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Subject Pronouns

A. Match the pictures with the correct pronoun:

He E.g.: The girl ->she
The boy -> he
4. It The zebra ->it
Alex and I ->we
5. The girls ->They

B. Circle the words that go with the personal pronouns:

He She It We
Nick A bag My ball The girls
My brother Ann A pupil George and I
The My Ad Jane and you
elephant mother The zebra My parents and
The planet The tiger Tony I
Asterix My sister My dog and I

You They
Sam and you My rubber and my
Mr and Mrs pencil
Addams Alexia and Peter
Your dad and you Mr Addams
My uncle and aunt The kangaroos
The two friends Pictures
C. Fill in he/ she/ it/ we/ you/ they :

E.g. Helen she .

1. Kelly and Fiona ________
1. magic things ________
2. Basketball________
3. the key_________
4. Magda and Peter _____
5. The clowns ________
6. My notebook ________
7. Nick and I ________
8. My friend and I ________
9. You and your friend
10. The red car ________
11. The dogs ________
12. The garden
The Verb to be

A. Complete the table:

Affirmative Interrogative
Singular Plural Singular Plural
I am We _____ Am I? Are we?
You _____ You _____ _____ you? _____ you?
He _____ They ____ ________? ________?
She _____ ________?
It ______ ________?

Singular Plural
I am not ________
_________ ________
_________ ________

Short Forms: I am = Im, /you,we,they are= you,we, theyre

/he,she,it is = he,she,its
I am not = Im not / are not = arent / is not = isnt
B. Answer the questions. Then ask your partner:
1. Is the magic stone under the tree?
2. Is Kelly happy?
3. Are you strong ?
4. Are Fiona and Billy friends?
5. Are your friends in A class?
C. Fill in the blanks with am, is, are. Then write new
sentences. Use the personal pronouns:
e.g.: You and I are friends. Were friends.
1. John _____ a good pupil.
2. My mother _____ young and beautiful.
3. The dog and the cat _____ in the garden.
4. _____ your house big?
5. _____ your parents at home?
6. David and you _____ not my friends.
7. My cats name __________ Kitty .


B. Complete the table:

Singular Plural
Ann loves me Ann loves us
Ann loves _____ Ann loves you
Ann loves him Ann loves _____
Ann loves her
Ann loves _____
C. Write sentences as in the example

e.g.: Look at them

1. Look at ____________________

2. Look _______________________

3. ______________________________

4. ______________________________

D. Finish the sentences. Use me/ us/ him/ her/ it/ them:

1. Open the box! Open ______!

2. Open the bag!. Open _____!
3. Look at the pirates! Look at __________!
4. This is a pirate hat! Whats in ________?
5. I play with Bill. I play with ________ all day long!
6. I play with Fiona. I play with _______ all day long!
The verb to have got

A. Complete the table:

Singular Plural
I have got We ________
You ______ You ________
He has got They _______
She _______
It ________

Singular Plural
Have I got? Have we _____?
_____ you _____? _____ you _____?
______________? ______________?

Singular Plural
I have not got We ____________
You ______ You ____________
He has not got They ___________
She _______
It ________

Short forms
Affirmative Negative
I /you /we/they have got I /you /we/they have not got
I /you /we /theyve got I /you /we /they havent got

He /she /it has got He /she /it has not got

He /she /its got He /she /it hasnt got

C. Write the two other forms:

e.g. Terry hasnt got a red bicycle.

Terry has got a red bicycle.
Has Terry got a red bicycle?
1. Captain Cook has got a parrot.
2. Kelly has got a monkey.
3. Have they got a map?
4. I have got a message.

D. What have you got? Put a tick () or a cross () in the

Comic books A bicycle
Dolls A dog
A tablet A gold fish
A parrot Posters

Now work with a partner. Take turns to ask and answer

the questions:
e.g. Partner A: Have you got posters?
Partner B: Yes, I have. OR No, I havent.
Practise the verbs to be and to have got
The Indefinite and the Definite Article

A / An

a boy a car
a crocodile an angry crocodile
But: an hour , a hook

"A" before words starting with a consonant sound.

an ice cream an elephant an umbrella an

But: a unicorn an umbrella

"An" before words starting with a vowel sound.

REMEMBER: We always put a/an with jobs. E.g. My mum is a

doctor .


