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Levels of defense in AI safety

Levels Global solutions Local solutions

Funding of Attracting Creation of AI safety
0 Preparation the AI safety guidlines and
the AI safety minds
reserch theory mindset

measures Prevention
Destruction Promotion of Slowing AI
of the of AI labs
AI safety idea
by law development
Strong AI everywhere and theory

Limiting AI Creating Preventing self- Messy AIs and

scale and Manipulating
many AIs for improvement uploads
impact AI arms race
balansing? of an AI

Solving AI EthicsNet dataset Correct decesion Provably safe Human Human

1 alignment competition theory AI design emulation self-improving
AI Installing CEV AI Vague values
correct constitution
design goals

Solving Taking over Creating AI First AI creators will

other AI the world police implement safe AI
problem theory

Safely interruptable Red button and

2 Control agents; Corrigibility other internal
systems constrains
turn Testing
Testing in Testing in Narrow AI
simulation small tasks to control AI

3 Information Disconection from Phisically remote

limiting interent place
AI boxing

4 to affect Messaging to Utility monsters
mature AI future Young AI and landmines
Stopping Created by Alexey Turchin, 2017, CC4.0
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and articles
Hopes to
in the wild survive AI Humans Humans as AI will
Message to any future AI
Catching treacherous turn MIRI strategy (as
in simulation slaves abandon Earth Global and local solutions of AI safety I understand it)
Human upload based AI Nanny marked in yellow