA because she was curious about
other business sectors and wanted to better
understand the considerations that go into
creating value for a successful business.
I wanted to bridge the knowledge gap in
areas that I previously knew very little about
and apply it at work, says Luxman.
The Strathclyde MBA emphasises both
theoretical and practical business
knowledge, providing students with the
foundation to succeed in todays corporate
At the heart of Strathclydes MBA
programme is group work. Being able to
contribute to discussions is just as important
as learning in the classroom.
The unique blend of experiences and
know-how that each student brings to
the table makes the overall learning
THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2017 Postgraduate 9

A champion of workplace safety, Prof Chong specialises in bioenergy and wastewater

treatment technologies to make palm oil mills safer to work in.

workplace safety
RESEARCH technology in palm oil mills has
made the workplace within a palm oil mill
safer and more attractive to workers, Workplace safety is
including engineers, while creating a
sustainable process.
no longer a luxury but a
Prof Chong Mei Fong, a researcher at The necessity. A safer work-
University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
(UNMC), specialises in bioenergy and place not only attracts
wastewater treatment technologies. The
technology she developed has been well
women, it attracts a
received by the palm oil industry. highly qualified work-
Her research has created a safer
workplace that attracts more women and force as well.
engineers to work in a palm oil mill.
The technology also promotes an efficient Prof Chong Mei Fong
alternative to wastewater treatment and
emits less pollution to the environment and
waterways. women in STEMM-related subjects and
The introduction of her technology earned global citizenship.
Prof Chong an honourable mention at the This years theme was urbanisation with
Asean-US Science Prize for Women, in subtopics, including workplace safety, under
conjunction with 7th Asean-US Consultation which Prof Chong submitted her proposal.
on Science and Technology meeting on Oct The new technology also promotes indoor
19 this year. processing in an office or laboratory instead
She says, As a woman engineer, I realised of what was previously done processing
that it is not only the engineering field that is the water outdoor in a space as big as nine
male-dominated but this is also the case in football fields, usually located in a
oil palm mills. plantation, she says.
Workplace safety is no longer a luxury Prof Chong has been working in a
but a necessity. A safer workplace not only consultative manner since 2015 with Havvy
attracts women, it attracts a highly qualified Oil Mill Sdn Bhd to produce this technology.
workforce as well. While palm oil processing was previously
Prof Chong was the previous chair of carried out mainly by mechanical engineers,
Gender Equality in Nottingham, a working the process also attracts engineers from the
group in the university that advocates field of chemical engineering.
gender equality in science, technology, Mechanisation of the milling process
engineering, mathematics and medicine needs the expertise of mechanical engineers,
(STEMM). but chemical engineers also contribute to
The new bioreactor system complies with this breakthrough process, says Prof Chong.
the Malaysian Environmental Quality Act According to The University of
1974, which addresses environmental Nottingham Malaysia Campus vice-provost
protection and pollution control. (research and knowledge exchange) Prof
Apart from providing a safer workplace, Claire OMalley, Prof Chong is not only an
it promotes cleaner water and reduces excellent researcher who is demonstrably
pollution of rivers, she adds. able to translate her discoveries into
The honourable mention at the Asean-US commercially viable products that are
Science Prize for Women won Prof Chong valuable to the green technology agenda, she
US$5,000 (RM20,328.50). She is the is also a strong advocate and role model for
second Malaysian to be nominated for this women in science, engineering and
award. technology. UNMC is very proud of her
She explains that there was a call for achievements.
proposals to apply for this award in July. The
award was based on a few criteria n For more information, visit
excellence in research, mentoring of other
10 Postgraduate THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2017

