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Whether it be designing a complex heat recovery system or implementing

strategic business modeling, I observed that I have an affinity for optimizing

the system to make it efficient. Working as a Business analyst for more
than a year, collaborating with specialists in different domains, I got an
opportunity to be a part of the amazing team where I learned to solve
practical decision problems of an economic and engineering nature. During
this entire experience, I was convinced of the need for higher education in
this area, thereby helping management determine its policy and actions in
dealing with the obstacles faced by an organization. For this reason, I wish
to pursue my Master's degree in Engineering Management specializing in
the fields of operation management, project management and economic
decision making using it productively to apply the state of the art
techniques to solve and improve the business problem.

During my schooling, I observed that I had a liking towards mathematics

which pushed me to excel in various state and national level competitive
examinations. Securing among the top positions in my class throughout my
education, I was awarded a scholarship for higher education under
INSPIRE scheme. Along with this, helping my father in his remolding facility
further gave me an impetus to pursue Mechanical engineering. As an
undergraduate at PRMITR College of Engineering, I was introduced to
thought-provoking subjects like Operation Research, Production
Technology, Control system engineering and Industrial Estimation and
Costing which intrigued me to learn new concepts and helped me in
acquiring in-depth knowledge of quantitative linear programming, total
quality management, and inventory control. It was this curiosity and
rigorous academic training that helped me obtain 3rd rank in the
department with a GPA of 8.96/10. Besides, laboratory sessions helped me
gain an excellent command over multiple designing software like AutoCAD
and CATIA.

My third-year project on Waste heat utilization from the air conditioner was
a complex heat recovery system. Recuperating heat from the hot streams
with high potential energy can be either used to pre-heat the incoming gas
or can be supplied to a shell and tube heat exchanger which helps in
recycling the waste heat. On further study and structural changes, I inferred
the system is advantageous in terms of efficiency, cost of the fuel and
energy consumption. Indirect benefits included the reduction in heating
cost, use of renewable heat energy and reduction in pollution. It helped me
to develop a holistic approach, keeping in mind the payback period,
material and maintenance cost and scalability. This project encouraged me
in learning the in and outs of designing and analyzing the behavior of the
system for the purpose of improving its performance.
Sharing similar interests in the methodology of models it drove me and my
3 colleagues to confirm the final year project on Pedal Operated DC
Generator. During the initial phase, I realized there was a lack of
coordination among the members. Being the head, I stepped up and made
them realize the importance of teamwork and the ultimate goal of our
project. Utilizing a cheap resource like the bicycle we focussed on
efficiently generating electrical power by pedaling. From designing on
CATIA and simulating on the ANSYS to testing, we encountered many
hurdles. One of the major challenges during performance analysis was to
measure the speed of the cycle rim. Due to fluctuation in tachometer
reading, we found an alternative approach of using the Arduino Hall effect
sensor for speed measurement (RPM). With the proper revision in design
and ergonomics of the structure, we were successfully able to make an
efficient system. The experience of rigorously working on the project made
me aware of the importance of project management and team

Studying the different dimensions of cost accounting in an organization, I

had the desire to explore the functioning of an enterprise. With this thought
in my mind, I applied for an internship at KTM enterprises for the Sales And
Marketing position. During the internship program, I was exposed to a
cloud-based software called EXCELLON which familiarized me with the
knowledge of operational excellence and customer relationship
management. As a member of the event management team to organize a
national level stunt competition, we had a huge task ahead of us. Applying
the marketing strategies mainly social media marketing and email
marketing, we were able to gather more than 8000 people and over 100
participants. It was this incident that fortified my belief that proper planning
and strategy is required in order to make an event successful.

In order to the experience the functioning of the marketplace and expose

myself to the diversity of the problems in a business, I joined a developing
startup Hostroyale Technologies after my graduation. My work as a junior
business analyst was to understand the web hosting market of various
countries and identify problems, providing suggestions to improve their
existing network by offering IAAS (Infrastructure as a service). Working on
the project, along with my colleagues on 'WAFALYZE' during my training, a
research-driven task to identify drawbacks in leading CDN providers, I
made myself open to the intricacies of the statistical analysis and research
methodology. With dataset analysis and negotiating skills, we penetrated in
the markets of Tokyo And Riga, which profited the company by thousands
of dollars. While working with the international clients, I faced many
challenges such as user-provider conflict, changing requirements and
information comprehension. These obstacles helped me develop customer
relations, decision making, and interpersonal skills.

As a badminton player, I represented my university at the zonal and the

national level tournaments for 3 consecutive years. Under my captaincy,
our university bagged 2nd rank in the central zone out of the 82 universities
participating eventually paving the way for the national level tournament.
For my performance at the zonal level, I received the excellence award at
the hands of vice chancellor of SGBAU, Amravati. This sport aided me in
expanding my mental and physical agility thereby giving me an edge in
decision making and taught me the importance of perseverance.

During these formative years of my educational and professional life, I

learned that I had a rudimentary understanding of managing projects,
optimization, and efficiency. I look forward to expanding my knowledge in
my areas of passion. Seeking a valid role, I would like to consolidate my
ability and be a valuable asset to the organization ensuring my personal
and professional growth.

I always aspired to study in a pioneer institute and Duke university justifies

the meaning of it. The Engineering management program at Duke is
undeniably one of the best in its kind, incorporating management and
technical courses in a balanced manner. I, therefore, look forward to
learning the courses on Project management and Operations management
in a multicultural setup whose program description align with my line of
interest. With this resolution of contributing my leadership as well as team
working qualities aforementioned and bringing flexibility in every endeavor I
face at the campus, I would regard my admission to Duke University not
only as a great honor, but also as a great responsibility in achieving the
objectives of the institution and help me attain my destination in
foreseeable future.