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Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-19: The N(ght March ofKalkamedes is a Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st- to 5th
level characters (Tier 1-5; Subtiers 1-2 and 4-5). This scenario is designed for play in the Pathfinder Society Organized
Play campaign, but can easily be adapted for use with any world.

This product makes use of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide, Pathfinder RPG
Bestiary, Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3, and Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment. These rules can be found online for free as
part of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document at paizo.com/prd.

This product is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or the 3.5 edition of the world's oldest
fantasy roleplaying game.

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in any form without written permission.

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---- @----
illennia ago, during the reign of the runelords

M in ancient Thassilon, a conclave of powerful

thaumaturgists known as the Thrallkeepers
experimented with calling forth all manner ofhorrors to The Night March of Kalkomedes takes place in the shadow
further the cause of their runelord overlords. Thinking of the Fenwa l l Mounta i ns. Both m i n e ra l - rich and monster
their techniques flawless, the Thrallkeepers summoned infested, Fenwa l l is a n u ntamed wilderness rife with
numerous otherworldly creatures and attempted to dangerous terra i n a n d bandit h i deaways. M i l l e n n i a ago, the
force them into servitude. Thousands of years later, the Fenwa l l Mountains were a l so the location of a su bterranean
Thrallkeepers have long since gone extinct, but several s u m m o n i n g va u l t used by a cult of thaumaturg i sts known
of their forgotten projects remain, lurking in ancient, as the Thra l l keepers. I t is i n the depths of this cru m b l i n g
abandoned vaults. One such forgotten conjuration was d u ngeon known as the B l a c k Ed i fice t h a t the P C s w i l l find
the powerful glabrezu demon known as Koth'Vaul. The the a nswers they seek. To lea rn more about the Fenwa l l
Thrallkeepers imprisoned Koth'Vaul for centuries in one Mountains a n d surro u n d i n g a reas see Pathfinder Campaign
of their subterranean outposts, a small vault once named Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide or Pathfinder Adventure
the Black Edifice; however, ravaged by time, the binding Path #3: The Hook Mountain Massacre.
circle that holds Koth'Vaul is now decaying and will soon
hold him no more. Once he is free, there will be nothing
to stop Koth'Vaul from unleashing his unique brand of
terror on present-day Varisia.
A month ago, a valiant ghaele named Sulianna took
it upon herself to seek out Koth'Vaul and destroy him
before he could complete his escape. Unfortunately,
with the protective runes that bound Koth'Vaul already
breaking down, he was much stronger than Sulianna
anticipated. Using an undead servant to push her into
his reach, the demon battled the azata for two days and
three nights, and despite grievously wounding Sulianna,
Koth'Vaul was unable to deliver the killing blow before
she withdrew. Koth'Vaul, though is very patient-it is and tried to contact him with a plea for help. Koth'Vaul,
only a matter of time before the last magic circle that however, used his own limited powers to dampen
holds him degrades enough that he can escape and finish Sulianna's magical link, blocking the communication.
off ghaele who now lies broken and unmoving on the Kalkamedes walked on by, never cognizant of the dueling
other side of the chamber. forces that had touched his mind.
Enter Kalkamedes, a semi-retired Pathfinder known That night, however, when Kalkamedes returned home
for occasionally undertaking solo expeditions. Interested to his cabin and fell asleep, his subconscious quickly
in all things pertaining to the runelords, Kalkamedes remembered Sulianna's call for help and took control of
had been slowly mapping the Fenwall Mountains, his body. Sleepwalking, Kalkamedes unwittingly made
having set up a rustic cottage as a comfortable base of a beeline for the Black Edifice to mount a rescue for the
operations. Although he didn't realize it, Kalkamedes's dying celestial. His first attempt failed, and he awoke
travels recently took him past the hidden ruins of the in an empty field badly injured, remembering nothing
Black Edifice. As soon as he came close enough, Sulianna of how he got there. His second attempt almost cost
sensed his presence, reached out to him with her mind, him his life when he sleepwalked off a bluff and almost

by wandering through a deep pool. As a result, the PCs

likely have to build emergency floats and bridges, use
The Night Watch of Kalkamedes m a kes use of the Pathfinder magic such as feather fall or waterbreathing, or pin him
RPG Core Rulebook, Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide, to the ground to buy time while they invent a solution.
Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, a n d Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3. The After that, Kalkamedes's unwavering path inadvertently
adventure assumes the G M has access to these sourcebooks, takes him near the camp of highwaymen known as the
a n d only creatu res with non-simple templ ates a pplied Gorgon's Privateers. The PCs have to fend off the bandits,
a re re pri nted here i n . I n addition to being ava i l a ble for a task which becomes increasingly difficult as the
p u rchase i n boo kstores a n d game stores wo rldwide, all rules sleepwalking Kalkamedes continually marches into the
refe re nced i n this adventure can be fo u n d i n the free o n l i ne bandits' ambushes.
. Pathfinder Reference Docu ment at paizo.com/prd. Kalkamedes's journey takes him straight into the
mouth of the Black Edifice, the crumbled outpost of the
Thrallkeepers. As the PCs follow Kalkamedes, they find
broke his neck rolling down the hill. On the third night, him stymied by a vault-like door that he cannot pass.
he nearly drowned before the light of dawn woke him Once the PCs solve the puzzle that opens the door, they
up. Recognizing that his somnambulism had become can descend deeper into the ruins.
extremely dangerous, he called for the aid of some of Finally, the PCs reach the bottom of the Black Edifice
his old friends. His companions tried locking him in where they discover the Thrallkeepers' summoning
his cabin, but each night Kalkamedes simply escaped circles, the outsiders trapped within, and ultimately
and continued his dangerous night march. Unsure what the secret behind Kalkamedes's strange affliction. Clues
else to do, his companions have since taken to tying him enable the PCs to piece together that the dying ghaele
to his bed at night. Rational by day, but running short mystically reached out for aid and found Kalkamedes
on ideas, Kalkamedes wrote his old venture captain for as he was exploring the ruins above, weeks earlier. The
help and had his friends deliver the letter. ghaele has been calling Kalkamedes in his dreams ever
The Decemvirate responded, dispatching aid, but having since, beckoning him to the rescue. Koth'Vaul, seeing
found Kalkamedes free from any magical compulsion or the PCs' arrival as an opportunity, disguises himself and
curse, they have been unable to cure him. For her own tries to trick the PCs into freeing him from his magical
reasons, Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch has stepped prison, but if they see through his ruse, the imprisoned
in, calling in the PCs to investigate. demon unleashes his undead draconic ally, Illvaster, to
battle them and prevent them from healing Sulianna. If
SUMMARY the PCs defeat Illvaster (or manage slip past the undead
At her wits' end, Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch horror and heal Sulianna instead) the restored ghaele
has decided that the only thing the society has not tried completes what she started and ensures that Koth'Vaul
is releasing the sleepwalking Kalkamedes and seeing is sent back to the Abyss. Once the PCs rescue Sulianna,
where he actually goes-perhaps his destination holds a Kalkamedes's strange compulsion ends.
clue to the means to help him. Knowing how dangerous
that could be, Heidmarch has assigned the PCs to escort GETTING STARTED
Kalkamedes and keep him safe while he performs his Read the following to get the adventure underway.
night march. The PCs must shepherd Kalkamedes as
he sleepwalks through dangerous terrain before he Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch glances out a window as
marches blindly into the depths of a dungeon, and the last wisps of twilight fade over the Fenwall Mountains.
invent ways to keep him alive. The adventure begins Turning from the sight, she runs her hand along the rustic
in the Varisian wilderness, in the secluded cabin of cabin's wall and stands beside an occupied wooden bed
Kalkamedes. There the PCs find Kalkamedes lashed to before addressing you.
his bed by ropes, struggling madly to escape as part of "This," the venture captain says, gesturing to the man
his sleepwalking frenzy. If they search the cabin they thrashing around violently, straining against the bonds that
might also discover Kalkamedes's intelligent magical lash him securely to the bed, "is our colleague, Kalkamedes.
sword, Gamin, an NPC who can provide many clues as Every night for several weeks now, he has fallen into a deep
later events unfold. slumber and tried to sleepwalk right out of his cottage. If
First, the PCs travel alongside Kalkamedes as he not restrained, he marches straight north, eventually falling
sleepwalks northward, during which time they have to off a cliff or into a bog as if trying to get himself killed in
help him safely navigate a series ofhazards and obstacles. an attempt to reach an unknown goal." As though he were
Unassisted, Kalkamedes might fall off a cliff or drown expressing disagreement, the man tied to the bed suddenly