Affordable quality education

FURTHERING studies after you
have left the classroom for a
long time can be daunting.
However, in todays competitive
work environment, pursuing a
masters degree serves as a
platform to climb up the corporate companies and renowned
ladder. corporations some even before
For people who want to change they graduate.
careers, taking up a postgraduate
course could help them fulfil a
longstanding professional goal or
Open Day
respond to changes in the global First City UC is holding its Open
career market. Day on Dec 16 and 17. Some of the
To meet this demand, First City highlights of the December Open
University College (First City UC) Day include:
offers MA Design Management and l Art Camp for SPM leavers
Master of Business Administration, (Dec 15 to 17)
with the latter offering dual l Fashion Illustration Workshop
awards. (Dec 16)
These carefully structured l Special preview on Master of
masters programmes allow Business Administration
students to stay abreast of new (Dec 16)
developments and technologies l Special preview on MA Design
that can impact or enhance their Management (Dec 16)
roles at work.
Students can pursue these Prospective students are
programmes part time or through welcome to visit the campus to find
distance learning, enabling them out more about the various
to enhance their career without programmes, scholarships and
taking a break from work. incentives offered at First City UC.
A postgraduate course can help They can also check out the new
develop practical expertise and be campus facilities and meet the
the final touch a curriculum vitae academic staff.
needs to shine. Working adults can opt for part-time or full-time studies at First City University College. Individuals who register before
Taking the time to upgrade ones Dec 28 can enjoy a 50% early bird
industry knowledge also reflects They will be part of an extensive commercial and residential areas, linkages across sectors such as tuition waiver. Terms and
ones aspirations and commitment business and professional network First City UC is surrounded by banking, manufacturing, design conditions apply.
to self-improvement. across cultures and industries, complete amenities and a variety consultancy and publishing Counsellors are available to
With emphasis on strategic which opens up a world of of food and beverage outlets. companies. attend to queries during extended
teaching and learning, the masters opportunities to connect with The campus is equipped with Throughout the programme, counselling hours on weekdays
programmes are designed to their peers and become familiar state-of-the-art teaching and lectures by visiting academics or (8.30am to 6pm) and weekends
enhance employability as well as with the inner workings of the learning facilities for every faculty industry specialists are organised (10am to 4pm), excluding public
transferable and industry-specific industries they are interested in. to enhance students learning to give students insider knowledge holidays.
high-level skills. The programmes are taught by experience. and valuable insight into real-
Students can enjoy flexibility professional lecturers who are also First City UCs commitment to world processes. n For more information, call
when pursuing this course by industry practitioners in their providing the best education is With so much knowledge and the marketing department at
opting for either the full-time specialised areas. evident in its efforts to expose experience gained, it is no surprise 03-7727 3200, e-mail
(1.5 years) or part-time (two years) Strategically located in Petaling students to real-life situations and that many First City UCs alumni or visit
mode of study. Jayas urban town centre amidst leverage on its many industry have secured jobs at reputable

Defining communications expertise

WHEN it comes to communications solve problems creatively. everyday life.

Research is
and media studies, what does Lecturers in the programme
having a masters degree make you
New knowledge are active in a wide variety
an expert of?
Dr Tan Meng Yoe (pic), a crucial skill to Critical thinking is important but
of research areas social
media, communications,
coordinator for the Master in
Communication and Media Studies
have. Learning to can only happen when there is
something to think about.
urban anthropology,
politics, international
(MCMS) programme at the School gather, analyse Therefore, new knowledge is relations and more.
of Arts and Social Sciences, Monash
University Malaysia, explains. and synthesise always necessary.
MCMS students learn and share
Having good teachers
with years of teaching
According to him, the MCMS at
Monash University Malaysia equips
information into the latest trends and developments
in the media and communications
experience is not enough.
Scholars at Monash
you with the skills to identify, knowledge can industry and are exposed to a wide University Malaysia are
unpack and deconstruct
communication processes and be applied to range of contemporary issues that
have implications for everyday life.
actively producing new
knowledge and can pass on
networks that societies require to
everyday life. Students are encouraged to learn
about cultures beyond their own to
advanced skills in
conducting relevant
In short, it makes you an expert Dr Tan Meng Yoe broaden their understanding of the research.
in cultural research. It does not world. This provides
sound fancy, but it makes practical A valuable resource, this students with the skills
sense in the increasingly globalised accumulation of knowledge is required to develop
society of today. As we are by nature biased, it takes facilitated by not just the lecturers expertise in their
Media and communications discipline and practice to be truly and curriculum but also the respective fields of
professionals such as journalists, informed. diverse student cohort. work through
filmmakers and corporate For example, in news Because students come from rigorous, critical and
communication specialists are consumption, if our habit is to different professional backgrounds insightful research.
often already experts in their exclusively seek out news that and are of various nationalities, the Good study
technical craft by the time they conforms to our pre-existing programme is an opportunity for programmes are
consider enrolling in a masters worldview, there exists a bias that them to learn from each others all about being
programme. restricts our capacity to juggle cultural and career experiences. collaborative, relevant
The real step up is the multiple perspectives and analyse Learning to work together in this to the 21st century,
development of advanced critical deeper layers of meaning. environment is a lesson in itself. In internationally
thinking, exposure to a more Without the willingness to short, the spirit of learning is recognised and
diverse range of knowledge, and engage with our own biases and actively cultivated in the MCMS producing graduates
the ability to conduct quality consider alternative approaches to programme. who are job-ready.
research to raise the level of media data, we become echo chambers The MCMS
content, management process,
business insights or any
who hear only what we want to
hear. This is detrimental to any
Research skills programme at
Monash University
communications role that one is individual as it leads to intellectual Contemporary issues are not just Malaysia not only has
involved in. complacency. gleaned through reading about these elements but
The MCMS provides the tools to global events in the news but also synergises them to
Critical thinking break that habit. In the
programme, new theoretical ideas
through active research by both
the teacher and student.
create a learning
environment where one
On the basic level, critical about media and society are taught Research is a crucial skill to can develop holistically.
thinking refers to the ability to and applied to real-world case have. Learning to gather, analyse
objectively analyse any issue and studies to sharpen students ability and synthesise information into n For more information, visit
develop an informed opinion on it. to identify issues objectively and knowledge can be applied to
THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2017 Postgraduate 11

