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Break-out Plan #5

Date: 18/10/2017

Break-out Title/Topic: Study Tips for Midterm Resources Time

In the previous years the average for this midterm has been usually low. This is
not because it is hard, but because usually students do not know how to study
for it. It is important to study smart rather than study hard.

Has anyone written a midterm yet in any other class? How did you find it? How
did you study for it ?

Learning Objective:
- Today we are going to explore a few study tips on how to prepare for
the midterm monday.
- I will show you a few methods on how you can perform good in this 0.5
midterm minute

Participatory Activity:
1. Divide mentees in 3 groups
2. The task of the first group is to state 3 ingredients of democracy of your
choice (out of 6 in total) and briefly explain them.
3. The task of the second group is to define the Fragment theory and
Formative theory and state the main difference between these two
4. The task of the third group is to define liberalism and conservatism and
the main difference between them
5. You can use your notes and the textbook to find the answer. You have
about 4 minutes to prepare the answer.
6. You will have to try to present it to the rest of the group as if you are
teaching the material.
7. Try your best not to look at the notes when you present. 10
Why do you think we did this activity?
What are some study tips that we learned through this activity ? 2
Do you think you can do such an activity even if you are not in a group? minutes

The purpose of the break out today was to get some study tips.
The activity I prepared was meant to put emphasis on a few things:
- Make sure you know the definitions and understand them
- Make sure you look at the chapter objectives because the main concepts
come from there. That is where I got the concepts to prepare for this
- Make sure you know the concepts that we have covered in class good
enough that you would be able to teach it to someone else
- If you are behind with the readings of the book, make sure you
memorize the class notes first. Use the book to complete the notes that
you already have from class.
- Do not focus too much on what is mentioned on the book, but not
covered in class.
- Do not start studying the night before, but try to start a bit earlier
- Do not panic during the test, but write as much as you can because you
will get part marks.
- Lastly, if you want to organize a study group, it would be an effective
method to organize it like we did today.