begins pumping his limbs even harder, the violent spasms Knowledge {Local)
threatening to smash the bed into splinters. The PCs may already know about Kalkamedes, who has
"There are those who have recently criticized the Pathfinders developed a reputation both for his influential research
for our indifference to the plight of our fellow field agents. It's and his troubled history.
time to show that's not true. I want you to help Kalkamedes, 15+ Kalkamedes is a veteran Pathfinder, though his fame
whether he wants it or not. Several of our best spellcasters does not extend beyond southern Varisia. Although he is
have attempted an extensive list of magical cures, but whatever now semi-retired and only forwards the occasional report
sleepwalking curse or effect he's under tenaciously resists our to the Decemvirate these days, his colleagues continue to
efforts. All we can do is keep him safe." Heidmarch respect him for his many prior accomplishments.
pats him with a degree of professional affection, 20+ Late in his career, Kalkamedes developed
and Kalkamedes rewards her by trying to swat her an interest in lore of the ancient runelords
with his head. and the rare heroes who dared to oppose
" Kalkamedes's friends are at their wits' end, the runelords' tyranny. He relocated from
so we are going to attempt the only thing that Absalom to Varisia for the chance to further
we have not tried: we're going to let him go his study.
tonight. That's where you come in. I want 25+ Early in his adventuring career,
you to follow him and keep him safe and Kalkamedes swore the oaths to become a
in one piece. Let him get to wherever his paladin and served as a staunch defender of
addled brain thinks he needs to go so badly. the meek; however, years later he abruptly
Maybe, just maybe, if he gets there, you left his holy order. Few truly understood
can find a way to help him. Maybe his decision.
you can determine who or what did 30+ Kalkamedes was sometimes seen
this to him and find a way to undo carrying a broken sword. Few but his
it." Heidmarch pulls out a serrated closest friends know that it is actually
knife. "Now before I cut him free, a sentient blade, and it and
does anyone have any questions or last Venture-Captain Kalkamedes were inseparable.
minute preparations?" Sheila Heidrnarch Searching Kalkamedes's cabin
uncovers several items of note. The
The PCs likely have questions, and Sheila Heidmarch wardrobe in Kalkamedes's bedchamber contains his
answers them as best she can. The most likely inquiries outdoor clothing (an explorer's outfit) and a pair of strong
are answered below. boots. A drawer in the end table next to Kalkamedes's
Why don't we just leave him safely tied up and go bed contains a series of unfinished charts mapping the
search in whatever direction he was headed? "Good Fenwall Mountains. If the PCs search the stove, they find
thought-I had the same one myself, originally. We've the remains of a crumpled and burned charcoal sketch
already tried that. Although we know he marches north, (see Player's Handout #1). The tattered sketch depicts a
we haven't been able to find anything that sheds any light squat fortress under a full moon enshrouded by clouds.
on the situation. For this to work, we'll need Kalkamedes Although the sketch has little significance to the PCs
to be our guide and show us exactly where he's trying to this early in the adventure, Kalkamedes has actually
go. That's why you have to get the job done before dawn. drawn the Black Edifice, an image that lingers from his
Once he wakes up, he remembers nothing and becomes nightly dreams. Frustrated, he threw it in the stove fire
downright useless as a guide." yesterday, hoping to rid himself of the haunting memory.
May we wait a day to prepare more appropriate spells? In addition to the sketch, with a DC 14 Perception check
"That is not acceptable. Look at him! I don't think he can the PCs can find a hidden lever in the back ofthe stove that
take much more of this, so I need you to get out there releases the catch to a hidden compartment concealed in
tonight. One way or another, we're going to settle this the floor under a stack of water barrels. Within, a locked
and cure him ofhis affliction." metal chest (hardness 5, hp 15, Break DC 23, Disable Device
Can you give us anything that might help with the DC 20) contains some of Kalkamedes's adventuring gear:
mission? "I have little that would be any use, but I believe bracers of armor +I, a mud-splattered cloak of resistance +I, an
Kalkamedes would forgive your making use of anything elixir ef swimmin,g, a dried gourd containing a potion of cure
in his cabin." li,ght wounds; and an irregularly-shaped mithral flask with
Can we knock him out or pin him to the ground if jigsaw-like edges containing a potion of hide from undead.
we need to? "Do what you must, but go easy on him. The razor-sharp flask doubles as a caltrop or an improvised
Remember the point of this is to help him!" dagger. Also secreted away inside the chest is Gamin the

Creatures: Originally a paladin of the Silver Crusade

for several years, Kalkamedes did his best to live up
to the organization's ideals, but he could never quite
GAMIN THE MISFORGED follow their code when the temptation to cut corners
Aura fa i n t tra n s m utation; CL 5th was at its strongest. He was always at his best when
Slot n o n e; Price 7,0 1 5 g p; Weight 2 l bs. battling evil with underhanded tricks: employing
Alignment neutra l good; Senses 3 0 ft. ambushes, faking injuries and luring opponents into
I ntel l i gence 1 0, Wisdom 1 1 , Charisma 1 0; Ego 2 traps. Although he was always fighting for the cause
La nguage speech ( Co m m o n ) of the weak and downtrodden, whenever a just cause
DESCRIPTION was truly on the line, Kalkamedes could not resist
T h i s g l itteri n g b l a d e is clearly defective, a n d a r i p p l i n g the temptation to lie or sneak in order to get the job
b re a k r u n s f r o m its t i p t o its h i l t l i ke a c r a c k i n a broken done. Kalkamedes knew his actions were a slippery
w i n d ow. G a m i n i s a +1 allying mithral longswordAPG slope not only for him but also for the rest of
with the perma nent broken co n d i t i o n, a n d when his order. Rather than bring his superiors
h e l d h e c a n cast guidance o n h i s w i e l d e r a t w i l l . and colleagues into disrepute, he decided it
O n l y a master sword s m i t h m i g h t repa i r G a m i n's best to resign and go his own way. Kalkamedes
i m pe rfe ctio ns, and the Pathfi n d e r Society does not have remained a stalwart Pathfinder and is still respected
a ccess to such a resou rce a t t h i s t i m e . by his many colleagues. Semi-retired, Kalkamedes
CONSTRUCTION often disappears on unassigned solo expeditions,
Requ i rements Craft M a g i c a l Arms a n d Armor, guidance, following-up on one or more obscure pieces oflore. A
magic weapon part ofKalkamedes, however, has always felt guilty or
perhaps incomplete that he was never able to rise to
MisforlJed, an intelligent, magical blade. Gamin is an the challenge of fulfilling a paladin's oath.
opinionated NPC who conceals his true nature until
convinced of the PCs' willingness to help Kalkamedes. KALKAMEDES CR 4
The PCs may earn Gamin's trust by successfully helping M a l e h u m a n ex- p a l a d i n 3/ rog u e 2
Kalkamedes past any of the obstacles leading up to the NG Med i u m h u ma n o i d ( h u m a n)
Black Edifice without Kalkamedes sustaining damage or I nit + 1; Senses Pe rce ption +8
being seriously inconvenienced, such as by being beaten, DEFENSE
tied up, stuffed in a sack, or any other ----------L------.
AC 1 1 , touch 1 1 , flat-footed 1 0 (+1 Dex)
excessively humiliating circumstance. hp 48 ( 3 d 1 0 +2 d 8+1 8 )
The so-called Gatesmiths, an Fort +5, Ref +5, W i l l + 3
informal brotherhood oftalented dwarves at Riddleport's Defensive Abil ities eva s i o n; I m m u n e d i sea se, fea r,
Gas Forges in its earlier years, crafted "The Gaminuecron" n o n l e t h a l d a m a g e, s l e e p
to be a blade of legend; however, a flaw appeared early in Weaknesses s o m n a m b u l i sm
the forging, and the smiths found themselves unable OFFENSE
to salvage the blade, discarding it and starting anew. Speed 30 ft. ( 2 0 ft. s l e e pwa l k i n g )
For two centuries, Gamin passed from one dissatisfied Melee u n a rmed strike +6 ( 1 d 3 +2 )
holy warrior to the next, and eventually Gamin saw use Special Attacks sneak attack +1 d 6
as little more than a training blade in a lesser fighting TACTICS
academy before being locked away. Several years ago, During Combat Ka l ka m edes i g n o res most foes, o b l iviously
Kalkamedes liberated the bitter sword during one of his wa l k i n g stra i g h t past t h e m . I f s o m e o n e blocks h i s path, h e
solo expeditions. The two quickly became soul mates: a th rows a s u d d e n p u n c h a n d t h e n attem pts to kee p movi n g .
failed paladin and a broken blade, both imperfect, but H e a lso fi g hts v i g o rously i f g ra p pled o r p i n n e d . O n ce free, he
each striving to be more than they were. Gamin is fiercely i g n o res the grappler a n d conti n u e s h i s m a rc h .
loyal to Kalkamedes, his first wielder to ever truly look M o r a l e Reg a rd l ess of what p u n i s h m e n t he e n d u res,
past his shortcomings and see his potential. Kalkamedes m a rches for the Black E d i fi ce, craw l i n g i f he
Gamin accompanied Kalkamedes when he ventured near m u st. Although h e c a n n o t fa l l u n conscio us, h e colla pses and
the Black Edifice and contracted his bizarre somnambulism, ca n not act i f red u ced to a nega tive h i t p o i n t tota l .
but he knows neither why such a thing occurred nor how to STATISTICS
find his way back to that place. He encourages the PCs to Str 1 4, Dex 1 3, Con 1 5, I n t 1 0, Wis 1 0, Cha 1 3
protect Kalkamedes and let his sleepwalking friend trace Base Atk +4; CMB +6; CMD 1 7
his path back to try to solve the mystery. Feats U n a rmed Stri ke, Powe r Atta ck, Step U p, To u g h ness

Skills Acrobatics +7, Cl i m b +1 0, D i p l o m a cy +7, Perception +8, A. THE MAIMING MOUNTAIN

