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What Does The What does the Bible To put it simply, the Bible says

say? that...
Bible Say? Who was Jesus Christ, “For the
and what does He wages of sin is
“you are a sinner,
have to do with me? and you need to be death...”
Why did Jesus die on saved-!!” [Romans 6:23]
the cross?

What does the Bible
say about me??

“for all have

Bible sinned and fall

short of the
glory of God”
[Romans 3:23]


I’m afraid of God.--!

I’m Afraid of I’ve done so many bad things-- The Bible says...
and I’ve ignored God for so long- “There is none righteous,
God--! no, not one;” [Romans 3:10]
I’ve treated “For all have sinned and
God so badly, fall short of the glory of
swearing by God...” [Romans 3:23]
His name,
and living in a “For the wages of sin is
way that God death.....” [Romans 6:23]
I’m sure He See! See! I’m a sinner, I’m
could never not righteous and I’m going
forgive me. to die for my sin!!


It’s a crazy, violent and cruel

THE ANTI-CHRIST-- world....why?? But let’s continue in scripture!
The Bible says this is the spirit of The same passage in the
CAN HE FOOL YOU? Anti-Christ! Bible goes on to say this:
“He,(the antichrist) will The state of our world and our ...”He chose you from
completely fool those who are on lives today is the result of sin! the very first to give you
their way to Hell, because they We are all part of it.. salvation, cleansing you by
have said “no” to the Truth. They the work of the Holy Spirit
have refused to believe it and ”For all sin and fall short of God’s and by your trusting in the
love it and let it save them. So glory” (Romans 3:23) Truth.”
God will allow them to believe (2 Thessalonians 2:13)
lies with all their heart and all of In our world today it’s easy to
them will be justly judged for believe the lies that sin tells us, But. what is this “Truth”
believing falsehood, refusing the and enjoy sin! It’s easy to
that we must believe and
Truth, and enjoying their sins.” disobey God, if “everyone else”
is doing it! It’s easy to serve trust??
(2 Thessalonians 2:10-12)
money and not serve God!
But wait! There is Good News! “Nor is there salvation in any other, “that if you confess with your mouth the
for there is no other name under Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that
“For God so loved the world that God has raised Him from the dead, you
heaven given among men by which we
He gave His only begotten Son, will be saved.For with the heart one
must be saved.”[Acts 4:12]
that whoever believes in Him believes unto righteousness, and with
should not perish but have the mouth confession is made unto
“in whom (Jesus) we have redemption
everlasting life.” [John 3:16] salvation.” [Romans 10:9 10]
through His blood, the forgiveness of
sins.” [Colossians 1:14] Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior by
“But God demonstrates His own saying this simple prayer:
love toward us, in that while we “whom God set forth as a propitiation Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. But I believe
were still sinners, Christ died for by His blood, through faith, to that you died upon the cross for me. That
us. Much more then, having now demonstrate His righteousness, because you shed your precious blood, for the
been justified by His blood, we in His forbearance God had passed over forgiveness of my sin. And I believe that
shall be saved from wrath through the sins that were previously on the third day you rose into heaven to
Him. For if when we were enemies committed.” prepare a place for me. I accept you now as
we were reconciled to God through [Romans 3:25] my Savior, my Lord, my God, my friend.
the death of His Son, much more
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and set me
having been reconciled, we shall “whoever calls upon the name of the free from my sin. And, because you are my
be saved through His life.” Lord shall be saved” Savior, Jesus, I “shall not die, but have
[Romans 5:8-9-10] [Joel 2:32/Romans 10:13] everlasting life”. Thank you Jesus!

“...for God is love.

Wait! Wait!! “We need have no fear of
God showed how much He loved
Look at the rest someone who loves us
us by sending His only begotten
of that
scripture.......... Son into this wicked world to perfectly:”[1 John 4:18]
bring to us eternal life through his
death. In this act we see what real
“For the wages of sin is
death, but the gift of God
love is: it is not our love for God, Don’t be
but His love for us when He sent
is eternal life in Christ His Son to satisfy God’s anger afraid!
Jesus our Lord.” against our sins.” [1 John 4:8-9-10] Jesus loves
Get the whole picture!! Yes we Read the Bible for yourself! Jesus brought you!!
are sinners--and the punishment the Gospel--which saves us completely--
for sin is death and hell! But God and releases us to share this Good News
loves us and has made a Way with others. If you are saved--go tell the
for us to be saved--healed-- world about the great thing God has done
delivered--and set free--JESUS!! for you!


The Truth=Jesus Bring your Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior by

sin to Jesus! saying this simple prayer:
“Jesus saith unto him, I am His blood will Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. But I believe
the way, the truth, and the wash away that you died upon the cross for me.
life: no man cometh unto the your sin, and That you shed your precious blood, for
Father, but by me. the forgiveness of my sin. And I believe
set you free.
[John 14:6] that on the third day you rose into
Don’t serve
heaven to prepare a place for me.
Jesus Christ is I accept you now as my Savior, my
the “Truth”! Lord, my God, my friend. Come into my
heart, Lord Jesus, and set me free from
He died on the
But you have to let Jesus save you. You my sin. And, because you are my Savior,
cross for the
cannot do it yourself, nor can any other Jesus, I “shall not die, but have
forgiveness of everlasting life”.
person or church or ceremony save you.
sin! Thank you Jesus!
Only Jesus can save you. How? You
“And ye shall know the truth, have to let Him into your heart--you And now that you are saved, share the
and the truth shall make you have to ask Him and let Him in. Let Truth with others! Tell everyone you
Jesus save you..... meet about Jesus Christ your Savior!
free.” [John 8:32]