A unique Asian focus

A MASTER of Business Administration (MBA)
from Asia e University (AeU) will distinguish
you from other graduates.
AeUs MBA combines the best of global
business training with a unique focus on
Asia. It offers insight into the Asian business
culture while giving students a global
The programme is popular among
working adults locally and internationally.
I like the way the AeU
Its curriculum serves to enhance students MBA programme was
run as it enabled me to
business and industry knowledge as well as
their management and strategic decision-
making skills.
These skills will help them secure and broaden my knowledge in
prosper in employment or develop different
approaches to essential leadership skills in
the aspects of business.
their careers, whether in public The flexibility I enjoyed
administration or private sectors.
Many entrepreneurs and professionals during my study allowed
seek new perspectives in complex business
scenarios in an Asian context.
minimal disruption to my
AeUs MBA programme offers six family, work commitments
specialisations: international business,
entrepreneurship, supply chain and challenges faced in
management, accounting, human resource
management and marketing.
adjusting my time and roles
These specialisations are useful for those as a public officer, husband
who want to enhance their career or are
looking for a change in career path. and father.
From day one, students in the programme
are immersed in a global learning
environment and given the right tools to
allow them to reach their career aspirations. working adults and professionals. This
They learn how business is conducted in intense experience provides world-class
an emerging Asian market and the best managerial instruction in a unique
practices of some of Asias most successful atmosphere.
companies. We stress not only the development of DSP Mohd Hadzwan is a
The knowledge and experience gained in rigorous analytical and problem-solving proud AeU MBA graduate.
business case seminars and workshops can skills but also the application of moral
be applied in a variety of settings, allowing principles needed to use those abilities
students to develop a global perspective with wisely. postgraduate programmes through regular acquired through formal and informal
in-depth knowledge of Asian economies, We want to help develop complete entry or the flexible Accreditation of Prior training.
recommend solutions that go beyond managers and leaders men and women of Experiential Learning (APEL) entry pathway. The January 2018 intake is open for
international boundaries, learn and apply outstanding professional capabilities as well APEL allows individuals who wish to registration.
key analytical skill sets in real-life settings, as integrity, faith and strong moral character pursue tertiary education but lack
and demonstrate holistic awareness of who will influence the world for good. conventional academic qualifications to be n For more information, call 1300 300 23,
relevant trends impacting contemporary We are confident that the AeU MBA assessed according to their work experience e-mail or visit
business. experience will be the wind behind your as well as prior learning experience
The AeU MBA programme is offered in sails as you navigate through the challenges
full-time, part-time (18 months) and fully and opportunities of the Asian Century.
online (12 months) modes.
Full-time and part-time classes are held
during weekends, allowing working adults
Extensive learning resources
from diverse backgrounds, industries and AeUs e-learning has played a fundamental
cultures to unite in the spirit of learning, role in reaching out to students from any
regardless of their geographic location, travel location. Its blended-learning pedagogy has
schedules and work commitments. supported thousands of students from within
I like the way the AeU MBA programme and outside the country.
was run as it enabled me to broaden my AeU has successfully connected thousands
knowledge in the aspects of business, says of students, faculty members, academic
DSP Mohd Hadzwan Zulkefle, who facilitators, subject matter experts and
graduated with the MBA in October this administrators via the Internet using the
year. universitys learning management system,
The subjects offered are extremely useful myPLS.
in developing a wider knowledge in The system makes various learning
leadership and research skills. I can apply resources such as web-based modules and
advanced tools learnt for rational decision- multimedia courseware available for
making in a variety of settings. students to view or download.
The flexibility I enjoyed during my study Additionally, AeU students can access the
allowed minimal disruption to my family, librarys digital collection of more than
work commitments and challenges faced in 100,000 e-books, 71,000 e-journals and 1.6
adjusting my time and roles as a public million e-theses.
officer, husband and father, he adds.
AeUs School of Management dean Assoc
Prof Dr Wan Sabri Wan Hussin says, The
Flexible entry
AeU MBA programme is designed for Prospective students can enrol in AeUs