We use "the" when it is clear which thing or person we mean

I like flowers BUT: I like the flowers in your garden

We say:
Koalas are cute. The koala is a cute animal.

We say: the door / the floor of a room

the garden / the kitchen of a house

Use "the" for what is unique

the sun, the moon, the world, the sky, the sea, the
We dont use the before names
Welcome to Australia./Captain Cook is silly.

A. Fill in the blanks with a/an or the:

1. I have got two pets - _____ dog and _____ bird.

2. Im __________ pirate, look at my hook.
3. _______ magic map is on _______ pirate ship.
4. _______ sky is grey today.
5. _______ magic girl is in ________ magic garden.
6. Dont sit on _______ floor!
7. Thats ________ unicorn in the picture.
8. ______ crocodile has got _____ leaf.


A. Study and complete the rules:

one desk --> two desks
one book --> three books
one pen --> four pens

We form the plural of a noun when we put an ____________

ii). This ---> these

That --> those
in the plural
e.g. This is my hat.

These are our hats.

iii). "A - An" go away in the plural.

"The" stays the same.

e.g. A vase is on the table.

Vases are on the tables.

iv). Adjectives stay the same in the plural.

e.g. The funny monkey has got a red apple.

The happy monkeys have got red apples.

1. e.g. one bus --> two buses
one dress --> two dresses
one brush --> two brushes
one church --> two churches
one box --> two boxes
one potato --> two potatoes

If a noun ends in ____________________________ we put

________ to form the plural

one radio --> two radios one rhino --> two rhinos
one video --> two videos one zoo --> two zoos
one piano --> two pianos one disco --> discos
one kilo --> two kilos
2. e.g. one country --> two countries
one baby --> two babies
If a noun ends in a __________ + y, y goes away and we put
-ies in the plural.

But: e.g. one monkey --> two monkeys

one day --> two days
one toy --> two toys

3. e.g. a thief --> two thieves

a knife --> two knives

If a noun ends in ___ or _____, they go away and we put ______

in the plural.

But : one roof ---> two roofs

one chief ---> two chiefs
one handkerchief --> two handkerchiefs
Irregular Plural
person people
woman women
man men
child children
foot feet
tooth teeth
goose geese
mouse mice
louse lice
ox oxen
fish fish
sheep sheep
deer deer
Be careful! The following nouns are always in the singular
hair e.g. My hair is long. It is curly.
money + is e.g. The money is on the table.
It is yours.
Christmas e.g. Christmas is in December.
It is my favourite holiday.

Countable and Uncountable


Look at the
pictures. What
can you see?

A. Work with your partner and write the nouns in the

correct column:

Countable Uncountabl
Nouns e nouns
+ Plural form Plural form
B. Fill in a, an or :
1. ___a___ can 6. ______ packet 11. ______
2. ______ tea 7. ______ egg 12. ______ bread
3. ______ beer 8. ______ jam 13. ______ biscuit
4. ______ soda 9. ______ strawberry 14. ______
5. ______ glass 10. _____ lemon 15. ______ soup

Much Many a lot of/lots of

Use these when you talk about large amounts of things.

Countable Uncountable
Affirmative E.g.: 1. Weve got a lot of E.g. 1. I cant drink my
sentences books coffee.
+ in our school library. Theres lots of sugar in
a lot of/ lots 2. You can find lots of it.
of new 2. We drink a lot of
stickers in this shop. water
in the Summer.
Interrogative/ E.g.: 1 -How many CDs E.g. 1. -How much money
Negative have you have you
Sentences got? got?
+ -I havent got many. - Only 500 drachmas.
much/many Only - This isnt much. We
three. cant
go to the cinema.

A. Complete the dialogue using much, many, a lot of:

Mother: Are there _____ eggs, in the fridge Ann?

Ann: Yes, there are _____ eggs. But there isnt _____
Mother: Right. What about milk? And cheese?
Ann: We havent got _____ milk but theres _____
Mother: Have we got _____ oranges?
Ann: No, but weve got _____ apples.
Mother: Ok. Thanks, Ann.

B. Fill in with much, many, a lot of:

1.. There are _____ animals in the zoo.

2. There is _____ cake in the fridge.
3. We havent got _____ bread.
4. Have you got _____ sausages in the cellar?.
5. There are ___________ different vegetables and fruit in
the market today.

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