R i d e + 9, Sense Motive +8, Swi m +6 Immediately after Sheila Heidmarch finishes cutting his
La nguages Co m m o n bonds, Kalkamedes totters out the door of his cabin and
SQ rog u e t a l e n t (su rprise attack), trapfi n d i n g +1 begins stumbling northward. Unbeknownst to anyone
Gear cloth n i g htca p, wool paja m a s present, he has set his course for the Black Edifice on a
SPECIAL ABILITIES path fraught with danger, especially for an oblivious
S o m n a m b u l ism (Su) Each n i g ht, Kalkamedes su ffers sleepwalker. The night sky is clear with a waning
fro m m a g i c a l l y i n d uced form of s l e e pwa l k i n g quarter crescent moon that provides dim
fro m w h i c h h e c a n n o t be ro used. W h i l e light, but the minimal illumination
sleepwa l k i ng, h i s S p e e d i s red u ced is of no help to the sleepwalking
to 2 0 feet and he i s co n s i d e red Pathfinder, whose staggering gait
flat-footed a t all t i m es. A l ready propels him blindly forward
a s l e e p, he is i m m u n e to sleep with closed eyes. It should be
and nonlethal damage. obvious to the PCs that in his
present state, Kalkamedes has
Faction Notes: Grand Lodge no sense of self-preservation,
faction PCs may use the and that his somnambulance
unfinished maps in the dresser might make even the most
to get a head start on their mundane acts of navigation
mission, but the maps make no surprisingly difficult.
mention of the Black Edifice.
Qadira faction PCs might be able Ka lkamedes's First Break
to discern the locations of the region's Unless the PCs have taken special
active gold mines and other resources, precautions, a mere half hour after
but Kalkamedes's legend and map they set out Kalkamedes twists his
notes are arrayed in a unique manner ankle on a rock. He suffers only ld4+i
that requires a DC 14 Knowledge points of damage (2d4+2 in Subtier
(geography) or Linguistics check to decipher. Successfully 4-5) from the sprain, but ifhe continues to march on it
understanding and recovering this map earns Qadira which he does ifthe PCs do not intervene-he aggravates
faction PCs 1 Prestige Point. the injury and takes 1 additional point of damage every
Shadow Lodge faction PCs have an opportunity to minute ofhis march. Identifying the consequences ofhis
question Sheila Heidmarch about why the Decemvirate injury requires a DC 15 Heal check, though the problem
sent such extensive aid for Kalkamedes. At this time, becomes clear once Kalkamedes has sustained 10 points
Heidmarch is reticent to share that it was her idea and of damage from the encounter.
that she had to pull a number of strings before receiving The PCs can simply heal Kalkamedes with magic.
the go-ahead from Absalom, so convincing her to speak Once he recovers all of the damage sustained from the
on the matter requires a DC 21 Diplomacy check or a DC injury, the ankle is restored. Alternatively, a PC might
25 Sense Motive check to note telltale behavioral signs also build a splint for Kalkamedes's injury, enabling
that betray her involvement; however, if Kalkamedes him to continue to limp without harming himself. This
sustains less than 35 points of damage by the end of the requires a successful DC 14 Heal check, but the PCs can
scenario, the venture-captain is sufficiently impressed only perform the check if Kalkamedes is first pinned or
that she openly admits the truth without the need for otherwise frozen in place for 3 rounds.
a skill check. Learning who ordered the mission earns
Shadow Lodge faction PCs 1 Prestige Point. Razor Bramble
Taldor faction PCs should find Gamin the Misfor9ed to An hour later, Kalkamedes's path takes him straight into
ask it about where it was forged, though the sword is a thick copse of thorns. With a DC 18 Knowledge (nature)
unlikely to respond to any inquiries until the PCs have or Survival check, a PC can identify this hazard as a
earned its trust later in the scenario (see Gamin the patch of razor bramble, a naturally growing weed capable
Misforged sidebar on page 6). Gamin is not interested in of lacerating one's legs. The razor bramble counts as
talking about his flawed history, but a PC can force him difficult terrain and covers an area 40 feet wide and 60
to explain his origins with a DC 20 Use Magic Device feet deep, though in Subtier 4-5 the patch is instead 60
check or trick him into revealing his origins with a DC feet wide and 100 feet deep. Anyone traveling through the
15 Bluff check. razor bramble suffers 2d4+2 points of damage per round,
but the damage is reduced by i for each point of armor, faction mission. Acquiring a cutting is easy, but keeping
natural armor or deflection bonus. Unless the PCs have it alive is less so, as razor bramble cuttings require
taken precautionary measures, Kalkamedes does not regular hydration and plenty of oxygen. Identifying that
have such bonuses and plows straight into the hazard, the cutting needs special treatment requires a DC 10
traversing it over the course of six rounds. Knowledge (nature) check, after which a PC must make
The PCs can grapple and drag Kalkamedes around a special effort not to mistreat the cutting-stuffing it
the razor bramble. Alternatively, if the PCs have scouted in a backpack, exposing it to fire, etc.-for the rest of
ahead of Kalkamedes, they might simply burn the the adventure. Completing the adventure with a healthy
offending plant away with magic or even mundane fire. cutting earns Lantern Lodge faction PCs I Prestige Point.
Treat each 5-foot square as an inanimate object with 10
hp, hardness 2, and vulnerability to fire. Submersion
A PC capable of tracking who succeeds on a DC 25 After another hour, Kalkamedes abruptly turns to the
Survival check detects signs that someone forced his west, potentially foiling any attempts by the PCs to range
way through this same patch of razor bramble less than ahead and plan for potential obstacles. Shortly after he
a week or two ago. The tracks belong to Kalkamedes, who does so, Kalkamedes marches straight into a watery
tore his way through the razor brambles during a recent bog, a standing pool recently made much deeper by the
sleepwalking foray. rainfall from the prior night. While the water is only 2
Faction Notes: Lantern Lodge faction PCs should feet deep around the bog's periphery, it gradually gets
obtain a cutting of the razor bramble to satisfy their deeper-eventually Kalkamedes submerges himself

as he tries to sleepwalk across the bottom. Despite his

mystic affliction, he still needs to breathe and if the PCs
do not help him, might drown. M a ke the fo l l ow i n g changes to acco m modate p a rties of
The deep part of the pool spans 40 feet across and 100 fo u r PCs.
feet to either side ofKalkamedes's path (or double these Subtier 1-2: The bear has traveled a co nsidera b l e d i stance
dimensions in Subtier 4-5), and while Kalkamedes has a n d has not eaten rece ntly, making it fatigued.
no difficulty descending into the pool, his intermittent Subtier 4-5: Reduce the n u m be r of scared juve n i l e bea rs
snores should demonstrate to the PCs that their charge from 2 to 1.
is disinclined to hold his breath long enough to make it
across. Casting water breathin.!J on Kalkamedes provides cubs-a gesture that Kalkamedes ignores. The bear then
him enough time to cross the pond safely, but there are charges at the trespasser and, ifthe PCs do not intervene,
other ways to aid him. Jury-rigging floats and attaching mauls him to death.
them to Kalkamedes allow him to float across the pool, The bear would prefer to avoid confrontation, and
but the PCs must fashion these improvised floatation PCs who react quickly may calm the animal with a DC 18
devices from amongst their possessions with a DC 14 wild empathy check before combat erupts; improving its
Intelligence, Survival, or relevant Craft check. Once attitude in this way convinces the animal to wander off
again, the PCs can grapple Kalkamedes and drag him instead. With the right bait or approach, the PCs might
to safety, though they must either swim him across to be able to lure the bear to chase them instead, but they
the other side with a DC 20 Swim check or drag him all then become the target of the bear's wrath.
the way around the pond.
Subtier 1-2 (CR 3)
The Precipice
Kalkamedes's path winds westward into a steep mountain Yo u n g g rizzly bea r (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 31, 295)
pass that climbs several hundred feet. The surface levels out hp 32
only to terminate fifty feet ahead with a precipitous drop into
a thirty-foot wide canyon. Subtier 4-5 (CR 6)
If not stopped, Kalkamedes walks straight off the cliff GRIZZLY BEAR CR 4
and take 7d6 points of damage. If he survives, he rises hp 42(Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 31)
and crosses the 30-foot long canyon along the bottom.
He then tries to scale the 70-foot cliff wall on the other SCARED JUVENILE BEARS (2) CR 2
side and continue his journey. To do this, Kalkamedes Yo u n g g rizzly bea r (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 31, 295)
must succeed on a DC 18 Climb check for every 15 feet hp 32 each
he climbs. lf he ever fails by 5 or more, he tumbles back STATISTICS
down into the crevasse, suffering ld6 points of damage SQ s h a ke n
for every ten feet he falls. In Subtier 4-5, the canyon is 100
feet deep and has unusually sheer sides that require a DC A2 . The Gorgon's Privateers (CR 4 or 7)
22 Climb check to scale.
Over the course of another two hours, the rough, mountainous
A 1. Bears i n the Berries scrubland gradually flattens and gives way to thicker copses
of trees sustained by a series of chilly, narrow streams.
Great bands o f stars sweep across the cloudless night sky, Kalkamedes's trail meanders northward
illuminating a series of game trails that chase through the
mountain shrubs and berry bushes. The thick trees and ground cover make this area
difficult to navigate, and any squares containing a tree or
Creatures: Still finding ways to march headlong into brush are treated as difficult terrain. In addition, these
trouble, Kalkamedes next strides into the path of a black squares grant cover, allowing anyone to use Stealth to
bear that is watching over her two cubs (in Subtier 4-5 hide.
a grizzly bear and two juvenile offspring) and feeding Creatures: Matters only become more complicated
on the several species of berries. Once the sleepwalking for Kalkamedes when his night march takes him into
Pathfinder gets within 20 feet of the bear, she roars with the territory of an upstart group of highwaymen who
displeasure and attempts to warn him away from her call themselves the Gorgon's Privateers. Several of the
bandits applied dark pigments to camouflage their skin DEFENSE
and armor ( granting them a +2 circumstance bonus on AC 1 2 , touch 1 1 , flat-footed 1 1 (+1 a r m o r, +1 Dex)
Stealth checks, already included in their stats) before hp 1 3 each
spending half the night waiting in the dark to waylay Fort +3, Ref +1 , W i l l -1
unsuspecting travelers traversing a road far to the OFFENSE
south. Having failed to find any victims, they are now Speed 30 ft.
making their way back to their hidden camp deeper in Melee l i g h t m a ce +4 ( 1 d 6 +2 ) , o r sickle +4 ( 1 d 6 +2 ) o r sap +4
the mountains; however, when they hear Kalkamedes ( 1 d 6 +2 n o n l e t h a l )
marching so close to their camp, they quickly take up Ranged s l i n g +3 ( 1 d 4+2 )
ambush positions, eager to find someone to rob at last. TACTICS
As Kalkamedes wanders through their ambush site, the Before Co m bat Wo rking i n p a i rs, the b a n d its h i d e i n treed
bandits leap to the attack. s q u a res a t the edge of the tra i l so they ca n set m u l t i p l e
poi nts of a m b u s h fro m cove r.
Subtier 1-2 (CR 4) During Combat The b a n d its p rovide fl a n k i n g for o n e a n o t h e r
to use t h e i r Precise Strike fea t. W h e re possi b l e they e n d t h e i r
GORGON'S PRIVATEER BANDITS (6) CR 1 /2 turns i n treed s q u a res to secu re cove r a n d p reve nt attacks o f
M a l e h u m a n warrior 2 o p p o rtu n i ty. O n ce t h e y a p p reciate the t h reat the PCs pose,
N Med i u m h u m a n o i d they try to melt back i nto the woods u s i n g the N i m b l e Moves
I nit + 1 ; Senses Pe rce ption -1 feat and Stea lth to c i rc l e a ro u n d with new poi nts of a m b u s h .