About Asia e University

AeU is a multinational university This years Rating for Higher

established in 2007 under the auspices of Education Institutions in Malaysia
34 Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) ranked AeU as a Tier 4: Very Good
countries. university among 71 universities ranked
Ranging from diploma to doctorate in Malaysia. It emerged at the top among
levels, all its academic programmes are the countrys open and distance learning
approved by the Higher Education universities.
Ministry and accredited by the Today, AeU has a diverse and robust
Malaysian Qualifications Agency. international community of more than
Besides having a presence in many 24,000 students from around 84
of the ACD member countries, AeU countries.
has also spread its wings to 80 non- AeUs strong network of 15,000 alumni
members such as Aland Islands, comprises local and foreign nationalities
Argentina, the Bahamas, Denmark, Hong of various cultures and races who are
Kong, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Maldives, making a difference around the globe.
Mauritius, Namibia, New Zealand, Students can tap into this network to
Nigeria, Sweden, Somalia, Taiwan, the connect with AeUs alumni, many of
United Kingdom, Yemen, Zambia and whom are now holding prominent
Zimbabwe. positions globally.
12 Postgraduate THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2017

Making meaningful impact

A PREMIER university in Malaysia,
Management & Science University
(MSU) is among the top institutions
of Asia.
It offers specialised programmes
at postgraduate and undergraduate
levels in the areas of business, application on both domestic and university meet stringent
management, medicine, health international platforms. standards set by both local and
sciences, information sciences, A PhD is the highest degree international bodies.
engineering, education and awarded by MSU. It signifies the Accreditors include the
hospitality. pinnacle of academic and Malaysian Qualifications Agency
MSU prioritises quality professional standing. Doctoral (MQA), the United Kingdoms
education, incorporating 21st training involves close working Accreditation Services for
century learning in its teaching relationships with leading faculty International Schools, Colleges &
delivery to produce holistic members on projects of key Universities (ASIC) and Japans
graduates. interest, with an industrial and Alliance on Business Education &
The incorporation of global scientific focus. Scholarship for Tomorrow
mobility programmes and With advanced facilities and (ABEST21).
extensive industrial training technical support, MSU provides an MSU has achieved Excellent
components into students learning excellent academic climate for status on the Higher Education
experiences ensures the highest postgraduate engagement with Ministrys Rating for Higher
standards of impactful innovation, faculty members. Education Institutions in Malaysia
employability and industrial MSU faculty members are highly (Setara). It is also recognised as
relevancy of MSU graduates. active in top-level research in a The Most Entrepreneurial
MSU integrates the global best wide range of areas and interests, Private University 2016 by the
in educational innovations. requiring innovative approaches ministry.
Real-world scenarios are Students at MSU are taught excellent problem-solving skills under the that push the boundaries of In addition, the institution is the
incorporated into the classroom guidance of experienced professors who engage in cutting-edge research. interdisciplinary research. Best Brand in Education for
learning experience. MSUs advanced degrees at MBA, Leadership and Human Capital
Strategic thinking and thought-provoking academic research contributions that address MSc and PhD levels cover wide Development 2017, awarded at the
thought-provoking case studies papers across a broad range of industrial challenges at the highest areas, including management, Asia Pacific Elite of Elites
equip students with a higher level business, industry and professional management level. business, accounting, finance, BrandLaureate Awards.
of practical problem-solving areas. They have also worked in Due to the tremendous state of educational management and MSU recently entered QS World
abilities. and taught at all levels of flux within business and leadership, education (Teaching University Rankings for the first
All modules are rigorously professional and industrial management communities, top English as a Second Language), time, placing 217th or in the top
designed with industrial and platforms. management must adapt rapidly to computer science, information and 1.8% among universities in the
corporate input as well as an Their contributions have made stay competitive, relevant and communication technology, food QS Asia University Ranking 2018.
opening vignette to major events meaningful and concrete impact in strategically positioned to tackle service technology, biomedicine, Under the QS World University
and real-world issues around the the global community at home and global trends by possessing the engineering, applied science, Rankings rating system, the
globe. abroad. relevant postgraduate biomedical sciences, information university received five stars for
MSU professors hail from Professors at MSU are rigorously qualifications. technology, pharmacy and clinical teaching, facilities, graduate
diverse cultural backgrounds and selected worldwide from among MSU offers Doctor of Philosophy pharmacy. employability, social responsibility
engage in cutting-edge research, the best consultants and (PhD), Master in Business These programmes are offered and inclusiveness.
the pursuit of unparalleled professionals in their respective Administration (MBA) and other under the School of Graduate
academic excellence and scientific fields and disciplines. masters programmes that Studies and Graduate School of n For more information,
innovation. The postgraduate programmes at emphasise and recognise Management. call 03-5521 6868, e-mail
They have conducted high- MSU are carefully crafted to innovative research, scientific The award-winning, home- or visit
impact research and published cultivate leadership and real knowledge and industrial grown study programmes of the

