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Sirikorn Detchanun
Mr. Bishop
English 12
December 7, 2017

Fear Change Behavior in A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time is a science fantasy novel that was written by Madeleine L

Engle between 1959 and 1960. This story was inspired by her life which each character has

the significant role in themselves. In brief, this story is about the characters trying to find

Meds father or Mr. Murry that was lost on Camazotz, a corrupted planet. This made Meg

fear of loneliness that caused by losing her father which made her lack of trust. However, she

had three younger brothers; a twin brother, and the youngest brother named Charles Wallace,

that she needed to take care instead of her father. Moreover, Meg, Calvin, three wishes, and

Charles traveled through a wrinkle in time to find Mr. Murry. But, while they were helping

Mr. Murry, Charles was being controlled by IT. All this situation that happen made Meg

changed her behavior to unselfish and become superego. In this novel, Madeleine L Engle

indicates how the change of Megs behavior are influenced by her fear.

Firstly, Calvin came into Megs life which help to fulfill her gap of trust and made her

take one more step further to across the fear of loneliness. At first, Meg lost the person that

she trusted which was her father. After her lost, she did not open herself to anyone else to

came in and know about her. Therefore, to see the most important people gone can make

someone become introvert person and not believe to other people because scare of getting

trick and no one can protect them from the terrible things. According to Eysenck's theory,

Introverts are those that have naturally high levels of arousal. Because introverts tend to

experience chronically high arousal levels, they tend to seek activities and environments

where they can escape from overstimulation. Because of their naturally high arousal levels,

they are more alert and take in more information from the environment. Escaping somewhere

to have time alone to recharge gives them the opportunity to process and reflect on what they

have learned (Cherry, 2017). But, when Calvin come in and be friend with Meg which take

time for Calvin to prove that he come with good help in order to make Meg accept him as a

friend. So, this make Meg learned from Calvin about the way how to approach to other

people and think more in the positive way as shows, A mother like that! A house like this!

Gee, your mothers gorgeous! (p. 46). This change her behavior to open up to people and

become more social and extrovert because of trust and felt comfortable to someone.

Secondly, Charles was getting controlled by IT while in the Camazotz. Meg needed

to overcome her fear of loneliness by helping Charles from getting controlled. Before,

Charles got controlled, Calvin, Meg, Charles, and Ms. Whatsit were going to Camazotz to

help Mr. Murry that lost in that planet. While Meg helping Mr. Murry, something was out of

controlled Charles was turning to be IT and no one could help him because it also started to

took control of Calvin and Meg. So, Mr. Murry chose to go to their planet and abandon

Charles in order to safe Calvin and Meg. After, arrived at the planet Meg stated to realize

why Charles did not came back with them. This made Meg started to feel frightened by these

struggles and did not even listen to Mr. Murry and Calvin reasons that stop and did not let her

go back to help Charles because it too dangerous. Nonetheless, no one could not stop her this

caused the coldness of The Back Thing started to controlled Meg but, the beast told her to

relax down and counteracted properly. The beast said, Stop fighting and You make it

worse. Relax (p. 196). Then, the beast tried to calm her by gave her a comfort. According to

the text, The three beasts stood around Meg, and it seemed that they were feeling into her

with their softly waving tentacles (p. 197). Then, Meg slow start to feel by her heart by find

the real comfort and reassure. So, this can compare to real life that if someone want

something he or she can do everything to get it until they realize what is unsafe or necessary

to do. According to Cheung, Him; Chan, Yawen; and Tsui, Wai Chi Gigi (2016), The most

extensively studied lies in children are selfish lies, which are antisocial in nature and are often

used to conceal misdeeds. At last, experiences on Camazotz make Meg become superego

girl by finding the true of trust and her real comfort.

Lastly, after came back from Camazota, Meg overcome her fear of lonely and change

her behavior by accept the truth of being different from her friends. In a school, Meg always

felt strange and alone because of her appearance. Students in school teased her as her braces,

glasses, and flyaway hair which made her to seem get everything wrong in school this made

everyone look as her as a stupid girl. All of these reasons made Meg tried hard to fit in the

community or her friends but, it everything seem worst. However, while she in Camazota

everything was in conformity such as the house, ideas, appearance, environment, and

character. This made Meg understand that being conformity can lose the freedom, the unique,

and attitude of each people. Additionally, the author Chris MacLeod (2017), the writer of

Succeed Socially.com about how people overcome their social skills issue. He explained that,

First, this philosophy believes people will just be happier this way, and that trying to change

can cause problems. Second, it assumes that people have a variety of orientations towards

socializing, and one type isn't better or worse than another. Moreover, he also indicated

some advantages on being true to yourselves: have your own time, have your own point of

view, and have your own unique. In A Wrinkle in Time, the way she sees the Camazota

change her perspective through the world and life. Mag overcome the fear of loneliness in the

school and she is learning to overcome her desire conformity and accept her own unique. All

the situation that happen changed Meg behavior to superego and have more responsibility on

her own thought.

In conclusion, Madeleine L Engle write A Wrinkle in Time to reflect each

characters fear that they need to overcome and mirror the battle between good and bad. This

represents Meg character that she has loss all the trust which caused by the fear of loneliness.

However, when Calvin came into Megs life which make Meg open her mind and become

more generous to other people. As well as, while Meg is in Camazotz she need to beat the

The Back Thing in order to help Charles from IT and she need to accept the truth of being

different from other people. At the end, from all the experiences that Meg get help her to beat

the fear of loneliness and change her behavior to unselfish and become superego.


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