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Topics covered in ACTUAL 2-DAY EXAM, based on my recollection (in no particular

order): - Note that I'm recalling data from 8 years ago kaya this is not a complete list
* Nature of Environmental Planning (Dynamic, Cyclic, Multi-Disciplinary)
* Laws of the Indies (1571)
* Ekistics (Man, Nature, Shell, Society, Network)
* Which is an Environmentally Critical Area / ECA (List of examples)
* Procedures in obtaining an ECC...if ECP...if ECA
* Procedures in conducting EIA (Pre-Study, Study, Post-Study...)
* Functional-Spatial Integration / Decentralized Territorial Approach
* Succession/Invasion
* Top-down vs Bottom-up Development
* Something about CNC (I think it means Certificate of Non-Coverage)
* Locational Clearance / Development Permit
* Question about Green Belts
* R-4 / R-5 / Quasi-Commercial-Industrial (C-2)
* Zoning Classification (Water, Forest, Agro-industrial, Agricultural)
* A legally binding set or rules (Zoning Ordinance)
* ADSDPP (About Ancestral Domain)
* Question about Cluster of Specialization (Multi-Nodal Urban Form)
* Question that mentions "future land development" (Forecasts)
* Inter-Sectoral Consultation (Social, Economic, Institutional, Environment)
* Question about "vantage points" and "aesthetic features"
* Land Study Types (Vacant Land, Flooding Area, Structural, Land Value)
* Planning Area (3 kilometers, other choices)
* What are Major Land Use Policies (Settlements, Production, Protection...)
* Question on NFPP (Food security, Ecological stability, Equitable access)
* Question about Local School Board...
* 10-Point Agenda of Pres. GMA (Current Adminsitration at that time)
* Given a province, identify what Region in the Philippines
* Given a Region, identify what city/province its Regional Center is located
* About Location Quotient / Import / Export / Specialization
* About Department of Energy (DOE)
* Concentric Zone Theory / CBD
* Which Philippine City is still dumping in open dumpsite (forgot choices...)
* Sub-urbia question
* Line on map that connects all points... (Isobath)
* "%age of electric charges for Government to lessen amount..."
* Corpuz?
* About certain types of roads
* Frederick Law Olsmtead / Father of Landscaping
* About a certain Foreshore Project (not sure if in Tondo or Roxas Blvd.)
* Land Assembly vs Land Banking vs Land Swapping
* Z.I.P. vs S.I.R. (Improvement of blighted areas)
* Agency responsible for... (HLURB, NHA, HUDCC, Local Government)
* City and Municipality Creation (Criteria to create cities and municipalities)
* Classes of Municipalities (Which is a 2nd, a 3rd, a 6th class... identify)
* "Devolution"
* ECC Exemption (which of the following is not exempted...)
* Agency involved for Fisheries if located less than 15km from land
* Property to have value in real estate market (listed characteristics)
* Robert Owen
* County of London Plan
* New York City Zoning 1916?
* Project Cycle Management (P.I.A.F.I.E)
* Node, District, Landmark (about Kevin Lynch's Image of the City)
* Leave nothing but "footprints"
* Sangguniang Bayan
* LGC 7160 (Local Government Code of 1991)
* Logframe: What is the 4th row? (about logical framework approach)
* Demolition, Eviction, Resettlement (about differences)
* PA 21 (about Philippine Agenda 21)
* Mode, Median, Mean (about statistics/mathematical terms)
* Indicators for sustainable development
* PD 704 - Fisheries Code / PD 705 - Forestry Code
* What is PIA? (Philippine Information Agency, with other choices...)
* When is Earth Day?
* When is Earth Month?
* Circular Metabolism
* Characteristics of New Urbanism
* Linear City
* Richard Meier
* Anglo-American Planner / Ebenezer Howard
* Which is a relocated capital? (Canberra, Brasilia, Isalamabad,...)
* Requirement for hospital (identify population requirement)
* Objective of AFMA? (AFMA = Agriculture & Fisheries Modern. Act)
* Solid Waste Management Act (RA 9003)
* Setbacks along river if in urban, agricultural and/or forest
* Cash Solvency, Budget Solvency
* Daniel Burnham: Chicago / Pre-War Manila
* Patrick Geddes
* Thematic Maps
* RA 6969
* Appointed Official, who? (Assessor, Treasurer, Budget Officer, ....)
* Sex Ratio, what is? (Male / Female x 100, other choices...)
* Student Teacher Ratio, what? (1:50, other choices)
* Who heads the Provincial Unit? (Governor, other choices)
* Leave of absence of Mayor (who approves?)
* Washington, D.C. (L'Enfant, other choices...)
* Annual Budget for Highly Urbanized City (P50M, other choices...)
* MDG (Millennium Development Goals)? (Education, Eradicate poverty)
* Smallest Political Unit (Barangay, Family, other choices....)
* Divisoria and Chinatown, what are they? (District, Node, other choices..)
* Growth Pole Analysis
* Coastal Development
* BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)
* Grants, Loans, Subsidies and other Cooperative Undertakings
* Local Special Bodies - PBAC (Pre-Qualification Bids & Awards Com.)
* Eminent Domain
* Indigenous People's Act
* Mesopotamia planning (which of the following are)
* Bobbie? or Babbi?
* Weber?
* Scaleogram
* Taxation (Local Government)