Morale Once a l l b u t two b a n d i t s a re s u b d ued, the last two flee.

Str 1 4, Dex 1 3, Con 1 1 , Int 9, Wis 8, Cha 1 O Make the fol lowi ng changes to the e ncounter to accom modate
Base Atk +2; CMB +4; CMD 1 5 parties of fou r PCs.
Feats N i m b l e Moves, Precise Stri ke APG Subtier 1-2: Red uce the n u m be r of band its fro m 6 to 4.
Skills I nt i m idate +4, Sw i m +6, Stea lth +S Subtier 4-5: Red uce the n u m be r of band its fro m 8 to 6.
La nguages Co m m o n, Va r i s i a n
Gear padded a r m o r with c a m o uflage, s l i n g with 1 0 b u l l ets, Faction Notes: Sczarni faction PCs should ensure that at
l i g h t m a ce o r s i c k l e, s a p least one bandit survives the encounter to act as a messenger.
APG See Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide. Any captured or subdued bandit willingly delivers the
message ifpersuaded with a DC 12 Diplomacy or Intimidate
Subtier 4-5 (CR 7) check, earning Sczarni faction PCs 1 Prestige Point.
Andoran faction PCs are also interested in capturing
GORGON'S PRIVATEER BANDITS (8) CR 1 one of the bandits, from whom they must learn the name
H u m a n fi g hter 2 of the Gorgon's Privateers' leader. Because the Andoran
N Med i u m h u m a n o i d ( h u m a n ) faction's plans for the bandit leader-a suspected
l n i t +2; Senses Perce ption -1 slaver named Commandron Voriak-are not peaceful,
DEFENSE convincing a bandit to reveal the leader's name requires
AC 1 4, touch 1 2 , flat-footed 1 2 (+2 a rm o r, +2 Dex) a DC 15 Bluff or Intimidate check. Learning this name
hp 1 9 ( 2 d 1 0 + 4 ) earns Andoran faction PCs 1 Prestige Point.
Fort +4, Ref +2, W i l l + 1; + 1 vs. fea r Rewards: If the PCs defeat the Gorgon's Privateers,
OFFENSE reward them thus.
Speed 30 ft. Subtier i-2:

Melee mwk l i g h t m a ce + 6 ( 1 d 6 +3 ) , o r mwk s i c k l e +6 ( 1 d 6+3 ) , Give each PC 24 gp.

or mwk s a p +6 ( 1 d 6+3 n o n l e t h a l ) Subtier 4-5:
Ranged heavy crossbow +4 ( 1 d 1 0/ 1 9-2 0 ) Give each PC 534 gp.
Before Co m bat Wo rking i n p a i rs, the b a n d its h i d e i n treed B. THE BLACK EDIFICE
s q u a res a t the edge of the tra i l so they ca n set m u l t i p l e
poi nts of a m b u s h fro m cove r. The light o f the sinking moon washes the sub-alpine valley
During Combat The b a n d its p rovide fl a n k i n g for o n e a n o t h e r ahead in silvery light. A squat, stone bunker crafted of dark
to use t h e i r Precise Strike fea t. W h e re possi b l e they e n d t h e i r rock sits nestled among the low trees, its domed roof barely
turns i n treed s q u a res to secu re cove r a n d p reve nt attacks o f peeking out from above the leafy canopy. As a cloud passes
o p p o rtu n i ty. O n ce t h e y a p p reciate the t h reat the PCs pose, over the moon, the entire structure seems to fade from view,
they try to melt back i nto the woods u s i n g the N i m b l e Moves leaving a momentary void before the moon's light again
feat and Stea lth to c i rc l e a ro u n d with new poi nts of a m b u s h . illuminates it. Only a single entryway mars the smooth,
M o r a l e Once a l l b u t t w o b a n d i t s a re s u b d ued, the others flee. windowless facade of the lone building.
Str 1 7, Dex 1 4, Con 1 3, Int 1 0, Wis 8, Cha 1 2 The structure is the Black Edifice, an ancient way
Base Atk +2; CMB +S; CMD 1 7 station used by the Thrallkeepers thousands of years
Feats B l i n d - F i g ht, I ro n W i l l, N i m b l e Moves, Precise Strike APG ago to summon and store dangerous creatures from
Skills C l i m b +7, I nt i m i d a te +6, Stea lth +6, Swi m +7 the beyond. Most of the flat defensive tower's levels are
La nguages Co m m o n, Va r i s i a n deep underground. In order to conceal their dangerous
C o m b a t Gear potion o f cure light wounds, t a n g lefoot b a g ; summoning activity from inquisitive minds and curious
Ot her Gear leather a r m o r, h e a v y crossbow with 2 0 bol ts, neighbors, the keep's designers enchanted the structure's
mwk l i g h t mace or mwk s i c k l e, mwk s a p, 13 g p exterior to be invisible by day and visible only by the direct
APG See Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide. light of the moon. Fortunately for the PCs, Kalkamedes's
subconscious knows the way to the entrance, and he is not
Development: Kalkamedes continues his trek, largely deceived by the illusory defense.
oblivious to the combat and the PCs' attempts to question Faction Notes: Grand Lodge faction PCs may make a
or search the bandits. He journeys north and then DC 15 Craft (cartography) or Knowledge (geography) check
gradually gravitates to the northwest for two more hours. or a DC 18 Survival check to correctly label the location of
the Black Edifice on a map, earning Grand Lodge faction invisible by day. Paw prints of dried mud left by resident
PCs 1 Prestige Point. animals show regular ingress and egress.
Osirion faction PCs must obtain a sample of the
enchanted stone, but careless removal of any of the B2. The Tra nski n etic Barrier
fa;:ade causes the sample's magic to fade quickly over the
course of an hour. Carving away a suitable and preserved Steep stairs descend into this room, whose only other
lo-pound sample requires a DC 15 Craft (stonemasonry) or entrance is sealed by a massive set of iron double doors that
Profession (miner) check, and a PC may recover as many block passage to the east and rest upon a dais of glistening
samples as he can carry. Successfully recovering a viable black stone. To the west stands a statue of an elderly, robed
sample earns Osirion faction PCs 1 Prestige Point. man carved from the same dark stone, and in his hand he
brandishes a slender golden wand that points toward the
Bl. The Sih edron Entra nce door. Ancient script winds around the statue's round base,
and dried leaves, dirt, and small animal bones are scattered
A ten-foot wide stone archway, its keystone inscribed with about the room.
a seven-pointed star wreathed in ancient markings, offers
ingress into an unlit corridor built of cut stone blocks. Although the entrance to the Black Edifice was
Weathered script snakes its way up and down each side of unguarded and hidden from sight, the Thrallkeepers
the entrance. built this chamber to keep out anyone so crafty or lucky as
to find his way in. The door contains neither trap nor lock,
The words on the entrance are written in Thassilonian, instead relying upon its sheer mass to deter trespassers.
decipherable with a DC 20 Linguistics check or the ability To further foil intruders, the dais upon which the door
to read the language. They read, "Enter the Black Edifice, rests contains a powerful magical property known as a
locus of the Thrallkeepers, servants of the Runelord transkinetic field, which reverses the strength of anyone
of Sloth." Like the rest of the structure, the runes are who stands upon the dais; particularly strong characters

