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Leonela De La Cruz

18 November 2017
Research paper Draft 2

According to Anne Lamott, every writer writes Shitty First Drafts and this is how they
end up with good second drafts and terrific third drafts. They do not type a few stiff warm-up
sentences and then find themselves bounding along like huskies across the snow.The first draft is
a childs draft, where you let it all pour out and then let it romp all over the place, knowing that
no one is going to see it and that you can shape it later (Lamott 528). Shitty first drafts is the
article that most develop students on their writing to become a better writer. Also this article can
be very useful from this course to be gained from an outsider student. This means that there are
skills that can be gained from this reading to make a writing assignment easier. In contrast of the
reading A stranger in strange lands: A college student writing across the curriculum, by Lucille
P. McCarthy.
The first drafts are very helpful because they are made to take all the ideas the writer has,
they are just to let this childlike part of channel whatever voices and visions come through and
onto the page (Lamott 528).When it comes to writing a lot sometimes is confusing to find the
main point and how to make it really understandable to the reader. Just write it all down in paper,
because there may be something great in those six crazy pages that you would never have gotten
to by more rational, grown ups mean.Also there may be something in the very last line of the
very last paragraph on the page six that you just love (Lamott 529). This means that it does not
matter what its written down in a lot of pages, at the end the main point will be discovered and
while it was written down, it was not on mind how important that sentence was.
In contrast on the reading from Lucille P. McCarthy, the development of students
writing depends on the environment they are in. These overlapping communities influence that
ways of students think in write and interact in college classrooms, and will shape their notions of
what it means to be (McCarthy 233). This means that the workplace affects students writing.
The skills of developed from every student are different and it cant be applicable to everyone.
McCarthy experiences one of the colleges students, Dave, in three of his courses, freshman
composition in the spring of his freshman year, and, in his sophomore year, Introduction to
poetry in the fall and Cell Biology in the spring. Dave perceived himself to be in one strange
land after another (McCarthy 232). This means that the results were only from one college
student and made in different courses to see variations of results. The explanation of the study
cant be reliable because of the results of one college students, cant be apply to the rest.
According to McCarthy, the ultimate aim of this study is to contribute to our understanding of
how students learn to write in school. Finding from this study corroborate the notion that
learning to write should be seen not only as a developmental process occurring within an
individual student, but also as a social process occurring in the response to particular situations
(McCarthy 234). This explains the ways results on this study and it be improved.
With this two reading on being the most influential Shitty first draft by anne Lamott,
which is the reading that is more effective for students to improve in their writing.Lamott
explains her point of how using different skills that apply in first drafts are and what makes them
easier for writers. The reading A stranger in stranger lands: A college student writing across the
curriculum, by Lucille P. McCarthy as being the least influential for students. The other reading
has a weak point. This study has been made on only one college student. The results cant be
applicable to everyone because we are not all the same. When it come to adapting to new places
and new things the results vary, one cant speak for the rest thats why this is a reading that can
be least important.

Revision Summary
For my second draft in this research paper, one of the changes that I will fix are the way the
sentences were written because in my first draft I had them placed like in the P.I.E form and I
didnt put them together as a full paragraph. With that, it made it a bit hard to my peers reviewers
to understand my message. Another change is going to be the way of citing sources; my most of
my peers reviewers said that same thing about citing in the correct MLA Format. Throughout the
whole essay I also have to fix styles of the way I write, I have to use personal detached style.
Including that what can a outside student gain from this course was missing in my first draft ,
one of my peers helped me remember that I had forgotten to include that in my writing and thats
something new that I included in my second draft. Which at the beginning of this writing, I
thought that we would have to explain why one reading was more important to the other using
my personal experience but through the comments of my peers they told me that I have to use
personal detached styles and thats what I will change in this second draft. In the conclusion I
didnt include my main idea from my introduction to refresh the memories of the reader and in
this second draft I will include all those changes. One last thing that they suggested also was to
use other reading to have more arguments on the way to argue my side.