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Name: Dionesio G. Samiana Jr.

Date: 12/07/17
Subject: Marketing 1
Chapter 6

Marketing applications

1. You were hired as the marketing manager of a local shoe company. The owners plan to
expand its operation to a nearby city. The total fixed cost is P500, and their total variable
cost (material and labor) is P250 per pair. Calculate the breakeven volume. What would
happen to the breakeven point if the fixed cost were increased to P600,000 due to
purchase of new equipment, and the variable cost was reduced to P200.00 due to
discounts provided by the suppliers?

ANS. Breakeven point=fixed cost/variable cost

Breakeven point=2,000

Breakeven point= 600,000/200

Increase of break even

2. Conduct a pricing survey of several eatery/carenderia near your school. Check prices of
each kind of food being served and the distance from the nearest competitor. What
patterns do you detect for the pricing of foods of the different food stores? Do these food
stores appear to be using cost-based, buyer-based, or competition-based pricing?

ANS. As i observe to the pricing of the carinderia they are almost the same price but then the other
carinderia using the cost based and buyer based and not the competition based. The distances of it doesnt
matter but the offer of that carinderia. In the carinderia which i trusted and preffered to take my luch and
dinner gave me a discount on my meal like for example the original price of it is 25 pesos and they just
going to ask me to pay 20 pesos and for theyre using the buyer based pricing.

1. Are there internal factors which appear to be affecting Uni-Presidents pricing of its
hamburgers and instant noodle? Explain your answer.


2. What do you think is the general pricing approach Uni-President seems to employ for its
hamburgers and noodles?


3. What factors do you think would help Uni-Presidents success in taking on Mcdonald in
Taiwan? If you are on the shoes of the marketing manager of McDonald, how would you
respon to Uni-Presidents threat?

Name: Dionesio G. Samiana Jr.
Date: 12/07/17
Subject: Marketing 1
Chapter 7

Marketing applications

1. As a young marketing personnel recruit, you were told by your boss that retailers can
be eliminated from the distribution channel because they only add costs to the final
product without, creating any value added services in the process. Do you agree with
your boss perspective? Justify your answer.

ANS. No. there not creating value added to services process but have more value to firm
and to make business widely know.

2. As an applicant, you were asked by the marketing manager briefly about the
marketing channel functions that are involved and completing transactions. What will
you answer?

ANS. By providing time, place, and owners utility.


1. The extent to which Staples has developed a successful multichannel strategy

determines the factors that have contributed to its success.

ANS. By adding value to office supplies, which themeselves represent commoditize to product. And the staples
extent to which internet may cannibalize its retail store sales and staples concerned about the merchandising
posotion of its retails store.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of using kiosks as a part of its approach.

ANS. To easily pud supply and ready to dilever goods and appraoch to costumer.

Cant load big box store , and the space would not be effecient.

3. Your assessment as to which SKUs to keep in its stores versus on the internet.

ANS. They can easily order and easily get the product.
Name: Dionesio G. Samiana Jr.
Date: 12/07/17
Subject: Marketing 1
Chapter 8

Marketing application
1. Choose one advertisement in TV, Radio, or newspaper. What are the objectives of this
advertisement? What kind of appeal does it use? Explain your answer.
Bear brand
To prevent micronutrients defeciency
With the kid dancing

2. Identify and name a current advertising slogan coming from any media you believe is
particularly effective for developing a unique selling proposition.
KFC slogan the It's finger lickin' good

3. Marketers use a variety of media when creating a campaign for a product. Pick one product that
you are most familiar with and monitor its campaign for a week. Write down all television and
radio commercials that relate to the product. Check the newspaper for coupons, print,
advertisement or publicity pieces about your product. After a week determine the target market
and the theme of the campaign. Analyze the promotional plan for effectiveness and present it to
the class.

1. Identify the major challenges that McDonalds face in the United States.


2. Determine the advantages of McDonals taking part in so many community service projects.


3. Determine why McDonalds has to adjust its menu for a global marketplace.