find their Strength reduced, while a weak individual's

effective Strength suddenly increases. There is no
saving throw to avoid the effect, though the effect ends Effective Converted
Strength Strength Score
immediately when one no long stands on the dais. Score on Dais New Modifier
The statue depicts the High Gorelock Ahm'Jugarian, 20+ 0 too weak to move
a mid-ranking Thrallkeeper who was once the custodian 19 1 -5
of the Black Edifice. The Thassilonian inscription, which 18 2 -4
a PC can translate with a DC 20 Linguistics check, reads, 17 3 -4
"Those that would dare believe they are strong enough 16 4 -3
to oppose us shall learn that their strength is their 15 5 -3
weakness and our weaknesses are our very strengths." 14 6 -2
The boastful message left by the Thrallkeepers provides 13 7 -2
a potential clue to the dais' operation and how it might be 12 8 -1
used to open the door. If the PCs decipher the message, 11 9 -1
provide them with Player Handout #2. 10 10 +o
The statue of Ahm'Jugarian points a wand o f ray o f 9 11 +o
eefeeblement (16 charges) at the door, and a PC can easily 8 12 +l
slide the wand out of its hand. The Thrallkeepers 7 13 +l
placed the wand in the statue's hand, knowing that their 6 14 +2
visiting brethren could use it to temporarily reduce 5 15 +2
their Strength, in turn enhancing their Strength when 4 16 +3
standing on the dais to push open the double doors. 3 17 +3
If the PCs retrieve the statue's wand they can use it in 2 18 +4
the same way. If not, they will need to find another way 1 19 +4
to open the door, perhaps by organizing their weaker 0 20 +5
members to push together or summoning extremely
weak creatures to perform the work. The doors require
a DC 21 Strength check to open, though in Subtier 4-5 83. The Lift to the Lower Level
the doors are particularly massive and require a DC 25
Strength check to open. Suspended b y thick chains, a massive metal cage shaped like
Kalkamedes repeatedly attempts to walk through the a demon's head hangs over a dark shaft with no bottom in
closed doors, providing no assistance but not hindering sight. The cage's door-by all appearances a menacing maw,
most tactics. filled with incisor-like fangs-hangs open to the west. There,
Creatures: The Black Edifice's daytime invisibility a narrow bridge spans the short distance between the ledge
does not deter crepuscular and nocturnal creatures and the cage. A small console on the north edge of the bridge
from using it as a den, and most recently a few giant bears a single lever.
skunks have taken up residence in this room. They
savagely defend their lair against all threats. Although Although it looks foreboding, the Thrallkeepers' lift
the animals do not understand the dais' power, they do mechanism is quite safe. It still functions well, even
associate it with an uncomfortable sensation, and they millennia later, hinting at a level of engineering now lost
avoid standing on it whenever possible. to the continent. The lever in the console presently sits in
the middle of three positions. Moving the level up causes
Subtier 1-2 (CR 3) the cage to close its mouth and move upward, and moving
the lever down also closes the mouth and causes the cage
GIANT SKUNK CR 3 to move downward. An identical lever stands near the
hp 2 7 (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3 247) bottom of the shaft. The cage has enough space to hold
four medium creatures at a time. It is also possible to
Subtier 4-5 (CR 6) descend by climbing the sides of the shaft (DC 18 Climb)
or by lowering rope, but the 200-foot climb can be deadly
DIRE SKUNKS (2) CR 4 to those who slip and fall.
Adva nced g ia nt s k u n k (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3 247, 2 9 0) When Kalkamedes reaches this area, he walks straight
hp 37 each into the cage (through the open mouth) and silently waits
for someone to activate the cage so he can descend.

Sulianna underestimated Koth'Vaul's power and the

extent to which the prison had weakened, and the azata
The skunks in a rea B2 a re an optional encou nter. If l ess than soon found herself within the glabrezu's reach. The two
90 m i n utes re m a i n i n which to com p l ete the sce na rio, skip fought an extended battle before Koth'Vaul at last dealt
the encou nter; no creatures use the h a l l a s their l a i r. a crippling blow to Sulianna that knocked her beyond
his reach. He called upon his undead ally in C z , but the
ghaele took refuge in the second summoning circle in
area C 3 , which both warded off the creatures' attacks
and trapped her within the cavern. Sulianna has since
Make t h e fol lowing changes t o t h e encounter t o accom modate
collapsed from her wounds, and Koth'Vaul patiently
parties of fou r PCs.
waits for his own summoning circle to fade before
Subtier 1-2: G ive the g i a n t skunk the yo ung s i m p l e
finishing what he started.
However, even comatose, Sulianna was able
Subtier 4-5: Remove the a dva nced s i m p l e te mplate
to reach out with her mind to find mortal
. fro m the g i a n t sku n ks.
advocates to help her end the glabrezu's
threat. When Kalkamedes traveled near
C. CAVE RN OF THE BLACK EDIFICE the Black Edifice, the azata attempted to
Read the following as the PCs enter the large communicate with him telepathically.
cavern below. Unfortunately, though Koth'Vaul's
prison still prevented him from
Palm-sized shards of jagged steel jut from v physically leaving, he was able to use his
halfway up the walls of this large cavern, own telepathy to muddle his rival's call for
bathing the cavern with a dark green help. Even so, the celestial cry for aid haunts
light. A set of natural rock columns Kalkamedes's subconscious and reemerges
support the chamber's ceiling, which whenever he tries to sleep.
rises to a height of twenty feet. A As soon as Kalkamedes reaches area C, he
small tunnel leads to the northeast, hastens towards Sulianna's unconscious form
and several rounded alcoves branch off
from the main cavern.
Koth'Vaul Cl. The Prison of Koth'Va u l (CR 11)
The Thrallkeepers employed
summoned creatures to carve out this deep This circular alcove buds off from the larger cavern to
complex, which they dedicated to the conjuration the north. An elaborate set of concentric circles inscribed
dangerous of outsiders. To accommodate exceptionally in dull metal of different colors occupies much of the space
large subjects, the main cavern rises to a height of 20 feet, within the room.
though the tunnel that leads from the lift to the cavern
is only io feet tall-the better to slow down any crazed The summoning circle serves as a holding cell for a
creatures had the Thrallkeepers needed to evacuate the powerful outsider, though its magic has faded considerably
facility. Although a casual glance suggests the cavern over the years. The circle prohibits any extra-planar beings
formed naturally, a DC 12 Perception check reveals from exiting it and traps them as dimensional lock. Magic
that every surface except those containing summoning functions normally within the circle itself, but no one so
circles is scarred by claw marks of various sizes, a lasting trapped can affect anything outside the circle, as though
reminder of the hundreds of conjured creatures that blocked by a wall of force. Those trapped within cannot
built the facility. harm the circle in any way, but those outside can attack
The lower level of the Black Edifice also contains two and destroy the circle like a normal object; the circle has
complex summoning circles built by the Thrallkeepers 50 hit points, hardness 5 , and can be destroyed by dispel
millennia ago. Until recently, the only occupant was the manic with a DC 20 caster level check. The circle's outer
glabrezu Koth'Vaul, and the wards that bind him have runes contain positive energy, preventing any undead
degraded to the point that within a handful of weeks he from crossing into or out of the circle.
could break free. Sensing this impending danger to the Creatures: The glabrezu Koth'Vaul easily senses the
countryside, the ghaele azata Sulianna sought out the PCs' approach and constructs a ruse to direct their
glabrezu several weeks ago, intending to destroy him attention from Sulianna to himself. Using his veil spell
before he could escape. like ability, he disguises himself as a helpless gnome in

