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Lauren Riback

Personal Portfolio Reflection #2

I chose to exchange reflections with Bailee Kilgore, who like me, is a senior in our

class who will be completing her student teaching the same time as me. Bailee and I have

become best of friends (both in and out of the classroom), and I can tell from our

conversations that she has a wide variety of knowledge and passion for teaching

agriculture that will help her succeed as an agricultural educator.

The layout of our educational portfolios is very similar in style and are both well

organized. We are both direct when we write and emphasize key points. I did give a

larger amount of detail to the process I went through in interviewing a student and

provided the reader a better visualization of the student.

Our students we interviewed were both female but had completely different

interests in agriculture. Bailees student was interested in more of the livestock

production side of agriculture while mine was interested in horticulture and floriculture.

Regardless, both students were focused on their careers after high school.

For Bailees three teacher interviews she chose two agriculture science teachers

and one special education science teacher. While all of my interviews were with

agriculture science teachers. I now see that her interview with Mrs. VanBeuren helped

Bailee understand a wider variety of student learning as compared to mine.

However I think my interviews with the three agricultural science teachers

provided more real life experiences and solutions to daily issues. I focused more on time

Lauren Riback

management and resources for a teacher while Bailees interviews scratch the surface

when it comes to advice. None of the advice was bad, just not as in-depth.

Bailee did research further into the background of the interviewees, which gives a

better us as viewers a clearer understanding on the experience and knowledge they have.

During interviews this is important because it allows us to view context of previous

situations and makes a source credible.

I think both Bailee and I have an enthusiasm for teaching, and both of us will

utilize our personal experiences and the knowledge we have gained here at Texas A&M

to create the most effective learning environment for our students. I know how much we

are looking forward to my student teaching experience in the spring term and that if I

ever need any help I always have a friend to call.