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The Top 5 Magical Mantras

Proven to Succeed with your Mala!

A mantra is a word, phrase or sentence meant to represent an
intentionsomething you want to create or attract in your life.
Therefore, if your intention were to create more abundance in
your life, you would say an abundance mantra such as
Abundance is flowing into my life.

A mantra is similar to an affirmation, although in Eastern

traditions mantras are said to release a physical vibration out
into the universe when spoken. The key is to repeat your
mantra numerous times to release the energy of the thought,
words and sounds into the oneness of the universe. Many
people use prayer beads known as mala beads for this
purpose, repeating their mantra for every bead. Most full
malas have 108 beads, so it takes about ten minutes or more
to repeat your mantra that many times.

Below are the top five mantras that have proven successful to
me, Bob Olson. Im the author of the book, The Magic Mala.
What I have personally learned by using my own mala beads is
that this practice holds immense power to help us
communicate to the Universe/God what we want to create or
attract into our lives.

I believe these mantras will work as powerfully for you as they

have for me. Here they are . . .

Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha.
I began working with mantras in October 2005 when I got my
first mala beads. This was the first mantra I used, and boy
was it successful. I said this mantra 108 times (one for each
bead) in the morning and in the evening. I did this for 40 days.
Holy moly, I couldnt believe how much abundance came into
my life during that time more than any other 40 day period
in my life up to that point.

This is a popular Hindu abundance mantra in the Sanskrit

language. There are many Buddhist and Hindu mantras that
you can memorize that have been used for thousands of years.
Whats important is that you understand their intentions even
if you dont know the meaning of every word.

The language of Sanskrit is based more on energy than

meaning, so each word carries an energy vibration. Therefore,
each word grows in power as it vibrates from your vocal cords,
attracting to you a frequency match that you project outwardly
as you speak it.

This mantra is pronounced: Om Shreem maah-hah lahk-

shmee-yay swah-hah.

Om is how every mantra begins. Shrim is the seed sound for

abundance. Maha means great, and in this case it means a
lot of abundance. Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance and
receiving. The yei is an activating sound, so chanting
Lakshmi-yei activates the Lakshmi within us. And swaha is
like maha but signifies respect, so it means the Great One in
reference to Lakshmi.

Ultimately the mantra means you are showing deep respect to

the goddess of abundance, Lakshmi, for the great quantity of
abundance she has sent your way.
Thank you for the blessings.
I created this powerful gratitude mantra for myself. Use this
mantra to express to the Universe/God what you appreciate in
your life and, therefore, what you wish to continue having or
enjoying. While many people complain daily about their life,
very few people take the time to thank the Universe/God for
their health, relationships, career, home, friends, love,
companionship, prosperity, peace of mind, and overall
happiness. This is the mantra to use for that purpose.

Every time you repeat this mantra, think of a blessing in your

life for which you feel grateful. If youre using mala beads,
think of a new blessing for each bead (every time you say it).

Here are some examples. Say Thank you for the blessings
and think of your physical health. Say Thank you for the
blessings and think of your mental health. Say Thank you
for the blessings and think of your spouse. Say Thank you
for the blessings and think of your children. Say Thank you
for the blessings and think of your parents. Say Thank you
for the blessings and think of your home. Say Thank you for
the blessings and think of your friends. Say Thank you for
the blessings and think of your job or business. Say Thank
you for the blessings and think of your pet.

Om Mani Padme Hum.
This mantra is pronounced: Om Mahnee Pahdmay Humm.

This is often called the compassion mantra. It is the most

widely used Buddhist mantra that invokes the benevolent
attention and blessings of Chenrezig, the Buddha and
embodiment of compassion.

Ideally, this mantra works to reduce and, ultimately, remove

ones focus on the self in order to expand ones love, kindness
and compassion toward others. By doing this while repeating
this mantra, we are able to recognize the needs of others with
greater clarity so that we can assist them appropriately.

It is said that all the teachings of the Buddha are contained

within this mantra, yet anyone is welcome and able to use it
regardless of their religion or beliefs.

The true meaning of this Sanskrit mantra cannot accurately

be translated into English. That said, this powerful mantra
helps one achieve perfection in these six realms of existence
that correspond with the six syllables of the mantra:

1) Generosity

2) Ethics

3) Patience

4) Perseverance

5) Concentration

6) Wisdom

I love life. Life loves me.
This is a well-known mantra loved by many. Use this mantra
when you feel out of the flow of life. In other words, when you
feel a bit out of balance or when life doesnt seem to be
happening in your favor. Let this mantra turn that around.
Another version of this is: Everything happens in my favor. I
am supported by the Universe. To some this might feel a bit
selfish, but it isnt if you understand that the Universe is never
going to favor any one person at the expense of another.

The bigger problem for most people is that they dont feel
supported by anyone, including the Universe/God. This, of
course, is never true, so this mantra, Everything happens in
my favor. I am supported by the Universeas well as Life
loves me. I love lifehelps to remove that limiting belief or at
least offset any limiting messages you sent out to the Universe

If you often feel like the world is against you, these mantras
are for you. Repeat them often, and soon you will recognize
how life does happen in your favor. You will then realize that it
wasnt life that didnt love you, it was you who wasnt loving
yourself enough. And you were therefore sending out messages
to the Universe that you werent lucky enough, deserving
enough, or good enough for life to love you, too. But it does.
Life and the Universe loves everyone, including you.

My life is magical.
We get what we expect to get out of life. If we expect magic and
miracles, that will be our life. If we expect hardship and
struggle, that will be our life. Expect magic and miracles.

My novel, The Magic Mala, is all about making your life

magical. It teaches you how to have more magical moments in
your life using a fictional story about a young man who finds
some mala beads. And readers have been sending me their
magical moments that have occurred since reading it. We call
these Magic Mala Moments.
Life is not as complicated as we make it out to be. If we keep
in mind that we get what we expect, than we recognize how
important it is to repeat empowering mantras like My life is
magical every single day.

Too many of us tend to think and say defeating mantras like

Life is hard or With my luck, the worst will happen as if
those beliefs were on automatic pilot. This is why using mala
beads with uplifting mantras is so life changing. For ten
minutes a day, or twenty minutes a day if we do it twice daily,
we tell the Universe what we want, what we expect, and what
we love about our lives that we want more of, and this makes
all the difference. Yes, it IS that simple.

Extra Tip: To make My life is magical even more powerful,

think of magical things that have happened in your life every
time you say it.

Say My life is magical, and think of an amazing coincidence

that occurred to your benefit. Say My life is magical, and
think of how lucky you were to get that great parking spot. Say
My life is magical, and think of how you beat out a whole
bunch of people to win that prize, get that job, or be selected
for that award.

If you can think of 108 examples of your life being magical,

you will walk on air for the rest of the day. Do this daily, and
your life will be magical one hundred times over.

These five mantras are just the beginning for you. These are
mantras that have proven to be incredibly successful both in
my life and the lives of people I know. But they also teach you
what is possible. They teach you that you can find a lot more
Sanskrit mantras, if you like those, and you can create your
own mantras similar to mantras 2, 4 and 5 above.

Always keep your mantras positive and present tense. Never

say I will find romance. This keeps romance always in the
future. Say Romance is available to me now. Say I am
deserving of love and romance. Keep it present tense, not in
the future.

Have fun with it. Be creative. And make it a habit in your life
to communicate with the Universe about what you want and
feel grateful for in your life. The results can happen so quickly
you wont believe it was possible. Yet the more results you
experience, the more you will realize just how powerful this
simple daily practice can be.

Now go have a magical life.

Bob Olson

Author of The Magic Mala: A Story That Changes Lives

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