need of rescue. Although Koth'Vaul is far too powerful

for the PCs to face, the Thrallkeepers' circle keeps him
physically imprisoned; unless a PC wanders into his W h i l e Koth'Va u l is an acco m p l ished l i a r-his Bluff score has
circle, the glabrezu cannot harm anyone directly. If he a +28 modifier-his hastily crafted story has severa l flaws.
can convince anyone to free him by destroying the circle, Each flaw the PCs identify increases the DC of Koth'Va u l 's
the demon will be free. Bl uff check by 5 as the pa rty becomes i ncreasingly suspicious
As a gnome, Koth'Vaul is dressed in threadbare clothes of the gnome's sto ry.
and has an unkempt mane of fuchsia hair. He calls out for DC 1 8 Knowledge (local): Any gnome tra p ped for more
the PCs' aid as soon as he sees them and attempts to convince than a yea r should be vulnera b l e to Bleaching, an affl iction
them to free him. The glabrezu knows how to make his lies that g n o mes suffer ove r time when they fa i l to partake in
difficult to pierce by weaving in elements of truth, but even new expe riences and sensations. Koth'Va u l a p pears to be
so his quickly concocted disguise and tale have holes. perfectly hea lthy. Gnome PCs g a i n a +5 bonus when making
Koth'Vaul relates that he is a gnome who was imprisoned this Knowl edge (loca l) check and may do so untra i ned.
here centuries ago by an organization known as the DC 20 Knowledge (planes): Koth'Va u l i ntrod uces h i mself
Thrallkeepers, who bound him here in the keep known as using h i s rea l name, which a PC might rea l ize has l i n g u istic
the Black Edifice to use his fey essence to power their magic. roots i n Abyssa l a n d ma kes a n u n l i kely name for a gnome.
His captors have all long since died, but the wards that bind Exceed ing this check's DC by 8 o r more is treated as two
him have kept him young. All he wants now is to be free so flaws for the p u rposes of Bl uff checks, as the PC also rea l izes
that he can taste fresh air once again, die at last, and perhaps that Koth'Va u l is the name of a specific demon known as the
travel back in spirit to the First World from whence he came. Lyi n g Ho rns, an outsider who tem pts mortals i nto corru ption.
Should the PCs spot Sulianna in area C3, Koth'Vaul DC 1 5 Knowledge (history): The Thra l l keepers va nished
incorporates her into his tale by claiming that she was once a long with the ru nelords thousands of yea rs ago. Koth'Va u l 's
his traveling companion and adopted sister. Because the c l a i m that Ka l ka medes is the te nth-generation descendant
two circles are not in sight of one another, Koth'Vaul the of J o h a n i s is biologica l ly i m possible for a human.
gnome expresses uncertainty about Sulianna's condition DC 20 Knowledge (arcana and planes): The wa rds that
and simply claims that he has not heard from her in a long su rround Koth'Va u l a re designed to i m prison outsiders, which
time and does not know ifshe is well. To build the case that should not stop a s i m p l e gnome fro m wa lking across them.
the PCs should free him first, Koth'Vaul claims to have Exceed ing this check by 5 or more also revea ls that the c i rcle
some magic that could revive her if she is unwell. i s specifica l l y attuned to conta i n a creature strongly attuned
The glabrezu quickly diagnoses Kalkamedes's afiliction to chaos, evil, or both. Succeed ing at either DC also reveals
and weaves the man into the story, claiming that the man that the wards have been degra d i n g slowly a n d we re l i kely
is the direct descendant and very likeness of Johanis, a once more potent than they a re now.
human adventurer with whom Koth'Vaul and his sister
traveled centuries ago. When the Thrallkeepers accosted KOTH'VAUL CR 1 1
them, Johanis was the only one to escape, though the G l a brezu d e m o n (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 61)
man swore that he or he trusted would mount a rescue. hp 18 6 (c u rre ntly 71)
Koth'Vaul is therefore certain that Kalkamedes has TACTICS
answered his ancestor's call ten generations later. That During Combat W h i l e t ra pped i n s i d e h i s c i rcle, Koth'Va u l
Kalkamedes walks toward Sulianna is likely a reflection ca n not attack a nyo n e o u t s i d e h i s c i rcle. I f a nyone foo l i s h l y
ofJohanis' love for Sulianna so many years ago. e nters the c i rcle, h e attem pts t o s u b d u e h e r a n d then u s e
Development: Once the PCs express sincere doubt, h e r a s a hostage. O n c e i t i s c l e a r that h e i s not a g no m e,
begin picking apart his story to point out inconsistencies, Koth'Va u l offers one's hea rt's d e s i re to a nyone who a i d s h i s
or move to aid Sulianna in area C 3 , Koth'Vaul quickly esca pe, t h o u g h h e has no i nte ntion of g ra nt i n g such a b o o n
becomes angry and commands Illvaster, his undead ally t o a nyo ne, m u c h l e s s expe n d i n g h i s wish s pe l l - l i ke a b i l ity.
in area C z , to attack. From the glabrezu's standpoint,
time will soon grant him freedom, but the curious C 2 . The Edifice G u ardi a n ( C R 4 or C R 7)
adventurers cannot be permitted to free Sulianna. If the
PCs decide to free Koth'Vaul, he cackles gleefully as he A deep pool occupies much of this alcove. Suspended particles
teleports next to Sulianna's summoning circle in area C 3 , of dust cloud the stagnant water, but barely visible at the bottom
breaks the circle, and kills the azata. To prevent the PCs are several dozen strange bones from otherworldly creatures.
from interfering, he commands Illvaster to attack, and
upon slaying the celestial, Koth'Vaul uses .!Jreater teleport The pool once served as a third summoning area for
to leave the Black Edifice forever. aquatic creatures that would be more cooperative in wet

Speed 60 ft., fly 1 5 0 ft. (c l u msy) , swim 60 ft.
Melee b i te +7 ( 1 d 8+5 )
or s l a m +7 ( 1 d 6 + 5 )
Before Co m bat l l lvaster waits i ns i d e the pool, h i d i n g fro m
conditions or for fiery creatures that might be cowed c a s u a l o bserva t i o n .
more easily by a hostile environment. In addition, the D u r i n g Combat A l t h o u g h once a terri ble foe, l l lvaster now
pool served as a receptacle for the unused remains of lacks battle i nte l l i g e nce. He attacks the nearest target, often
called outsiders that failed to survive the Thrallkeepers' switc h i n g opponents after each successfu l attack. I f a PC gets
sinister experiments. by him and m oves to aid S u l i a n na, Koth'Va u l o rd e rs l l lvaster to
Creatures: The Thrallkeepers imprisoned Koth'Vaul focus o n that foe without reg a rd for attacks of opportu n i ty.
in order to force the fiend to expend its potent ability to Morale l l lvaster fi g hts u n t i l destroye d .
grant one wish a month, cajoling or bartering with him STATISTICS
with each turn of the moon. For years, Koth'Vaul did his Str 2 1 , Dex 1 2 , Con -, Int -, Wis 1 0, Cha 1 0
best to tempt his captors into making improvident wishes, Base Atk +6; CMB +1 1 ; CMD 2 2 ( 2 6 vs. trip)
and wherever possible he would twist the results of their Feats To u g h ness
wishes to his advantage. With one such wish, Koth'Vaul SQ sta g g e red
agreed to provide heightened security for the Black Edifice: Gear hot of disguise (a p pea rs a s m i t h ra l b a n d o n left h o rn )
a powerful draconic guardian named Illvaster bound to SPECIAL ABILITIES
their service. Although Illvaster died millennia ago, its Broken Bones (Ex) Over the ce nturi es, m a ny of l l lvaste r's bones
servitude did not end. The power of Koth'Vaul's wish saw have beco m e b roken a n d misshapen. As a result, l l lvaster has
to it that the creature arose as a zombie-less powerful, but a -2 to h i t a n d d a m a g e a n d can not m a ke effective use of h i s
potent nonetheless-whose appearance the Thrallkeepers wings a n d c l a w s as wea pons. This p e n a l t y has a l ready b e e n
altered with the help of a hat of dis13uise to look like the facto red i n to h i s statistics block a bove.
original dragon. Moreover, now that the Thrallkeepers are
no more, the power to control the creature has reverted to CRAWLING HANDS (2) CR 1 /2
Koth'Vaul, a residual clause woven into the demon's wish. hp 9 each (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 5 9 )
While those same terms dictate that Koth'Vaul cannot
use the creature to free himself, he is able to employ the Subtier 4-S (CR 7)
creature in his defense.
When Sulianna first arrived in the cavern, Koth'Vaul ILLVASTER CR 6
ordered Illvaster to ambush her from behind. The dragon Yo u n g a d u l t black d ra g o n fast zo m b i e (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary
zombie pushed her inside the rings of Koth'Vaul's prison 92, 2 8 8 )
where the fiend could do battle. Once the azata escaped N E L a rg e u n d e a d (water)
into the second summoning circle, Illvaster was unable to l n i t +2; Senses d a rkv i s i o n 60 ft.; Perception + O
reach her and returned to the pool to await further orders. DEFENSE
In addition, long-term exposure to Illvaster's undead AC 1 4, touch 1 1 , flat-footed 1 2 (+2 Dex, +3 n a t u ra l, -1 size)
influence has infused a few of the extraplanar remains hp 77 ( 1 4d 8+1 4 )
at the bottom of the pool with negative energy, and they Fort +4, Ref +6, W i l l + 9
behave in all ways like crawling hands. I m m u n e u n d e a d tra its
Subtier 1-2 (CR 4) Speed 70 ft., fly 2 0 0 ft. (c l u msy) , swi m 60 ft.
Melee b i te +1 3 ( 2 d 6 +7 ) , slam +1 3 ( 1 d 8+3 ) , ta i l slap +8 ( 1 d 8)
ILLVASTER CR 3 Space 1 0 ft.; Reach 5 ft. ( 1 0 ft. with bite)
Yo u n g b l a c k d ra g o n zo m b i e (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 92, 2 8 8 ) TACTICS
N E Med i u m u n d e a d (water) Before Co m bat l l lvaster waits i ns i d e the pool, h i d i n g fro m
l n i t +1; Senses d a rkv i s i o n 60 ft.; Pe rce ption + O c a s u a l o bserva t i o n .
DEFENSE During Combat Although once a terri ble foe, l l lvaster now
AC 1 3, touch 1 1 , flat-footed 1 2 (+1 Dex, +2 natural ) lacks battle i ntel l igence. He attacks the nearest target, often
hp 49 (9d8+9 ) switching opponents after each attack. If a PC gets by him and
Fort +3, Ref +4, W i l l +6 moves to a i d S u l i a n na, Koth'Va u l orders l l lvaster to focus o n that
D R 5/s l a s h i ng; Immune undead tra its opponent without reg a rd for attacks of opportu nity.