A platform for teachers to learn

TERTIARY programmes in the Julie Soo Set Yee, 32, Sabah
diverse field of social sciences Bachelor of Teaching (Primary
including early childhood Education) with Honours
education, Islamic studies, I grew up aspiring to graduate
psychology and communication from a university. Thanks to OUM
are much sought after among adult and the Education Ministry, I was
learners today. able to live my dream.
This is according to Open In the midst of juggling work
University Malaysias (OUM) and studies, I realised that having a
deputy vice-president (academic) positive mindset and a clear goal
Prof Widad Othman (right pic), are crucial to survive each
who not only oversees all the semester. To me, my convocation
programmes offered but also was long-awaited and is a
chairs all the social sciences celebrated milestone.
programmes at the university.
OUM, Malaysias premier open Zahrawaani Ismail, Pahang
and distance learning institution, Master of Islamic Studies
offers more than 40 programmes This year, my husband and
ranging from business, human I were chosen to receive the
resource, information technology Presidents Award (Postgraduate)
to occupational health and safety,
project management and social
Most learners scholarship awarded by OUM
to students who excel in their
science subjects. Zahrawaani Ismail with her husband. who enrol in the studies.
One of its most popular
programmes is the Bachelor of learn the skill of matching their Widad Jalil, 34, Maldives teaching or early Thank you, OUM, for providing
the opportunity for people like us
Teaching (Primary Education).
According to Prof Widad, more
experiences to the theories, she
Master of Education (fully online)
I chose to pursue my masters
childhood education to further our studies through a
flexible learning system.
than 1,000 teachers enrolled in the Besides offering flexibility, at OUM because I wanted an programmes
programme this year. Many of
them intend to major in the Tamil
OUMs programmes are not
entirely research-based
internationally recognised
programme related to my field. are experienced Prabuindran Karuppanan, 30,
or Mandarin languages.
Another favourite is the early
programmes. They are mostly
assignment-based and learners
Moreover, it was taught by
professionals and expert lecturers.
individuals who Bachelor of Teaching (Primary
Education) with Honours
childhood programme offered by have the option of taking them The programme has enriched are unable to relate I used to be intimidated when I
OUM at the diploma, bachelors
and masters level.
fully online.
These are the two main factors
my knowledge and allowed me to
progress academically. Almost to the theories of first started working as a teacher.
Therefore, my pursuit of higher
OUM provides flexibility of
learning and the option for
that attract international learners
to study at OUM.
everything I gained from the
programme has been invaluable.
teaching. education was for self-satisfaction
to feel good about myself.
learners to do their practicum at Prof Widad Othman Despite the heavy workload,
their chosen centres.
According to Prof Widad,
Teachers graduate from Ng Kok Hoong, 28, Selangor
Bachelor of Psychology with
hardships and unavoidable issues I
faced, I told myself that the
most learners who enrol in the OUM Honours In addition, the universitys children of today need an educator
teaching or early childhood I chose OUM because it is the learning management system, who constantly strives to seek
education programmes are OUMs 21st convocation ceremony most suitable university for myINSPIRE, enabled me to interact knowledge. This kept me going and
experienced individuals who are held last month saw a record working adults. The university with tutors and coursemates I am proud of what I have
unable to relate to the theories of number of teachers graduate provides tutorials during anytime regardless of where I was. achieved today.
teaching. from OUM in the area of social weekends, thereby giving me the I am very proud of my graduation
When they undergo the science. Here are some of their opportunity to attend classes and and intend to strive further to n For more information, visit
programmes at OUM, they begin to testimonies: learn from tutors face-to-face. attain greater academic success.