We invited Six (6) Architects and Environmental Planners that will help us understand what
Environmental Planning is all about.

1. Environmental Planning: Basics, Theory and History

Guest Speaker: Arch / EnP. @Alberto C. Dumlao ,UAP ,PIEP
UAP Committee Chairperson,
Special Committee, Continuing Professional Development
Time: 9:00am - 10:30am

2. Land Use Planning and Zoning

Guest Speaker: Arch / EnP. Edison Ching M. Padilla ,UAP ,PIEP
UAP Committee Chairperson,
Committee on Government Service
Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm

3. Urban Design in Metro Manila

Guest Speaker: Arch/EnP. Louwie A. Gan ,UAP ,PIEP
Architect & Urban Planner
L.A. Gan Associates
Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm

4. Architect's Road Map to Mainstream Environmental Planning

Guest Speaker: Arch/EnP. Armando N. Alli
UAP Committee Chairperson,
Special Committee, Architectural Code Council
Time: 2:30pm - 4:15pm
5. The Making of a Disaster Resilient City
Guest Speaker: Arch/EnP. Nathaniel Von Einsiedel ,PHD ,FUAP ,FPIEP
Chairman / Principal Urban Planner
Consultants for Comprehensive Environmental Planning Inc. (CONCEP)
Time: 4:15pm - 6:00pm

6. Global Best Practices in Architecture, Urban Planning, Real Estate Development

Guest Speaker: Arch/EnP. Felino A. Palafox Jr. ,FUAP , PIEP ,APEC Architect, Intl Associate
Principal Archiect - Urban Planne
Founder and Managing Partner
Palafox Associates
Palafox Architecture Group Inc

The unique role of the Sanggunian in local planning and development is explicitly
provided in its power to prescribe reasonable limits and restraints on the use of
property which is the basis of local land use planning.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, only the sanggunian has the power to
appropriate public funds. No development programs, projects and activities could be
implemented through the local budget without authorization from the sanggunian.

Furthermore, if planning is policy making then the sanggunian being the highest
policy-making body is the ultimate planning body in the LGU. Sanggunian members
should therefore banish their erroneous notion that planning is an executive function
alone. They are equally responsible for, and ought to be as actively involved in planning
as the executive.

In which year was the first Board of Environmental Planners actually formed?

A. 1978
B. 1993***
C. 2013
D. 2014

History of Urban Design Development: Idealist men and none pragmatists are also called before
as _________?
A. Utopians***
B. Architects
C. Planners
D. All of the above

An Erosion Potential Map is a type of Analytical Map. It combines the following maps to provide
information on areas that have a high tendency to experience erosion and/or landslides:

a. Slope map, vegetation map and rainfall map

b. Soil map, slope map, vegetation map and rainfall map***
c. Slope map, vegetation map and cadastral map
d. Soil map, vegetation map and rainfall map

The study of soils is called

A. geomorphology
B. pedology.***
C. hydrology
D. biogeography

Geomorphology is the study of :

3-Movement of earth's crust