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It is clear that feminist activist fight for equal right between men and

women. Feminist in a modern world such as in U.S.A, Europe, and Canada is still

struggling for equal wages, sexual harassment in public place, and equal

opportunity in everything. However, if we sorted the spectrum of problem

encountered by women, according to Marie Claire there are 10 worst countries to

be live by women those are India,Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Nepal, Peru, Turkey,

Sudan, Afghanistan, The Democratic Republic of Congo that really need the help

to escape from atrocities and patriarchy in their own country. They have no exit

door, they only can waiting to be rescued, yet they have no one to rescue them.

Thus, it is important for feminist from the modern world to stop struggling for

their own.

As in reported by Christian Report, in a patriarchal country such as in

Syria, Libya, or any other Arab countries, women still treated inhumanly. For

instance, they became the slave of the sex of the man as what happened in Islamic

State. Women still cannot go to school and shot to dead if they were rebelling

against it as what happened in Afghanistan by the Taliban(Abeda Sultana, 2011).

In addition, India also has a high level of crime against women. According to IPC,

a total of 3.37.922 cases of crime against women (both under various sections of

IPC and SLL) were reported in the country during the year 2014 as compared to

3.09.546 in the year 2013, therefore showing an increase of 9.2% during the year

2014. These women cannot escape from this situation due to two fall of reason.

First, they have no exit mechanism from their own country, for instance they
cannot create any passport and went abroad alone is forbidden. Second, they do it

because believe patriarchy culture is good and they lack education. As the one that

already has a good education, mass, and position in a state, it is necessary for the

women in the modern world to step in and rescue these women, to begin with

(UNCHR, 2011).

Feminism is questioning about the role that women, both cis and trans

women playing at this particular time in the multiple movements that are

emerging, and particularly, at least for the work that they doing and thinking

about. (Cathy Cohen, 2016). In tracking the flows and fault lines of feminism in

Latin America, we have found translations at work in multiple sites. For our

purposes here, we have identified two translations that we call the UN orbit and

another world. Feminists in the UN orbit work within UN agencies and

conventions and within the national state machineries for women. Feminists

participating in another world work with social movements at transnational,

regional, national, and local levels. Feminists in both the UN orbit and another

world juggle their responsibilities to translate womens issues and their

commitmentto keep gender on the agenda in otherwise masculinist institutions

and social movements (Lynne Phillips and Sally Cole, 2009).

Feminist in the modern world exist in three sectors, those are Non-

Governmental Organization, State, and Institution (Routledge International

Encyclopedia of Women, 2000). Feminist that speak up in NGO could drive the

mass through demonstration and campaign to ask their own government to help

the women in the patriarchal country. Whether it making a policy, or conference

together with another modern world since the problem of women there is become
very urgent to create media exposure and public discourse in regards of women

issue in patriarchal countries awareness. Feminist that work in the state as policy

makers could help by creating an agenda or rules either conference concerning the

situation of women in the patriarchal nation. Feminist that speak up in their

integrated institution such as religious organization (specific), or environmental

care organization could also spread the care to their own colleges since they have

wider connection and relation. With this strategy, it will surely possible to help

the women in the patriarchal country in two ways. First, the best scenario is that

the abuse and injustice conduct toward women will be diminished from that

nation. Second, even though it will instantly diminish the patriarchy culture, at

least international society will now easier to spot the injustice and report it to ICC

so the perpetrator will be prosecuted.

Women in the patriarchal country also will be most likely willing to be

helped by feminist instead of by other government agency or UN. The reason

being is because feminist is the only actor that has the purest intention to help

women. Compare to neighborhood government, or even U.S Government which

has the political interest must be not doing their best in helping these women, to

begin with. The African National Congress (ANC) Womens League provides a

sufficient example of the folly of subsuming the struggle for gender equity into

the agenda of a political party with different priorities. The league works more as

an extension of the recruitment machinery for the ruling party. Its inadequacy as a

feminist organisation that champions womens liberation was underscored when.

Its president, Angie Motshega, went on record saying it was not feminist. This,

plus the leagues. President also shows that the league is unsuited to fight
patriarchy. Thats why feminist in the modern world is the only actor that can help

these women.

Some activist may argue, that feminist in the modern world could not stop

struggling because the fight is not over (Nina Katrin Johanna, 2000).

Newstateman stated that there are five issues to struggle in modern feminism,

those are the domestic labour, the media, the gas ceiling, social inequality, and

violance against women. According to Federal Crime Data of United States, the

number of rapes per capita in the United States has plunged by more than 85

percent since the 1970s, and reported rape fell last year. However, it should be

realized that in the modern world, law enforcement regarding the injustice toward

women already protected by law. According to 2010 Criminal Justice statistics of

United Kingdom, a rapists now face longer in jail than those convicted of

manslaughter. Thus, even though the problem still there, there are policy and law

enforcement to mitigate that. Compare to women in the patriarchal country who

has no one to listen, rescue, and help them we know whom should be prioritized

as reported by Human Rights and Gender Justice (HRGJ) Clinic, City University

of New York School of Law, Government forces and other armed groups have

used rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war throughout the conflict.xv In

2013, the UN treated 38,000 victims of sexual violence in Syria, and large

numbers of victims also sought assistance as refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

Victims have included women, men and children.xvii The UN Independent

International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic (COI)

confirmed that Syrian government forces and government-controlled militia

(Shabbiha) committed sexual violence as a weapon of war during house searches

and at checkpoints. Numerous reports of rape have been documented, including

gang rape, and other forms of sexual violence in these settings and in detention,

committed by government forces against women and girls they believe are

affiliated with the opposition. According to one report, government forces

abducted young women and girls at checkpoints, and returned them later to their

families, intentionally exposing them as rape victims in order to subject them to

shame and rejection .

It is really important to help and rescue women in the patriarchal country

such as in Arab world. Government and UN are failed to help them (Lynne

Phillips and Sally Cole, 2009). Because they are most likely owning political

interest behind. Feminist in the modern world is the only one that can rescue these

women and stop struggling for women in the modern world at some point.

Therefore, taking into account the pure intention, capabilities, and practicalities

can be done by the feminist from the modern world, they should stop struggling

for their own and help their sister in the patriarchal country.

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