Morale l l lvaster fi g hts u n t i l destroye d . outer rings radiate a powerful positive energy that
STATISTICS keeps the undead beast at bay. Unfortunately, once she
Str 2 5, Dex 1 4, Con -, Int -, Wis 1 0, Cha 1 0 entered the circle the ancient wards prevented her from
Base Atk +1 0; CMB +1 8; CMD 3 0 (34 vs. trip) using her own magic to escape. Having succumbed to
Feats To u g h ness her wounds, she collapsed and has not recovered since.
SQ q u i ck stri kes, b roken bones Unless identified with a DC 23 Knowledge ( planes) check,
Gear hat of disguise (a ppea rs a s m i t h ra l b a n d o n left h o rn) Sulianna appears to be a beautiful, elven warrior-woman.
B roken Bones (Ex) Ove r the centu ries, m a n y SULIANNA THE LUMINESCENT CR 1 3
of l l lvaste r's bones have beco m e broken a n d G h a e l e (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 25)
m i s s h a p e n . As a res u lt, l l lvaster h a s a - 3 t o h i t hp 1 3 6 (c u rre ntly -1 0 [sta b l e] )
a n d d a m a g e a n d ca n not m a ke effective u s e
of h i s w i n g s a n d c l a w s a s wea pons. T h i s Development: If healed to the point of
pena lty has a l ready been factored i nto h i s regaining consciousness-fortunately the
statistics b l o c k a b ove. summoning circle also suppresses her
Spell Resistance-Sulianna is able to speak
and explains the nature of Koth'Vaul's
NECROTIC CLAWS (3) CR 1 deception and Kalkamedes's affliction.
Adva nced crawl i n g h a n d s (Pathfinder She cannot escape the binding circle on
RPG Bestiary 2 5 9, 2 92) her own, though, and needs the PCs'
h p 11 each help to destroy it (hardness 5, 50 hp).
Once she is free, she remains too weak
Treasure: Scattered along the to deal with Koth'Vaul on her own, and
bottom of the pool are the she finds the PCs' heroic perseverance
remnants of what was once admirable. Using a fraction of her
Illvaster's treasure hoard. While Sulianna remaining strength, she grants one
the fetid water has long tarnished the Luminescent of the PCs the ability cast her banish
the hundreds of loose coins into spell to conclude what they started.
valueless ruin, two black stone pots Even though it is not as effective as
sealed with wax have survived. Between them destroying Koth'Vaul completely, it at least
they contain a scabbard of v(gor (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate spares Varisia the chaos that would ensue should he break
Equipment 3 18), a phylactery of faithfulness, a potion of cure free. Thanks to the summoning circle's magic, casting
serious wounds, and five polished pieces of amber worth banish easily sends Koth'Vaul back to the Abyss.
100 gp each. In Subtier 4-5, a +i vicious _greataxe, once the
favored weapon of a warrior in the service of a runelord, CONC LUSION
also rests on the bottom of the pool. Upon being freed and ensuring Koth'Vaul's banishment,
Rewards: If the PCs defeat Illvaster, reward them thus. Sulianna heals Kalkamedes of his affliction. With both
Subtier 1-z: of them restored, the PCs earn powerful, lifelong allies.
Give each PC 489 gp. Sulianna accompanies the group back to Kalkamedes's
Subtier 4-5: cottage and then departs for Elysium, but not before
Give each PC 1,347 gp. promising a favor in return for the PCs' assistance.
Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch expresses visible
C J . The Resting Place of S u l i a n n a relief upon seeing the Pathfinders return and offers
them heartfelt thanks for their patience and hard work.
Faintly glowing lines trace the platform's floor in concentric Kalkamedes is also grateful, spreads word of the PCs'
rings in this alcove. good deed to his long-time Pathfinder colleagues, and
with Gamin's consent-gives his sword to the PCs as a
Much like the summoning circle in area C 1 , this circle gift. In addition, he might take one or more of the PCs
wards against undead and outsider intrusion, but unlike under his wing and act as a mentor figure.
the other lines, these are still fairly fresh and strong. If the PCs freed Koth'Vaul, the demon terrorizes
Creatures: After Sulianna narrowly escaped Varisia, favoring sites once dedicated to the runelords
Koth'Vaul's clutches, in desperation, she dove into this and their servants. In sparing the PCs for their
empty summoning circle to escape Illvaster. The circle's unwitting aid, it may seem that he has repaid a favor.

In fact, he simply allows the Pathfinders to dread what Kalkamedes. If they were unable to learn Gamin's secret
may have come from their misguided action. Perhaps before, the PCs have one last opportunity to find out
years from now, after guilt has wracked the PCs' before the end of the scenario.
consciences, he will return to slay them. Even ifthe PCs
banish Koth'Vaul, he remembers their faces and nurses a Success Conditions
powerful, long-lasting grudge. Keeping Kalkamedes alive and removing his sleepwalking
If Sulianna perished before being able to cure affliction earns each PC i Prestige Point for completing
Kalkamedes, the Pathfinder still suffers from nightmares the mission.
for the rest of his life, though he no long sleepwalks. So
long as the azata is no longer calling to Kalkamedes, these FACTION MI SSIONS
nightmares may be removed with the heal spell, should In addition to their primary mission for the Pathfinder
any PC be willing to pay for Kalkamedes's restoration. Society, members of each faction can earn prestige for
Otherwise the ex-paladin never fully recovers, and completing tasks on behalf of their respective factions,
Gamin refuses to leave his side. In this case, cross Gamin as outlined below.
the Miiforged off the characters' Chronicle sheets. Andoran Faction: Andoran faction PCs who discover
Faction Notes: Following the revival of Sulianna the name of the Gorgon's Privateers' leader in area A z
and the restoration of Kalkamedes, the PCs have an earn i Prestige Point.
opportunity to complete their faction missions. Cheliax Faction: Cheliax faction PCs who discover how
Cheliax faction PCs can ask Kalkamedes about why Kalkamedes lost his paladinhood earn i Prestige Point.
he is no longer a paladin. Even though he is grateful Grand L odge Faction: Grand Lodge faction PCs who
for being saved, he is reticent to talk about the matter. prepare a map depicting the location of the Black Edifice
Making a DC 13 Bluff or Diplomacy check convinces earn i Prestige Point.
Kalkamedes to divulge why he abandoned his code (see Lantern Lodge Faction: Lantern Lodge faction PCs
the Creatures section on page 6). This earns Cheliax who acquire and preserve a live sample of razor bramble
faction PCs i Prestige Point. earn i Prestige Point.
Shadow Lodge faction PCs might learn about Sheila Osirion Faction: Osirion faction PCs who obtain a viable
Heidmarch's involvement in ordering Kalkamedes's sample of the Black Edifice's faade earn i Prestige Point.
rescue, but she only volunteers this information if Qadira Faction: Qadira faction PCs who obtain
Kalkamedes sustained less than 35 damage over the Kalkamedes's map from his cabin earn i Prestige Point.
course of the scenario-a fact to which Gamin the S czarni Faction: Sczarni faction PCs who ensure one or
Misforged can attest. Learning that Heidmarch used more of the Gorgon's Privateers in area Az survive to carry
her own connections to save Kalkamenes earns Shadow the Sczarni's threat to their leader earn i Prestige Point.
Lodge faction PCs i Prestige Point. Shadow L odge Faction: Shadow Lodge faction PCs
Silver Crusade faction PCs should approach Kalkamedes who discover that Venture-Captain Heidmarch herself
with their faction's offer of atonement. Rather than be lobbied the Decemvirate to persuade them to order
insulted, Kalkamedes promises to consider it carefully. If Kalkamedes's rescue earn i Prestige Point.
Kalkamedes still suffers from nightmares, he refuses to Silver Crusade Faction: Silver Crusade faction PCs
hear out the PCs' offer. Successfully delivering the message who extend an offer of atonement to Kalkamedes earn
and securing Kalkamedes's sincere promise to consider i Prestige Point.

the offer earns Silver Crusade faction PCs i Prestige Point. Taldor Faction: Taldor faction PCs who persuade
Taldor faction PCs likely earned the trust of Gamin the Gamin the Miiforged to disclose who forged him and where
Misforged by their attempt-successful or not-to save earn i Prestige Point.

Defender of Democracy,
Ah ! At last someone a m o n g us has been d i spatched to the Fenwa l l Mountains. If you can get away, perhaps
yo u can look i nto a matter we have been tryi ng to review d i screetly. A new band of h i g hwaymen known a s the
G o rg o n's Privateers has expa nded i nto that a rea. N o rma l l y t h i s i s a small matter, b u t the re ports suggest the
ba n d i ts a re conscri pting yo u n g boys into t h e i r ra n ks by force. I s t h i s p ress g a n g i n g a p re l u d e to o rg a n ized slavery?
We i ntend to look i nto this. I f you can fi nd one of these G o rg o n's Privatee rs, get u s the n a m e of his leader. We' l l
ta ke i t from there.

Liberty u n brea ka b l e 1
c::&/?c:YZ-7 -
Major Colson M a l d ris

Delecta ble one,

So, yo u have been sent to help the Pathfi nder Ka l ka medes? How d ro l l . I n fact, the only thing that i n terests me
i n the s l i g htest about h i m is that he used to be a palad i n a n d si nce fe l l fro m g race. Normal ly, I co u l d n't ca re less,
but I occasionally co ntract with a devil who m a i ntains an a rch ive of fa l l e n paladi ns, setting out their misdeeds a n d
sins. I might be able to ba rte r with h i m if I k n e w Kalkamedes's personal tale of shame. S i nce y o u a re there a nyway,
why d on't you get it fro m h i m for me? Be ca reful, no doubt he w i l l not speak of such things easily. I suspect you
w i l l have to earn his trust first.

;J;?ve r the o bject of yo u r desire,

Paraco u ntess Za rla D ra l neen

Seeker of Secrets,
Word is that you've been sent to help Ve nture Capta i n Heidmarch out with o u r waywa rd brother, the Pathfi nder
Ka l ka medes. I f it assists, know that the last time we rece ived any kind of a re port fro m Ka l ka medes he was off o n
a bit of a n unsponsored lark. As part of h i s slow-going exploration of Va risia's a ncient past, he w a s na rrowing down
his sea rch for someth ing he referred to i n his fi n a l re port as the Black Edifice. He never sent us a ny kind of a m a p
of his exploration though, which is u n l i ke h i m . W h i l e y o u a re there, please d eterm ine whether Ka l ka medes eve r
fou n d this Black Edifice and if so, document where it is. Te l l Ka l ka medes that we wo u l d appreciate a m a p for o u r
next Chronicle vo l u me. Better sti l l, y o u s e n d us o n e .
..4., i_ ,) xplore, re po rt, coo perate '

7-- Ve nture - Ca pta i n Ambrus Va l s i n

Honored Crosser of Continents,

The fou r winds confide that y o u w i l l s o o n embark o n a jou rney to the Fenwa l l Mounta i n s of Va risia. I n the h i g h e r
a l t i t u d e s of the reg ion g rows the ra re razor bra m b l e, a plant w i t h leaves so sharp that t h e y cut l i ke s h u ri kens.
Were you to secure a living sample to transpla nt, we co u l d cultivate the razor bra m b l e i n the g a rden hedges that
surrou n d o u r lodge i n Goka. I m a g i n e the protection it might affo rd when o u r enemies try to skulk i n the bushes
surro u n d i n g o u r l i b ra ries, only to be cut to ribbons. See if it is yo u r destiny to send us that sample .

May a thousand d ragon b lossoms bring you luck and health,

Ve nture - Ca pta i n Ama ra Li


G u a rd i a n of o u r Ancesto rs,
I understa nd yo u a re bound for the Fenwa l l Mou nta ins of Va risia. Good fort u n e ! A struct u re known as the Black
Ed ifice has appeared i n a handful of obscure h i storical texts, but no one has eve r confirmed its location-l i kely
d u e to a n enchantment that a l l ows the structure to elude detection. As we co nti n u a l l y red i a g nose a n d atte mpt to
cure the R u by Prince's strange affl iction, it is possible that a property of the Thass i l o n i a n curse simply evades o u r
divinations. Should y o u find this B l a c k Edi fice, secure a sample of the stone from which it i s b u i l t . Ensure t h a t you

procure you r sample careful ly; a n i m precise cut might ru i n the sample's enchantment.

From the B i rthplace of the World,

- M1Mt
Amenopheus, the S a p p h i re Sage

Esteemed Serva nt of the Satra p,

I m ust be honest, there is l ittle profit for us in the Fenwa l l Mountains. Truthfu l l y, this whole endeavor is a waste
of you r ta le nts. N eve rthel ess, since you must go, while you a re there, it wo u l d not h u rt if yo u co u l d a cq u i re or
create a map of the active gold m i nes in the reg ion. This would better enable us to assess and ru l e out ii there is
any merit to our future return.


U psta nding Co usin,

I hear yo u've been d ispatched to the Fenwa l l Mou nta i n s-pe rfect timing. The re's a new u psta rt band of brigands
and h i g hwaymen i n that a rea ca l l i ng themse lves the Gorgo n's Privateers. They've refused to acknowledge o u r claim
to this reg i o n a n d a re robbing travelers without d i scretion o r o u r blessi ng. I f yo u see any of them, ta ke them down
a peg o r two, but m a ke s u re at least one rem a i n s a l ive to take o u r message back to their leaders: "If you cross the
Scza rni a g a i n, yo u r l ives end." Feel free to add something poetic so they rea l l y get the message.

u r blood together,

C5tj4{ G u a ri l Ka rela

Between U s o n the I ns i d e,
Yo u know my co m p l a i n t we l l . The Decemvi rate ca res noth i n g for the l ower e c h e l o n Pathfi n d e r, a n d t h i s must
c h a n g e i f the Society i s to s u rvive. Yet h e re we a re : suddenly you have all been d i spatched to risk yo u r l ives to help
a fe l l ow a g e n t i n need, a vete ra n pathfi n d e r by the n a m e of Ka l k a m e d es. I s o u r message fi n a l l y getting a c ross, o r
is t h i s some devious strategy t o m a ke o u r d e m a n d s a p p e a r i l l u so ry? T o m a ke t h a t assessme nt, I m u s t k n o w whose
idea it was to help Kalkamedes a n d who sanctioned i t i nte rnal ly. Find o u t all you c a n a n d re lay a re p o rt. Oh, a n d
kee p a n eye o n Ka l k a m e d es. He's a g o o d l a d , a n d I know yo u w i l l kee p h i m safe.

As always, I tru w i l l b u rn this message,

,ot(c. f G ra n d master Torch

Va nguard of Va lor,
I a m proud to hear you have been d ispatched to h e l p the Pathfi nder Ka l ka medes. This is u n beknownst to many,
including yo u r co l leag ues, I suspect, but years ago, Ka l ka medes was once a p a l a d i n . He strayed from the path of
g race but si nce then he has a l ways done h i s utmost to sta nd up for the i n nocent. It may be time for Ka l ka medes
to return back to the fo ld. Lend him a id-howeve r you ca n-a nd keep him safe. Afterwa rd exte nd our i nvitation: if
he is w i l l i ng, the S i lver Crusade w i l l send one of o u r mem bers to help h i m atone a n d return to pa l a d i n hood. The
order has need of men such as he.

d ivine l i g h t of the truth,

V Ol lysta Za drian


G l o rious Citizen of the E m p i re,

So now we send Pathfi nders to baby-sit each other, d o we7 Very we l l then. Acq u i t you rselves we l l a n d do
us proud, but while you a re there, perhaps you co u l d a lso assist the e m p i re with someth i n g more worthwhile.
Ka l ka medes has a magic swo rd-a broken one, if I reca l l correctly-but the blade is sentient. The blade is also part
of a fa m i l y of truly magn ificent swords made by a handful of legendary craftsmen in Va risia. If yo u can u ncove r the
location of where the blade was fi rst forged a n d the name of the sm ith, we could later seek out the fo u n d ry where
its b rethren we re fi rst encha nted. E m p i res a re b u i l t on legends and perhaps it is time we a rrange the forg i n g of a
new generation of legendary blades for the g l o ry of Ta ldor.

Lady G loriana Mori I la




"t6ose t6nt mould dnre helieue t6ey nre

strong enoug6 to oppose us s6nll lenrn thnt
t6eir strength is t6eir \oenkness nnd our
\oenknesses nre our uery strengths."


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0Andoran 0Cheliax D Grand Lodge D Lantern Lodge OOsirion Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, and S kip Williams, based on material by E. Gary
Gygax and Dave Arneson.
0Qadira Osczarni 0Shadow Lodge 0 S ilver Crusade 0Taldor Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-19: The Night March of Kalkamedes 2013,
Paizo Publishing, LLC; Author: Michael Kartes.
Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-19:
Scenario Chronicle #

The Night March

of Kalkamedes 0Normal

This Chronicle Certifies That 256 513 s

941 1,882 r-

Player Name Character Name Pathfinder Society # Faction

Has Completed This Scenario.

Items Found During This Scenario

Starting XP

1111 Gift of the Ghaele: Sulianna the Luminescent, an azata whom you rescued, owes you a debt and has GM's

grante d you a fraction ofher power. You may use one of the following as a spell-like ability once, using
your character level as your caster level. After using this boon, cross it off your Chronicle sheet. XP Gained (GM ONLY)
Subtier i-2: You may cast aid, detect thou11hts, lesser restoration, or see invisibility.
Subtier 4-5: You may instead cast continual.flame, dispel ma11ic, lesser 11lobe of invulnerability, or restoration.
Final XP Total
Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 7,015 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
Alignment neutral good; Senses 30 ft.
Intelligence 10, Wisdom 11, Charisma 10; Ego 2; Language speech ( Common)
Initial Fame Initial Prestige

This glittering blade is clearly defective, and a rippling break runs from its tip to its hilt like a crack in a
broken window. Gamin is a +1 allying mithral longswordAPG with the permanent broken condition, and Prestige Gained (GM ONLY)

I- I
when held he can cast guidance on his wielder at will. Only a master swordsmith might repair Gamin's
imperfections, and the Pathfinder Society does not have access to such a resource at this time.
Prestige Spent
Requirements Craft Magical Arms and Armor, guidance, magic weapon
bracers of armor +i (1,000 gp)
cloak of resistance +i (1,000 gp)
elixir of swimminlJ (250 gp)
hat of dis11uise (1,800 gp)
phylactery of faithfulness (1,000 gp)
Start GP
potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
scabbard ef vi11or (1,800 gp; Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment 318)
wand of ray of enfeeblement (16 c harges; 240 gp, limit 1)
+ GP Gained (GM ONLY)

+1vicious 11reataxe (8,320 gp)

Day job (GM ONLY)

' - -- ----- -- --- -- ----- -- --- -- ----- -- --- -- ----- -- --- -- - _ i-- -++------,.-
Items Sold
Items Sold /Conditions Gained Items Bought /Conditions Cleared

=I Subtotal

--+- Items Bought


Add 1/2 this value to the "Items Sold" Box

=I -

For GM Only

EVENT EVENT CODE DATE Game Master's Signature GM Pathfinder Society#

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